How to Use Vortex Warp in 5e DnD

In Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, players will come across many unique spells that seem weak on paper but turn out to be quite powerful when used with some creativity. Vortex Warp is one of these spells, allowing players to warp themselves or a target around the playing field as they please.

The spell might seem like a utility ability that could be passed up for a damaging spell, but this is not simply the case. Of course, if you are playing a Sorcerer or are multiclassing into a Warlock, both of which cause you to upcast at the highest spell level available, then Vortex Warp will be utilized less frequently than your other spells.

As someone who is able to pick from the Artificer or Wizard spellbooks, however, Vortex Warp can become well worth your time if you can figure out your favorite ways to use it. In this article, we will cover some forms for using Vortex Warp to get your creative juices flowing.

5e vortex warp dnd

Method 1: Using Vortex Warp to Reposition Allies or Enemies

Reading Vortex Warp gives off the idea that it should be used to warp around the battlefield. Indeed, this is true, making it the first method of using the spell. The spell does require the target to make a saving throw in order to resist the vortex that channels around them, but this check can be willingly failed as well.

When the target fails the saving throw, another vortex opens and the target moves from their initial position to the second vortex’s position. Here are some examples that may come up in-game:

  • If an ally is in a dangerous spot and needs to move away from a group of enemies, Vortex Warp can transport them without incurring any opportunity attacks.
  • If an enemy is trying to flee but within range of your spell, Vortex Warp can teleport them closer to your party, possibly even in the middle of a group of melee attackers. 
  • If an ally or enemy is in a position that makes it hard for your supports to target them, Vortex Warp can reposition friend and foe alike to make them easier to target.

Method 2: Using Vortex Warp as a Form of Damage

Vortex Warp does not do damage inherently. However, proper use of displacing enemies can and will result in damage if the environment is willing to support you. Think about the area you are fighting in or are about to fight in and determine if there are any factors that can hinder your opponents.

While you cannot warp a target into a suspended area such as off a cliff side or in the air, you can warp them into liquid or through elements that can be passed through such as fire. Below is a list of a few ideas that can work naturally or require some synergy from your fellow party members:

  • Vortex Warping enemies into a body of water will hinder their movement and potentially end an encounter entirely if they are unable to swim. Once in the water, using lightning spells can deal increased damage from resulting explosions. If the enemy gets out of the water, Destroy Water can do massive damage to a soaked target.
  • A fiery surface either created naturally or from another spell can give damage to your Vortex Warps. Wall of Fire for example hurts enemies anytime they pass through it. If an enemy does pass through the flames, Vortex Warp can put them back in or behind them once more, forcing the target to burn again or rethink their approach.
  • Any spell that creates or alters the surface with its area of effect will add damage to Vortex Warp. Many acid spells will pour acid on the terrain and ice or transmutation spells can create difficult terrain to hinder movement even without a damaging component.

Method 3: Using Vortex Warp to Support Allies through Roleplay

Your adventures will provide countless opportunities for each player to express their character’s roles through their class abilities. There will be times when specific players will be the perfect match for a job and it is up to you to support them through their endeavors.

Vortex Warp can make it easier for your partners to access areas or slip away undetected. Below are some fun and highly possible situations where Vortex Warp can be useful:

  • Your Rogue needs to sneak into a building but is unable to pick the lock on the door. Vortex Warp can teleport him inside without the need for a check. It can also teleport him back out to remain undetected, eliminating the possibility of evidence being left behind.
  • Your Druid wild shapes into a mouse to scout a building but is spotted by the enemy and is hiding under furniture with no way out. Vortex Warp can pick her up and bring her to you safely.
  • Your Bard offers to distract a group of guards while the rest of your party raids a treasure room. Vortex Warp can move one person into the room to open from the inside or act as an escape for your Bard if things do not go according to plan.

Conclusion on using Vortex Warp 5e

This wraps up our coverage of how to use Vortex Warp in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. As you can tell by now, the spell is not as limited in its use as it seems, it simply requires some creativity on the user’s part.

Even if you do not feel like you can properly use the spell to its fullest potential, you can always talk with the other members of your table and maintain an open line of communication for recommendations on how and when to use Vortex Warp both in and out of battle. While it will be easier to cast on friendly characters, it may find a special place in your combat strategy when used against enemies as well.

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