Top 10 Anime With Magic and Technology

The world is advancing rapidly, and innovations are being introduced daily in terms of technology. Anime plays a crucial part in teaching people about technology. There are many big names in anime with a technological theme, and otakus, particularly tech-savvy people, love watching these types of anime to get fresh ideas.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten anime featuring magic and technology, since these elements make anime interesting. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Unbreakable Machine-Doll is an action anime that is fascinating because of its nicely mixed ecchi themes.

This anime story is set in a world where everyone is obsessed with technology. An academy named The Walpurgis Royal Academy is on the mission to make A.I. dolls so advanced that they can later use them in their military (wow, that’s a whole new world of technology). To accomplish their dream, they have to train puppet masters to another level to use these automated dolls without any worries.

The anime becomes fascinating when we are introduced to Raishin Akabane, the story’s hero, and his doll, Yaya. Raishin is one of the few people who consider dolls like real people and care for them. The only issue he has is being rejected from the academy due to their bad grades, and if he wants to achieve something big, he must work hard.

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2. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is a martial arts-themed adventure and action anime that is also one of the most renowned. Even though this anime has been airing since 1989, it contains wonderful technological elements.

The anime tells the story of Goku, who is regarded as the strongest man on Earth. Goku is a Saiyan who Master Roshi raised. Still, the true cause for his power remained unknown until Raditz arrived at Earth in his spaceship and unexpectedly kidnapped Gohan, Goku’s only son.

Luckily, Goku was able to save his kid and beat Raditz with the help of Piccolo, but things are just getting started. Vegeta, the Saiyan prince, and Frieza, the ruler of the whole universe, have set their sights on Earth’s Dragon Balls and are racing here on their spacecraft. So, Goku must work hard to protect his family and Earth.

3. Gantz 

Gantz is an action/sci-fi anime with a depressing storyline. However, this anime’s main element worth watching is its supernatural and drama theme. 

Gants revolves around the tragic story of Kei Kurono, who could not find peace even after his death. He was leading a miserable, so he was relieved when he died in a road accident. But our unlucky MC’s journey has just begun. Rather than dying and entering a peaceful afterlife, he is reborn in a universe where he must combat aliens.

He is now stuck within a game world where he must fight and sharpen his combat abilities to live. How will Kei deal with being forced to battle in a strange world with no combat experience?

Gants presents us with a whole new universe of violence, so if you like action, add this anime to your list.

4. Chrono Crusade

Chrono Crusade is an action anime, and because of its romance theme, it is considered one of the best anime.

America formed an organization called the Order of Magdalene to combat the menace of terrible beasts. Rosette Christopher and Chrno are recognized for their exceptional talents on the battlefield and work in the New York division of this organization. They have neutralized the threat of countless demons while causing unnecessary harm.

Both heroes have deep secrets and reasons for fighting these creatures. Chrono Crusade is one of the finest anime because of its excellent plot and fantastic technological premise. Unfortunately, this anime’s finale is far too sad, and I am sure it will make you weep, so keep a tissue box nearby before starting it.

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5. Hellsing

Hellsing is an action/adventure anime with some horror elements. This anime introduces us to a whole new world of vampires and supernatural creatures.

It tells the story of Hellsing, an agency tasked with capturing or eliminating supernatural monsters that pose a significant threat to civilization. The people of Cheddar have lately called this group because a vampire is turning them into monsters.

When Integra Fairbrook, the head of Hellsing, saw this situation, she dispatched Alucard to kill this vampire. Alucard has arrived with a gun in his hand and a bright smile on his face to save the people of Cheddar, and the adventure is only getting started.

6. Yu-gi-oh! 

Yu-gi-oh! is a fantasy/action anime with an interesting card game theme. Yu-gi-oh! first aired in 1998 and is still popular worldwide owing to its intriguing plot.

It tells the story of Yuugi Mutou, a high school student bullied by his classmates. He only has his best buddy, Anzu Mazaki, who is always there for him. He was living his life but not enjoying it until one day, he did something that permanently changed his life. He solved a 200-year-old puzzle that no one had been able to solve.

Now that he has solved this puzzle, he is transformed into a completely different person. When someone tries to bully him or his friend, he turns from Yugi (a calm and weak guy) to Yami Yuugi (a completely different and cruel person) and challenges the person to a game battle. What is the game, and what are the consequences of losing it? Watch the anime to find out. 

7. A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index is a sci-fi/action anime that will astound you with its magic.

The world is rapidly progressing in technology, but no one can catch Japan, which is already 30 years ahead of everyone else. More than 80% of students in Academy City Japan have psychic capabilities and abilities. Many people have already activated their amazing psychic power, while others are working hard.

