The 12 best Anime With Wizards And Magic

Magic has a next-level charm, and some anime lovers are so addicted to watching anime with wizards and magic that they demand more of them. Fantastical elements in anime never provide a reason to get bored. So, let’s talk about the best anime!

12. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Takuma Sakamoto is actually a NEET whose only obsession is the MMORPG games. The game world is like a second reality for the boy, and he enjoys a good reputation as Demon King Diablo because of his highest Player Level. 

His second reality turns into the first when he transforms into Diablo in the game world. 

It is then revealed that two girls summoned him because they thought he would be of help to them. At first, the girls cast a spell that could turn Diablo into their slave, but unfortunately, it went wrong, and they became slaves instead. We follow the adventures of Takuma in his favorite game world!

11. Knights And Magic 

This is the story of an Otaku named Tsubasa and how everything changed for him when he got a second chance in life in the magical world. His experience in the Fremmevilla Kingdom of a Medieval world is nothing but a treat to the eyes. 

The good news is not only his birth in a magical world but that he was born into a noble family and is blessed with magic powers. In this world, Tsubasa’s name is Ernesti. The story progresses with Ernesti joining the magic academy to hone his skills in his magic. 

The students are trained in magic to protect their kingdom and are always ready to fight against danger. In the academy, they are also taught how to pilot the silhouette knights. Ernesti dreams of creating his own Knight. Let’s keep it a secret whether he will be successful or not! (XD) 

knight magic anime

10. Re Zero: Starting Life In Another World

Subaru’s life suddenly changes when he finds himself in a  fantasy world out of the blue. Some people started attacking him while he was getting hold of the situation. Luckily a girl named Stella came for his help at the right time. 

To return the favor, Subaru decides to help the girl solve her troubles. The plot takes an unpredictable turn with the sudden murder of the two…But guess what? Subaru returns to life and finds the same events repeating all over again. It is as if he was stuck in a loop of time. To know why and how you’ll have to watch Re Zero. And don’t expect Subaru to be an ordinary boy!

9. Fate/Stay Night

Shioru’s life remains no more the same after the death of his parents. After the loss, a man named Kiritsugu took responsibility and trained him in magic and different areas of study. After the death of Kiritsugu, Shirou was attacked badly by superhumans called Servants. 

While trying to escape and save his life, he summons his own servant, and that’s when the interesting part of the story begins. It’s revealed that he must participate in the war, where seven servants are participating with their summoners. The winners will be awarded the Holy Grail! Fate/Stay Night promises good action, character development, suspense, and story, so watch it!

8. The Ancient Magus Bride 

Chise Hitori was living a messed up life and had no reason to smile. All she wanted was a place to breathe freely, which was only possible if she was sold out to a good buyer. Luckily, the man who bought her was Elias Ainsworth, the ancient Magus! 

Calling Elias an alien with a kind heart won’t be wrong though! Elias takes Chise to his world, which is no less than we see in a fairytale. Surrounded by magic, fairies, and fantastical elements was a life-changing experience for our beauty. 

If you are a shoujo lover looking for romance, then let me tell you that you can expect romance but after a lot of drama. You can’t expect this one to be romance ONLY!

part timer lord

7. The Devil Is A Part-Timer 

Demon magic and action are on another level in the anime world. So watch this masterpiece if  you are looking for the best anime with wizards and magic. It has the perfect humor, suspense, action, and more. Demon Lord Satan was introduced as an evil demon who wanted war and chaos. 

Thanks to the hero who stood against him and forced him out of their world. Satan’s life changed totally after leaving the world and entering Earth. All his powers were lost on Earth, and no one believed he was a demon lord. He had no choice except to work like an average salaryman to survive. 

So, you will roll on the floor laughing, watching once an evil and OP demon now working as a part-timer. I assure you that you will become a fan of the action and comedy presented in The Devil As A Part Timer.

