Dretch 5e Dnd: how it works and best uses 

dretch dnd

The personification of utter displeasure and disdain, the Dretch will leave those below them in complete misery. These demonic creatures are the reincarnation of chaotic evil mortals who once wreaked havoc. In this article, learn more about the works of this lowly fiend of the Underworld. What is a Dretch 5e: mechanics and requirements Attributes … Read more

Greater Healing Potion 5e: All you need to know

healing potions 5e dnd

In moments of danger and lost spell slots, a greater healing potion can do plenty to bring a player back to life. With a greater healing potion in hand, it can bring you and your party members back to the battlefield and strong enough to return to your adventure. Greater Healing Potion 5e General Information … Read more

The best 10 Plant Spells in dnd 5e

best plant spells for 5e

Plant spells in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) can be a powerful tool for players, allowing them to manipulate and control the natural world around them. These spells often involve manipulating and controlling plants, such as creating thorns, growing vines, and even summoning elementals made of wood. Plant spells can be especially useful for characters specializing … Read more

The best Level 1 Encounters for 5e DnD: start your campaign right!

Level 1 Encounters 5e DnD

Whether it is your first time bringing your friends to the world of Dungeons and Dragons or starting fresh in a new campaign, level 1 is always a great start for every campaign’s journey. However, keeping in mind the limitations of the players at this level comes with the challenge of making fun and engaging … Read more

The best Non-Combat Encounters 5e you should try

non combat encounters 5e dnd

How long has it been? How long have they been here? However long we’ve been here, it’s been too long… but we can’t get out. This wretched door won’t budge until we solve this stupid riddle written on it. What the heck is it?! Why can’t we figure it out?! Get me out of here, … Read more

The 12 Best At-Will Spells in 5e DnD – make sure you try these

DnD Best At-Will Spells

At-will spells are the groundwork for almost all spellcasters within Dungeons and Dragons to begin their climb to more extraordinary powers during a campaign. These spells do not cost the player anything to cast, save for a check that may be required for the target to make or a ranged attack roll. So, while these … Read more

Top 12 Most Entertaining Classes in 5e DnD

Most Entertaining Classes in 5e

A significant part of any campaign is the various combinations of Classes the party tends to be made up of. Whether this consists of a bunch of spell casters, a single melee-based combatant, or a pose of Barbarians and Fighters protecting a single Cleric or Wizard, a party can come up with all sorts of … Read more

Top 6 Most Common Saving Throws in 5e DnD

most common saving throws

Ability Scores are a fundamental part of the Character Creation Process, as this determines many aspects of a player character’s abilities within a Campaign. From how much health they have to how strong is their spellcasting ability, these Ability Scores hold the most significant importance to how the Character is created, only bested by the … Read more

The top 8 Bard Backgrounds in 5e DND for your new character

bard background 5e

Masters of magical songs and brilliantly charming bards speak their way in and out of disastrous situations. They can inspire their allies with a song or hinder their foes with carefully woven insults. Bards can have a variety of origins and goals, while their skills focus on charisma and music. Here are some great options … Read more

The 8 Paladin Backgrounds in 5e DnD you must try

paladin background 5e

Mighty crusaders blessed by their gods to spread their religion through combat and honor, paladins act as the frontline of most parties, taking many hits and outputting significant damage with their many smites. Most paladins follow similar backgrounds since being a paladin most often requires the character to have a religious experience or strong beliefs. … Read more