The 12 best Anime About High School Students With Powers

Nothing can be more cool than watching anime about high school students with powers. This is because we all dreamt of having powers in high school.

As it can not happen in reality, we feel satisfied seeing after favorite scenarios happening in the anime world. Let’s start with today’s list, including the best high school anime with powerful students!

12. Charlotte

Yuu Otosaka has got the ability that is the dream of every student. He has the power to take over anyone’s mind and body thought for just a few seconds. This god-gifted power of his has helped him in difficult phases of life, such as passing the examination. 

One day, the SCP of Hoshinoumi Academy, Nao, finds his secret and offers him to join her academy. Hoshinoumi Academy is the home of many ability users who work together to stop the ones who misuse their powers. 

The poor Yuu, who was taking advantage of his abilities, can no more use them for cheating proposes. Yuu starts his journey by finding the one who abuses their powers, which makes the story compelling!

11. Akashic Records Of The Bastard Magic Instructor

We are introduced to the Alazano Academy, the home to many passionate students who aspire to become good magicians. Sistine Fibel and her best friend share the same aim to be their best versions. Unfortunately, their dreams are ruined when their teacher is replaced by a lazy boy named Glenn Radars. 

Glenn’s cool, lazy and weird behavior creates a clash between him and the students. The first episode might bore you, and it does have the usual tropes and cliche, but it’s worth watching. The characters are interesting, and the plot has a perfect amount of comedy, suspense, and action. The best part is the teacher-student relationship, as not many anime introduce us to young teachers!

top Anime About High School Students With Powers

10. Little Witch Academia

Akko has always dreamt of being a witch, and the credit goes to her idol Shiny Chariot. She is so passionate about being a witch that the fact that she doesn’t belong to a family of magicians couldn’t even stop her. 

The girl finally gets admission to the magical academy to learn witchcraft. Little Witch Academia highlights Akko’s journey and her period full of struggles and challenges in the new school. Watching our girl overcome each hurdle with courage and optimism is a visual treat. 

In the academy, she has many friends and rivals that directly and indirectly bring out the best version of her in front. The characters are interesting, the plot is entertaining though it might not be that intricate, and the fantastical elements are spellbinding!

9. Vampire Knight

Those of you who have an interest in watching anime about high school students with powers and specifically if they are vampires, then watch Vampire Knight. Yuuki Cross is the main female lead whose life changes when she meets Kaname Kuran, the vampire who once saved her life. 

The academy she studies in is ordinary, only in the morning because night classes are for the vampires. Meeting Kaname changes her heart in his favor as he feels attracted towards the handsome heartthrob. The plot becomes complex and intricate with the entry of Zero, another handsome who has an excessive hatred for vampires. 

There is a romantic love triangle between the trio, and you’ll be confused about who will end up with Yuki. Many watch this anime because of high school romance, some watch it for suspense, and some watch it for gorgeous vampires. Choose your reason and get started with watching it!

Anime High School Students Powers

8. Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches

Ryuu Yamada is just like a delinquent who doesn’t like to be a good boy as he gets bored with things easily. He was living a boring life till the day he accidentally kissed a girl named Urara. The incident changed the two’s lives as they learned that kissing can allow them to switch bodies. 

That was the moment when the mysteries began, and the thing that made the story spellbinding was the revelation that Urara and Ryuu were not the only ones experiencing this situation! You can expect laughter, suspense, romance, magical moments and much more! Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches brings something new, different and more entertaining than the cliche anime. 

7. The Familiar Of Zero

The story begins with the introduction of Louise, a girl struggling to master magical skills. Unfortunately, there are some people who are slow learners, not because they are weak but because they might be different from the rest. 

The same was the case with Louise; she was tired of receiving humiliation each day. One day, her life changed for good when she performed a summoning ritual and ended up summoning Saito from Earth. Everyone thought the summoning ritual failed, and she treated Saito as a slave. 

Poor Saito did everything to adjust to this new world, as he had no choice except that. With time, we learn that Saito isn’t an ordinary boy but is linked with an overpowered Familiar named Gandalf. Not gonna lie; The Familiar Of Zero does get frustrating at some points, especially when Louise treats Saito as a slave. Overall, it’s an entertaining watch. 

familiar of zero

6. Welcome To Demon School Iruma Kun

Iruma is an acute and kind boy who has done everything to make his cruel parents happy. He has always placed them before himself, yet they were cruel enough to sell him to a demon. The universe was in his favour, and the demon named Sullivan was a kind personality. 

