12 Great Anime Where They Are Stuck In A Video Game

The otaku community is filled with lovers of game-themed anime. There is a next-level charm and fun watching anime where they are stuck in a video game. Lucky are those who get a chance to binge-watch them, and if you are one of the binge-watchers, thank me later for recommending such awesome anime below.

12. Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions

This game-themed anime focuses on a group of people who open their eyes to a game-like world. Manato and Haruhiro are the main characters who we follow. Soon after, they find themselves in multiple challenging situations. 

They were forced to participate in deadly missions, so all they had to do was accept and adjust to this new life. They must protect this new world from all the threats, harms, and dangers risking their lives. The main theme is either to kill or to be killed, and there is no in-between. Watch to know who will survive this new life and who will lose in Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions!

grimgar fanstasy

11. Log Horizon

The story begins with the entry of 30k Japanese gamers into the world of Elder Tale, the game they used to play. This is their reality because they can’t log out of the game. Shiroe, the main character, and the others, having no choice, start exploring the place. 

Everyone should learn to survive in this world if they love their lives. They are assigned different missions where they learn about their potential and the world’s limits. Shiroe befriends multiple others, and we follow them in their adventures filled with dangers, fantasy, and politics!

log horizon anime op mc transported other world op

10. Trapped In A Dating Sim

The title of the anime gives a pretty clear idea about what the story would be about. So yes, it’s about an ordinary man struggling to get out of the dating game. He was forced to complete the challenges, and after countless difficulties, he somehow managed to find a way out. 

Unfortunately, he was not on good terms with his luck and fell unconscious due to excessive sleep and hunger. Guess the next! He opened his eyes to the same world only to find out that he was reincarnated as Leon Bartfort (the game’s character). The game he used to hate is now his only reality. The dream of getting out of the game is now JUST A DREAM! Like the idea? Watch it!!!

9. Skeleton Knight In Another World

A man was playing a video game and didn’t realize when he slept. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the avatar of the game’s character named Arc, of course, in the game world. So, the first thing he does is to start an adventure where he will explore ways to earn some money.

We follow him on his journey of helping people, giving tough times to the monsters, and learning about the world’s mysteries. If we look at the overall aspect of this anime, where they are stuck in a video game, then it’s pretty average. However, it is an entertaining watch!

8. In The Land Of Leadale

The Land Of Leadale revolves around a girl named Keina Kagami. Unfortunately, she was not in good health and was bedridden. One day, she opened her eyes to learn that now she was inside Leadale, the game she used to love playing. 

The character she is reincarnated as is called Cyna, so she accepts her fate and tries to go with the flow. Surprisingly, Cyna realizes that the game world has changed from the time when she used to play. That’s when she learns that 200 years have passed and this is not the same era. So, in short, things are interesting for the viewers and for Cyna as well, as she will discover new things!

7. .hack//Sign

Just imagine yourself waking up in the MMORPG world with all your memories lost. What would you do in that situation? I would recommend you stop imagining first (XD)! This is the story of Tsukasa, who experiences a similar situation and wakes up with amnesia. Soon after, some crimson knights mistake him for a hacker, and he tries running from them.

Meanwhile, finding answers to multiple questions in his head. Unable to log out, he starts exploring things when he finds a magical item that introduces him to his guardian. The guardian vowed to protect him from all the dangers and threats, isn’t that sweet? 

The story continues, and we see him learning why he can’t log out. You can expect adventure, mystery, and fantasy from .hack//Sign. Have a good watch!

6. My Next Life As A Villainess

My Next Life As A Villainess highlights the dreams of many girls where they want to live in their favorite fantasy world with their favorite characters. Though that’s true, girls like to fantasize, not all of them want the same. 

This is the story of one such girl who was reborn in her favorite game and that too as the villainess named Catarina. As we all know, villainesses are destined to die, so she first vows to try her best not to die. Please don’t think that it would be a piece of cake for the girl to change her destiny. It’s way tougher than one can imagine. 

Watching Catarina overcoming the challenges and impressing some gorgeously handsome characters will make your heart pound!

anime with MC reincarnated as Demon Lord

5. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

We are familiar with how some characters of the game are overpowered, and it’s nearly impossible to defeat them, right? Demon King Diablo is one such OP character of the game called Reverie. This character is owned by Takuma, an introvert who only knows how to play. 

For Takuma, living as Diablo was never a thought, but life always traps one in challenges they never could have imagined. The credit goes to the two girls, Shera and Rem, who were successful in summoning him into the game world. 

They needed someone to assist them in solving their troubles, and they couldn’t find anyone better than Diablo. Now Takuma, aka Diablo, finds no choice except to accept this new reality and try to cope with problems in his way.

btoom Light Novels like Sword Art Online

4. Btooom!

The story is centered around Ryouta, an avid gamer who loves spending his time playing Btooom! Everything was running smoothly for him till the moment he opened his eyes in a completely different place and attire.

He found a green crystal embedded in his arm, and that’s when he realized that the game he used to play was now a REALITY. Watching Ryouta embrace all the challenges and teaming up with others like him will impress you. 

Btooom! would make you feel good if you are an otaku who loves anime where they are stuck in a video game. Everything happens for a reason, and the team of heroes would search for the reason behind them playing such deadly challenges.

no game no life Anime like Slime and Overlord

3. No Game, No Life

The cute siblings Sora and Shiro are considered to be the heroes of the online games where they have made their name “BLANK”. For them, their lives are just like boring and monotonous games, so they are not very impressed with the world outside. 

One day, the god of a Disboard (a different world)  named Tet messages the duo, which, when opened, transports the siblings to Disboard. The god explains the rules of survival to the duo, who are forced to follow them to live. 

What is this world, and why are they here? These questions must crowd your mind, but don’t fret; no Game No Life will clear all your doubts. We see the cute siblings learning about the mysteries of Disboard while helping a girl in her mission to take back the throne for her father. This one is enjoyed immensely by the otaku community and has an 8.8/10 MAL rating. So yes, you can’t miss it!

Anime like Slime and Overlord

2. Overlord 

YGGDRASIL is a popular VR game, and Momonga is his avid lover. Unfortunately, the game was about to shut down forever, so our boy considered playing it for the last time. His last game became permanent as he found Top 8 Anime Like Overlord With OP MChimself trapped in the game as Ainz, his character. 

Don’t mistake Ainz for an ordinary character; he is one hell of overpowered, and it is thrilling watching him on screen. So, Momonga, aka Ainz, commands his army/servants to help him complete some tasks and missions. Meanwhile, watching him rule this new reality is no less than a visual treat!

Light Novels like Sword Art Online

1. Sword Art Online

The invention of NerveGear is a technology that allows gamers to step into the world of virtual reality games. This new invention disturbed the smooth flow of things. Initially, everyone considered themselves lucky to be able to use it. 

With time, they realized they were one of the unluckiest. Once they logged in, the creator of the game removed the log-out function. YES!!! The users were trapped the moment they logged in. They experience a thrilling scenario where the realities strike them like lightning. Survival was not an option but a compulsory thing to do.  

The challenges they thought were amusing are now able to cost their lives. The story is centered around Kazuto, a strong and optimistic boy who tries to overcome each difficulty with courage and passion. SAO offers a lot more than just thrill and action, so get ready to experience the best from this anime where they are stuck in a video game.


So, YES! We are all done discussing the best anime where they are stuck in a video game. I have rewatched almost all of them at least 2 times. Therefore, you can start watching them without thinking about the entertainment factor. Some of them are a little boring at some points, but they are all worth it!