The 12 best Anime About Summoning Demons

The anime where main characters perform summoning rituals or summon specific entities is always intriguing. There is a long list of anime where the main character summons demons and other species. I’ll try to enlist the best anime about summoning demons and those similar to them!

12. Black Butler

Black Butler highlights a great relationship between a demon butler and a human, Sebastian and Ciel, respectively. Ciel’s life was full of tragedies and unfortunate events. The boy was left alone surrounded by mean people who were possibly involved in the brutal murder of his parents. 

With cruel people around him who treated him like a slave, he had no choice but to escape. Finally, he found a way and made a deal with Sebastian to help him with his life; in return, Ciel would feed his soul. Sebastian treated him like a family and never made him feel lonely. 

He looked after, cooked for, and saved him from threatening situations. Trust me, you won’t regret watching it! We couldn’t miss adding Black Butler to this list of best anime about summoning demons. 

11. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

This is a game-themed anime about summoning demons. Demon King Diablo is the character of an MMORPG game that is feared in the game world. Takuma Sakamoto is the one who owns the character, and the credit for a good reputation goes to this boy. 

He was a cliche gamer whose life centered around games only. The boy never thought he would be able to enter the reality of his favorite game until two game characters summoned him one day. As Demon Lord Diablo holds power and influence in the game world, only he can help them solve their problems. 

The girls tried to outsmart him by casting a spell to make him their slave, but that was the stupidest act they could do. The magic spell went wrong, making them his slaves. Takuma, having no other choice, decides to solve each problem one by one by using the influence of his character. So, guys, you can consider this anime about summoning demons worth a watch!

10. Tokyo Ravens

Summoning spirits and entities similar to it with magic is widely seen in Tokyo Ravens. Additionally, getting possessed by spirits and demons is another thing that we see as a result of a spiritual disaster. We follow the main characters, Harutora and Natsume. 

Haruta is deprived of magic powers, whereas Natsume is excellent at summoning Shikigami and using magic. They are living in a world where the use of the Onmyoudou magic technique was once very common.

However, after a spiritual disaster, people started working to stop such disasters from taking place. Harutora and Natsume work together to fight off the evil forces to keep world peace.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen

JJK is all about cursed spirits, which are no less than monsters and demons. Cursed energies feed on the negative emotions of humans and grow. To fight off these spirits, there are Jujutsu Sorcerers who exorcize them. 

Yuji Itadori was living perfectly fine as an ordinary individual until one day, he encountered a threatening situation involving cursed spirits and his friends. The spirits were after a cursed object his friends carried, and the situation was chaotic. 

Not realizing what he was doing, Yuji engulfed the cursed object, being the vessel of the object’s owner as a result. The object was a finger, and the owner was Sukuna (king of curses). The event changed Yuji’s life, and now he must be ready for the consequences of what he has done. JJK might not be an anime about summoning demons, but it gives off the same vibes.

best Anime About Summoning Demons

8. Black Clover

Though the story is not directly linked to summoning demons, the main character utilizes the powers of demons. Asta is the main character who lacks magic powers. After receiving the five-leaf grimoire, he came to use anti-magic. 

In his magic book resides the demon whose powers he uses to fight. The story’s beginning focuses on Asta’s passion for becoming the best wizard, and the center focuses on exploring the magic book and his newly discovered powers. 

While watching Black Clover, you should be ready for the impressive battles between different characters. Chill because Black Clover entertains the viewers with the best twists, spine-chilling action, and heart-winning characters.

7. Demon Slayer

Muzan Kibutsuji is the mastermind and the main villain of the story. He is a demon and the father of other demons. He is so authoritative and influential that the demons are scared to stand before him. While we don’t see the characters summoning demons except Muzan, the story is compelling enough to keep you thrilled. 

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist who wishes to take revenge on Muzan as he is the one behind the murder of his family. The first season highlights the boy’s training to become a demon slayer, creating his place among the senior demon slayers. Don’t mistake the battles between demons and demon slayers boring; they are thrilling enough to pull you toward the edge of your seats. 

