The 12 best Anime With Sword Fighting And Romance

Sword fighting in anime has a next-level charm; thus, it rules a different fandom. Main characters with excellent sword skills are effortlessly charming, and watching them romancing the female lead is a visual treat. So, are you guys ready for that visual treat? Get ready to read about anime with sword fighting and romance!

12. Utawarerumono

Eruru is the main female lead who finds an injured man in the jungle and tries her best to help him. The man is named Hakuoro, and his character is a mystery, making the story spellbinding. 

With time, Hukuoro starts developing good relationships with the villagers and stands against all others who try to harm them. 

Though sword fighting isn’t that prominent in this anime, the action style gives the same level of entertainment to the audience. There is romance, action, mystery, and science fiction as well. So enjoy watching it to the fullest.

Anime With Sword Fighting And Romance

11. Yona Of The Dawn

After watching Yona Of The Dawn, I can assure you that you will pay for a companion like Hak in your life. He is kind, handsome, dashing, and a great sword fighter. Yona is the female lead and a princess who learns life lessons the hard way. 

Her lover betrays her and murders her father for the throne. That’s when she realized that the world is not kind. Thanks to Hak, Yona’s childhood best friend, stood with her through thick and thin. 

Hak has always put Yona above himself, and his character is what wins the show. There is action, drama, suspense, and fantasy; as the story progresses, we are introduced to dragon warriors having different abilities. Thus giving the anime a fantastical touch!

yona of the dawn

10. Noragami

Noragami is all about a self-proclaimed God named Yato. Gods have countless followers, so he is always dreaming of having followers. Yato’s dreams and personality add elements of comedy to the anime. 

His simple life takes an interesting turn with the introduction of Hiyori Iki, a girl who hurts herself while saving Yato’s life from an accident. Now the situation is that the girl’s soul is loose, and it is free to leave her body. 

The duo starts a new mission to bring Hiyori’s body back to normal. There is comedy, suspense, drama and a cute love story. I hope you will enjoy watching anime with sword fighting and romance.

9. The Familiar Of Zero

Louise is the gorgeous female lead whose time in the magic academy is not peaceful because of her inability to cast magic. She is very poor in the subject of magic and which is why people love calling her a “ZERO”. 

We all need one moment to change our lives, and that moment for Louise was when she summoned a boy named Saito. At first, as usual, she was made fun of, but with time, people realized that Saito wasn’t an ordinary boy everyone was mistaking him for. 

The fantasy, action, romance, and mystery make The Familiar Of Zero a great anime with sword fighting and romance.

familiar of zero

8. Bakemonogatari

Koyomi Araragi is the main character whose life changes after a vampire attack. Thanks to Oshino, a man who helped him from being devoured completely. Though Koyomi has superhuman abilities, he decides to not use them and tries his best to live a normal life. 

One day his encounter with Hitagi made things mysterious. Hitagi held many secrets, and the fact that her body was weightless made things interesting. Realizing that the girl must be in trouble, Koyomi decides to help her by seeking help from his savior Oshino. Kaemonogatari has a perfect balance of love story and drama. 

7. Fate/Stay Night

Shirou is the male lead whom we follow in this anime. After becoming an orphan, a man named Kiritsugu takes responsibility. Kiritsugu couldn’t get a chance to spend time with Shiru, as he soon left the world. 

The story takes a compelling turn with the entry of some superhumans who tried attacking Shirou. In the idle of fighting and running for his life, he summons Saber, his own servant with powers. 

Soon after, the duo is tasked to participate in the battle between others like them to achieve the Holy Grail. There are many sweet moments between the male and the female leads, along with the sword fighting and battles. It’s one of the most popular anime with sword fighting and romance, so make sure you don’t ignore this one.

6. Blade Dance Of The Elementalers

Kamito Kazehaya is our main character whose action not only changes his life but the others as well. Unintentionally, he spoils a purification ceremony of a girl named Claire, who was doing the ceremony to form a contract with a spirit. 

Everything has gone wrong, and Kamito must now play the role of a spirit for Claire. The story continues, and we see him joining the spirit academy as the only male student among the shrine princesses. 

The headmaster of the academy tasks him with a mission to win the blade dance, which makes the whole story compelling. You will enjoy sword fighting, romance, comedy, drama, and harem.

5. Katanagatari

Katanagatari introduces us to a unique sword fighting style named Kyotouryuu, a kind of sword fighting where the user wields his body. Sounds amusing, right? Shichika Yasuri is our male lead who is mastering this technique. 

His simple life becomes engaging when Togame tasks him to find the 12 blades. Shichika agrees, and the duo set out on a  mission to find the 12 unique blades. Their journey will not be simple and easy, so you can expect some mystery, drama, and a lot of sword fighting. The story is engaging, and the characters are entertaining, so don’t fret; you will enjoy Katanagatari. 

4. Rurouni Kenshin

This is the story of an assassin named Battousai, who was feared for his brutal killings and aura. There have been a few years when no one has heard about him though the fear remains the same. 

This is because Battousai has decided to change his life for good and wishes to live a peaceful life spreading peace. He abandoned his name and identity and now lives as an ordinary man named Himura Kenshin. 

People have decided to make things tougher for him as an imposter threatens people claiming to be Battousai. Meanwhile, a girl named Kaoru is introduced who is threatened by the said imposter. The story progresses, and we see the bond developing between the two. 

3. InuYasha

InuYasha is the story of a girl named Kagome and a half-demon named InuYasha. The girl’s 15th birthday unimaginably changed her life as she was dragged into the past, where she encountered demon attacks. 

Though demons were common, they were attracted to her because she held a very important jewel. In the middle of running from the demons, she meets InuYasha, who comes to her help and protects her from the other demons. 

There sure is sword fighting and enjoyable action, but the romance between the leads is worth watching. If you like love-hate relationships between male and female leads, this is the best anime with sword fighting and romance.


2. Seven Deadly Sins

SDS is one of the best shounen anime, and Meliodas’ sword-fighting skills are excellent. In the first season, we see Elizabeth approaching him to help her on a mission. Meliodas’ character is the main reason this anime intrigues viewers. 

Both the main characters start their mission to find the six sins. Each sin is entertaining in its own way, and its personalities are extremely charming. Seven Deadly Sins have perfect mystery, suspense, and action sequences. 

Meliodas holds a lot of secrets and mysteries, and trust me, when the author reveals more about his back story and his connection with Elizabeth, the plot gets interesting. Apart from the main character, we also see many side love stories. So be glad because this one has everything you are in search of!

1. Sword Art Online

The world was peaceful before the invention of a technology called NerveGear. It changed the lives of gamers drastically. In the beginning, gamers were happy to use it as it fulfilled their dream of experiencing the game world. 

However, when the people logged into the game and stepped into the virtual world, it became their first reality and no matter what, they couldn’t log out of the game. Now the game’s mastermind wants everyone to complete the challenges to survive. Stakes and dangers are the same in any game, and the challenges get tougher with each passing level. 

Unfortunately, death in the game means death in real life! Kirito is the main character, and you will enjoy his sword fighting throughout the anime. For the romance part, let me spoil this for you: he has extremely cute chemistry with the female lead, Asuna. 

Light Novels like Sword Art Online


So this is all about the anime with sword fighting and romance. Some of them have a major focus on sword style and fighting, while the rest have a major focus on romance. In short, select the ones you are interested in! Have a good watch, my friends!