The 10 best Magic Fantasy Anime of all time – RANKED

New to anime or just looking for something fun to watch? Magic fantasy anime is one of the biggest and most widely followed genres. It envelops unlimited possibilities and imaginations, making it hard for anyone not to fall for its charms.

Think about it; this genre will already have it showcased for you in the best possible way. This is one of the reasons that magic fantasy anime, and Fantasy as a whole, has the most enormous fan following compared to other genres. Am I right, guys?

Since it spans a variety of concepts, there isn’t any chance to skip discussing the best magic fantasy anime as the combo is heavenly. Almost the majority of the top-class anime are based on magic Fantasy. So, I am sure you want more of this lit combo. I can feel your desire, so fasten your seatbelts, as the list will be a roller coaster ride of excitement, thrills, fun, and whatnot.

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The best magic fantasy anime of all time

10) Puella Magi-Madoka Magica

Magic is all well and good, but if you see cute and powerful girls wield magic, then the fun is twice the original. No? Puella Magi is one such classic magic fantasy anime about magical girls. It showcases the beauty of magic and curse at the same time.

Madoka Kaname is a regular schoolgirl and our pretty protagonist. Her life turns unexpectedly when a magical cat approaches her. The cat offers her to be a magical girl at the cost of any wish. As we know, nothing comes free of cost. Similarly, girls must pay a heavy price to become magical girls. She must kill evil spirits to save humanity, but this is not the cost.

best Magic Fantasy Anime

Madoka is stopped multiple times by another magical girl named Homura, who tells her that being a magical girl is nothing less than a curse. However, fate has something else in store for them. The Story progresses, and after a series of incidents, our girl chooses to be a Madoka Magica. The twists begin, and Kaname vows to change the tragic life of the magical girls.

The animation, design, character development, and suspense are phenomenal. If you want to binge-watch a magic fantasy anime, start now. It won’t cost you more than 4 hours as it has only 12 episodes. It has everything in it, including friendship, thrills, adventure, and magic as a bonus.

9) Little Witch Academia

Aha! Witches are always fun to watch. Every one of them is peculiar and interesting. Little Witch Academia is one such anime with several witches in line to be adored.

top best Magic Fantasy Anime

There is no fun if you are a born magic prodigy and dream of being the best. Akko Kagari is a girl who lacks magical abilities in a world of magic and witches. Though she knows she is not suitable to become a witch, she vows to fulfill her dream.

She has an idol and wishes to be a witch like her. Her tough life starts when she joins a magic academy. Seeing her fellows doing great in magic motivates her to be the best. It’s a journey full of fun, adventures, and mysteries.

Between you and me, you’ll laugh, rolling on the floor while watching the magic fantasy anime. Just imagine a girl without magic trying to learn magic! Won’t that be entertaining?

all time best Magic Fantasy Anime

8) The Irregular At Magic High School

This is another famous magic fantasy anime with a unique plot and exceptional characters. Tatsuya and Miyuki are siblings who join one of the elite magical academies. Tetsuya tops the written exam but still stays as a reserve. Their school has a system of dividing the students into two categories.

One is named blooms, and the other is weeds. Blooms feel superior to weeds as they are the ones who got selected for their best practical abilities. So Miyuki becomes a part of the superior group, and Tatsuya drops into the latter.

Little did everyone know that Tatsuya hides many secrets and is opposite to what he seems. There is complex yet entertaining magic. The curiosity and suspense at the beginning spellbind the viewers throughout. The character design, development, and animation are among my favorites. Thank me later for this masterpiece.

the top Magic Fantasy Anime

7) FullMetal Alchemist

This is the Story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who are exceptionally talented in alchemy. Both are on a mission to bring their late mother back to life. But, wait, is that even possible? Yes, because they live in a world where alchemy is performed to do transmutations. However, using alchemy for human transmutations is forbidden.

One has to pay a huge price if one performs it. In a struggle to bring their mother back, Edward loses his limbs while the other his whole body. To save Alphonse, Edward attached his soul to full metal armor. Now their mission is slightly changed. They vow to get their bodies back to normal.

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most popular magic fantasy anime of the last decade, and this one’s also. Yeah, you got that right. It was released in 2003. So don’t miss a chance if you still haven’t watched it.

