The 6 best Manga revolving around Mental Illness

On popular demand, I will recommend some worth-reading manga about mental illness. There is a misconception among many teenagers that depression is a mental illness, which makes them even more depressed, and that actually leads them to a mental illness.

In this list, I’ll suggest different manga, firstly the ones in which the MC suffers so much that it will make you feel that you are not facing the worst! And last but not least, the manga where the MC suffers from mental illness or has some psychological issues, for those who are actually interested in reading such manga. So, are you ready?

6. Goth

This is the story of Itsuki, a boy interested in disturbing scenarios, especially the most violent and brutal murders. No matter what, even the most alarming visuals have no effect on him. Such cases with intense gore make him curious, and he wishes to solve the mysteries.

The plot becomes more attractive with a chain of such crimes and their unsolved mysteries. Meanwhile, Itsuki meets and befriends his classmate, Yoru, who shares his interests. The suspense develops when Itsuki finds a case that links to Yoru’s past, and the readers learn about her dark history.

Itsuki is not a regular guy, and it would be appropriate to call him a character with mental illness. He has a twisted personality and is one of the creepiest guys depicted in a manga. Goth has a lot of violence, which adds horror to it. Those of you who like stories capable of pushing the readers toward the edge of their seats can read this one!

anime about mental illness

5. Taaju Jinkaku Tantei’s Psycho

This is another manga worth reading about mental illness. The plot revolves around Detective Kazuhiko and his multiple personalities. Usually, stories where the main character has multiple personality disorder are interesting because the audience gets to see different shades of a person or, more precisely, a variety of minds in a single person.

This manga is one of the most complex I have ever read, and it is difficult to predict the scenarios correctly. You won’t be able to predict what’s happening in Shoujo’s mind and how he is involved with the murders.

The plot is intense and full of violence, gore, and darkness. So, my faint-hearted friends who cannot tolerate brutality should skip this one. However, you don’t need to worry about the art; it has worth-liking art that makes the story impactful.

4. Apollo’s Song

This is the story of Shougo, a boy with a mental illness. He is a peculiar individual with a problem with almost everything involving love. He cannot love, nor can he stand to see people loving each other. In fact, he hates witnessing animals displaying affection and therefore, he KILLS them for his satisfaction.

His attitude and behavior led him to be admitted to a mental hospital, where things change in his life. There, a goddess curses him to fall in love with a person repeatedly. However, each time his love remains incomplete.

Those who enjoy reading manga about mental illness will love this one. Additionally, this manga includes intense romantic moments, making it engaging for those who like romance and drama. P.S. The art is simple and likeable!

othello anime best ones about mental illness

3.  Othello

Do you hide your hobbies from people, fearing their rejection? It’s common among people because they fear how others would react to them. Yaya is one such girl whose life is totally messed up. She loves gothic lolita fashion, but is afraid to express it.

In fact, no one likes her in any way; she is the victim of humiliation by friends and foes alike. No one wants to speak with her, and no one treats her like a real friend. There is only a guy named Moriyama who talks with her, and that guy, too, is not very welcoming.

Suddenly, Yaya’s life takes a sharp turn when a confident girl named Nana enters and cares for her like she deserves to be treated. She proves to be a good friend who helps her in the best ways possible.

However, who is this Nana? The twist begins when Moriyama discovers that Nana and Yaya are the same person! Yes, guys! Yaya transforms into a completely new person to live the life she had always dreamt of. Apart from the psychological themes, the rom-com in this Othello manga will excite you.

death note

2. Death Note

“Death Note” is a very popular anime and manga, and if you still have not read it, then you have not read anything worthwhile! It’s a story about geniuses and how their minds work.

We get to learn about different worldviews and perspectives of people and how to deal with others. This is the story of Light, a justice-lover whose life changed when he found a special book. The book, also known as the Death Note, enabled him to kill anyone with the help of a Shinigami by simply writing their name.

Light starts killing criminals to improve the world. However, his actions disturb the world’s natural balance, and the suspicious murders attract the attention of investigation officers. That’s when another genius, L, enters the story, and the readers enjoy the war between their brilliant minds.

Many mental themes are linked with power and how it affects a person. This one is truly a masterpiece and worth calling the best manga about mental illness. The anime dub is amazing too.


1. Berserk

This one is for all those readers who are feeling depressed right now and want to read a manga that can make them feel better. This is the story of a warrior named Guts whose life was messed up right from the moment he entered the world.

He has suffered almost everything, including betrayal, humiliation, and a lot more. The hardships have made him strong, and he chooses not to give up. When you read Berserk, you will realize how Guts has tolerated such brutality in his life.

It is an action manga where we follow Guts on his journey of revenge, where he encounters deadly dangers, but nothing affects his courage. It involves psychological themes as well. Berserk is believed to be the best and most iconic manga ever. It has the perfect story, well-developed characters, and the most engaging twists and turns.


My friends, if you like reading manga about mental illness, then I believe you’ll enjoy reading the above entries on this list. All of them entangle the readers with a gripping storyline and likable characters. I hope that all of these mangas will make you experience the same thrill you were looking for. Give them all a read, and then comment on your experiences reading them!