Elemental Weapon 5e Guide: Pro tips on using the transmutation

Elemental Weapon 5e DnD

There are so many spells in DnD that it is hard to keep count. Some are amazing, some bad, and others are just bang average. Unfortunately, Elemental Weapon 5e is one of those okay spells nobody ever thinks about. Today, we will look at whether that mediocrity status is deserved or if there are some … Read more

Silent Image in 5e Dnd: start using it smarter

5e Silent Image

Greetings, wizards, and adventurers; today, we are taking a pretty underused but fun illusion spell in 5e. Silent Image in 5e is one of those actions enormously depending on how creative the user is. A creative adventurer or DM can make Silent Image potent and valuable, while a beginner might struggle to use it more … Read more

What is Forcecage in 5e Dnd, and why you are using it wrong

forcecage 5e

Interested in imprisoning creatures or protecting important NPCs? Well, Forcecage 5e might be just the evocation you are looking for! Today, we will discuss Forcecage in-depth and give you all the tips you need as a DM and player to use and counter it effectively. What is Forcecage 5e? Attributes Casting time: 1 action Level: … Read more

Plane Shift 5e DnD: Best uses and strategies

plane shift dnd 5e

There are a lot of exciting spells in DnD that are vastly more powerful when a creative player is using them. For example, plane Shift 5e is one of the more potent spells when you know how to think about your feat.  In this guide, we will tell you everything there is about to know … Read more

The best 5 dubbed Anime with Female Lead

dubbed Anime with Female Main Character

Imagine the agony of otaku if they could only watch their favorite anime and couldn’t understand it because of the language barrier. To increase the scale of the target audience, anime is dubbed in various languages. It increases their popularity by leaps and bounds, and otaku like us worldwide are blessed by the best.  So, … Read more

Best 5 Romance Anime Where The Guy Is Shy

shy guy anime mc

Romance is a genre that everyone likes, whether they admit it openly or not. Similar is the case with romance anime; everyone loves them. The fun part is that every anime has a sprinkle of romance regardless of the genre.  However, it seldom happens that we see a shy boy who falls in love with … Read more

Top 6 Anime with magic and ranking system

Anime with magic and ranking system

Anime with magic schools and ranking is famous for its unending fun. Seeing the MCs showcasing their magical powers in school gives pleasure. Deep down there, we otaku must have dreamt of a fantasy world with splendid magical powers. We can still fulfill our dreams by relating to the main characters listed below in anime. … Read more

Top 5 Romance anime with protective male lead

top Romance anime with protective male lead

Ahhh, Romance anime have an excellent fan base, and most are girls. The fun is doubled when it’s a romance anime with protective male leads. Handsome MCs who care for their love and protect them, risking their lives, is a gem. So get ready to watch several romance anime with protective male leads!  There you … Read more

Top 10 Anime like Slime and Overlord

Anime like Slime and Overlord

That time I got reincarnated As a Slime, and Overlord both, are great anime that hook the attention of viewers from the start. One is famous for its beautiful characters, whereas the other is known for its ruthless and overpowered MC.  If you have finished both of these and are looking to watch anime similar … Read more