The Best 12 Anime With Monsters And Demons

No matter how creepy or horror the monsters and demons may seem, their presence in the anime makes it worth watching. There is a huge fan following of anime with monsters and demons, and it’s proved by the fact that you are here reading this blog. So, let’s start with our list!

12. Blood Lad

Blood Lad is a good watch if you want a comedy anime with monsters and demons. Staz Charlie is our main character and a vampire. He enjoys a fearsome reputation in the demon world, and people are afraid to go against his orders. 

However, in reality, Staz is exactly the opposite of what people think of him. He is very sweet and is actually a huge fan of Otaku culture. Unlike cliche vampires, he is not very fond of drinking blood. His boring life became a little interesting when Fuyumi, a human girl from Japan, entered the demon world. 

For Staz, meeting someone from Japan was a dream come true because he was a die-hard otaku. Things take a surprising turn when a monster eats Fuyumi, and she becomes a ghost. The story resumes with Staz and Fuyumi setting on a mission to bring Fuyumi back to life. 

Blood Lad

11. Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist doesn’t only offer a compelling plot, but it also introduces us to some extremely good characters. The story revolves around the ups and downs of the human and demon world. If a demon wants to enter the human world, then he must first find a suitable soul to possess. This is the major problem that the demon lord is facing. 

However, to achieve his evil motives, he has sent his son Rin Okumura to grow in the human world so he can one day fulfill his dream. Rin grew up similar to another child and developed feelings for his people.

When he learns that the demons wish to harm the world, he starts working on himself to be capable enough to protect his world. Not gonna lie; it’s a good anime with monsters and demons.

Best 12 Anime With Monsters And Demons

10. Blood+

The story’s center is Saya Otonashi, who has lost her memories and cannot remember anything that occurred a year ago. The story makes sure to hint that her past has something mysterious and she is definitely not an ordinary girl. 

One day, out of nowhere, a monster appeared and tried taking her life.  Thanks to her luck, a man named Haji appeared on the scene and helped her. Soon after the incident, she joins an organization focused on slaying these monsters. Watching the duo work together to complete their mission of slaying the monsters is a visual treat. Meanwhile, Saya’s past life will intrigue you from start to end.

9. Bungou Stray Dogs

The story begins with Atsushi wandering from place to place after being kicked out of the orphanage. In such chaos, he doesn’t stop caring about others and thus ends up helping a man from drowning. The man was Osamu Dazai, a supernatural investigator who treated Atsushi with food as a token of thanks. 

After feeding him, he offered Atsushi to join him as a supernatural investigator, to which the shelterless boy agreed. Their first mission together was to find a weretiger that was creating problems for people.

Things turned out unexpectedly when Atsushi revealed himself as a weretiger everyone sought. Bungou Stray Dogs will amuse you with cool action sequences, so watch it!

8. Claymore

There aren’t many anime centered around female warriors, and very few of them are worth watching. Claymore is one of the best anime with female warriors that fight demons called Youma. All these female warriors that fight off Youma are called Claymore, and we follow the life of a Claymore named Clare. 

She is apparently a cold-hearted woman, but after saving a boy named Raki, her character changes with time. There is suspense, action, and much more than humans fighting demons. It’s a Madhouse production, so don’t miss watching Claymore. Besides watching the anime, spending your time reading the manga will be a good thing to do!

7. Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki is the main focus of the story. He used to be an innocent and caring boy before he met Rize, a beautiful girl. The flesh-eating monsters are named Ghoul in the Tokyo Ghoul anime. Rize turned out to be a ghoul instead of an ordinary girl; thus, Ken’s meeting with her turned disastrous for him. 

The event turned him into a ghoul, and he had no choice except to accept his existence as a ghoul. The story continues, and Ken adjusts to this new lifestyle, meeting different ghouls and villains. Ken’s character becomes stronger and more badass with each passing episode. 

And there will be a lot of moments that will force you to think if he is the same guy you saw in the first episode. Ken’s action sequences and great character development make this one a perfect anime with monsters and demons.

