The 13 Best Anime Where The MC Is A King

Kings, Princes, Demon Lords, and all the mighty characters are unforgettable irrespective of their roles. The power and authority make them complete as they can get whatever they want.

Some anime tells the tale of King MCs, whereas others highlight the struggles of the characters winning the title. Anime where the MC is a king, is well received by fans because it provides them with fun, enchantment, and thrill. Below I will enlist some best anime that I liked about King protagonists. So, without adding to your patience, let’s begin with the work!

13. The Devil Is A Part-Timer (Satan/ Sadao)

Satan isn’t your ordinary King but a demon lord. Humans and demons fear him and are bound to obey his orders. Usually, demon kings display an evil aura and their motives revolve around gaining more power. The same goes for Satan; he once wished to rule the world, not just demons. 

Unfortunately, his plans failed when Emilia, the Hero, forced him off the planet to Earth. Satan, who once was a demon lord feared by the world, had become an average human. All thanks to the Earth, where magic doesn’t work at all. 

Abiding by the new world’s rules, he changed himself from Demon Lord Satan to a part-timer Sadao. The anime’s idea to portray a mighty demon king helpless was heart stealing. With each passing episode, new mysteries unfold, and the story keeps getting entangled.

anime mc is a king

Those who are here to find MCs with power, authority, and magic can consider this one a good watch. Overall, the anime’s visuals, pacing, and character design are good. Weebs enjoyed the first season to the extent of demanding part 2. If you still didn’t get to watch this one, then you are at a loss, buddy, and I feel for you. 

12. Seven Deadly Sins (Meliodas)

SDS is considered one of the top magic anime with action. This is loved for its multiple overpowered main characters. Meliodas is the protagonist of the show and one of the most important reasons behind the vast fan following of the anime. If you want to see the anime where the MC becomes a King, then Seven Deadly Sins it is!

It beautifully showcases the journey of the MC becoming the OP and badass demon king. Though you will find him OP right from the start, watching him being the King will cost you some time. The story of the anime highlights the lives of 7 former strongest Knights Known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas are feared the most among all because of numerous reasons, which you’ll learn watching. 

Everyone believes that these sins are rebels as they betrayed their kingdom. Therefore, these heroes are considered no less than pure evil. The anime begins with a girl named Elizabeth asking for their help to save her kingdom. The pacing is decent, and one enjoys the events, but learning about the mysteries takes time. Bow to the authors for illuminating the backstories in such an enchanting manner and making them relatable. 

Almost all sins rule a separate fan following, and you’ll know why. Have a good watch!

11. Code Geass (Lelouch)

The anime focuses on politics, empires, kingdoms, and stuff. This will hopefully entertain you to the fullest. Lelouch is the MC and the prince of Britannia, who later wins the title of King. It’s also a revenge story that simply adds more thrill and entertainment. Lelouch isn’t an ordinary human being but has the power to command. 

The first season focuses on Lelouch’s transformation from a genius student to an influential leader. Initially, he was framed as a terrorist. Later, the chaos doubled to the extent that his life was risked. Thanks to a mysterious girl who saved his life by allowing him to control and command others. The story progresses, and certain mysteries unfold. Lelouch is a guy who wishes to attain global dominance.

Moreover, how he plans to attain it with his intellect is worthwhile. The plot is significant, with well-received characters. Not a single episode will bore you; instead, it will keep you spellbound till the end. Even the dialogues of this anime have exceptional admiration. I am sure you’re gonna enjoy watching this one!

best anime mc is king

10. Arslan Senki (Arslan)

It’s a historic anime and is considered a masterpiece by many. If you are interested in history, politics, wars, and kingship, you should watch this one. The plot starts with prince Arslan taking part in the battle between his kingdom, Pars and Lusitania. However, the plot drastically changes when betrayal befalls the King, and Arslan finds himself in deep trouble. 

He travels to gather loyal friends who would help him settle things. Being the King is a challenge, but that is what adds fun to it. The point in the anime where he takes the throne as the King of Pars is legit and will give goosebumps. 

Though it’s a slow-paced story, it’s definitely worth your time. It’s vast that the viewers can see things from different lenses and perspectives. Not to mention, the character development is just top-notch as the story progresses further. 

9. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy (Anos Voldigoad)

Anos Voldigoad is OP, and many weebs became fans of him for this very reason. Anos has an exceptional aura as the King of demons. He is not a cliche demon king with evil motives. The fact that he sacrificed himself to end the continuous war between humankind and demonkind justifies that. After finally getting reincarnated, he learned that though time is peaceful, many things are mysterious. 

The King starts her new life by joining the demon king academy. There he gets shocked to learn about people’s false beliefs about him.

In the quest to make people remember the true Anos Voldigoad, he gets famous as The Misfit OF Demon King Academy. It’s a pretty recent anime that the fans admire for multiple reasons. Watching him smashing the boastful people in a glimpse rocked the show. That’s because weebs demands the anime where the MC is OP, and this one fits it well. 

mc is king anime

8. Overlord (Ainz Ooal Gown)

Whenever we talk about OP and Badass King, Ainz can’t be missed by adding to the list. Ainz Ooal Gown is the King in the game world and is played by Momonga, the MC. Momonga was a die-hard fan of the game and had spent most of his time on it, but unfortunately, it was about to end. 

