The 11 Best Anime With A Sword Fighting School

The world of anime is vast and has various anime with different genres. Anime lovers are also in great numbers, each with a different taste. Some enjoy pure action, while some, like you, enjoy anime with sword fighting school. Today’s list will be for lovers of sword fighting and school-themed anime!

11. World Break: Aria Of Curse For A Holy Swordsman

The major focus of the story may not be swords, but it does highlight the use of different weapons. Akane Private Academy trains the students to make them strong enough to fight against monsters. Some students can summon weapons while others can use magic, so each is trained according to their abilities. 

The interesting thing is each student has the memories of their past life. We follow the life of the main character Moroha. Things become complex and confusing when different girls reveal that Moroha had a different past. 

One says he was a prince in the past, while the other claims he was a dark lord. Is it possible for a person to live different lives? To get the answer, watch World Break.

Best Anime With A Sword Fighting School

10. Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc And The Alchemist Knight

The story takes place in the 25 century when France and England constantly fought. Montmorency is our male lead who develops an interest in mastering magic and alchemy and joins the Royal Knight School to do so. 

However, things went out of expectation with the defeat of France against England. We see Montmorency trying his best to stop the war and make things favorable for him through alchemy. Without sword fighting as the major focus, some characters are sword-wielders. 

It doesn’t have OP characters or different stories, comedy, or dark themes, so watch it if you like these elements.  It’s recommended to everyone who wants to watch a unique story with not so cliche characters. 

9. Katanagatari

Katanagtari is set in the Edo-era, where different sword fighting styles are common. Shichika is our main character whose sword fighting style is called Kyotouryuu, in which the user wields his body. He is the head of the Kyotouryuu school and lived a normal life before meeting a girl named Togame. The girl wants Shicika to help her find the 12 unique blades. 

The story progresses, and the boy agrees to the request and starts his mission. You will see some breathtaking sword styles and fighting between super-talented characters. Meanwhile, the suspense and ups and downs make the story even more compelling. 

Of course, it doesn’t focus mainly on the sword-fighting school, but it does focus on sword-fighting! Katanagatari is overall the most popular anime about swords. The beauty of the characters, the sword fighting styles and the techniques will surely intrigue you to the fullest. So if you enjoy sword-wielding even the slightest bit, please don’t miss the chance to watch it.

Anime With A Sword Fighting School

8. Asterisk War

This one is all about a world that changed after a strange phenomenon called Invertia occurred. Invertia led to the emergence of people with supernatural abilities called Genestells. These individuals join the elite schools, and a duel occurs between the top Genestella. 

We follow the life of Ayato Amagiri and the ups and downs he faces in one of the top schools. Soon after joining the academy, a clash starts between him and the witch named Julis. The witch is furious enough to invite him for the duel, but Ayato doesn’t want to get involved in a drama. 

He is in the academy on a mission: to find his sister. Asterisk War is a great watch for everyone looking for the best anime with sword fighting school.

7. Blue Exorcist

The creators have beautifully introduced us to two different worlds of humans and demons. The lord of the demon world, Satan, wants to rule the other world. However, entering the human world is not a piece of cake, and he needs a suitable possession. 

To make it possible, he marries a human woman and sends his human son Rin Okamura to grow up in the human world. It was all planned that he would possess his son to control the human world. Unfortunately for Satan, his goals become difficult to achieve when our boy vows to go against him to protect his beloved earth. 

Of course, Rin couldn’t have won against Satan with a snap; therefore, he joined an academy that trained him to be an exorcist. Rin also uses a sword-like weapon called Kurikara. Blue Exorcist will hopefully provide you everything you are looking for. 

6. Soul Eater

We are introduced to Death City and the Meister Academy that trains Death Scythes. To your surprise, they are not ordinary weapons but humans capable of transforming their bodies into weapons. Sounds good, right? 

Becoming a Demon Scythe is difficult, as it requires consuming 99 evil souls and one witch’s soul. We follow the demon Scythe Evans and his wielder Maka Albarn. The plot focuses on the duo and a few more entertaining characters who try their best to protect the city from evil and harm. 

Some have goals to become the best version of themselves; some are simply entertainers. There is action, mystery, and many ups and downs that make the plot compelling. Apart from sword fighting, there is so much that Soul Eater offers including remarkable characters and good animation.

soul eater manga

5. Bleach

Tough Bleach doesn’t have a sword fighting school, but the main character Ichigo is trained in sword fighting, which gives a similar feel. Ichigo Kuraski, once an ordinary high school student, becomes a substitute shinigami, and everything changes for him. 

Ichigo’s journey is worth watching, from fighting deadly hollows to exploring his own shinigami powers. The story progresses, and we see the main character training to become powerful and mastering his abilities. 

With each passing moment, he becomes a stronger version of himself. The plot becomes extremely engaging when Ichigo goes to protect his friend Rukia. This death god transferred her powers to him temporarily. Bleach’s action sequences, especially its characters, and music, make it a masterpiece!


4. Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba)

Every demon slayer has a special sword, and one must pass the toughest examination to become a demon slayer. Though DS doesn’t focus on sword fighting school, it does focus on trainees using swords and mastering their abilities to fight against the demons. 

Our MC Tanjiro Kamado, after losing his loved ones, starts training to become the best demon slayer. During the training, he masters swordsmanship and several things. There will be many moments when you see the demon slayers dueling against each other to improve themselves. 

Overall, Kimetsu No Yaiba is all about a boy vowing to avenge his family’s death by killing the most powerful demon. In this one, you will love to see commendable action sequences!

3. Absolute Duo

Anime with unique concepts and ideas are always intriguing to watch. Absolute comes with a gripping idea of materializing weapons from one’s soul. Kouryou Academy especially trains such people, as each has a different weapon and abilities. 

Tooru Kokonoe is our male lead who enrolls in the academy to master his abilities. Another reason for his joining is to become strong and take revenge on the murderer of his family. Seeing his interesting and unordinary powers is amusing in an academy full of people like him. 

The academy has the rule to train people as a duo, so you will be engaged with the story soon after Tooru finds his mate.

2. Blade Dance Of Elementalers

Kamito’s life starts a new chapter after he joins Areishia Spirit Academy. His encounter with a naked girl Claire during her purification ceremony changes things for both of them. Claire was actually in the process of making a contract with a spirit but all in vain, thanks to Kamito. 

As expected, the girl demands Kamito to become her contracted spirit. One thing leads to the others, and things become pretty messed up. After some time, the main character gets tasked to win the Blade Dance Of Elementalers. 

Kamito must participate in the festival and stand against the top Elementalist. It’s worth watching anime with sword fighting school as it offers comedy, action, fantasy, and romance. 

1. Chivalry Of A Failed Knight

Like Absolute Duo, this one has a similar idea of using one’s soul as a weapon. People with such abilities train themselves in the Hagun Academy. The trainees master their abilities to become Mage Knights. Each student in the academy has a special rank based on their strengths; unfortunately, Ikki Kurogane has the lowest. 

The drama begins when he sees the top-ranked, and gorgeous Stella Vermillion without clothes, making her furious. The girl vowed to take her anger out in the form of a duel, but how would our boy win being one of the weakest? Chivalry of A Failed Knight is perfect for anyone who likes romance and ecchi elements in anime with sword fighting school. 


Let’s end our discussion about the anime with sword fighting school. I have tried to mention the best I have watched so far. They all present the impressive use of swords, and the main characters are extremely good at wielding them. Have a good watch!