Top 10 Anime with Magic and Fighting

Action, or we can say shonen anime is an otaku’s first love. When they are accompanied by magic, then it’s a double bonus. Anime with magic and fighting are praised around the globe because of the entertainment they provide, along with goosebumps.

I am sure you can’t wait to immerse yourself in the world of magic and action. So, therefore, let’s begin our mission!

Best Anime With Magic And Fighting That Will Give You Goosebumps Throughout

10. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

So, my beautiful friends, I am sure we must have heard of this masterpiece. It has been on the top of discussions lately after the trailer of its season 3. There are also a ton of light novels like Jobless Reincarnation that you can read while we are waiting for that. 

This is the story of a 34-year-old man who had been living a tough life without any happiness. And one day, following fate’s exclusive plans for him, he dies in an accident.

Don’t worry, dude; this is just the beginning of an exciting story. The next thing he knows is that he is inside a newborn baby’s body named Rudeus Greyrat. As expected, he can’t believe it but soon realizes he has been reincarnated. He was still absorbing the new reality but was shocked that the world he was living in now was far different from his world.

Yes, it’s the world where magic and sorcery are basic. Over time, Rudeus starts surprising his parents with his exceptional learning skills and interest in magic books. His parents were very proud of their son, but only you and I know that he is not a kid. It offers a lot of fun when Rudeus surpasses the intermediate magicians at a very young age. 

There is swordsmanship, overpowered villains, adventure, and the element of comedy. Though there might not be much action, Mushoku Tensei still promises a lot. So, dude, you can’t miss this one.

Anime with Magic and Fighting

9. The Devil Is A Part Timer

If you found the name funny, trust me, you will roll on the floor laughing while watching the anime. This is the story of an overpowered demon lord who once wished to destroy his world for evil purposes. However, his mission failed when a hero rose to defeat him. He landed on earth via a portal with his companion during their fight.

Contrary to his thoughts, he was treated no less than a petty criminal. Wait, for what? A demon lord being treated as a petty criminal, such a shame for Mr. Demon Lord, no? But it is true. The devil soon realizes that his powers are ineffective in this world and that he must abide by the human rule to survive.

So, we know that surviving in this world isn’t easy, and money is just one of its problems. So, our demon lord decides to work as a part-timer to earn some bread and peace of mind. However, he welcomes another trouble when he learns the hero followed them to earth to defeat them.

Now how would our devil fight without any powers? This anime contains funny incidents, action, magic, and suspense. This is undoubtedly one of the best anime with magic and fighting.

8. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

As the name says, this anime highlights the life of a misfit named Anos Voldigoad. He is an overpowered demon king who sacrificed his life for the world’s peace. But, don’t worry; he vowed to return and keep his promise. So, after approximately 2000, he reciprocates and joins a magical academy where everyone considers him a misfit.

However, things become suspicious when he finds everything opposite to what he expected. In this timeline, no one recognizes him as the mighty demon king. However, his overwhelming powers make things enjoyable when he teaches some villains a lesson. 

An OP MC right from the start, plus magic-oriented action, is undoubtedly one fantastic combination. The gorgeous heavenly characters are one of the reasons one can’t afford to miss this anime.

best Anime with Magic and Fighting

7. The Irregular At Magic High School

This is again a story of an irregular student at magic high school named Tatsuya Shiba. He lives in an advanced world where magic is one of the technologies. The story begins when he enters the magic high school of the elites with his sister Miyuki Shiba.

I bet we know about the elite, their schools, and their unique rules. So the same goes for this school, which categorizes the students into Blooms and Weeds. Ahh, relax, I am there to explain! Blooms are students who are remarkable when it comes to practicing magic. You got that right; opposite to them are weeds, including not-so-good students in terms of practical magic.

Unlike Miyuki, our protagonist ends up in Blooms. Sounds fishy? It is! Tatsuya is there for a reason; he is not your ordinary student. This is again an anime where the mc is a mage that makes your jaws will drop seeing the handsome hero

6. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Ever wanted to go into another world? Your thoughts might change after watching this anime. Naofumi was just an ordinary student like some of us. However, his life changed drastically after he found himself in another world and is able to gain skills.

He was referred to as the shield hero in this new world. Three other heroes were also summoned along with him; they all had great weapons. However, the shield is usually considered only for defensive purposes. 

Therefore our shield hero was mistaken to be weak. He faces a lot of heartbreaking moments, including betrayal and humiliation. However, the anime becomes intriguing when our boy almost loses hope and meets a hybrid girl named Raphtalia. She was the one who had immense trust in him and became one of the reasons for the rising of the shield hero. 

If you are interested in watching an anime where the MC starts weak but becomes OP, this is the one, guys! It is one of my favorite dubbed anime with an op mc. There are a bunch of exciting action sequences and a pool of magic waiting for you to jump in.

reommendations Anime with Magic and Fighting

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Did you ever try to imagine yourself waking up as slime? Just imagine because I know it sounds weird, and don’t worry! This will indeed never happen to you. However, Satoru Mikami is the boy whose life took a 180-degree shift when he found himself turned into a slime monster.

He was a 37-year-old man living a mundane and hopeless life, failing to find a life partner. But, there is much more to his sad life; he even dies getting stabbed by a robber. But, his life full of adventures begins in the world known for magic and swordsmanship.