The anime is full of emotions and the love of brothers. So you might feel mixed emotions of happiness and sadness. Though it is not directly about magic, alchemy would give you a somewhat similar feeling to magic, plus the mysteries make you unconditionally fall in love with this one.

6) Legend of the Legendary Heroes

If you are new to magic fantasy anime, I can understand you not watching or hearing this one. However, if you are a regular and haven’t tried this one, my fellas, come out of your caves and witness the world. Ryner Lute is a skillful mage and a bearer of alpha stigma. Don’t strain your head (XD); alpha stigma is the eyes that can find the types of magics. This is a gift, right? But guys, that’s not the case in Ryner’s world.

Those who bear those eyes are considered cursed. However, our pretty boy is on the mission to make the world a peaceful place even after being deemed cursed. Such a pure soul he is!

This is a daring task, where he encounters different dangers. Apart from that, he also wants to know and explore the alpha stigma. There is action, swordsmanship, magic, mysteries, and adventures.

This is one of the best magic fantasy anime and has been popular for over a decade. The Story revolves around Ryner and his different adventures searching for the relics of legendary heroes. Missing this one is kind of an insult to otaku, so before anyone discovers, let’s just get done with it.

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5) Mushoku Tensei

This anime is a complete package. Mushoku Tensei offers a blend of emotions, comedy, fantasy, action, and magic. The Story revolves around a 34-year-old man living his mundane life till he dies. Luckily, he gets a second chance to live, but this time in a world of magic and sorcery. (in other words, he is isekaied)

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He reincarnated as Ruders Greyrat, a newborn. The soul of a 34-year-old inside a newborn makes this magic fantasy anime comedic. His life is no longer monotonous. He realizes that he can cast magic and is quite powerful at that. Learning new skills and mastering magic at a young age makes him a talented kid. Though only we know the secret that the kid is not a kid but an old man.

This life is a little more exciting than he could have ever imagined. That’s because there are some overpowered villains against whom Rudeus struggles to fight. To conclude, it’s one of the best anime to spend time on if you are looking for a magical fantasy.

shield hero best Magic Fantasy Anime

4) Rising Of The Shield Hero

It is one of the most awaited magic fantasy anime that created a huge hype after its super hit manga. A magical adventure with Fantasy and action, Rising of the Shield Hero is truly a masterpiece. Imagine yourself living your life peacefully, but one day it turns the opposite. For some, it would be fun; for some, it would be no more than just a disaster.

The latter is the case for Naofumi, who is a 20-year-old student. His life went down the hill when he suddenly was summoned to a world of heroes while reading a book. Three others like him were summoned to that world, and all of them were pretty confident. Guess why? Because they had remarkable powers and offensive abilities, unlike our boy.

Naofumi was a shield hero; he could only fight by being defensive. No one considered him a hero, and they used to humiliate him. Naofumi tolerated a lot, from the betrayal of a friend to false accusations. However, with time, the heartbroken Naofumi meets people who cherish him. From that moment onwards starts, the rising of the shield hero.

There is action, betrayal, and an OP MC. I am sure you will lose your heart to this one.

black clover best Magic Fantasy Anime

3) Black Clover

A loser at the beginning transitioning into one of the strongest is a trendy plot these days. They are the heroes who never give up no matter what. Asta is one such kid who lives in a world where everyone has powers and magic apart from him. His dream is to be the strongest Magic Emperor. However, is it possible without having any magical abilities?

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The bonus is that his best buddy shares the same dream with him. Not just that, he is a magical prodigy. Black clover is filled with hair-raising action, suspense, and thrill. Well, we all know the MCs have to be powerful, and how Asta becomes one is the twist. Everyone gets the grimoires that help them cast magic, and Asta also gets one. A five-leaf clover grimoire is one of the strongest and deadliest.

However, in his grimoire lies a devil. Though he is a devil, if a hero can’t tame a devil, then is he a hero?

It is one of the best and hottest fantasy magic anime that has gained immense popularity. You have to watch it if you don’t want to miss out on a magical adventure with demons and losers as heroes.

fairy tail

2) FairyTail

Well, this one doesn’t need much introduction. Fairy Tail is an anime that has been in the spotlight for years. Name it, and this fantasy magic anime has it all: magic, dragons, action, and fights followed by power, rivalry, and friendship.

