The 10 Best Light Novels like So I Am A Spider, So What?

The 10 Best Light Novels like So I Am A Spider, So What

Hello weebs, I am here again with your daily dose of entertainment. Light Novels and Manga have different fanbases. And when we talk about Light Novels, they are also becoming trendy. Even though light novels have a bundle of genres, Isekai is the one genre many enjoy reading. Truth be told, it is one of … Read more

Best weapons for swashbuckler 5e DnD – Ranked

Best weapons for swashbuckler 5e

Are you planning on starting a new character? A good weapon is vital to get the most out of your skills and abilities. This guide on the best weapons for a swashbuckler 5e rogue (or other classes) in DnD is just what you need to make some hard choices for your build. We will discuss … Read more

5e Crit Fishing builds and explanation

Crit fisher 5e

Sometimes all you want to do is deal a ton of damage in a single devastating attack. Crit fishing is a fantastic way to take down your enemies and make your DM throw away his plans. In this guide, we will discuss what Crit Fishing is, what races and classes are best for crit fishing, … Read more

Raise Dead 5e: make sure you know these alternate rules

raise dead uses and rules 5e d&d

It’s no secret that we at Creature College enjoy a good necromancy spell—one of the most quintessential ones in 5e DnD as Raise Dead. However, while the spell does exactly what it says, there are quite a few uses you might not have thought of.  In this guide, our expert veteran DMs will discuss everything … Read more

Cult Fanatic 5e: stat block, how to use them and fight them

Cult Fanatic 5e stat block

Good morning Adventurers and Dungeon Masters. Today we are taking a look at the Cult Fanatic. If you use them correctly, these humanoids make one of the best and most fun low-level bosses in Dungeons and Dragons. So, in this guide, we will teach you all we know about Cult Fanatics. We will start with … Read more

Find Steed 5e: don’t make this bad pick

Find Steed 5e

Time to look at some niche DnD spells that aren’t used all that often! Today’s subject is Find Steed 5e. This conjuration does precisely what the name implies it does. You get free to use the Steed. However, you need to know a couple of things about this conjuration before you add it to your … Read more

Best class for tiefling 5e DnD – Ranked

best classes for tiefling 5e

Time to look at a race that has been gaining popularity in recent months: the tiefling. If you are looking for the best class for a tiefling in 5e DnD, you have landed on the right article. Our expert Dungeon Masters have researched what classes are good picks if you want to play as a … Read more