Therefore, he decided to spend a little more time in it before it shut down completely. Little did he know that this last goodbye would change his life completely. He got stuck inside the game and had no other choices; he had to survive there. 

The anime then focuses on the power and might of Ainz and how he commands the army. It’s exciting and yet thrilling to see at the same time. And the anime’s animation, especially the character design of Ainz, plays a significant role in making it a super hit. 

7. Tears To Tiara (Arawn)

Arawn is the one you are looking for! He holds the reputation of an evil and destructive demon king. Well, nothing to be shocked about; that’s how demon kings are believed. The story starts when a girl named Riannon is forced to be the sacrifice for Arawn. She runs for her life, and her brother helps her with the mission. 

It becomes intriguing when we see Arawn entering in disguise in front of them. He vows to help them and joins Riannon and her group. The adventures begin soon after, and multiple mysteries unfold with time. The suspense and mysteries are the driving force in the anime. I might not call this anime the best, but it’s good to watch.

6. Magi (Sinbad)

You guys already know this anime, right? Magi is all about magic, like its name, and the story brings in much more magic than you can take. The plot has a lot of mysteries, emotional moments, adventures, and fantasy.

Sinbad is the MC who wishes to explore the world to find ways to achieve his goals. He desires to be the King, but we all know it won’t be easy, like a walk in his backyard. During his adventures, his character improves, and he becomes highly skilled.

He continues his journey searching for allies to help him achieve his goal of becoming the High King of the Seven Seas. It is admired by fans widely for its themes and entertaining characters. 

reincarnated slime king anime

5. TenSura (Rimuru Tempest)

It’s the story of Satoru, who gets a chance to restart his life in a new world as Rimuru. But, instead of becoming a human, he becomes a slime monster. Initially, it is hard for him to adjust, but after exploring his powers, things improve. 

Rimuru meets Veldora, a sealed dragon. He befriends him and helps him escape, which changes his life for good. In return for the favor, Veldora gives him some extraordinary powers. By using these powers, Rimuru’s journey to becoming the King begins

Recently this anime has become the favorite of otaku worldwide. All thanks to the genre of isekai, action, adventure, and the unique idea of reincarnation as a slime monster. The visuals and characters are likable and appealing. So, chillax! Sit back, and give it a go!

4. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

It’s an MMORPG-themed anime full of thrills and exciting events. Real-life kings are good, but game-world kings give tough competition to them. Diablo is your OP Demon King, feared for its immense powers.

Diablo is played by Takuma Sakamoto, who is obsessed with games and stuff. Therefore, you will not find him interacting with people. But, within no time, his life becomes no less than a game when two girls from the game summons him in. 

Takuma finds himself in the body of Diablo, all thanks to the summoners. The girls were in trouble, and only Diablo could help them. Therefore, Diablo agrees to save the damsels in distress without being left with choices. There is a lot of comedy that makes watching time fun.

Watching Takuma getting used to his new status as a demon king is pretty refreshing. The character’s personality and their way of dealing with situations detail the show. It’s a complete package for those who want to see an OP demon king with a lot of drama and fun.

demon king anime

3. Demon King Daimao

As I said, people fear the title “demon lord” just like that! Akuto Sai’s life revolves around such cliche beliefs of people. He is a good and ordinary student who wishes peace for mankind. But unfortunately, he is prophesied to be the demon king, and the problem begins when people start fearing him. 

Poor Akuto couldn’t adjust to their behavior. The anime is about the MC proving to others that not every demon lord wishes for destruction. Even after awakening his powers, his ideals remain the same.

It becomes annoying to see people fearing him and the others bringing slaughters. In short, there are multiple emotions that the viewers feel while watching it. It’s a great watch, but it’s not for those who don’t like ecchi and harem themes.

2. Demon Lord, Retry

Akira Oono is the MC and the creator of an MMORPG game. After several years, he decides to end the game permanently. However, the universe had different plans for him. Like cliche game-themed anime, Akira finds himself transported into the game world. As one can guess, he becomes a demon king! 

Soon after his entry, troubles surround him. After freeing a girl from an attack, he finds things mysterious. Akira realizes that he never created such characters in the first place. In fact, not even a demon lord. Not knowing what is happening to him, the MC continues his journey to unfold the mysteries.

I won’t say that the animation and characters are perfectly designed, but trying it would not be a loss. Overall, the suspense will surely keep you glued to the end. There are action, adventure, and powers. Don’t you think it’s a complete package? 

greatest demon lord

1. The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn As A Typical Nobody.

Varvatos was once an OP guy and king of demons. People started fearing him due to his infinite powers. However, his aura never let him get close to any. His loneliness forced him to wish for a life where he could live normally. Things go according to his wishes, and after the wait for three thousand years, he gets reincarnated. 

Vervatos was born as Ard Meteor. However, his new life was unexpected from what he dreamt of. He was still superior to others in many ways; therefore, nobody befriended him here. To top it off, life made him realize the importance of his title as the demon king.

We have seen OP characters showcasing their powers, right? I am sure we haven’t seen someone despising their OP life. This was quite a different approach, adding charm and entertainment to the anime.

Conclusion on Anime where the MC is a King

Okay, my friends, I hope you enjoyed the list of anime where the MC is a king. Kings portray an exceptional charm and aura, making the show watch-worthy.

Only a few characters get popular as kings, which increases the demand for such shows. Do watch the mentioned-above anime, and update me with your opinion regarding them.