FairyTail revolves around Natsu Dragneel and his adventures full of fun and dangers. His mission is to find his father, a dragon named Igneel. Wondering how a dragon can be a father of a human? Well, I can’t spoil it for you. But this is not your ordinary anime, so get ready to expect more. Natsu, Lucy, and other of his friends face many dangers and trials to save the world from destruction.

Their adventures lead to many encounters with other powerful wizards; some turn to be rivals, and some become friends.

It’s a pure magical fantasy anime with great action and much more in store. It is highly recommended if you know to value a gem.

seven deadly sins best Magic Fantasy Anime

1) Seven Deadly Sins

If you thought that Knights were good and criminals were bad, then this one will shake your concepts for good. SDS is one of the legendary fantasy magic anime and has been winning hearts for quite a long time. So if you have watched it, pat yourself on the back. This anime follows the Story of the seven deadly sins, who are considered to be rebels. True or not, this is to be guessed by you.

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After a decade of their supposed betrayal, the team reunites. Everyone changed apart from one guy; can you guess who? The deadly sin of wrath, Meliodas. The MC is the best thing in the whole series and the reason for winning billion hearts.

Meliodas appears to be not more than a 12-year-old kid, but he has lived for thousands of years. The reason is his deadly powers and something that is a mystery to be revealed once you get down to it.

The team goes on different adventures to eradicate evil and save humanity. The action, swordsmanship, magic, friendship, animation, and phenomenal plot make this one the best magic fantasy anime.

Conclusion and final thoughts on magic fantasy anime

Okay, fellas… this is it then. I have listed some of my best buddies’ best magical fantasy anime to save time searching for them. You will experience thrills and chills, adrenaline rush, heartbreaks, some laughing exercises, and some mock exercises for your smart brains. In short, these fantasy magic anime have it all; you just gotta name it, and boom.

10Puella Magi-Madoka MagicaMadoka Kaname, a regular schoolgirl, is offered the chance to become a magical girl. As she discovers the dark side of being a magical girl, she vows to change the tragic fate of magical girls.
9Little Witch AcademiaAkko Kagari, a girl without magical abilities, enrolls in a magic academy to fulfill her dream of becoming a witch. She embarks on a journey filled with fun, adventures, and mysteries in the world of magic.
8The Irregular At Magic High SchoolTatsuya and Miyuki enroll in an elite magical academy, where students are divided into two categories. Tatsuya, hiding many secrets, sets out to change the perception of his abilities and unravel complex magic.
7FullMetal AlchemistEdward and Alphonse, talented alchemists, embark on a journey to restore their bodies after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life using alchemy. The anime explores the world of alchemy and the bond between the brothers.
6Legend of the Legendary HeroesRyner Lute, a skilled mage with the cursed eyes known as the alpha stigma, seeks to make the world a peaceful place. The anime follows his adventures as he searches for relics and encounters various dangers.
5Mushoku TenseiA 34-year-old man reincarnates into a magical world as Ruders Greyrat, a newborn. He discovers his powerful magical abilities and faces overpowered villains while navigating his new life in a world of magic and sorcery.
4Rising Of The Shield HeroNaofumi, summoned to a world of heroes, becomes the Shield Hero and faces betrayal and false accusations. Determined to rise above the challenges, he embarks on a journey to become a true hero in a world of fantasy and action.
3Black CloverAsta, a boy without magical abilities in a world where magic is common, strives to become the strongest Magic Emperor. With his anti-magic grimoire and a devil inside it, he faces challenges, demons, and battles to achieve his dream.
2Fairy TailNatsu Dragneel and his friends in the Fairy Tail guild go on adventures, facing dangers, rivalries, and powerful wizards while searching for Natsu’s missing dragon father. The anime showcases the power of friendship and the world of magic.
1Seven Deadly SinsThe Seven Deadly Sins, considered rebels, reunite after a decade of betrayal. Led by Meliodas, the Sin of Wrath, they embark on adventures to eradicate evil and save humanity, revealing mysteries and showcasing action, magic, and friendship.
Summary table of the top magic fantasy anime

Now then, time to bid farewell. I will see you again with another complete package for your entertainment. Until then, enjoy watching anime till you drop . That’s the way an otaku does it. Now then, Byebye!!!

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