Ignan 5e Dnd Language

Ignan 5e dnd language

In the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, Ignan is a language that many creatures with the fire subtype can speak. Creatures such as fire snakes, fire elementals, and salamanders. That is so because Ignan is the language of the elemental plane of fire. It is a spoken language, and it shares many similarities with … Read more

Astral Stalker 5e guide – Everything you never knew

astral stalker 5e

Astral stalkers are bulky humanoids with green-black scales as skin. They have oversized claws for fingers, each claw being around the length of a human forearm. In addition, the monster wears a belt made of its “collections.” Their collection usually comprises skin hides, skulls of various creatures, scalps, and many other trinkets from past victims. … Read more

Necklace of fireballs 5e: Your jewelry is fire!

necklace of fireballs 5e

Is there a Wizard in 5e DnD who does not enjoy lopping the occasional fireball at a hoard of unsuspecting enemies? If you are jealous of your magic using buddy, don’t worry, the Necklace of fireballs 5e is just the item you need!  Today we are taking a deep dive into the Necklace of fireballs from the … Read more

The Celestial Language 5e: Bring The Heavens Into Your Games

celestial language 5e

The party’s Aasimar immediately snaps into attention as he starts hearing what others perceive as a soft melody, a gentle hymn, and a singsong whisper. What is the Celestial language in 5e DnD When we think of languages in 5e DnD unrelated to Dragons or from deep below in D&D, it’s usually Sylvan or Celestial. … Read more

Goblin cave map 5e – The ultimate guide for DMs

goblin cave map 5e

Goblin caves are generally small, twisted, and treacherous devilish holes. A good designer of goblin cave map for DnD 5e knows this. The identification of these human-like monsters filled dens is given through religious totems and ragged clothes in every corner of the place. Inside these caverns, corridors leading to different paths are as common … Read more

Ice Knife 5e Guide – Learn the strategy your DM hates

ice knife 5e dnd guide

Time to look at one of my favorite level one spells in 5e! The Ice Knife spell is one of the more popular options for Wizards, Sorcerers, and Druids to pick. If you haven’t used this conjuration yet but are planning to, this is the guide you need to make the most of it!   The … Read more

Animate dead 5e guide – Raise your zombie army [2022]

animate dead 5e guide

If you want to have a mighty army of zombies or skeletons, Animate Dead 5e might be the shortcut you are looking for. This fun necromancy spell is a great way to give your party of adventurers a slight boost and make the fight more in your favor. But, of course, if you are a … Read more

Disintegrate 5e: Complete guide on how to use the spell [2022]

Disintegrate 5e

Imagine this; you spend hours training up your barbarian or wizard. Finally, your team is geared up for a major battle against an evil Lich in his lair full of treasures and trinkets. Your Dungeon Master sees you are about to hit those 0 hit points and uses Disintegrate 5e on you. Game over for your beloved … Read more

Primordial 5e DnD Language: A DMs guide

primordial 5e and dialects

The primordial dialect is a language that was created by the gods. Some say that this language has the power to create anything. The primordial tongue is a very powerful and complex language. It has been said that only those who are closest to the gods can speak this language fluently. The primordial language in … Read more

Your guide to Quasits in D&D 5e for players and DMs

Quasit guide 5e

Some monsters, in DnD, get a little less love than others. Quasits in 5e are one of those beginner creatures that often get skipped over by DMs. That is a shame, and they are exquisite to add some flavor to a campaign and catch players off guard. For players, too, Quasits are cool to play … Read more