Best 10 manga where the mc isn’t human you must-read

Let’s face it; we’ve had too many of these ‘humans’ taking these manga titles to the next level. But it’s about time we look outside the box because that’s where the magic happens after all. 

With summer about to hit us in full swing, we’ve got 10 titles where the protagonist in the mange, the mc is not a human! So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the list we’ve got here!

10. Assassination Classroom

We’re by no means short of titles where the unthinkable is the only normal thing. But when you’ve got an octopus sensei trying his hardest to drill all the knowledge in the world in your head, dodging bullets and dancing around blades attempting to taste the best tako su isn’t something that comes with the contract. 

Of course, Koro sensei is nothing but an octopus in a scholar’s clothing, but if you’re not able to kill him, the Earth could face a similar fate as the moon, which is nothing like we remember it to be. 

Plus, being entrusted with educating the lowest of the low, 3-E, conventional methods and methods of teaching won’t take you a long way.

But when it comes to the teacher-student relationship, isn’t love, understanding, and compassion the best aces you have up your sleeve? Let’s hope this manga gets an audiobook soon!

9. Origin

Maybe a surprising number 9 of Manga where mc isn’t human is Origin. Set in the year AD 2048, it’s time to jump far into the future and look at how things are looking. 

Japan and Tokyo being nothing like we remember them to be, criminals and terrorists sure need more than just nine lives to survive. 

But at the same time, mysterious creatures are hiding in the shadows, just waiting to add another body to their long-going killing spree that must end if humanity is to prevent itself from going extinct. 

With no data available on these beings and no means available to put an end to their thirst for blood, humanity sure needs a miracle to survive this predicament that would give any epidemic a run for its money. 

Humanity’s only hope is ‘origin’, the one who hunts these creatures and fights for a better future for the human race.

demon manga mc not human

8. The Demon Ororon

Stories, where angels and demons come together to bring some unique settings to life, are pretty rare. But this right here is one of the best. 

The bond shared by Chiaki, the half-angel, and Ororon, the demon, is shared by no other duo and makes this story quite unique and enjoyable.

Assassins are being sent to erase both of them from existence. Chiaki because of her being a half-human and Ororon cause of the thirst for power and authority that demons seem to care about as well. 

It’s just wonderful seeing the two characters deepen their bond as different assassins come for their throats, helping each other through thick and thin while coming to know more and more about what it is that the other person is all about. 

A blast from the late 90s; this is certainly one of the most underrated manga titles we’ve got out there. The MC is not a god but a demon, which is pretty fun.\

7. Beastars

Fun fact, the author behind this manga is the daughter of Keisuke Itagaki, the man behind baki, a series that defined unreal and over-the-top power levels for every manga fan. This is a Manga where mc isn’t human and almost none of the other sidecharacters are. 

Ever since its debut, Beastars has been getting fans worldwide, given its setting and cast of characters that are as unique as it gets. 

With Legoshi and Haru having that bad of a start and the school being full of animals. The school gives the impression like we are we visiting the zoo.

It’s incredible how the mangaka has taken the animals and blended them in a setting that looks nothing but perfect. Plus, with the institution harboring more than just a couple of secrets and a lot more going on in the shadow. 

The game of politics becomes real as Legoshi tries to break away the chains that shackle him down while uncovering the whole mystery for us fans out there.

6. Gon

Hold up, wait a minute! How’d this word end up right here? You’re asking us that right now, aren’t you? This was the troll character that we used to pick during those good ‘Tekken 3’ days, given his ‘shortness’ gave too much of an advantage.

But the angry but cute dinosaur is, in fact, from a manga series that doesn’t have a lot of chapters to its name. With many adventures on your plate, the pages feature gon having all kinds of encounters as he finds himself in these different situations with other animals. 

But the many attitudes of the prehistoric creature makes it all the more entertaining. 

Get ready to see a story with an op mc that you’ve never seen before cause a manga where a baby dinosaur is the main character isn’t something we come across every other day, right?

manga where the mc is an animal

5. Silver Fang

We are halfway our list of Manga where mc isn’t human and boys, we’ve got a good one on our hands right here. With a demon bear named Akakabuto taking over the Futago pass, someone must take the bear by the claws and restore things to how they used to be. 

This is where Akita comes in. His appearance plays a massive role in setting him up as someone who’s going to be the main star of the showdown on the road.

Gin is brought to Riki, and with him deeming Gin a good fit, he’s taken under Riki’s wing, and the hunt for discovering the best in the business is on the cause; let’s be honest, the demon bear isn’t going to change his mind and go away on his own now, is he? 

Silver Fang tells us the story of Gin, who goes through many hardships and trials to become the best version of himself. Gin want to become someone the pack can rely on and someone who can make Akakabuto taste his own medicine!

