My 12 favorite Anime Where They Play Cards or have a tcg

The Card game is fun not only playing, but it is exciting to watch as well. Therefore, I have enlisted anime where they play cards, especially for the lovers of card games.

The benefits of watching card anime are that it has fantasy elements and is not limited to boring reality. Anime has given new meaning to it and enlightened different ways it can be played.

12. Fantasista Doll

It’s a perfect anime for anyone who enjoys seeing girls in action. It is centered around an interesting card game that allows the player to summon the dolls inside the cards. These girls inside the cards then have an actual battle with the opponents. 

Uzume is the main character and the player who plays with five cards; thus, she owns five dolls. The story is not intricate and very simple, so it should be watched for entertainment only.

The art and music are pretty nice, so you will feel good watching the anime. If you are an otaku with a love of magical girl anime, then hopefully, you will find Fantasista Doll interesting.

11. Battle Spirits

Toppa Bashin is the main character and sixth grader who is obsessed with the idea of playing a card game called Battle Spirits. His interest in the card game is so much that his sole reason for attending school is that and not his studies. 

One day, when he was dueling with one of his schoolmates named J, something unexpected happened. In the middle of the game, the two found themselves in a new place or, let’s say, a world where the game spirits were a reality. 

Both Bashin and J had a mysterious pendant, which is why they could experience that reality. So, the game they considered a good way to pass the time was much more than that. In the new world, they met others like them and started exploring the world and their own potential.

10. Chihayafuru

Chihayafuru is centered around a card game called Karuta. Chihaya is the main female lead who loves her sister more than herself. Thus seeing her being the best model was her biggest dream until she was introduced to the game of Karuta. 

Karuta is not an easy game to play because it’s the test of one’s memory, skills, and patience. She dreams of becoming the queen of Karuta and starts her journey to claim the title. The story is spellbinding enough to force you to binge-watch it. So watch it if you enjoy sports, drama, and school-themed anime.

9. Selector Infected WIXOSS

Ruuko Kominato is the female lead who experiences something unexpected while playing a card game called WIXOSS. The game is not a simple card game and hides a mysterious and dark reality. Ruuko soon realizes that she is playing a special version of the game where she can communicate with the girl inside her card. 

Such players are called Selectors, and Ruuko was one of them. The rule of the game says that if a selector wins the game with other players, he/she will get their one wish granted. On the other hand, if they lose three times, they will be cursed, and their cards will be destroyed. 

This rule makes the game thrilling, and both parties don’t want to lose. Meanwhile, Ruuko finds herself entangled in the dark reality of the game. Watch it if you enjoy the combo of thrillers and mysteries.

8. Future Of The Card Buddyfight

This one brings a unique idea where a card game called Buddyfight allows the players to summon monsters from the parallel universe. These monsters then become their buddies, and the players battle with other players with their help. 

Gaou Mikado is the main character who plays Buddyfight, and with time, he realizes that the game he thought to be a time pass is much more than that. Gaou is your cute, intelligent main character who knows when opponents are trying to outsmart him. It is a simple and entertaining watch, but it gets dark during battles. 

7. Luck & Logic

Luck and Logic bring a unique aspect to the term Logic. Logic is just like a power people can use as an ability to make things work for them. With the power of Logic, aliens can travel through different portals. We follow the life of Logicalists who try to stop these aliens from threatening the world’s peace by befriending some of them. 

Yoshichika is our main character, who was once a Logicalist but now has lost his logical power. However, he is again given another chance by an alien named Athena, who gives him his logic card. The duo become friends and join the special agency filled with Logicalists on a mission to eradicate threats. You will be intrigued and entertained watching different Logicalists showcasing their special abilities.

6. Duel Masters

The story introduces us to five great civilizations, among which Duel Masters is one. A card game was popular, and the best players were capable of making the impossible possible. Shobu Kirifuda is the main character who dreams of becoming the best duel master inspired by his father. 

His dream is not easy to achieve, and he faces multiple challenges and many defeats. Though, he doesn’t know the meaning of giving up; thus, each defeat makes him a better player. We follow Shobu in his mission to be the best in the world of extraordinary players. Duel Masters offers comedy, fantasy, and thrilling action, so enjoy it with your favorite meal!

5. Cardfight!! Vanguard

The viewers are introduced to a world where Cardfight games are eagerly played by people in the card shops. People are obsessed with the game and enjoy battling with each other. Aichi Sendou is the main character with an immense interest in the game, which usually plays to relieve the stress given to him by the bullies. 

He has a very special and unique card, but unfortunately, one of the bullies steals it from him, and somehow, a man named Toshiki Kai gets his hands on it. Thanks to Aichi’s card, Toshiki becomes extremely popular in the card game. 

Of course, our boys wanted his card back, but it was easier said than done. Toshiki wanted Aichi to defeat him in the battle to regain the card. But how will Aichi defeat Toshiki, who is considered to be the most talented player? Watch it to learn more about it!

4. Pokémon

I am sure reading this name makes one nostalgic, and that’s the beauty of Pokemon that has left an everlasting impression on otaku. Pokemon is recommended to everyone who has never watched it, and those who have watched it can rewatch it (XD)! 

The story revolves around cute to deadly dangerous creatures called Pokemon and their trainers. Ash is one such trainer who loves befriending and collecting Pokemon to achieve his dream of becoming the best. 

In this anime, you will watch multiple different fights between Pokemon. The plot itself is not that intricate and is very simple and entertaining. I recommend giving it a go, especially if you enjoy spellbinding adventures, battles, and adorable creatures.

3. Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Dan is the main character living in an ordinary world, enjoying life. The sudden rain of the mysterious cards affected everyone’s lifestyles. The cards could summon different powerful creatures, and those who got the cards started dueling against each other. 

People took it as a game and started enjoying this new reality. With time, the world starts destabilizing, and they learn that the cards are a mystery. World peace was threatened by some antagonists, but Dan and his friends were all ready to cope with the challenges. They started their mission to bring their world back to normal, but it’s easier said than done!

2. Yu Gi Oh

Trust Me or not, it’s one of the best anime where they play cards. The story centers around Yuugi Mutou, an innocent boy who is always targeted by bullies. They consider him weak and take advantage of that, thus leaving no chance of making his life miserable. 

Well, he has a good friend who is always there by his side, but the boy doesn’t want to burden her. Thus he wants someone he can depend on forever, especially one who can understand him deeply. He didn’t realize that soon his wish would come true because of the precious Egyptian puzzle he had. 

One day, he tries completing the puzzle hoping that this one will make his dream come true. The puzzle introduces him to his new personality, which is the exact opposite of him. The new personality is brave, courageous, dark, and slightly twisted. 

Thus this new Yuugi takes over the old Yuugi to take revenge on the ones who made his life miserable while battling the people in a game of cards.

1. Kakegurui

Hyakkaou Private Academy is not a cliche academy with the main focus only on studies. In fact, it’s a place where students participate in gambling where different students bet on playing cards. Apart from learning the subjects, these students also master the art of money-making and manipulating others to their advantage. 

Yumeko Jabami is the female main character who is exceptionally talented in gambling. Her attitude makes her games exciting. Yumeko is a very different girl who doesn’t play to earn money or win, but she loves the thrill of playing cards. Kakegurui is not a simple anime where they play cards, but it’s also believed to be the best gambling anime!

Conclusion on top Anime Where They Play Card

Okay, here we are, done with the discussion of the best anime where they play cards. Hope you were entertained and have at least one anime you have decided to watch. Come back later to share your experiences watching the anime; I’ll be here waiting!

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