Best 20 Anime where the MC has a dark power

The world of anime is full of characters whose powers range from the most bizarre abominations to unprecedented abilities that can destroy the world. Those who can never be deprived of such abilities are, of course, the protagonists who will gain dark powers in one way or another. In most cases, this power represents something good and powerful that will serve the main character to save the world.

However, this is not always the case, and from time to time, we see protagonists in situations where they possess abilities worthy of villains. This is where the story becomes interesting, and everyone is curious about which path the lost main character will take.

If you are looking for such a series, here is a list of the best anime with a main character with dark powers.

Anime where the MC has a dark power

20. Blood-C 

Saya Kisaragi is a seemingly ordinary girl who spends her days with her father and friends at a local cafe. However, when night falls, she is a shrine maiden in her father’s shrine, and they have to protect the village from monsters that stalk people and feed on their blood.

This anime is a little hard to rate because of the very strange beginning. The anime would certainly be much better if it weren’t for that. However, Blood-C is a series worth watching. Especially if you like brutal scenes and swords, you can’t miss this.

19. Blood Lad 

Staz is a vampire who rules a part of the demon world. However, he is more interested in Japanese Pop-Culture than human blood. One day, a girl named Yanagi Fuyumi wanders into this demonic world, and Staz immediately wants to meet her.

However, their encounter is interrupted by a monster that kills the girl, who then becomes a wandering ghost. Staz promises her that he will find a way to bring her back to life.

You realize from the premise that this anime is a big comedy. A vampire who doesn’t care about blood and who is an otaku at the same time is truly a unique phenomenon. It’s interesting enough to keep your attention. The characters are very interesting and diverse, so it’s easy to love them. For all fans of twisted stories, there is Blood Lad.

18. Garo: Hanoo no Kokuin 

The king’s advisor Mendoza manipulates the king and declares a witch hunt. This puts the Makai Knights and Makai Priests, whose role is actually to protect the world, in danger. A Makai Priestess condemned to death at stake gives birth to a child named Leon Lewis, who his father, a Makai Knight, saves.

Years later, Leon inherits the golden armor as a descendant of the Golden Knights. On the other hand, the king fell ill, and Mendoza took charge of the Valiante Kingdom. The king’s son Alfonso has been banished along with his mother and is looking for Gold Knight to reclaim his kingdom. This is a classic story about the battle between good and evil. 

Although there is nothing special about it, everything this anime does, it does well. Character development is simple but solid, and the fights are very tense. All in all, this is a simple but complete story.

top Anime where the MC has a dark power

17. Hakkenden touhou 

Next on our list of Anime where the MC has a dark power is Hakkenden Touhou. Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa, and Hamaji are the only survivors from the village destroyed five years ago. Both boys inexplicably have the same peony birthmark. They found shelter in a church in another village. Now the Imperial Church is searching for “Murasame,” the sword that contains life, and Shino possesses it within his body. 

When the church realizes that Shino won’t cooperate, they kidnap Hamaji, causing Shino and Sosuke to head to the Imperial City to rescue her. They meet Satomi Rio, who tells them they must find the remaining six bead holders.

The problem with this anime is the lack of a concrete plot. Even during the action scenes, nothing concrete happens. However, there is a storyline, and this anime tells that story brilliantly. Also, the characters are very interesting and have interesting backstories. You’re sure to love most of them.

16. Deadman Wonderland 

One day, a mysterious man in red appears in the classroom and kills everyone he comes across. The only survivor is Ganta Igarashi, who is accused of this crime. He was sentenced to death and imprisoned in the craziest prison in the world, Deadman Wonderland.

Deadman Wonderland is an anime set in one of the craziest environments in the anime world. The prison itself is the most interesting part of the story. Many people are hoping for Deadman Wonderland Season 2, as the anime covers only the manga’s first arc. What is determined in these 12 episodes is very good; there is even character development in the main character.

best Anime where the MC has a dark power

15. Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of knights who protected Britain until they were accused of plotting against the monarchy. Then the group disbanded, and they disappeared without a trace. However, it turns out that the Holy Knights prepared the attack, so Princess Elizabeth searched for the sins to save her kingdom.