4. So I’m a Spider, So What?

This has been one of the most popular manga with an mc that isn’t human in recent years. 

With the manga getting a lot more attention after the anime adaptation, this series has always been an isekai stronghold, in my opinion. 

Featuring the concept from ‘deadman wonderland’ from the get-go while throwing us off with that isekai theme. The reincarnated female protagonist in this series might be the unluckiest heroine the manga universe has seen to date. 

When reincarnating, most of the characters become princes or prodigies; the mere thought of someone being reincarnated as a spider, of all things, sure makes them look like a devil in their previous life. 

Lowest of the low, at the very bottom of the food chain, being a spider isn’t easy one bit, and with all odds against her, just how would kumoko nurture and develop in this isekai universe where a spider doesn’t seem to get any sort of break at all?

Let’s find out in this rather insane title!

manga mc is not human

3. Hellsing

Recalling the beloved vampire from the past, this title needs no introduction.  

Featuring all sorts of atrocities one could ever think of, putting up Alucard against the best in the business while him getting his head cut off. Or his torso being ‘swiss-cheesed,’ or just his limbs flailing all over the place isn’t something that’s out of the ordinary at all. 

World war, super soldiers, and the organization using their best weapon, the gunslinger vampire, the Dracula would stop at nothing when it comes to eliminating his target and carrying out orders. 

Of course, with more than just a couple of aces up his sleeve, we hope you are ready to see what’s down the road.

But the manga features a unique art style, and the beloved Alucard is a real treat to watch. So let the manga soak all that our eyes offer cause I’ve felt like I need to read this masterpiece once again.

Our MC isn’t human, but an awesome vampire! 

best manga mc not human

2. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Remember dragon quest? For me, hunting slimes sure was the most fun part of the game! 

Well, guess what? That very slime is back for revenge, and with him being the most op chracter isekai has seen to date, you’re in for a ride if you haven’t been acquainted with this bouncy blob.

While our reborn MC does have a human form, we are definitely counting this as a manga where the main character isn’t a human. 

Rimuru Tempest has a quirk that sets him apart from any other isekai protagonist we have in our deck, the ability to make any ability his own in the blink of an eye! 

In a world where the fundamental rules and laws of RPG make all sorts of races bring the best, this universe has to offer, join Rimuru Tempest as he gathers allies that would help him in his journey! The show doesn’t have an adventure guild, but a ton of other fun fantasy elements.

With a mysterious force at the other end and Rimuru being one of the most intelligent characters the genre has seen to date, the squad will only get bigger and bigger as the slime adds more victories to his name down the road!

top manga mc is not human

1. Kaiju No. 8

At number one in our list with Manga where mc isn’t human is Kaiju No. 8! I mean, who didn’t see this coming? The series has been on a roll for quite some time now. 

With things going back and forth between Godzilla-like monsters called “kaiju” and the defense corps, it’s too early to declare one side as the victor, since things are just getting started. 

With sweepers entrusted with the responsibility of getting rid of the remains left after the corps are done with the killing process, Kafka isn’t happy with his job as a sweeper. 

Having aimed to become one of the best the defense corps has to offer from an early age, giving up on his dream was undoubtedly the toughest pill to swallow. 

But it’s just after meeting Leno, that Kafka’s life is changed for the better since getting infested with a kaiju. This meeting might be the key to solving his problems, holding him back from becoming one of the defense corps. 

Well, now a humanoid with a lot to offer, let’s see whether the monster infestation is a blessing in disguise or not.

There are a lot more awesome manga and manga adaptations (like overlord) where the main character isn’t a human. So we might write a part two of this list with a ton of honorable mentions!

 If you are looking for more suggestions, check out our boy reincarnated into a girl anime list for some original must-view shows!

Summary and scores

RankManga TitleDescriptionMAL Score
10Assassination ClassroomAn octopus sensei teaches unconventional methods to students while facing threats. Earth’s fate at stake.8.20
9OriginHumanity fights mysterious creatures in a future where extinction looms. “Origin” strives to save them.7.75
8The Demon OroronA half-angel and demon duo face assassins, strengthening their bond. Underrated title from the late ’90s.7.44
7BeastarsLegoshi, a wolf, unravels secrets and navigates a society of anthropomorphic animals.8.28
6GonAdventures of a cute, angry baby dinosaur with different animals.7.74
5Silver FangGin, a brave dog, fights a demon bear to restore peace.7.50
4So I’m a Spider, So What?A girl reincarnates as a spider, navigating a fantasy world as the weakest creature.7.50
3HellsingAlucard, a powerful vampire, battles supernatural threats in an intense manga with a unique art style.8.50
2That Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeReborn as a slime, Rimuru gains abilities and builds a kingdom in a fantasy world.8.00
1Kaiju No. 8Kafka, a sweeper infected with a kaiju, transforms and faces personal challenges.8.51

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