Top 15 Romance Anime Where They Get Together Early

Romance Anime can often be disappointing. You wait for the whole anime to see our MC and her love interest get together, but all of a sudden, it doesn’t happen. From the spiciest scenes to the cliffhanger romance, we present the top 15 romance Anime where they get together early. This one’s so for all the folks who do not like to wait. 

15. His and Her Circumstances

One of the most beloved romance Anime in the community, His and Her Circumstances, has a solid romantic progression around high school and more. The anime is one gem of an experience for the early romance lovers, and the couple does get reasonably early in the series. 

A unique aspect of His and Her Circumstances is that it skips the usual couple drama and the slow buildup that we have to deal with. Instead, the anime is relatively simple.

Even though it has some drama, it contains more personal issues than love triangles or someone trying to be the black sheep in our couple’s relationship. 

Romance Anime Where They Get Together Early

14. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is one of the most exciting romance Anime where they get together early. The whole point of this anime was to make sure that all the fans would get as much fanservice as they could, all while keeping the anime more towards the action side. 

Even though you’ll see much anime where the main character gets into a relationship early, you won’t see something as interesting as Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry because the only way our protagonists get together is exciting. 

The romance is fantastic, and the fanservice will make you want to close your door every living second. 

13. Sword Art Online

Almost everyone knows and loves Sword Art Online. Even though SAO is not strictly a romance Anime, many romantic aspects make it an ideal anime where they get together early. 

Kirito and Asuna are super wholesome and are known to be one of the best loyal couples and would never betray each other in the toughest of times. 

Kirito and Asuna met each other in the Labyrinth on the 1st floor, and they formed a party for the boss battle to survive. That’s where the two of them fell in love, and the ship began to sail. 

best Romance Anime Where They Get Together Early

12. Itazura na Kiss

Itazura Na Kiss is also an exciting romance Anime where the MC gets into a relationship early on. The story incorporates the daily life of a girl called Kotoko Aihara, who confessed her love to a senior named Naoki, whom she has always admired. 

Since the start of her school, Kotoko has constantly been obsessing over Naoki, but he instantly rejects her as he’s beautiful. Then, sometime later, an earthquake ruins Kotoko’s home, and now her family has to live together with a friend of her father, whose son is Naoki. 

Now, fate is there for both of our main characters, which leads to Naoki falling for Kotoko just as she anticipated. The romance is beautiful in this series and could be one of the best on our list. 

11. And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?

Gaming is such an exciting form of entertainment. In this anime, the main characters Hideki Nishimura and Ako are both married in a game called “Legendary Age.” It’s internet dating, am I right? And even though Hideki feels like the online love is not accurate, Ako feels like it’s more than reality because she rejects the actual world. 

As the anime progresses, both meet in real life and give Ako another chance to live in the outside world with grace. Of course, having both main characters in a relationship early, they have to deal with many problems, but Ako and Hideki are madly in love with each other by episode 6. 

Even though Ako’s brain is wired differently due to her rejection from the real world, both have a perfect relationship. If you enjoy game-based anime, check out 19 light novels like Overlord.

10. Arakawa Under the Bridge

Kou Ichinomiya is the main character who falls into the Arakawa River one day. However, he is saved by a girl called Nino, who is supposed to be from Venus. After getting his life saved by Nino, Kou feels like it is his job to pay back the favor to her as she saved his life. This is where they started having a relationship with each other quite early on. 

Even though Nino has no idea about romance, she accepts Kou’s offer, and they start dating each other by episode four. The anime is quite cute, and it depicts the relationship perfectly. However, things get pretty bizarre once Kou realizes how many twisted things Nino has to go through around the Arakawa river and how many strange people live there. 

top Romance Anime Where They Get Together Early

9. Nisekoi

The anime promotes false love. Okay, I’m just kidding. For example, Nisekoi incorporates Chitoge and Raku, who have the worst first impressions when they first meet. But somehow, they ended up with each other in a false relationship so that their families could become friends with each other. 

