12 best Anime Where The Main Character Dies Repeatedly

Watching the main character die is heartbreaking, but watching them return to life is a visual treat. If you are one of those who like watching anime where the main character dies repeatedly, then be glad. Below I’ll list a number of anime where the main character dies more than once!

12. Higurashi When They Cry

This one is based on a horror-mystery and supernatural genre, so you can expect some thrill from it. The story begins with the entry of Keiichi in Hinamizawa village, where he meets multiple characters, including Rika Furude.

The boy learns about multiple murders, which makes things intriguing. The fact that all of them are linked to the annual festival makes them even more mysterious. Different mysterious events force the main characters into an enigma. 

Rika Furude is the main character who dies repeatedly, and later, it’s revealed that she is stuck in a loop. She has died more than 100 times but returns each time. The anime is extremely engaging and enjoys a huge fandom, so make sure to watch it.

Anime Where The Main Character Dies Repeatedly

11. Ajin

If watching action, horror, and mystery is your thing, bless your eyes with Ajin. It’s a must for the otaku who wants an anime where the main character dies Repeatedly. In Ajin Kei, Nagai is the immortal main character and dies quite a few times.

As per one’s predictions, the story is about Ajin. They are basically immortals and are considered a threat to humanity. Therefore, people try to imprison them to stop them from harming others. 

Ajin is a hot topic everywhere, and almost everyone knows about them. However, Kei never bothers to pay attention to them whenever they are discussed. One day, an accident turns him into an Ajin, a thing that he never expected to happen. The incident changes his life, and he is forced into a bundle of mysteries!

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10. Excel Saga

ACROSS is an organization that aims to conquer the world as it believes it’s corrupt. Hyatt and Excel are ACROSS members and the main characters of the story. The duo started their mission to conquer the cities one by one as it would be easier. 

Taking over the city is also a task, as there are defensive forces standing against them. So, they need to execute their plan smartly. Otherwise, they’ll fail. Excel Saga is one of the best anime where the main character dies repeatedly, as you will see Hyatt dying and getting back to life quite a few times. 

9. Pokémon

You must be thinking, “When does Ash die repeatedly,” right? Well, he dies in the movies and also in the anime once. So, you can watch Pokemon movies, and watching anime is also a good choice. 

Pokemon is all about Ash’s dream to become the best Pokemon trainer. Each episode brings something new; sometimes, team rocket steals the Pokemon, and other times, there are tournaments. Pokemon is one of the few decades-old anime, and fans have grown up watching it. Unfortunately, the viewers aged, but Ash didn’t! (XD)

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8. Jujutsu Kaisen

In JJK, the main character doesn’t die repeatedly, but he has passed more than once. Yuji Itaodri, the vessel of Sukuna, died quite a few times. The iconic moment among them was when Sukuna pulled his heart out, leaving the fans in shock. 

Jujutsu Kaisen is a phenomenal anime that revolves around sorcery and cursed energies. Different cursed spirits wander to disturb the world’s peace, and multiple jujutsu sorcerers are on a mission to fight them off. 

JJK offers a thrill from the first episodes and continues giving the fans goosebumps throughout. If you enjoy watching anime where the main character dies repeatedly, give JJK a chance to win your heart. 

7. Naruto (Obito)

All the characters in Naruto have a huge fandom, and Masashi Sensei has put perfect emphasis on their backstories. In Naruto, the character who dies repeatedly and comes back is Obito Uchiha. Obito indeed played a massive part in shaping the story. 

Naruto is an anime filled with heartbreaking moments. The fact that all of the characters came for the peace of the world makes it overwhelming. Naruto is a masterpiece filled with emotions, heart-winning characters, shocking plot twists, and precious life lessons. 

6. To Your Eternity

This is indeed the saddest anime where the main character dies repeatedly. Fushi is the main character who takes any form, be it a stone, animal, or human. His transformation has a separate fan following as he continues transforming throughout the anime.

Throughout, he meets and befriends a number of characters who teach him something new. He learned from all of them, but the saddest part is that almost all of them died. In the anime, Fushi has taken the form of humans only after their death.

The story began when he entered the world in the form of an orb which took multiple forms. A mysterious entity casted him to Earth for a mission. The story isn’t that simple as the existence of “Nokers” is threatening the world, and Fushi must do something to stop them. 

knight magic anime

5. Puella Magi

It’s one of the darkest magical girl anime I have ever seen, yet it was worth watching. Puella Magi is all about the dark life of magical girls, which is exactly opposite to one’s predictions. Madoka’s and her friend’s life starts a new chapter when they are given a choice to become magical girls.

Another main character, Homura, a magical girl herself, tries her best to stop them from entering the world of magic. Homura is the character who has the power to reverse time. Thus she uses this power multiple times to stop her friends from being magical girls. 

Madoka has lost her life unlimited times. Thanks to Homura, who brings her back each time she reverses the time. Puella Magi overall is full of suspense, and the first few episodes are very mysterious. However, with each passing episode, the dots begin to connect, and the story becomes spellbinding. Watch it if you are looking for anime where the main character dies repeatedly.

4. Bleach

Everyone is familiar with Ichigo, even those who haven’t watched the show yet. His character development is insane and is worth praising. Every time he levels up, he gives fans an exhilarating experience.

The most thrilling moment when he died was during his battle with Uliquiorra. Ichigo during the battles was at his ultimate best which added thrill. However, thanks to his inner hollow powers, he came back to life. 

Bleach intrigues the viewers for countless reasons, and its intricate plot and OP characters are the few among them. Before becoming a shinigami, Ichigo was an ordinary high school student. His life took a new path soon after his shinigami powers were activated. Different events forced him to explore himself and he kept getting stronger!

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3. Seven Deadly Sins

If fantastical elements, OP characters, and an intriguing story capture your interest, do watch SDS. Meliodas is the main character who dies more than once and returns to life. Besides, Elizabeth Lioness, his lover and the female lead, also dies more than 100 times but comes back every time. 

Meliodas is the protagonist and one of the seven deadly sins feared by people. In the first season, we see the reunion of the sins, where they all vow to protect the world from the evil of the knights. Each season brings something new and intriguing for the fans, and the story becomes compelling. 

There are many plot twists and mysteries which make the viewers curious throughout. The best thing is that, unlike cliche shounen, it also offers shoujo elements, and it’s amusing to see the main character’s love story.

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2. Dragon Ball Z

Start watching Dragon Ball Z if you are searching for anime where the main character dies repeatedly. Not just Goku, but you’ll find multiple characters who die repeatedly. Two things DBZ fans know, number 1, the main characters level up every time they are defeated, and number 2, they’ll be back!

Dragon Ball offers massive fights between overpowered characters, and all of them are thrilling. The story is intriguing, but the majority of the viewers watch it to enjoy action sequences. Goku’s actions drive the story, and he is constantly trying to do anything to fight for peace.

The story is simple and a pretty cliche one without any intricate detailing. You know it’s a must watch if  it offers thrill, and unlimited spine-chilling moments!

dragon ball

1. Re: Zero

When discussing anime where the main character dies, Re: Zero must be the first on the list. Subaru, the MC, dies countless times and comes back again. His simple life flips when he is summoned to a fantasy world where each day brings a new challenge.

He meets a girl named Emilia who saves him from some goons and, in return, demands the boy’s help. The duo continues their journey, but things become mysterious when Subaru dies and finds himself back where he meets the girl. This happens quite a few times until he realizes he is stuck in a time loop because of his power!


Let’s end our discussion on anime, where the main character dies repeatedly. I have watched all of them, and they were engaging enough to keep me thrilled till the last moment. So, give it a shot if you want the same experience.