Seven Deadly Sins is an anime that is well-known to everyone. Unfortunately, the last seasons did not follow the great success of the beginning of the anime, but it should still be given a chance. The anime is full of interesting characters and ingenious fights. Plot twists are at every turn, and enjoyment is guaranteed, at least as far as the first two seasons are concerned.

14. Kara no Kyoukai 

In September 1998, in the city where Shiki Ryogi lives alone, mass suicides of high school girls began to occur. The girls’ connection is unknown, but they all jumped from the Fujou building, a skyscraper that should be demolished.

Kara No Kyouka is a series of 7 movies and one OVA. Each film offers something new, but they all share a great story. The concept is very interesting, and to fully understand all the characters, you must watch them.

13. Kyoukai no Kanata 

Mirai Kuriyama is the last surviving member of the spirit-hunting clan and a spirit world warrior. When she tries to commit suicide, Akihito Kanbara, her classmate, stops her. She stabs him with a sword made of her blood, but he turns out to be a half-youma. So he decides to help her gain the confidence to kill youma so that she will stop trying to kill him.

Opinions about this anime are mixed, some love it, and others consider it a failure. The story is not the most original, but it has its charm, and the moments that should be good are well done. In addition, the characters that have a certain amount of character development are done a little better.


12. Kekkaishi 

Fourteen-year-old Yoshimori Sumimura is the twenty-second kekkaishi of the Summimura clan. With his rival and childhood friend, Tokine Yukimura, he must protect Karasumori from the ayakashi.

This Anime where the MC has a dark power story could be generic, but it is also addictive. Once you start following it, you will have a hard time stopping. Of course, some parts will surprise you and make the anime more interesting. The characters are, again, the most interesting part of the story, and you get a chance to get to know them.

11. Noblesse

Number 11 on the list of Anime where the MC has a dark power is cult classic Noblesse. Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, also known as Rai, is a powerful Nobel who has been asleep for 820 years. Finally, he wakes up in South Korea, completely unfamiliar with the modernized world. He locates his faithful servant, Frankenstein, who is now the school principal. Rai decides that this school is the perfect place to get familiar with this new world.

This is an adaptation of one of the most popular webtoons of today. The story itself is interesting, and the characters are diverse. The protagonist is not what you would expect at first glance, and it’s hard not to like him. Overall, it’s a short story worth watching.

best 20 Anime where the MC has a dark power

10. Seraph of the End

A mysterious virus appeared and killed everyone over the age of 13. These children are enslaved by vampires who use them as a source of blood. Among the captured children are Yuichiro and Mikaela, who, when they turn 12, plan to escape from the vampire town together with the other children from their orphanage. 

However, the plan fails, and everyone except Yuichiro is killed. Nevertheless, he manages to escape and is saved by the Moon Demon Company members, who fight against vampires. He then decides to avenge his family and destroy the vampires.

Seraph of the End is another action-packed Anime where the MC has a dark power. Although it is represented, comedy is not so pronounced due to the theme itself. We have a classic theme of revenge and a stubborn protagonist who has to learn to work in a team. Nevertheless, the anime is full of secrets revealed through the seasons.

9. Ajin 

17 years ago, the mysterious immortal being “Ajin” appeared for the first time in Africa. Since then, they have been considered a threat to the human race due to their powers and immortality. Since then, every time Ajin appeared, it would be immediately imprisoned.

Kei Nagari is a high school student who doesn’t know much about Ajin. However, after surviving an accident that should have killed him, he is reborn as one. Now, on the run from the entire world, Kei realizes that members of his species are not as far away as he thought.

This is an anime that many will pass up because of the animation. However, even though it is a CG anime, it should be given a chance because of the great story. The story is exciting and interesting, and the characters are complex. You will hardly find a one-dimensional character because even the antagonists are well done.


8. Blue Exorcist

Shiro Fujimoto, an exorcist, raised Rin Okumura and his younger brother Yukio. However, the boys turn out to be the sons of Satan, and their father demands Rin’s return to win Assiah. Not wanting to join his father, Rin decides to train and become an Exorcist who will defend Assiah with his brother.

