The 9 Best Anime Where The Mc Leaves And Comes Back OP

the 9 best Anime Where The Mc Leaves And Comes Back OP recommendation list on my experience

Recently, the demand for OP MCs has been on the top. Be it Isekai, adventure, or any case, and the OP MC trend is real. Weebs and Otaku are dying to see the other side of the story. Yup, they are hooked on watching the MC leave and return OP. Therefore, based on your popular … Read more

Top 8 Best Dark Fantasy Romance Anime

Best Dark Fantasy Romance Anime

Hey, my lovely friends! I am back with some dark fantasy romance anime. This genre feels like a complete package as it combines three themes; dark, romance and fantasy. Otaku is a new race spreading like a fire over the globe, and each one has a different preference. Some wish to indulge in fantasy, while … Read more

The 13 Best Anime Where The MC Is A King

top anime where the mc is a king

Kings, Princes, Demon Lords, and all the mighty characters are unforgettable irrespective of their roles. The power and authority make them complete as they can get whatever they want. Some anime tells the tale of King MCs, whereas others highlight the struggles of the characters winning the title. Anime where the MC is a king, … Read more

Best 5 Anime Where The MC Is A Werewolf

the top Anime Where The MC Is A Werewolf

Netflix series, tv shows, and movies have increased the demand for Anime, where the MC is a werewolf. This trend is taking a hike because the stories develop in unimaginable ways. It can be a romantic fantasy, suspense, thrill, horror, or more than anything one has seen.  Seeing werewolves is rare in the anime world, … Read more

Best 8 Anime Where The MC Is A Swordsman

Anime Where The MC Is A Swordsman

Anime, where the MC is a swordsman, has an exceptional charm. Watching the heroes use classy and mind-boggling sword techniques is pleasing. Even minor characters who are swordsmen get attention effortlessly. And guess what? There happen to be a lot of epic anime topped with Classy Swordsmen, Vola! So get ready to watch one of … Read more

The 12 Best Power Fantasy Anime

top Best Power Fantasy Anime

Seeing the world through a different lens has never been boring. The anime world has brought infinite new entertaining perspectives. Power Fantasy anime has been everyone’s favorite because of its creative freedom and action. There are several such anime, and I will enlist the best I have watched. Let’s get to the central part without … Read more

The 12 Best Isekai Anime Where The MC Starts Weak And Becomes OP

Best Isekai Anime Where The MC Starts Weak And Becomes OP

Isekai is the genre that is trending nowadays in the otaku world. Recently, a few isekai entries have broken the records of previous hit anime. Therefore, Otaku has found a new genre to enjoy their time, which is exhilarating. Isekai anime, where the MC starts weak and becomes OP is the first choice of weebs … Read more

The 12 Best Chinese Isekai Anime 

best isekai chinese anime

Donghua or Chinese Anime are loved globally. They are famous for their characters with distinct features and martial arts. Their animation style always stands out, followed by their unique storytelling. The Isekai genre has always intrigued fans, be they Japanese or Chinese. This genre makes the watching experience entertaining enough to binge-watch the whole Anime. … Read more

Best 7 Anime Where the MC Is A Kid 

Anime Where the MC Is A Kid

Anime where the MC is a kid, is worth watching because most have excellent character development. Watching adults has now become a little common. M.C.s who are kids bring a lot of purity, innocence, the purest form of passion, and a lot of fun with them. Additionally, most young otakus prefer to watch such shows. … Read more

Best 12 anime about drawing

top anime about drawing

Anime based on art or drawing is kind of rare to find. Today, we’ll be talking about anime based on drawing. Anime that portrays art mostly focuses on the difficulties of producing good work, which manga artists face in real life. This is why most of these anime portray characters achieving something no matter what … Read more