Sullivan only wanted a grandchild and nothing else! He enrolled Iruma in the demon academy, and that’s when his surprising yet entertaining journey began in the demon world. Iruma tries his best to keep his identity hidden, as it can be problematic if people discover he is not a demon.

However, no matter how much one avoids, if problems are written in your destiny, they will knock at your door. So, everyone in the school expected Iruma to be overpowered because everyone would expect the same from the grandchild of the school’s chairman, right? (XD) Yes, you got that right; Sullivan is the school’s chairman! Please don’t miss this show if you want to watch anime about high school students with powers!

5. The Irregular At Magic High School

Tatsuya and Miyuki, the gorgeous siblings, joined a magical academy to hone their skills. They live in a world where magic is as common as our smartphones. Proper training is given to the students to master their skills. 

When Tatsuya joined the school, everyone considered him a weakling based on his test results. Unfortunately, no one knew that it was all a plan made by Tatsuya to accomplish a mission. In reality, the boy is overpowered and has some remarkable magical abilities. 

His mysterious aura, charming personality, and exceptional skills shocked his fellows and the audience. In this anime about high school students with powers, you can expect suspense, drama, mystery, and a lot of action!

4. Noblesse

Noblesse revolves around Raizel, who wakes up after a long sleep of 820 years. After waking up, he soon joins a high school with the help of his friend and servant, Frankenstein. The news of his awakening is spread to his foes, and different organizations are looking after him. 

Soon after joining the school, he finds himself way behind the fellows regarding technology and everything. The world has advanced, and he struggles to adjust to this new era. The story becomes intriguing when his friends find themselves in trouble, and Rai goes to protect them. 

Watching Rai unleashing his powers will leave a shock. He is way too overpowered! The entry of some overpowered antagonists makes the anime spellbinding, and you will be forced to watch it in one go! Noblesse is the Korean webtoon adaptation, so you can also read its webtoon.

3. Assassination Classroom

The peaceful days of class 3E have come to an end when the government asks them to eliminate the biggest threat to the world, their homeroom teacher Koro Sensei. The octopus-like creature, aka Koro-sensei, has already destroyed the moon and is willing to cause more destruction for unknown reasons. 

The surprising thing is Koro-sensei is the one teaching his students to master assassination skills so that they can assassinate him. Assassination Classroom presents the audience with the best student-teacher relationship. 

There will be many moments where you’ll find it hard to control your tears and laughter simultaneously. This one is full of mystery and suspense, so don’t miss it. Last but not least, the students in Assassination Classroom may not have superpowers…But they do have mind-boggling abilities, which makes it fun to watch!

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

After watching JJK, you will wish for a similar academy where students are taught sorcery. Yuji Itadori was an ordinary high schooler, just like most of us. He never expected that his life would flip upside down after an incident. 

He engulfed the cursed object to save his friends from the terrors of the cursed energies who were after a cursed object! Of course, he didn’t know the consequences; otherwise, he wouldn’t have done it. The object he engulfed was Sukuna’s (king of curses) finger, and the act made him his one and only vessel. 

To keep the situation in control, Gojo Staoru took Yuji under his care and vowed to teach him Jujutsu. JJK offers many spectacular fights, and there is a good arc where we see the clash between the students of different schools. 

my hero academy

1. My Hero Academia

MHA is not an old entry in the anime world, and it was not long ago when we were introduced to our favorite, Izuku Midoriya. Izuku is born in a world where humans are no longer ordinary individuals, and almost all of them possess powers called quirks. 

So, the ones born without powers are not considered normal, and unfortunately, Izuku was one among the lot. Despite all the impossibilities, our boy never quit dreaming of becoming a superhero. Watching him looking at superheroes with sparkling eyes is a visual treat. 

Doctors told his parents he could never become a hero…BUT Miracles happen to those who believe, and our boy was a believer! Izuku’s life changed when his favorite hero, All Might, gifted his superpowers to him. 

The superhero was suffering from poor health, and he couldn’t risk the future of the world on untrustworthy hands; therefore, Izuku was the right choice. MHA season one is all about the MC’s training, exploration of powers, and shocking his peers who thought he was useless!


There you go! I am done with the list of best anime about high school students with powers. Some students are overpowered, while some are simply powerful, watch them and let me know which one you found the most OP!

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