Best 9 feats for a wizard in Pathfinder RPG

best feats wizard pathfinder

If you want to make a powerful wizard in Pathfinder, you need to pick the right feats. Choosing the most powerful wizard feats in Pathfinder will make many differences during your campaigns. In this article, we will rank the best feats for a generalist magic user and explain to you why exactly we think these … Read more

Pathfinder: most useful languages to pick for your character

most useful language in pathfinder

If you want to find allies, get good deals and find useful information, it is vital to pick the most useful languages Pathfinder offers. Not just as a player, but as a Dungeon Master, you should carefully consider which tongues are spoken where and by whom.  A world that makes linguistic sense and communicating with … Read more

Best 8 Pathfinder bard feats you can pick

best pathfinder feats for a bard

Some people hate roleplaying as a bard, while others just can’t get enough of it. While the class is a bit wacky at times, we can all agree on one thing. Picking the best bard feats in Pathfinder isn’t easy, and there is a lot that can go wrong if you pick deficient or suboptimal … Read more

Top 8 Best style feats pathfinder

Best style feats pathfinder

Building a character in Pathfinder can be a complex and daunting task. Some builds and classes need the exact right picks to be effective, risk being easily killed by trivial enemies, or are underwhelming in combat. Choosing the best style feats in Pathfinder for classes like the monk will most definitely aid you in getting … Read more

11 best wizard spells pathfinder Guide: a surprising ranking

Best spells for a wizard Pathfinder

Magic is an essential part of the Pathfinder RPG, even more so when you opt to play as a wizard. Knowing which Wizard spells are the best in Pathfinder will help you deal more damage, be a better team member, and experience this class to its full potential. Therefore, we have ranked the 8 best … Read more

Best Cleric Feats Pathfinder – Ranked

Top Cleric Feats Pathfinder

Arguably the most versatile class in the Pathfinder RPG is the Cleric. These have a ton of spells and feats you can use to make powerful niche builds. In this article, we are ranking the best cleric feats in Pathfinder. Knowing the most powerful ones will help you make a stronger cleric and beat the … Read more

The 8 best oracle spells in Pathfinder – Ranked

best spells for an oracle pathfinder

Are you starting a new magic-based character or just daydreaming about adventure? Then you might ask yourself what the best oracle spells in Pathfinder are. We have delved deep into our notes and memories and did the math to find out precisely! We have ranked the best Oracle spells in Pathfinder on the following criteria: … Read more

The 7 Best Buff Spells in Pathfinder – Ultimate ranking

top Buff Spells in Pathfinder

As you know, there are a ton of Pathfinder spells to choose from if you want to buff your party or yourself. This article will rank these and determine the best buff spells in Pathfinder based on a few criteria.  To determine these, we will use a few criteria to ensure we don’t skip one … Read more

The 8 Best Metamagic Feats Pathfinder – Ranked

top metamagic feats pathfinder

Hello adventurers, as we all know, Pathfinder is quite a complex RPG where you have many choices for your character. One of these choices is what the best metamagic feat in Pathfinder is, and why is that so? That is precisely what the Pathfinder experts of Creature College will discuss in this article. We will determine the … Read more