7 fantasy manga with an op MC that you WILL love

Fantasy Manga with an overpowered MC

Looking for a good fantasy manga with an overpowered main character? Well, here you go! Here are the ones I think are the best and are still pretty underrated and unknown. I don’t think any of these have had a television adaptation yet, so they aren’t in the mainstream!  I made sure that every single … Read more

Top 10 best anime with adventurers guild

E-rantel adventurers guild overlord

Fantasy anime with a guild for adventurers and a ranking system is one of my favorite tropes. I love it when there is a notice board with quests and a whole ecosystem of loot around the rewards and loots they bring. The setting of the world is also very important to me. I want my … Read more

5 Wuxia and Light Novels like Against the Gods

Light novels and wuxia books like against the gods chinese fantasy

I have read quite some Chinese fantasy novels over the years. These wuxia and xianxia books really are completely different from what you read in the west. While fantasy based in Europe written by Europeans and Americans are often stories of a man against the kingdom or trying to ascend to the throne, Chinese novels … Read more

Attic whisperer 5e lore, stats, powers and best nursery rhymes

Attic whisperer lore and folklore nursery rhymes

Whether you are playing pathfinder or 5e D&D, an attic whisperer can give a creepy element to any campaign! While small in stature, a good DM can make this creature one of the scariest in the entire game. The Attic Whisperer is all about a great set up and background story.  What is an Attic … Read more

10 incredible manga like Goblin Slayer that everyone will enjoy

10 manga you should read if you liked Goblin Slayer

The tale of Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy story that has been released originally in a light novel, and later in anime and manga form. If you liked the anime, you will definitely love the manga. The art style is great, the drawings are very realistic, and the pace is great.  Goblin Slayer is … Read more

5 light novels like Arifureta with MC seeking revenge [2022]

5 light novels like Arifureta solo leveling smile monster statue

There are a ton of light novels coming out every year. Some are great, some are just plain bad. Recently, I finished Arifureta, and I absolutely loved it. The whole revenge plot, going from weak to strong, and leveling up in a dungeon was entertaining throughout. So I went looking for more light novels like … Read more

7 anime with a level up system you will love

Best anime with a level up system Isekai RPG

Since Isekai anime has become so popular, more and more shows feature some kind of RPG level-up system. A lot of those however belong in the trash. I have no idea who is green lighting some of these shows, or who enjoys watching some of these. Luckily, there are quite a few diamonds in the … Read more

Forest Goddess Flidais the Female Counterpart of Cernunnos

Flidais the goddess to be considered the female counterpart of Cernunnos.

Most people have at least heard the name of the Horned God once or twice in their life. However, not many people know who Flidais the goddess to be considered the female counterpart of Cernunnos is.  Whether you are a history buff like me, Wiccan or looking to spice up your fantasy novel or DnD … Read more

The 10 best medieval fantasy anime shows that you should watch

best medieval fantasy anime list

Are you looking for some good Anime set in a (dark) medieval fantasy world? One of the most popular genres in anime is medieval fantasy. With that said, it can be hard to find a good show if you don’t know where to look. In this article, we will be recommending some of our favorite … Read more

10 Manga like The New Gate read before its too late

manga like The new gate

About The New Gate The manga is an amazing adaptation of the light novels by Shinogi Kanami. In The New Gate, Shin is a powerful player who has been trapped in an online game. Thanks to him and his overpowered abilities, he is able to beat the end boss of the game, which is the … Read more