Best 9 Medieval Fantasy Manga you won’t be able to put down

Fantasy is a genre that no one dislikes because it entertains the readers throughout. Its combination with other genres makes reading even more fun and interesting. There is some otaku who loves reading fantasy manga related to the middle ages. Hence, I brought a list of the best Medieval Fantasy manga from the old times for those special fellas. Check out our list of best Medieval Fantasy Anime if you enjoy watching more than reading.

9. The Saint’s Magic Is Omnipotent

This one is pretty popular, and if you’re an avid light novel reader, you must have heard about it. This manga is based on its light novel and is equally loved. There is isekai, so it makes up the mark. The story revolves around Sei living her life entangled with hardships. One day, her life becomes no more than a fairy tale when she is summoned to a different world. 

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She wasn’t an ordinary human, but a saint in the new world. However, people didn’t realize her worth; they never considered her a hero. Things changed gradually when she started saving lives and exploring her new abilities. 

To add charm to the manga, it introduces a cute love story that undoubtedly stands out. I am sure there would be many readers who enjoy the romance of ancient times. The story is balanced and pretty simple, comparatively. If you want to have a peaceful time and enjoy reading, then go for this one. However, this might not be up to your mark if you want something extraordinary. 

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8. Claymore

In a world where monsters constantly threaten humanity, Claymore is there to protect humans. The monsters are termed Yoma, and the hybrids of Yoma and Humans are called Claymores. This one is a dark fantasy medieval manga with hair-raising action sequences. It is unique because it brings in unmatchable female MCs in power and beauty. 

They have swag, which many fans like about these female warriors. There is a proper organization of such ladies who assassinate Yoma. At the start, the reader will notice that the story is mainly highlighting the monsters being killed by Claymores

After a few chapters, the plots start to become intriguing. Art, design, character development, and action are worth admiring. But unfortunately, the story is not that complex and not that simple, either. Oh yes, this one is also set in the middle ages, so congratulations, you have found another masterpiece.

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7. The Seven Deadly Sins

Magic and action are a deadly combo, right? There is nothing you won’t find in Seven Deadly Sins, just think about it, and there you go. SDS revolves around the lives of seven characters feared as seven deadly sins. They don’t enjoy a good reputation among people who consider them evil. Nonetheless, the reality is always different from perception. They were the first part of the holy knights. However, everyone blamed them for conspiring against the kingdom after the incident. That’s how they were termed as criminals and rebels.

After almost ten years, when all of them lived on separate paths, a girl named Elizabeth entered the scene. Her homeland was in crisis, and to protect her people, she came to seek the infamous knight’s help. But, first, she meets Meliodas, the deadly sin of wrath, our main protagonist. Don’t be fooled by his look, and don’t even dare to underestimate him. 

She wanted to gather all the sins together to protect her kingdom from the evils. Meliodas decides to help her, and they both start their journey to find all the remaining 6 sins. So, the story begins with an adventure that leads to more extraordinary and entertaining events.

This is an adventure and high fantasy manga with medieval themes. You’ll be baffled when you get to know the history of Meliodas. You’re gonna love this one!

Yona of the dawn

6. Yona of the Dawn

Love, betrayal, and revenge seem like a deadly combo, ain’t they? But, Yona of the dawn is much more than just these three genres. Yona is the gorgeous red-haired princess who has feelings for her cousin Soo-won. But, her life completely flipped when she experienced the worst moments of her life. She saw her lover as the murderer of her special power. He had murdered her father only for the sake of the throne. 

This came as a shock for our cute princess. Not just that, Soo-Woon decided to capture Yona, but all thanks to our Mr. Protagonist, Hak, who vowed to protect the princess. He is her childhood buddy and bodyguard of Yona. After many struggles, they escaped and hid in a jungle until they finally reached Hak’s hometown. The princess kept her identity hidden to avoid any commodities. 

Things get intriguing in this adventure fantasy manga when they hear about the legends of the four legendary dragons. As per the legends, the dragons once ruled the kingdom. In Yona of the Dawn, Red Dragon was the ruler, and his four warriors helped him in his rule. 

On the priest’s advice, the main characters are set on a journey to find these four dragons for the sake of their kingdom. There is ancient-themed romance, and fantasy is just lit. While reading the Medieval fantasy manga, you’ll feel multiple emotions; happiness and sadness go hand in hand. The art improved with time, along with the story that gets intense later on. 

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5. Spice and Wolf

Ever felt interested in economics?

This one is a must-read if you want to gather some knowledge. Trust me; even if you feel bored, you’ll learn much from this while enjoying it. The story’s main focus is a traveling merchant, Lawrence, and a wolf girl, Holo. The merchant was living his life following his daily routines. It was quite monotonous with nothing new except for trade and travel. However, he is an ambitious guy who dreams of owning his house one day. 

His mundane life gets colorful when he encounters Holo. She never had a good experience with people and wanted to go to her hometown. Holo asked Lawrence for a favor to help her return home, and she will help him in trade. 

Their life is not smooth, but troubles are present everywhere on their way. The way they deal with different problems is entertaining. This manga is famous for many things but what catches the eye is the excellent chemistry of the leads and their smooth character development. There is everything you demanded packed in this manga. The story is set in medieval times! This manga is for all those who are tired of reading typical manga and don’t have a taste for shounen. We can easily term this manga a seinen, so if you are a seinen lover, then this medieval fantasy manga is the best you’ll find on the list.


