Healing undead 5e: this is how it works [2023]

Healing undead 5e minions

No matter your reasons for healing your undead minions, this guide has got you covered! I will try to answer everything there is to know about healing undead 5e in Dungeons and Dragons. If you still have questions after reading this article, just submit a comment, and I will try to answer you as fast … Read more

Agonizing Blast 5e: The ultimate DnD guide

5e agonizing blast

Even if you are an experienced player, agonizing blast 5e has never seen extensive play in any of your campaigns. So maybe you haven’t heard of the spell, or you don’t know how to use it well. Agonizing Blast 5e is one of those spells that can become very powerful with creativity and in the … Read more

The ultimate Catnap 5e guide and 6 clever ways to use it

catnap 5e

The obscure DnD spell of the day is Catnap 5e. In this guide, I will take a deep dive into this spell and tell you everything there is to know about it. This is one of those spells that make people go: “what is the point?” That is precisely why I love Catnap in 5e. … Read more

Ice Elemental 5e ultimate guide for DMs and Players [2023]

Ice elemental 5e guide

I love looking at underappreciated monsters you just don’t see very often. One of these is, without a doubt, the ice elemental 5e. While other elementals feature in campaigns much more often – looking at you fire elemental – by both the DM and players, these monsters bring some unique skills.  In this guide, I … Read more

The ultimate DnD Cloudkill 5e guide and 6 ways you should use it

6 ways to use 5e cloudkill

While this spell won’t win any awards for creativity any time soon, the spell mechanics of Cloudkill 5e are a lot more complex than the name would let you believe at first glance. There are tons of questions about how it works, what classes are best to optimize it, and what exactly it does. I … Read more

Auran 5e DnD language

Auran 5e DnD Language

Auran is the language spoken by those of the Elemental Plane of Air. The speech is also named Old Alzhedo, and it is a dialect that is part of the primordial language family. It is one of the four other elemental languages. The others are Aquan, spoken on the Elemental Plane of Water; Ignan, the language related … Read more

Terran 5e DnD Language

Terran 5e

Another day, another deep dive into a Dungeons and Dragon Language! Terran in 5e is the language of monsters that come from the Earth’s Elemental Plane. So Earth elementals and other creatures are somehow deeply connected to the Earth.  Not many people know this, but you can also write Terran. When you do so, you will … Read more

Aquan 5e DnD Language

Aquan 5e DnD language

The Aquan 5e language was the speech spoken by the Elemental of the water plane. The plane of water is one of the four elemental planes besides fire, wind, and earth.  Aquan in DnD is part of the Primordial language family. However, the script used to write the language is dwarvish, which is quite ironic since … Read more

Fire Snake 5e: A professional DM’s DnD guide

fire snake 5e guide

I love opening the monster manual and looking for monster uses that aren’t seen often in a campaign. Unfortunately, the humble Fire Snake in 5e DnD is one of these creatures you rarely see. It’s quite a shame because they are unique beginner monsters with some fascinating mechanics.  If you are interested in learning more … Read more

The Giant Four Armed Gargoyle 5e [2022]: Ultimate DnD Guide

5e four armed giant gargoyle

I love to help people explore the vast world of unknown creatures. The Giant Four-Armed Gargoyle in 5e DnD is one of those underappreciated monsters you barely see in a campaign.  This guide will tell you everything you need to know as both a player and a DM to use this monster to its full … Read more