Even though the anime is mostly towards fake love initially, Chitoge and Raku genuinely start falling in love over time. And even though they had a lot of harsh feelings toward each other, they were attracted to each other like opposite poles of a magnet. Quite an interesting one, isn’t it?

8. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

In Bunny Girl Senpai, Sakuta and Mai have a unique first encounter. When Sakuta sees Mai walking in the public library as a beautiful bunny girl, he instantly gets interested in her, and they end up together, becoming a couple. 

Even if the anime is fast-paced, you’ll love to see how fast the story progresses. For example, both characters’ relationship is made in the very second episode, where they go out to see what is the real deal with the occurrence of bunny girl senpais. 

So, Sakuta and Mai go on a date where both become a couple, and their wholesome life progresses afterward. 

7. My Love Story!!

Our main character Takeo Goda has always had an unsuccessful love life. His intimidating looks can make even the most badass girls afraid of her. However, they always get interested in his best friend, Makoto. But his love life changes as soon as he meets the kind Rinko who instantly falls in love with Takeo. 

Their first half of the relationship didn’t go as planned since Takeo had a lot of abandonment issues, and he was not used to things going his way. Takeo thinks that Rinko is just interested in his best friend at first. 

However, soon enough, the misunderstanding gets out of proportion, and they quickly get into a relationship by the third episode. My Love Story makes us realize that love is more than just looks. It is something more profound and spiritual. 

The beginning episodes of this anime are some of the best ever in romance anime. The show does start to fall off after 8 or so episodes, earning it only a 7th place on our list with anime where the MCs become couples early.

best romance anime with couples

6. Tsuredure Children

Tsuredure Children is quite an interesting spectacle for the fans to watch. The anime has a lot of tsundere and relationships that’ll make you question reality itself.

The series incorporates the daily struggles of high school students, and there are many stories of various couples. All these stories bring together some of the most intriguing people in a way that is not typically done. 

As soon as the series starts, you’ll see some couples getting into a relationship while others have a lot to fix. Even though not every character gets into a relationship early on, Tsuredure Children still makes one of the best romance Anime where they get together before. 

5. Rent-A-Girlfriend

As soon as you start watching Rent A Girlfriend, Kazuya gets a brutal heartbreak, and to cope with his sorrows, he starts using the Diamond App, which lets people rent a girlfriend. The app allows him to rent Chizuru to go out on a date with Kazuya. 

However, he makes a big mess of ruining his rented date by introducing her to his family, making the whole situation super weird than it already is. So now, to save his reputation and his life, he must act as an actual boyfriend of Chizuru. Hence the complexity increases as the days progress. 

Even though there were a lot of mistakes and the whole relationship was formed with a series of errors, both Chizuru and Kazuya started to grow in genuine love for each other, creating an actual couple. Seeing diplomatic love turn into a real relationship is always fun. This shows how humans have changeable feelings. 

early couples romance anime

4. Gamers!

Immediately, Karen and Keita have a very rough start. Keita has extremely low self-esteem, but Karen has an unhealthy obsession with Keita, making him uncomfortable. As a result, he rejects her offer to join the gaming club, and at first, it seems like both of our characters will never get together, let alone together early. 

However, Keita musters up the courage to express their feelings of love, and both get into the relationship officially after being off to a somewhat rocky start. Even though our main characters are pretty awkward regarding social situations, they manage to lead happy lives as couples. 

This happiness makes us realize that even though there are many obstacles in our way, we should never give up on what truly matters… And that’s love. 

3. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Tsutsui Hikari is an outcast otaku who spends most of his time at home, avoiding as many social situations as possible. He only has one friend at school who is just like him. Being socially awkward, Tsutsui has to encounter many problems in his school for being so creepy.