Blue Exorcist is one of the most popular anime of the last decade. It’s a standard shounen with a lot of action and comedy. The characters are charismatic and lovable, especially Rin. If you’re a shounen fan, you can’t miss this.

7. Nurarihyon no Mago 

Rikuo Nura is a seemingly ordinary high school student. However, no one knows that he is partially a yokai who takes on that form at night. He lives surrounded by yokai, and his grandfather hopes that Rikuo will become a yokai and the clan’s third leader. However, he doesn’t want that, and to avoid his fate, Rikuo helps people.

This is a rather clichéd Anime where the MC has a dark power, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. On the contrary, nurarihyon no Mago is an anime you can easily enjoy after a long day. The pacing is a little slower. The best thing is a hilarious comedy and an MC with dark powers. Although you can predict most things, you will still laugh.

darker than black

6. Darker than Black 

Ten years ago, an impenetrable field known as “Hell’s Gate” appeared in Tokyo. At the same time, psychics appeared with paranormal powers that cost them their consciousness. He is one of the most powerful psychics with dark powers, and together with his blind associate, Jin works for one of the many organizations trying to unravel the secret of “Hell’s Gate.”

This is a bit more of an episodic anime with a few mini-arcs. Its main charm is the protagonist, who, when not masked, is a very funny and sarcastic character. The whole story has a superhero comic vibe, so if you like Batman, you’ll love it too.

5. Bakemonogatari

Koyomi Araragi is a third-year high school student who became a quasi-vampire after a vampire attack. Although he has supernatural powers, Koyomi tries to live a normal life but continues to encounter people with supernatural powers.

This is an anime you love or hate; there is no in-between. It is a very interesting story with a lot of different characters. A good part of the anime deals with romance, which is done in a very interesting way. If you are a fan of characters with dark powers, interesting stories, and tsundere sadists, this is the anime for you.

black clover anime

4. Black Clover

Asta and Yuno were left as babies in front of the church, where they were raised as brothers. In this world, magic is everything, and Yuno shows great talent, while Asta doesn’t have any magic but with dark powers. However, that doesn’t stop him from training to become the Wizard King.

Black Clover is one of the most popular shounen anime where the MC has a dark power of today. This anime guarantees great adventure, good fun, and genius fights. As for the protagonist, Asta is someone who will surprise you.

3. Devilman: Crybaby

Akira Fudou learns from his friend Ryou Asuka that a demonic race has returned to take over the world from humans. According to Ryo, the only way to win is to incorporate their supernatural powers and suggest that he unite with the demon to gain dark powers. So Akira becomes Devilman, who has the power of a demon and the soul of a human.

Art is what first catches your eye when you start watching Devilman Crybaby. This style contributes to the dark atmosphere that prevails. However, the best part of the story is the characters, which are incredibly well done. But, of course, the most important one is the protagonist, whose powers are no joke.

mc with dark powers mc

2. Hellsing Ultimate

The Hellsing organization, led by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, kills creatures that devour unfortunate humans. Integra’s army is large, but none can compare to Alucard, a vampire who hunts his kind for Helsing. Together with his vampire servant, Seras Victoria, Alucard fights not only against monsters but all those who stand in the way of Hellsing.

Hellsing is one completely crazy anime that will bring you to the edge. The dark atmosphere and brutal uncensored fight scenes are not for the faint of heart. However, Alucard is by far the best part of it all. This crazy Vampire with unimaginable powers and great design is the scariest thing you will see in the world of anime.

dark powers mc anime

1. Claymore

The best Anime where the MC has a dark power of all time in our opinion is Claymore! Yomas are monsters that terrorize people and feed on them. The only ones who can save humanity are Claymores, half human half yomas. These creatures have a characteristic appearance and special powers that can kill you.

Clara is a Claymore who, on one of her missions, saved a boy, Raki, whose family was killed by a yoma. Grateful to Clare and unwanted by the village, Raki decides to accompany her on her travels.

Claymore is simply a classic when it comes to dark fantasy. Great fights, amazing characters, and emotional moments are just some of the reasons why Claymore is a great anime. Like the other Claymores, the protagonist, Clara, has monster powers and is certainly one of the scariest main characters in anime.

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