Top 10 VRMMO Anime you should watch

best vrmmo anime to watch

The genre of anime is expanding daily; nowadays, there are millions of anime with thousands of genres and themes. Today, we will discuss the top 10 VRMMO anime with you guys and don’t worry if you hear the word VRMMO for the first time.    VRMMO stands for Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online. It follows … Read more

The 23 best completed anime of all time

completed anime best of all time

Hi weebs, glad to see you back here! Like always, today’s topic would also be about anime, but this time it’s the best completed anime. Yay! So now you don’t have to wait for the episodes to release, and you can easily binge-watch them. There would be multiple anime on the list with almost every … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Subbed and Dubbed Anime?

Difference Between Subbed and Dubbed Anime what is better

If you’re in anime groups or subreddit, you often find yourself in the middle of a war between subbed and dubbed anime. This debate has been going on for over a decade and is as ferocious as a war from ages ago. Some fans prefer Japanese voice-over with English subtitles, while others like English-speaking voice … Read more

Top 10 Anime With the Best Character Development (Recommendations)

top 10 Anime With The Best Character Development

We all love anime with the best character development, whether MC or other prominent characters. However, anime is not much fun if the MC doesn’t make any changes in his personality, attitude, or strength.  The main reason for popular anime is how the characters develop and how their development process plays a positive role in … Read more

My 10 favorite Light Novels Like Ascendance of a Bookworm

top Light Novels Like Ascendance of a Bookworm

Hola, dude, I know you fell in love with our bookworm Urono Motosu, and I loved reading about her journey. Light Novels Like the Ascendance of a Bookworm are among the most popular demands these days.  Fans like us can’t wait to read something similar to it. Don’t worry; I am here to recommend a … Read more

Heavily Obscured 5e: what it is, explanation, and examples

heavily obscured 5e

As some Chinese general guy once said: Knowing the terrain is pretty dope. In DnD 5e, the landscape can have quite some effect on the battle. Today we will look at how Heavily Obscured 5e works and give examples of this terrain status in action. Like we often do, we will also answer some of … Read more

Specter 5e: Everything you must know as a player or DM

specter 5e

Time for another monster guide! Today, we are taking a closer look at the illustrious Specter in 5e dnd. There is much to be said about this creature and how to use it as a Dungeon Master in your campaign.  The Specter is fun but an underused creature in 5e DnD. They aren’t strong, but … Read more

The Shadow Demon 5e: Everything you need to know

shadow Demon 5e dnd

Many monsters in 5e D&D don’t see enough play in a standard campaign. One of the most underestimated monsters from a narrative and fun perspective is the Shadow Demons in 5e. These chaotic evil monsters are great to base a side quest around and test newer players with a strong monster with a good amount … Read more

How to use Bestow Curse in 5e Dnd as a pro

bestow curse 5e dnd

Greetings, adventurers, and welcome to another one of our in-depth expert guides. Everyone who has played DnD for a bit has heard of Bestow Curse 5e. Looking at the number of players who have used this necromancy, however, that number is significantly smaller.  This expert article looks at how Bestow Curse 5e works, how you … Read more