Top 10 Best Anime Where The MC Commands An Army

Hi, my lovely friends! I hope you’re doing fantastic. Your fellow otaku is back with some great recommendations this time. Anime Where The Mc Commands An Army has been a popular demand nowadays. Military heroes, MCs that create their army, or those who command a group of people are all admired. Exceptional fun and engagement are seeing the heroes leading their troops because they make you feel like having an adrenaline rush. So, let’s begin our daily dose of anime recommendations; here we start!

10. Kingdom

The kingdom is a historical anime where the main character Shin has a dream to be the “Greatest general of the heavens.” The story is set in a war period where the MCs are nothing more than war victims. He shares a similar dream with his friend Hyou. But unfortunately, destiny had something else in the plan. Both friends got separated when a minister took Hyou to the palace.

Anime Where The MC Commands An Army

Meanwhile, Shin had to work as a slave. Time passes, and Hyou returns, but soon he dies. On his friend’s wish, Shin goes to another village, where he gets shocked to find that his friend served as a body double for a king because of his resemblance. Well, his dream remains the same, though Shin vows to become the Greatest general in the world and become the commander. The journey of him being the commander is worth watching; there is war, passion, sorrow, action, and ultimately, an MC commanding an army.

Still, trying to skip this one? It is also a great dubbed anime to be honest!

9. Utawarerumono

This one has an intriguing start that will hook you in a few minutes. Our protagonist and the one at the center of Utawarerumono is Hakuowlo. He suffers from amnesia, and the intriguing story begins when one day, a family in a village finds the hero injured and aids him to be fit and fine. Since he suffered from memory loss, the boy starts living in the village and considers the people his family. 

Over time, he realizes that an evil and greedy ruler has heinous aims and is disturbing the village’s peace. To save his people, Hakuowlo wishes to end this commotion, and in the process, he creates his army. He fights against evil along with the powerful warriors he encounters in his life. Besides, it’s not a simple story. Utawarerumono brings magic, power, and classy action with a touch of fantasy. Aside from all this, I can guarantee you will undoubtedly fall for the heavenly cute characters and their sweet chemistry.

bloodlad army mc commands

8. Blood Lad

If you were looking for a short anime that offers unlimited fun and excitement, then Blood Lad is the one. Staz is our cute protagonist who is feared as a ruthless vampire in his world, and that’s why everyone fears disobeying him. He does not command an actual army, but his fear, because of his status and power, enables him to command over people of his kind. Well, this, my friend, is more classy and scary.

However, it’s hilarious knowing the reality of Staz; that is contradictory to what everyone believes. He is a simple and diehard fan of manga. Yes, he is a cute otaku. Staz loves reading Japanese comics. Just imagine him meeting someone from Japan (XD). His life turns upside down and becomes like a fairytale when a girl named Fuyumi accidentally enters his world.

She is a human, which makes it impossible for her to survive in this world of monsters everywhere, and soon as expected, she dies. But, rest assured, this isn’t the end, and our hero is there to make his mark. Staz vows to find a way to resurrect this girl. His one decision turns his life into a blend of thrill, laughter, fights, and much more. The element of humor in this one will give you good laughing therapy.

7. The Devil Is A Part Timer

This one is the most entertaining story of a demon lord and how destiny plays its part in teaching him a lesson. Demon Lord Satan had evil aims to rule the world by wreaking havoc. First, he had his army of demons, but things started to go against his plans when a hero vowed to stop him. Demon Lord’s life took an unexpected turn, and during his battle with the hero, he landed on earth via a portal. 

He thought of being treated as a king, but unfortunately, humans don’t believe in magic and fairy tales. Soon he realizes that his powers don’t work in this anti-magic world. Now, he has to live like humans abiding by the rules to survive. Therefore, our protagonists decide to work as part-timers to earn money. LOL, little does he know that his new life will not be easy.

One day on his way home, he meets a girl who turns out to be the same hero who vows to defeat him. The fun part is that she still wishes the same. Over time, their clashes fade away, and they become friends when she learns that the demon lord has become a goodie at heart. We all know the story is incomplete without villains, so wait and watch; you’ll surely enjoy this one!

best Anime Where The MC Commands An Army

6. Seven Deadly Sins

Knights turning rogue and the deadly criminals, aka Seven Sins, becoming allies, such is the story of this one. The Seven Deadly Sins is an anime that does not follow a cliche story. One cut above the others is full of action, mystery, monsters, and heartbreaking stories. 

The anime begins with a Princess named Elizabeth being chased and looking for help from the ones feared as the deadliest. Her fateful encounter with the young bar owner flips her life unexpectedly. Things turn exciting when he reveals his name to the damsel in distress as Meliodas. Elizabeth learns that Meliodas is the owner of the scariest power, i.e., he is the one who commands the Seven Deadly Sins and is the strongest among them. Yup, he is the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. Hence begins their journey to find the others from the team and save the falling kingdom. 

This anime is famous for its chilling thrills, animation, and intriguing story. It is one of the best anime of the previous decade where the MC commands an army. Though initially, Meliodas only commands a group of Sins. However, as the anime progresses and the story reveals, it turns out that our hero was a leader from the very beginning. 

SDS is a fast-paced anime with exciting twists and an unpredictable story full of power-oriented action. Missing this one would be regretful for a lifetime. 

