10+ Worth Reading Light Novels Like Re: Zero

Light Novels that have a fantasy, isekai, and adventure are worth reading, and one can’t simply resist oneself reading them. Re: Zero has a captivating plot, and the power of time that the protagonist holds makes this story enticing. 

I will recommend a list of light novels like Re: Zero that revolve around the time loop, isekai, fantasy, and adventures. Buckle up, guys! 

11. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The name of this novel is known by many. It fits in almost every category because it’s a complete package. However, it won’t disappoint you because it has more than you want. There are adventures, fantasy, isekai, magic, monsters, friendship, MC that starts weak and becomes OP, and a long list. In short, just name anything, and you’ll find it here.

The story focuses on Naofumi, an ordinary college student whose life flips, and he finds himself in a different world. The higher-ups of the world wanted some heroes who could save their world from evil. There were other heroes like Naofumi who got called into this world. The only difference was that they had powerful weapons, and our boy had only a shield. 

Light novel similar to re zero

People were typical, and nothing good was expected from them. But then, they started showing their true colors to our heroes. Imagine everything terrible you can, and you’ll find Naofumi the victim. Well, no need to be sad; things change for good, and finally start the Rising of the shield hero. He proves everyone wrong and earns the respect he lost. 

You will find adventures, fantasy, and genres similar to Re: Zero. The fun might not be the same, but you will get double the fun, and I can bet on it. Have a good time reading!


10. DanMachi 

This is an adventure-based story of Bell Cranell, a handsome young boy who aims to be the number one adventurer. Adventures make life more fun; if a suitable partner accompanies the journey, one can’t wish for something else. His life changes after encountering a goddess named Hestia, and they both start their adventures together. 

Their journey is not full of fun. There are risks here and there, and one can lose one’s life if they are not cautious enough. To survive in a world where gods and humans live together doesn’t seem easy, but a hero is the one who never gives up. No matter the hurdles and obstacles Bell faces, he will do anything to fulfill his dream of being the best adventurer. 

DanMAchi is similar to Re: Zero in many ways, be it adventures or the chemistry of the main leads. This is a prime example of a fantastic anime with Dungeons and Levels.

Gate novel like RE zero

9. Gate

Have you ever imagined what would happen if someday a mysterious gate suddenly appeared in our world? Let’s read this novel to get an idea about the situation. A Gate is a portal that links Japan to the other world, which is not an ordinary one. On the other side of the gate are different creatures, including elves, dragons, and whatnot. Mysteries and magic envelop this world.

At first, the monsters attack, but the Japanese military successfully evades them. To avoid the incident from repeating, they decide to make some peace arguments with the otherworld. Now comes the protagonist, Yuji Itami, a JSDF officer who is given a mission to explore and investigate the new world. There he faces many dangerous situations but being a JSDF officer and a hero, and he risks his life to save others. However, things turn out bad, and a war breaks out. 

Well, this was just one of the problems; the world’s natural balance gets disturbed due to the gate. Their task is to maintain the balance and keep world peace against all odds. If you are looking for adventures and thrilling experiences, this will give you all. Gate is a great fantasy anime to watch if you are feeling bored too. 

sword art online

8. Sword Art Online

Do-or-die situations are only fun when we are playing a game, but when it turns into reality, it makes one’s life hell. Kirito is our main lead, whose peaceful life remains no more relaxed when he finds himself stuck in the VR game. But unfortunately, he was not the only one trapped inside the game Sword Art Online; there were many more like him.

For many, being trapped inside their favorite game world would sound like a dream come true, but it was nothing less than a nightmare for them. They didn’t know they wouldn’t ever be logged out. The owner of the game was evil. He closed all the ways through which one can come back to reality. If one forcefully tries to do so, they will voluntarily welcome death. Escaping this game world is only possible if one conquers all challenges and surfaces as a winner. 

Again, the challenges are not easy; one wrong step, and BOOM, you are dead! However, the protagonist is not someone who would give up easily, or one can say that he has no other choice except to fight for survival. He makes friends and vows to escape by completing the challenges. 

re zero like light novels

7. Puella Magi

This would be a masterpiece if you were looking for a light novel with magic powers, adventures, and a lot of suspense. Madoka was living a leisurely everyday life, going to college and enjoying with friends and family. However, her life completely changed when a talking cat offered her a deal to be a magical girl, and in return, she would be able to fulfill any wish. Unfortunately, the same cat provided the same value to Madoka’s friend, who accepted it for specific reasons.

However, Madoka was stopped by a mysterious girl who didn’t want her to sign the contract. She was a magical girl herself, and she knew the terrible fate of the magical girls. Even after knowing the truth about the deadly fate of the magical girls, Madoka chooses to be one. 

You gotta read it yourself if you are curious about the reason, or else the fun won’t last long. There are a lot of sad events, dangers, and thrills in the story. In Re: Zero, the protagonist had the power of time, and he could rewind it. 

