Call Lightning 5e Dnd: how it works and best uses 

Call lightning 5e

Calling from the heavenly skies above, Mother Nature answers a druid’s cries by bringing down lightning to strike down the earth. With the third-level conjuration spell, Lightning Bolt, druids can create and use the storms to attack whoever goes against you and your party members. What is Call Lightning 5e: mechanics and requirements Attributes Spell … Read more

Top 13 Best Anime About Spirits

Top anime about spirits and ghosts

Anime about spirits has always been entertaining. Many found them thrilling, exciting, and fun-packed. It’s an assumption that spirits are evil, and my friend, the anime world beautifully portrays the statement wrong. The way anime has introduced spirits with mind-boggling ideas is outstanding. And I am going to enlighten you with a few such masterpieces. … Read more

The 11 Best Anime About Orphans

top anime about orphans

Anime about orphans entangles the viewers right from the beginning. Watching the lonely characters develop and grow in unexpected ways is soothing. These anime offer emotional refreshment throughout.  The good thing is viewers can easily connect to the orphan characters due to their painful life experiences. This is also the reason why people demand to … Read more

Best 12 Harem Anime Where The Main Character Chooses A Girl

harem anime MC picks a girl

Hello, my lovelies! Your otaku friend is back again to entertain you. Did you miss me? I did! These days, love stories and harem anime are preferred by many. But, on the other hand, anime where the MC chooses a girl, or romance anime, never gets old. So, below I will provide you with a … Read more

The best 8 Anime About Ballet

anime about ballet

Performing arts anime are enjoyed hugely not only in Japan but globally. The level of art and creativity they offer is remarkable.  That’s also the reason why many otakus demand more of this category. However, dancing anime have a different fanbase; among them, anime about ballet are adored the most. So, on your popular demands, … Read more

Conjure Animals 5e Dnd: how it works and best uses

Conjure animals 5e dnd

Throughout the campaigns that have been created, either through homebrewed pieces of art from Dungeon Masters to the published material by the Wizard of the Coast, Animals are a major part of the storytelling. It shows that the world is alive and has many aspects that occur outside the Player’s view while they are off … Read more

Guidance 5e Dnd: how it works and best uses

Guidance 5e dnd guide

Many spells throughout Dungeons and Dragons provide buffs to selected players in many ways. For example, some give back health to a wounded party member, while others weaken the enemies in some way or another, giving the members of the party an easier chance to inflict damage on them. But there is one spell that … Read more

Guiding Bolt 5e Dnd: how it works and best uses

5e guiding bolt dnd

Of the different schools of magic that a spellcaster can choose, The School of Evocation has the highest amount of pure damage spells out of all the others. From the simple but highly effective Eldritch Blast to the immensely powerful Meteor Swarm, these Elemental spells can mop the floor with many enemies standing in a … Read more

The 7 Best Anime Where The MC Is A Op Transfer Student 

best Anime Where The MC Is A Op Transfer Student 

OP MCs are always fun to watch because the fellas can rock and get everything they want. Unfortunately, watching the MCs struggling to become OP has become a cliche. Now fans want to see something new! They want the protagonist to be strong enough to smash everything with a snap. Don’t worry, my friends; I … Read more

The 9 Best Anime Where The Mc Leaves And Comes Back OP

the 9 best Anime Where The Mc Leaves And Comes Back OP recommendation list on my experience

Recently, the demand for OP MCs has been on the top. Be it Isekai, adventure, or any case, and the OP MC trend is real. Weebs and Otaku are dying to see the other side of the story. Yup, they are hooked on watching the MC leave and return OP. Therefore, based on your popular … Read more