However, one day, he ends up with Igarashi Iroha, who seems like Hikari’s worst fear. Iroha is the type of girl who skips school, doesn’t have any girlfriends, and is quite a troublemaker. However, she becomes friends with Hikari and fights the people who are mean to our socially outcast MC. 

Their relationship starts to blood, and Iroha becomes Hikari’s first 3D girlfriend. But can he even handle this encounter?

2. Tonikaku Kawaii 

A lot of love stories in anime are pretty slow for the fans. However, in Tonikawa, things are as fast as the bullet train in Japan. The love story of Nasa and Tsukasa is one of the fastest building relationships we’ve seen in any Anime.

After surviving a truck encounter, he meets with a girl of his friends and has the chance to ask Tsukasa out. Thinking wisely, Tsukasa accepts the relationship offer but only on one condition. They have to get married. 

Being madly in love with Tsukasa, Nasa instantly takes her hand, and a heartwarming marriage happens. Even though Nasa and Tsukasa get together in the first episode, they get right into marriage without caring about what others think of them. 

This makes Tonikawa one of the best romance anime where the main characters get together early. And by early, I mean super early. 

best romance anime with couples to watch

1. Horimiya

The best romance Anime where they get together early is Horimiya. Horimiya quickly became a popular romance series because both main characters rapidly get into a relationship.

The amount of emotions this anime has is unreal, and it takes a more mature yet fun turn on how teenage romance is like. Hori and Miyamura end up together by episode 4, but their relationships have many minor problems. 

Of course, love is always there, but Hori is quite possessive and gets instantly jealous when someone has their eyes on Miyamura, making the whole anime a riveting spectacle for all the Anime watchers out there. 

Horiyima best romance anime where together early

Final Verdict and summary table with scores

It’s always fun to see romance Anime where these characters get together early. Who doesn’t want to see a sweet love story right from the beginning?

All these anime have one thing in common. The love for each other is genuine, and the characters are pretty honest. So, which anime are you going to watch next? Let us know! 

AnimeMAL ScoreShort Description
His and Her Circumstances8.0High school romance where the couple gets together early, focusing on personal issues rather than love triangles or relationship drama.
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry7.5Exciting romance anime where the couple gets together early, with action elements and plenty of fanservice.
Sword Art Online7.5While not strictly a romance anime, it features Kirito and Asuna, a loyal couple who fall in love early in the virtual world of SAO.
Itazura na Kiss7.5A girl named Kotoko confesses her love to a senior named Naoki, leading to a relationship that develops early in the series.
And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?7.0Hideki and Ako, who meet in an online game, develop a relationship early on and navigate the challenges of real-life interactions.
Arakawa Under the Bridge7.5After being saved by a girl named Nino, Kou feels obligated to repay her, leading to an early relationship in a quirky and bizarre setting.
Nisekoi7.5Chitoge and Raku enter into a fake relationship that gradually develops into real feelings, despite their initial animosity.
Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai8.5Sakuta and Mai form a unique couple early on, tackling supernatural phenomena and supporting each other through their personal struggles.
My Love Story!!8.0Takeo, who has had no luck in love, finds genuine love with Rinko early on, showcasing the deeper aspects of romance beyond appearances.
Tsuredure Children8.0The anime explores the relationships of various high school couples, some of whom get together early, in a comedic and heartwarming manner.
Rent-A-Girlfriend7.0Kazuya rents a girlfriend to cope with heartbreak but ends up in a complicated and genuine relationship with Chizuru.
Gamers!7.0Karen’s obsession with Keita leads to a rocky start, but they navigate the challenges of their social awkwardness as a couple.
3D Kanojo6.5Socially awkward Hikari finds love with troublemaker Iroha, forming a relationship early on and dealing with their personal struggles.
Tonikaku Kawaii7.5Nasa and Tsukasa marry quickly after a chance encounter, embracing their love and building a relationship early on.
Horimiya8.0Hori and Miyamura quickly become a couple but face challenges as possessiveness and jealousy arise, making it a riveting romance series.

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