It was a kind of time loop. In Puella Magi, the author has beautifully shown the ability of time. The bond of friends and their love will make you cry. This light novel is similar to Re: Zero regarding dangers, powers, and adventures. Though there are no male leads, and the story revolves solely around the magical girls, trust me, it’s worth reading. 

light novels like RE Zero

6. Grimgar Of Fantasy And Ash

The plot revolves around the adventures and dangers of a group of people. The fun begins when they find themselves in a world where they are bound to live or die. Yes, survival isn’t easy in this world, and you have to be the strongest if you want to live there. 

The Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash anime’s main protagonist is Haruhiro, the leader of the group who tries his best to save his friends and himself from the dangers. This light novel is famous for its quests, game-like world, and suspense. Just like in Re: Zero, there is isekai, fantasy, assassination, deadly fights, and a great bond of friendship. 

5. No Game, No Life

No Game, No Life surrounds two step-siblings named Sora and Shiro. The duo is fond of games and is pretty famous in the game world. However, their life flips when they get a message, and then out of the blue, they find themselves in a completely different world.

A person named Tet encounters them in the new world. 

He was the same guy who sent them the message. After getting some information from Tet, the duo finds a girl named Stephanie struggling to achieve her goal and regain her father’s throne. However, she fails, but luckily the duo decides to help the girl achieve her dream of bringing prosperity to the kingdom. 

Now in the new world, the siblings try their best to help the girl by ruling the kingdom. 

made in abyss

4. Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss follows the story of a little girl Riko who wishes to explore the Abyss. Unfortunately, not everyone dares to investigate the mysterious Abyss, and only the dauntless do. Those who successfully explore the Abyss are named the whistles. 

The whistles are categorized with the red whistle being the weakest and the white whistle being the strongest depending upon the number of layers they have gone down the Abyss.

Riko’s mother was a white whistle, but she never returned from the Abyss. However, people respect her a lot. The little girl vows to find her mother by going down the mysterious pit. 

On a lucky day, she stumbles upon a boy who is more a robot than a human. They both become friends and decide to explore the area together. Both the kids go down the Abyss and face a lot of life-threatening dangers. However, nothing could stop the fire and passion inside Riko. The story is full of enticing events and thrilling adventures. One is awestruck to know how these young protagonists face them so daringly.

Tip: if you like the writing style of Made in Abyss, you will also enjoy light novels like ascendance of a bookworm.

3. In Another World With My Smartphone

People make mistakes, and that makes sense because humans are bound to make mistakes. However, I bet no one has ever heard of God making mistakes, right? No worries, the entertaining story begins with a God making the mistake of striking an innocent with lightning. God was pretty soft-hearted and soon realized his mistake. 

As an apology, he gave the protagonist, Touya Mochizuki, a chance to relive his life in another world. Not only that, but he also offered the boy to make a wish. Just like most of us can’t live without our smartphones, Touya had a somewhat similar affiliation with it. So he makes a wish to take his smartphone with him to start a new life. 

The boy was lucky to live in a world full of beautiful ladies; to top it off, it was a magical world. This is a fun-to-read light novel with a bit of humor and many mysteries of the new world. You will be baffled to read this one. The novel reminds me of reincarnated as a slime in some aspects too. 

redo of a healer

2. Redo Of Healer

Keyaru is our male protagonist who lives in a world where people don’t consider healing magic powerful enough. He lived a life where people used to torture and humiliated him, but life didn’t remain the same throughout. Keyaru had excellent healing power. The best thing about his ability was that he could get the skills of the people he had treated. 

Now just imagine a person only treating ten people. Then, in the end, the person is aware of the patient’s memories and can use their abilities. Keyaru finally realized that his power was not ordinary, but the strongest. 

Our hero wishes to end his struggles and decides to cast healing magic on the world itself. This act of his returned the world to the past, i.e., four years back. Keyaru now vows to never be treated the same. I am sure many of you would want the MC to teach the bad guys a lesson, so don’t worry! This is a revenge story as well.

I suggest you watch the subbed version, as there is quite a bit of difference between the dubbed and subbed version for this show.

familiar of zero

1. The Familiar Of Zero

The name of the novel tells the story itself. To make it more clear, let’s get to know about the Familiar and the Zero. Louise is a mage but very weak, or should I say she lacks experience in casting magic.

 As a result, she fails at everything she does, making her famous as “Zero.”

Her life was just following the routine until one day, she summoned a boy in the ritual. The boy was Saito Hiraga, named the familiar of Louise. Our poor hero was not treated more than a slave. However, things turn interesting when everyone finds that the boy is not an ordinary familiar but a powerful guy.

There Is fun, humor, friendship, adventure, powers, and everything one would want in a light novel. Besides, it’s similar to Re: zero, the light novel my fellas were looking for. Praise me later! If you enjoy anime, this light novel has one of the best completed anime out there.


Conclusion: Light Novels similar to Re: Zero

Now, I’ll let you go because I know you got to read the above-recommended ones. I hope my friends enjoyed reading Re: Zero’s similar light novel recommendations. As always, I am impatiently waiting for you guys to share your thoughts about your favorites on the list. Plus! Enlighten me if you have read some from the above list. Until next time! Take care!

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