4. Inuyasha

Kagome Higurashi was living her life normally; there was no such twist and turn until one day… Then, her life went straight from ordinary to not-so-ordinary. She was passing by a well when suddenly someone dragged her inside. Dang, yes, this sounds scary, but that’s the fun. 

The one who dragged her was a demon!!! She fell in the well, but in reality, she went five hundred years back. This was when humans were not the only ones living, but demons were spread everywhere. Things turn intriguing when she realizes that she has a Jewel that is not ordinary. 

Every demon is after that jewel because it grants one tremendous power. So, I hope we can guess that Kagome’s life is now in trouble. The manga becomes more fun when the jewel breaks into pieces during a fight with the demon. So, for starters, it isn’t a good thing because now the pieces are scattered all over the place. 

Thanks to our protagonist Inuyasha who is a half-demon. Both are on a journey to find all these pieces before things worsen. The plot is greatly developed, and you will be entangled in twists and turns. There is suspense, adventure, fantasy, and of course, this is set in the Middle Ages. This is a masterpiece, and if you like reading the shounen manga, please, my lord, give this one a try. 

You might think it is typical, but it isn’t, and the fairytale is beautifully portrayed in this manga. The fantastical elements are the best thing when it comes to InuYasha. Oh yes, there is romance as well!

Legend of arslan

3. The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

The protagonist is the prince who aspires to take on his father’s legacy. The manga is set in historical times. He believed everything was smooth in his country and there was no injustice. However, his thoughts soon changed when he experienced the life of slavery. 

The incident opened his eyes completely. Like every story, here too are villains, and these are neighboring country Lusitania which takes over his land. There are battles fought with them, but unfortunately, the team of heroes loses. Now Arslan would do anything to reclaim his homeland back. This is a great anime and manga where the op commands an army.

His life from there onwards becomes regularly challenging. Obstacles and troubles become daily things for him. However, all the hardships make him stronger than ever, and that is the best to see. If you are interested in political stories and the conspiracies of the historic time, then you’d love this. I am sure my manga readers have already heard of the legends of Arslan. 

This manga is not based on his original story, but it’s a combination of the writer’s imagination. The great character development of Arslan makes this manga worth reading; unlike typical protagonists, he is quite different. However, we can’t say he is overpowered or weak, which adds a realistic touch to the story. The fun part is that there is magic in this world, making this a fantasy manga. 

At the start, no such fantasy elements were introduced; they were introduced relatively late in the story. The art was good, but it sure gets confusing at specific points. However, the art shouldn’t matter much when we are offered a captivating plot.

Berserk middle ages fantasy magna

2. Berserk

Please don’t say you’ve never heard of Berserk? Cause if you are an avid reader and still haven’t come across this magnum opus, you must update your reading list. Berserk is considered one of the best in the manga community, so I couldn’t miss adding it to the list. The story is set in Medieval Europe and is a dark fantasy.

Get ready to experience some real thrills while reading this one. Guts are the main focus of the story. He is a guy whose life is not easy, but he never fails to act as a role model. His strength and strong will are incomparable. He is an orphaned mercenary warrior, a born warrior who came to the world while his mother was hanged. 

In the manga’s first arc, you’ll get to know how Guts was raised and what made him into the man he is now. The story gets intriguing and entertaining after Gut encounters Griffith, the master/leader of the “Band of the Hawk.” Multiple themes are showcased, and it’s a revenge story where the MC will face anything to fulfill his goal. 

It’s quite challenging to summarize Berserk in a few words; it’s an absolute masterpiece with a lot of gore, bloodshed, fantasy, action, and much more. The character design and development of the story’s setting are magnificent. The feel of the manga is definitely what you are looking for; the fact that it gives one the feeling of the earlier 1980s is just fantastic. Don’t forget to update me with your thoughts about this epic medieval fantasy manga!

1. Attack On Titan

This one doesn’t need any introduction. I bet no one will come up and say what is Attack on Titan!

Attack On Titan is a name that everyone knows well. There is dark fantasy, and it’s also set in the middle ages. This one is a must-read dark fantasy manga. 

AOT is packed with multiple emotions, and readers can’t do anything but relate to the characters. This is the world where humans live with a fear of some giant monster called titans. They are ruthless and see humans as no less than their food. So, the humans have built walls surrounding their town to protect themselves from the titans. But, things turn worse when the titans break through the walls and start feeding on humans. 

In the process, many lose their loved ones, and Eren was one among them who lost his mother. In truth, he witnesses how ruthlessly the titans tear his mother into pieces like an animal.

He soon enrolls himself in the army and starts training to become strong enough to fight the monsters. This is pretty obvious that normal humans are no competition against them. So, the writer adds twists to the story by transforming Eren into a titan, and later many like Eren appear in the story. 

There is a big mystery and backstory to it, which you will have to find by reading it. The characters, plot, thrill, and emotions the authors have tried to create are incomparable. Art plays a significant part in making the story feel gore and dark. I liked everything about Attack on Titan worth getting 10/10 points. My words will end by describing what kind of masterpiece AOT is and one of the best completed anime of all time! If you never got to read this one by some odd chance, you are missing out on a legendary experience that will make you feel proud for many reasons. 

Medieval fantasy manga conclusion

Okay, my lovely fellas, Medieval fantasy manga or middle-aged themed manga combined with any theme or genre makes the story worth reading. The Fantasy manga I recommended above is set in the Middle Ages. Some have action, some have an adventure, and some have romance. You can pick the one you like as per your tastes. All I need to know is whether you liked its story or not? I would love to hear back from you. Till then, eat, sleep, read, and enjoy!