5. Naruto

Whenever it comes to the anime where the MC commands an army, how can we forget Naruto? Do you guys remember the iconic scene in the Fourth Shinobi Ninja War? Everyone was after Naruto waiting for his orders and willing to sacrifice their lives for him. Besides that, Naruto doesn’t need an army; he alone is enough to fight against antagonists; if required, he can create his army of shadow clones. We have seen Naruto doing this multiple times, but the most iconic scene was against Gara, where the young Naruto rocks! Trust me, dude, you will fall in love with this anime; Naruto offers much more than one can expect. There is nothing that you think and it doesn’t have. For the ones who don’t know about the plot, worry not, my lord; I am here at your service.

Naruto focuses on the life of an orphaned boy who gains skills with the said name, whose efforts made him go from the weakest ninja to the strongest Hokage. He ultimately changes his reputation, where he is hated by everyone and feared as a monster. He proved them wrong and even befriended the evil Nine tail fox sealed within him with his love. Anything is possible, but Naruto giving up and losing hope would never happen. He taught everyone the true meaning of life, whether on-screen or off-screen. The story constantly keeps you on a super-fun ride with the entry of overpowered antagonists and exciting character development. 

code geass command an army anime mc

4. Code Geass

Commanding an army would be a piece of cake for our MC; he is far more impressive than just a commander. Lelouch rules the world; yes, you got that right. There is politics, rebellion, action, and fantasy! In this anime, the Mc has the power of Geass that enables him to rule anyone and anything. He can make everyone listen to him and follow him with the powers bestowed on him at his will. Not to mention his sad past that led him to become a person of such domination demeanor. 

Lelouch’s mother was brutally murdered, and his sister lost control over her body after the incident. The boy started hating his father because he did nothing to find the culprits. Our hero isn’t an ordinary guy but is the exiled Prince Lelouch and the son of the Britannian Emperor. To find the culprit of his mother, he vows to plan vengeance against Britain after it defeats Japan by using him as a pawn. Unexpected events bring him the power he so much desired, and he gets it to rule the world. How he gets it and what awaits his journey is to be found by you. I am sure you will kill me for spoiling your suspense further. So. Let’s just go with this for now.

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rimmeru commands an army anime

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Commanding an army isn’t a new thing but commanding an army of MONSTERS, yup, that indeed is unique. This anime is a masterpiece where you will enjoy seeing the MC commanding an army of MONSTERS!!! Yes, my friend, it’s not a regular army or our protagonist. This is the story of an ordinary guy Satoru whose life flips, and he becomes a slime monster in a different world. 

After his death, Satoru’s adventurous life begins as a slime monster making new friends. He befriends an imprisoned dragon in the new world and vows to help him. After freeing the dragon, he becomes the leader of all the beings. Each day, he encounters different trials and challenges, and as a result, he grows remarkably. If you wanted to see the main lead as a powerful entity with solid powers, then this is what you were looking for. There is fantasy, fun, action, adventure, and much more, so grab your favorite drink and give it a go!

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overlord troops

2. Overlord

Time for one of the best action anime with armies and much more in store. Overlord is a game-themed anime where there is isekai, fantasy, and an overpowered main character. The story begins when MC finds himself in another world. Momonga was trying to remain in the game world for one last time before the shut-off of servers. Yeah, only to pay tribute to his favorite game before it ends. 

Yet, when the game doesn’t end, he soon realizes that he is now in a completely different world. In the new world, he vows to survive and take over with the help of his servants and warriors. This spellbinding and thrilling anime portrays the isekai element in an intriguing way. Being an avid game player, this anime will undoubtedly become your best pick where the MC commands an army. Overlord has been popular for several reasons, and game themes are just one of them. So, don’t think twice and get to your screens ASAP!!!

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AOT show

1. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan!!! The anime has broken records and has been loved by several otakus. The concept of giants had never been so thrilling before the release of this anime. The story begins with titans arriving and eating humans as if it’s nothing. After seeing his mother becoming the titans’ food, Eren Yeager breaks down. He joins the military and vows to fight against the deadly Titans. 

Well, ordinary humans could never win against Titans, so the twist begins with Eren transforming into a Titan himself. Later it was revealed that numerous others like him transformed themselves into a titan. Things go like this, and the twists unfold. Many revelations are made, leaving everyone shocked, whether on-screen or off-screen. The plot takes an unexpected turn when Eren turns the antagonist from being the hero. Though, it’s still a debate whether to call him a hero or a villain because he isn’t wrong. He vows to destroy everything and become the most potent titan. 

In season 4, you will witness the hero-turned-villain commanding a fantasy army of Titans. Trust me; you will feel goosebumps throughout! This is one of the best anime where the MC commands an army, and while watching it, you might want to cry your heart out! You have been warned!

Conclusion on anime where the main character has an army

Now then, with Overlord, I end the list of anime where MC commands an army. The list includes anime with elements including humor, power-oriented action, a fantasy world, powerful foes, demons and angels, and somewhat romance. So, it will be a fun watch no matter which one you pick.

Still, I am desperate to know which one you liked the most among the recommended ones. Additionally, if there is another anime where the MC commands an army and I missed it, let me know in the section below. Until next time!