The 6 Best Manga About Virtual Reality

We all know how obsessed people can be with games, right? And if someone is an otaku who loves games, then nothing can replace their love for Virtual Reality. Anime and manga worlds are perfect for otaku who love games because they bring their imaginations to life.

The audience gets to relate to the main character, which is the most intriguing part. Today, due to high demand, your friend has brought a list of the best virtual reality manga. So start reading your favorites RIGHT NOW!

6. Apocalypse Bringer Mynoghra

This is the story of a boy named Takuto whose life was messed up because he was suffering from a fatal illness and used to spend most of his time in hospitals. Things changed for him when he reincarnated into his favorite game’s world.

There, he meets Atou, a girl from an evil civilization, and the duo decides to create their own country. Takuto’s character is what makes the story spellbinding. He is fearless and doesn’t mind killing people, but one can’t label him as pure evil because he wishes to create peace.

Best Manga About Virtual Reality

His worldview and perspective make him a unique character. If you want to breathe fresh air by reading thrilling adventure stories, then this is one of the best manga about Virtual Reality. The art, character design, and the way the powers have been portrayed in the manga make this one a masterpiece. Its art and characters are the reason why this manga is popular among fans!

5. The New Gate

This one comes with a different story! “The New Gate” is the name of the game where thousands of players were trapped, but all thanks to our MC Shin, who defeated the game’s boss and freed everyone. However, things become mysterious when he finds himself trapped in the game world, and that too in the future, where 500 years have passed since he defeated the game’s boss.

To top it off, no matter how much he tries, he is unable to find a way out of the game. Why is he in the future, and who is behind all this? These are the thoughts that will pop into your mind and will force you to binge-read this one.

The story improves with each chapter, and the reader becomes completely immersed in the manga. The character design is likable and top-notch. As far as the art is concerned, it has good detailing but lacks in some points.

top Manga About Virtual Reality

4. Skeleton Knight In Another World

This one also begins with the typical story of a boy who gets summoned into the game world. However, what makes this one different is that the main character is not your typical handsome boy, but a skeleton named Arc.

Arc was basically his game avatar, and he could do nothing about it. He accepted his fate and started his journey, where he defeated monsters with his overpowered (OP) abilities and helped various people. The story is simple but entertaining, captivating readers with its likable art and characters.

Watching him explore the new world and use his top-notch powers not only intrigues readers, but also Arc himself. The story continues, and Arc finds himself busy with the most demanding challenges of the fantasy world.

3. Log Horizon

The idea of living the life of your favorite character may seem interesting, but trust me, it would not be entertaining if it happened for real. “Log Horizon” explores this idea, where almost 30,000 people find themselves trapped inside an VRMMORPG world.

They never imagined living such a horrible life; the virtual reality world made them experience the worst. They are living as prisoners, who must follow the rules of this new world if they value their lives. They are stuck and have no choice but to accept their fate. Shiro is one of the many who refuse to give up and strive to find the reason behind their summoning. Shiro’s way of handling the toughest challenges sets “Log Horizon” apart and makes it entertaining.

Fans usually compare this series to the popular “Sword Art Online,” which is true; it is very similar. However, the characters, their worldview, and their strategic minds make “Log Horizon” stand out. If you are interested in virtual reality, this is one of the best manga about it.

Manga Virtual Reality

2. Btooom!

Ryouta Sakamoto is our main character, and his life revolves around games. No matter what, his love for games cannot be replaced. His interest in games has earned him a fine reputation in the game world. What can one expect from a prodigy in games? Of course, he is a top-notch player in the game world.

However, his life completely changes when he finds himself in a mysterious land. Soon, Ryouta realizes that he is inside the world of Btooom, the game he used to love playing. Everything has become a reality, and any swift action can risk his life because it’s a matter of life and death.

Although the story and characters are both typical, it promises fun and thrills. The character development of Ryouta is worth admiring. You can give this one a shot if you want to experience joy and entertainment.

overlord vr anime

1. Overlord

This is the story of Momonga, who loved playing the MMORPG game YGGDRASIL. He was one of the best players, and his character, Ainz Ooal Gown, was overpowered. It was decided that the game’s servers would shut down forever. Therefore, to bid a final goodbye to his favorite game, Momonga decided to give it a last try.

However, he soon realizes he cannot log out and is stuck in the game as Ainz. Not having any other choice, the boy decides to accept his fate and starts his journey in the new world, where he looks for acquaintances.

The otaku who like stories where the MC starts weak and becomes OP would enjoy reading this manga. There is a lot of action, suspense, thrill, and adventure, so get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Overlord.


Usually, all isekai stories have one or more things in common, making it difficult to recommend a unique story. However, among the VR manga I’ve read, the ones mentioned above are my personal favorites.

They stand out from the cliché manga, and their main characters are unique. As an otaku who loves games, I’m sure you’ve read a few manga about Virtual Reality. However, I recommend trying these recommendations for a different and exciting experience!