6. The Promised Neverland

Emma, Norman, and Ray are the three orphans blessed with smart brains.  All the kids consider the orphanage and the caretaker Isabella as their home and family, respectively. The orphanage has some strange rules, such as they are not allowed to cross the gate until they get adopted. 

To top it off, after a few months, one orphan gets adopted. The anime’s first episode hints that something fishy and suspicious is happening in the orphanage. Soon Emma and Norman break the rule and follow their adopted fellow out of the gate. 

That day changed their life entirely; the duo saw their friend being eaten by a monster. Having no other choice left, Emma and Norman plan an escape. Watching the genius minds racking their brains will leave you in awe!

5. Dororo

Hayakkimaru’s father made a deal with a demon which resulted in him being born with an amputation. Surprisingly, without the most crucial organs, he was breathing. Being disgusted by his own son, his father abandoned the boy in the river. 

A doctor took responsibility and treated him like his son. He gave him prosthetic arms and limbs, which made the boy’s life easier. After growing up, the boy decided to bring back his lost body parts. Therefore, he started defeating the demons. 

With each demon he defeats, he gains a lost body part. Hyakkimaru was not alone at all during his journey, but a young boy named Dororo accompanied him everywhere. Dororo’s characters lit up the anime, and one can’t imagine the anime without him. So many things make this one a perfect anime with monsters and demons.

4. InuYasha

Kagome Shirogane is our female lead, and the story begins when she finds herself in the past. She soon gets in trouble when different demons start chasing her to have the jewel she had. Isn’t it expected to see the entry of the male lead when the female lead is in trouble? 

So, yes, the half-demon Inuyasha comes to her help and saves her from the demons. Things become even more troublesome when in a fight that ends up broken. Later we see the story becoming extremely compelling when the duo sets out on a mission, a missing father and all the pieces of the jewel. Apart from just fights and action, there is romance and fantasy that will make you excited effortlessly.

3. Demon Slayer

Can we miss adding Demon Slayer to our list of best anime with monsters and demons? No, right? Demon Slayer is a must-watch if you haven’t watched it yet. Tanjiro Kamado is our innocent main lead. We follow him in his mission to take revenge on the demons who slaughtered his family. 

A demon slayer, Giyu sends him to a former hashira named Skonji for training. Tanjiro learns from Sakonji and puts all his efforts into passing the examination to become an official demon slayer.

Tanjiro’s training episodes are a visual treat, so do not miss any of them. The story eventually becomes compelling with the entry of different demons.

Best Anime With Monsters And Demons

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Is there anything better than watching handsome sorcerers slaying monsters? JJK introduces one of the most handsome characters to the audience. Yuji Itadori is the protagonist whose life takes an unexpected turn when he engulfs a cursed object to save his friends from some monsters. 

The cursed object was actually the most dangerous thing one could devour. It was the finger of a cursed spirit named Sukuna. Surprisingly, Yuji was strong enough to bear the powers of Sukuna and became his vessel. 

To keep things in control, a top-class Sorcerer, Gojo Satoru, visits Yuji and decides to teach him Jujutsu. It was decided that he would keep Yuji alive till he engulfed all the fingers, and then he would kill him to exterminate Sukuna once and for all. JJK spellbinds the audience with mystery, suspense, beautiful characters, high quality animation and much more!

Berserk middle ages fantasy magna

1. Berserk 

Do we need an introduction for Berserk? Nah, right? Berserk enjoys a huge fandom all around the globe. It follows a warrior named Guts whose life has always given him challenges, and those challenges resulted in him being one of the strongest warriors. 

He used to travel from place to palace, completing different tasks, which earned him money and a fearsome reputation. His life changed when he met Griffith, the leader of the band of Falcon. The duo had a duel, and surprisingly, Guts lost to Griffith, and as a result, he was forced to join the band. 

After staying in the group and helping Griffith complete different tasks, things went troublesome. Griffth became Gut’s archenemy, and watching them going against each other will surely give you goosebumps. Watch Berserk to know what changed between them! There sure are a lot of demons that you will see Guts fighting against! So, ENJOY!


To conclude, I would say that this list of anime with monsters and demons contains a variety of anime. I would suggest you give them all a watch, as watching them will make you feel entertained. 

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