6. The Irregular At Magic High School

This is a great watch for lovers of anime with wizards and magic. We are introduced to a world where magic has been a part of everyone’s life, and students are given special training in that area. Siblings Miyuki and Tatsuya join an elite magic school. 

Everyone considers Tatsuya a mediocre average boy because of his test results. However, with time, the boy not only shocks the schoolmates but the viewers as well. Tatsuya’s character is mysterious, OP, and handsome, so we don’t have any valid reason to dislike him.There is sci-fi, romance, action,  fantasy and much more for you to watch and get entertained. 

5. Mushoku Tensei

A man in his middle age is born in a world of magic and sorcery where he realizes that he has been reincarnated as Rudeus Greyrat. The man has all his memories intact, and watching the old man in a baby’s body is hilarious and entertaining. 

Rudeus starts adjusting to the new world and starts getting curious about magic. He became skilled in magic at an early age. Of course, watching an anime with MC without the overpowered antagonists is no fun. So yes, the story becomes interesting as some challenging opponents give Rudeus a hard time. You can expect some comedy, drama, mysteries, and, of course, magic and action are a given!


4. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail needs no introduction as it’s also considered one of the biggest anime. Its characters are so likable that it enjoys the same popularity among the manga and anime community. The story begins with Lucy’s dream to become a member of the greatest and most popular wizard guilds. 

Her encounter with Natsu Dragneel proves to be a good experience for her. Natsu and Lucy befriend multiple entertaining and overpowered characters. Watching their bond develop more like a family is amusing to see. Meanwhile, the best part is seeing the group of heroes in action together. So, if you are searching for the best anime with wizards and magic, Fairytail is a must-watch for you!

3. Seven Deadly Sins

Anime with characters who can use demon magic has an exceptional fandom. Meliodas is one of those characters which gives the fandom a reason to be entertained. SDS is greatly written with a perfect amount of twists and turns and has some breathtaking characters. 

The story begins with the entry of the gorgeous Elizabeth and her request to protect her kingdom. Meliodas’ decision to help her initiated the quest of finding and bringing back the remaining six deadly sins. SDS introduces spectacular magic, knights, and some unforgettable characters. 

The first reason revolves around each sin and their reunion. Watching the friends fight off the bad guys to protect their beloved world is exciting! Seven Deadly Sins promise the best action, magic, and storyline filled with mysteries. 

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Sorcerers, wizards, action, magic, and captivating characters… aren’t they enough to win your hearts? Yuji Itadori used to be an average high schooler before the incident where he engulfed the King’s finger. His actions turned him into a vessel for Sukuna, and now he had no choice except to accept his fate. 

Gojo Satoru, the senior sorcerer and one of the best, enters the scene and claims to teach him Jujutsu. From there, a new chapter of Yuji’s life started, where they went straight from an ordinary boy to a not-so-ordinary sorcerer. 

Watching the heroes in action against the cursed energies and overpowered villains will take your breath away! The fantastical elements and animation are the winning points of the show.

best Anime With Wizards And Magic

1. Black Clover 

Asta is your not-so-ordinary hero who dreams of becoming the greatest wizard despite knowing he lacks magic. His courage and optimism are so high that it’s impossible to not fall in love with his character. Another reason behind his undying will is his talented friend Yuno who inspires him, and they are more like a rival. 

After the ceremony where everyone gets their grimoires, Asta is left heartbroken for not receiving any. Luckily, the sadness was short, as he soon received a five-leaf grimoire. From that moment onwards, Black Clover continued mesmerizing and surprising the fans with twists and revelations. 

The revelation of Asta’s anti-magic powers makes the show worth watching. He becomes stronger each passing battle, and the mysteries of the five-leaf grimoire add more charm to the overall show.


Anime with wizards and magic is always entertaining to watch. I recommended one of the most enjoyable watches to my otaku friends. I sincerely hope you will find them as much fun to watch as I did. See You soon in the next blog!

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