Satoru gets impressive powers, and his so-called mundane life remains no more monotonous, exploring his new set of skills and abilities. This anime blends adventure, fun, fantasy, and whatnot. 

I can guarantee that you will love the journey of Satoru as a not-so-sluggish slime throughout the series. However, this anime is not typical as, unlike dragons or other characters, it is liked for its unique concept of turning its protagonist into slime.

4. Jujutsu Kaisen

JJK is one of the most famous anime mainly because of its gorgeous and OP characters. It started gaining popularity from its manga, and its anime adaptation is remarkable to start with. Yuji Itadori is our main lead, whose life turns upside down after engulfing the fingers of a cursed spirit named Sukuna.

He didn’t know that swallowing the cursed fingers would make his life hell. Let’s call it destiny’s work that he turns out to be the one in a million who could prove to be a vessel for Sukuna. Knowing this, one of the best sorcerers, Gojo Satoru, decides to teach him jujutsu. Besides, there is a twist! Killing Sukuna is a tough job that requires destroying its vessel. Yes, and Itadori happens to be its current vessel. So, the higher-ups wanted Yuji to engulf all the fingers only to die.

Now, what would happen to our protagonist? There is suspense hitting you right from the beginning, so stopping is impossible. It’s entertaining to watch the training sessions of Yuji and his new powers due to Sukuna’s cursed finger. There is an adventure, some thrilling fights, and the bond of friendship.

If you were looking for a perfect anime with magic and fighting that has fantastic animation, then JJK has everything.

fantasy anime with magic and fighting

3. Black Clover

How many of you enjoy watching the MC who never gives up? Their progress is always fun to watch and motivates almost all the otaku. Watching such an anime where MC starts weak and his skills and powers develop with time is utterly intriguing. Black Clover falls in that category of anime. 

There is thrilling action, adventure, excitement, suspense, and some overpowered antagonists. Oh yeah, there is remarkable magic in this anime too! Do you have any other wishes? 

Becoming the Wizard King is the dream of our protagonist, Asta. It sounds good, but it’s not easy since he is one of the few born without any mana. It is a world of magicians where everyone is born with mana and our hero magic-less. 

This is what makes our hero exceptional. Being the best is no fun when you are already a prodigy. Nevertheless, Asta doesn’t give up and vows to become the wizard king. He has a competitor and friend, Yuno, who shares the same dream and is exceptionally talented in magic. 

The story progresses, and there comes a day when everyone gets their grimoires (magic books that enable the user to use complex magic). Luckily our protagonist gets one too, but it turns out to be not so ordinary as in it resides a demon. Dang, our hero’s life starts becoming more demanding and tougher, but that’s what brings entertainment.

 If you enjoy thrilling fights of overpowered heroes and villains with some god-level magic, then consider yourself lucky. This one is a complete package of everything you could imagine in a magic-oriented anime with a bonus of thrilling fights and much more.

2. Fairy Tail

I am sure you must have heard of this one since it has been over a decade since it created hype. Tighten your seatbelts because this is not your ordinary story of magic and action. Natsu Dragneel is the MC who is a wizard, and his mission is to find his foster father Igneel. Now let me be clear, Igneel isn’t human but a dragon. 

On his mission, he befriends many other wizards who become more than a family to him. Together, the heroes fight off evil and criminals to protect humanity. This is a perfect combo for adventure and comedy. In my opinion, the vibe is pretty similar to the Danmachi light novels. 

Each day, they encounter different dangers, but their mission never stops. If you enjoy watching unending suspense and adventure stories, this one is perfect for you. Besides, it has more than 300 episodes, so there are a lot of fun events one can expect from this. 

ultimate Anime with Magic and Fighting

1. Seven Deadly Sins

Last but not least, Seven Deadly Sins is a complete package; find yourself lucky to see this one. As the name suggests, this is the story of the seven deadly sins declared by rebels after the head knight’s death. Everyone used to fear them as evil; however, you and I know they are all heroes. 

The story begins with Princess Elizabeth starting her journey to gather all the seven deadly sins scattered around the globe. She first meets Meliodas…. a kid? No, my friend, you are wrong if you judge him from his appearance. This little fella didn’t age a single day even after living for more than a thousand years. Meliodas’s life is a mystery itself. Are you curious yet to find the reason behind this abnormality? Of course, I am leaving it to you to find the reason.

He is your overpowered MC that scares everyone to death. However, it will take some time to witness his true powers. The story progresses with Meliodas and Elizabeth finding and uniting with the other sins; to save Elizabeth’s kingdom from the holy knights. Yeah, knights, not every time the knights are good! 

Name it; fun, overpowered fights, friendship, magic, and comedy, and you will get everything here. So, my Lord, stop thinking and start watching this awesome subbed and dubbed anime with magic. 


Alright, my friends, that was all from my side for today only! I hope my buddies enjoyed reading the anime list with magic and fighting. I tried to mention different anime types depending on the story and genre. However, one thing is sure you will surely get to experience some real action and magic in all of them. 

I hope you guys had fun while reading and imagining the above-listed anime with magic and fighting. Now, it is my turn to have some fun by reading your comments and preferences. So, let me have a piece of your thoughts!