The Creature College blog was founded by three guys who love all things fantasy. We have a specific focus on anime and Dungeons and Dragons. 

For our anime and light novel articles, we love to put together lists that recommend the best of the best shows. Of course, we always make sure we have watched the show or read the book before recommending it.

Then there are our DnD guides! Combined, we have over 30 years of experience roleplaying and DMing D&D campaigns. We love to find obscure spells and monsters and share our thoughts on them. 

We are experts in storytelling and sharing tips on how to run a fun and surprising Dungeons and Dragons campaign that will leave everyone wanting more! That is why we put a ton of effort into our guides and go above and beyond to ensure even the most experienced players learn a thing or two. 

Creature College is a blog made for Fantasy geeks by Fantasy geeks. The F in fantasy is capitalized. 

We live in-breath all things fiction, and we strive to write quality content that helps our readers a ton. Creature College wants to be your go-to place to read about it. So we try to add at least one in-depth guide a week.

We have started this site on the first of January. We occasionally try to add an article if we find the time. If you have any ideas on interesting topics to write about, feel free to message us!

Next to articles, we also LOVE fantasy short stories. We love writing and reading them. We will try to add some in the near future, so keep your eyes open! We are also available for interviews with up-and-coming fantasy authors, so feel free to contact us if you have written a book or are about to publish one!

Contact us at spaceandfantasyc@gmail.com – We check our mail every week!

  • Jackson Babinski