There is Touma Kamijou, a high school student who could not activate his abilities due to his low psychic level. But that’s not all there is to him. He may not have psychic abilities, but he possesses a legendary ability that no one can explain. He can nullify other supernatural talents, and I can see him going far with this gift.

8. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is an action, adventure, and fantasy anime that has dominated the top spot of the best anime for many years.

The plot centers around two brothers, Elric and Edward, who belong to the Elric family. Both of them are practicing various methods and techniques to bring their deceased mother back to life, but it is not as simple as it appears. They’ve been practicing a forbidden act known as human transmutation, but even though it was forbidden, they continued to work on it without considering the consequences.

As a result, Elric’s body decomposes while Edward loses his leg, and to save his brother, Edward sacrifices one of his arms. Years later, both brothers have begun their journey to recover their bodies. But can they pull it off? Follow Elric and Edward on their adventurous trip to find the answer to your question.

9. Code Geass

Code Geass is one of my favorite anime of all time, and the reason for that is its wonderful drama, action, and sci-fi theme. 

This anime tells the sad story of Lelouch and his little sister, Nunnally. Lelouch was born into the noble family of the Holy Britannia Empire, but he didn’t get to experience a peaceful childhood life because mysterious assassins killed his mother. After a dispute with his father, Lelouch and his little blind sister were expelled from the household. 

Several years later, Lelouch lives the ordinary life of a student. Still, he isn’t satisfied with this fabricated life because his father enjoys the throne without realizing Lelouch and Nunnally’s ordeal because of his orders. With these feelings of hatred, Lelouch decides to kill his father, Charles. He gets the power of Geass with the help of C.C. and begins his master plan of killing his father, the supreme ruler of the Holy Britannia Empire.

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10. Irregular At The Magic School

For our number one spot, we have Irregular At The Magic School, one of the finest anime with magic and technology elements. 

This anime tells the story of Tatsuya, an incredibly powerful man with exceptional magical and physical powers. But Instead of revealing his abilities, he hides them and attends school as a low-caliber student to protect his younger sister, Shiba Miyuki. He loves her little sister and would go to any length to defend and protect her from the evils of society.

Not only that, but he is also the military’s most powerful asset. The main question that arises here is: if he is so powerful, why does he hide his abilities and act like a normal student? You must watch this anime if you want an answer to this question.

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Easy to use summary

Anime TitleGenreKey ThemesSummary
Unbreakable Machine-DollAction/EcchiTechnology, A.I. dolls, MilitarySet in a world obsessed with advanced technology, an academy trains puppet masters to control A.I. dolls for military use, and the story follows a determined protagonist striving to overcome obstacles and achieve his dreams.
Dragon Ball ZMartial Arts/AdventureTechnology, Spaceships, Dragon BallsGoku, the strongest man on Earth, must protect his family and Earth from powerful enemies who seek to obtain the Dragon Balls and harness advanced technology and spaceships.
GantzAction/Sci-FiSupernatural, Aliens, Game WorldAfter dying, Kei Kurono is reborn in a universe where he must fight aliens in a deadly game world, pushing himself to develop combat skills and survive the violent challenges.
Chrono CrusadeAction/RomanceTechnology, Demons, Order of MagdaleneRosette and Chrno, members of the Order of Magdalene, battle demons using advanced technology, while their deep secrets and reasons for fighting add emotional depth to the story.
HellsingAction/Adventure/HorrorVampires, Supernatural, MonstersThe Hellsing agency, led by Integra Fairbrook and the powerful vampire Alucard, protects humanity from supernatural threats, particularly vampires, in an intense and dark adventure.
Yu-gi-oh!Fantasy/ActionCard Games, TransformationYuugi Mutou’s life changes when he solves an ancient puzzle and gains the ability to transform into a formidable duelist, engaging in high-stakes card battles with important consequences.
A Certain Magical IndexSci-Fi/ActionMagic, Psychic Abilities, EspersTouma Kamijou, possessing the unique ability to nullify supernatural powers, navigates a world where psychic abilities and advanced technology coexist, showcasing his potential and impact.
Fullmetal AlchemistAction/Adventure/FantasyAlchemy, Transmutation, QuestBrothers Edward and Alphonse Elric embark on a quest to restore their bodies after a failed alchemical experiment, delving into the mysteries of alchemy and facing numerous challenges along the way.
Code GeassDrama/Action/Sci-FiMecha, Rebellion, SupernaturalLelouch, armed with the power of Geass, leads a rebellion against a tyrannical empire using advanced mecha technology, while his personal motivations and the supernatural elements drive the gripping narrative.
Irregular At The Magic SchoolMagic/TechnologyMagic, Technology, Concealed PowersTatsuya, with hidden extraordinary abilities, attends a magic school while protecting his sister, unveiling a world of magic and technology as he navigates the challenges that arise.