6. Shaman King

The story revolves around shamans who can see spirits and different supernatural entities. After a specific period, all the shamans participate in a battle, and the winner receives the title of the Shaman King. One day a boy named Manta, after returning from school, sees a boy stargazing with some spirits. 

The sight terrifies him, and he tries to flee, but the stargazing boy introduces himself as Yuu. Manta’s spirit-seeing ability impresses Yuu, and he offers to join him on his mission to attain the title of the Shaman King. The story may not be focused on summoning demons, but it is similar to anime about summoning demons.

5. Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night is not about summoning demons but is focused on summoning superhumans called Servants. The story is centered around Shirou, an orphan whose life changes when the person who adopted him dies. 

The man trained him in magic and taught him the things necessary to live in the world. One day, he encountered an unexpected situation that changed his life entirely. Some servants attacked him out of nowhere, and he summoned his own servant in the moment’s tension.

The incident led the boy to multiple challenging situations. The story becomes engaging when Shirou and his servant are forced to join a battle with others like him. The winners of the battle will get the Holy Grail as an award.


4. Bleach

Give yourself a pat on your back if you have watched Bleach already. This amazing masterpiece is a must-watch for everyone who calls them a lover of anime. Not gonna lie, this is not focused on summoning demons, but it has multiple similar themes. 

Ichigo Kurosaki lives in a world where hollows wreak havoc occasionally. Thanks to the shinigami (Death Gods) who reach right on time to slay the monsters. Ichigo lived his life as an ordinary individual without any powers until a hollow attack changed his life entirely. 

During a fight between Rukia (Shinigami) and a hollow, Rukia couldn’t fight with the hollow. In the chaotic situation and desperation, she transferred her powers to Ichigo. Thus the ordinary boy remained unchanged and became a substitute shinigami. We follow Ichigo’s journey from a substitute god to a true shinigami!

3. Bakugan

Bakugan is all about strange creatures called Bakugan who give the same vibes as monsters and demons. The story occurs when a sudden rain of Bakugan cards changes the way of living. The cards could summon Bakugan, and the one with cards started participating in a fun tournament with other cardholders. 

The fights between different Bakugan are engaging and entertaining. Well, nothing happens without reason, and things start getting serious when the cardholders learn that the sudden entry of Bakugans into their world was not just like that!

2. Blue Dragon

Trust me or not, you will fall in love with Blue Dragon and want to rewatch it. The story introduces us to a unique idea of using their shadow powers. There are only seven people who can use their shadow powers. However, some people have artificially developed shadow powers, and the mastermind behind them wants to rule the world. 

The story revolves around Shu, the main character, and his friends. The story begins with a girl named Zola and a boy named Jiro entering Shu’s village, searching for people who can use true shadow powers. Both are shadow users, and their encounter with Shu makes him realize his reason for protecting the world. 

Shu reveals his Blue Dragon shadow powers when the villains attack the village. Everyone was shocked, including him, and it was a sight worth watching. Zola invites Shu to join him on her mission, where she’ll train him to master his shadow powers. 

Their journey is full of thrill, adventures, action, and a lot of engaging twists. Watching them find the other shadow users while, on the other hand battling against the artificially created ones is amazing!

Naruto plot twist anime

1. Naruto

I hope we all have heard about Naruto and the demon fox sealed inside him. Though we don’t see people summoning demons, Naruto is seen summoning Kurama (demon fox) and his powers. The story is about a young kid named Naruto, whom everyone hates and fears because of the demon fox inside him. 

All Naruto wanted was love and affection, which he got from his friends and teachers. He was one of the weakest students, and watching him become overpowered is an experience worth remembering. Naruto is not just about splendid action sequences, character development, and mind-blowing plot, but it’s far more than that. 

To sum up the whole story in a few words is impossible. Though all I can say is that every anime lover must watch this anime!

Conclusion about summoning demons

Okay, we finished the list of best anime about summoning demons. Some are centered around demons, while others are centered around different entities. Though one thing is common among all, and that is FUN! 

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