Top 10 Anime where the MC is a Mage 

With the recent trend of Isekai anime, we see a massive boom in mages. A mage is someone who can use magic, and as simple as it seems, we see so many MCs that are mages, but ultimately, they have different types of abilities. So let’s talk about the top 10 anime where MC is a mage or wizard. 

10. Yousuke Shibazaki from ‘Uncle From Another World’ 

Yousuke Shibazaki, or “Ojisan” from Uncle From Another World, is one of the most exciting mages we’ve seen in any anime. The anime starts with an interesting plot where, seventeen years ago, Takafumi’s uncle fell into a coma. After seventeen years, he’s back in the real world like a zombie, and as soon as he wakes up, Takafumi realizes that his uncle went into another world where he became a heroic mage. Not only was his uncle magical, but Yousuke Shibazaki also had to catch up to the modern world where everything changed.

Top Anime where MC is a Mage 

Being a hero from another world, as much as people thought of him as a loser, Yousoke was quite overpowered; however, his personality was too dense and difficult to understand. But being a mage/sorcerer, he had various abilities and spells to defeat his opponents.

From talking to spirits using his Spirit Magic to the ‘Icuras Cuora’ spell that erases anyone’s memories, Yousoku Shibazaki is quite a formidable mage/wizard, even for S-class monsters. He also showed various other spells like Storage Magic that let him store valuable and miscellaneous stuff like swords, rings, and jewels without anyone accessing them. In addition, Yousuke can fly, teleport, and use various destructive and defensive spells in a battle. 

9. Sadao Maou from ‘The Devil is a Part Timer’

Sadao Maou is a demon lord living in the human world. Let’s talk it back to how it all started. Sadao Maou, also known as Lord Demon in his world, was ruling the land of Ente Isla with his various demons. But as he was on a mission to take over the continent, he met Emilia, the hero. She forced Lord Satan to make a shift into a dimensional portal that only ultimately landed in the human world. 

With his right-hand man and the ferocious demon general Alsiel, they both get stuck in modern-day Japan, where they cannot use magic on the same level as in their world. And as if the transition wasn’t troubling enough, many enemies from Ente Isla started coming to Earth to kill Maou. But Maou is no slouch as he’s still an excellent mage but not on the same level as he once was.

Using Demon Magic, he could easily cast spells like Transformation Hypnosis, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Sleep spell, Magic Transfer, and many other destructive spells that can easily eradicate anyone off the Earth. Being this overpowered mage on Earth, Maou is constantly tested for his abilities and has continuously shown us that he’s worthy of being called the Devil King, even in modern-day Japan! 

Anime where MC is a wizard

8. Bell Cranel from ‘DanMachi’

The lift in the City of Orario seems fun. The main character, Bell Cranel, wants to become the best adventurer in his world, and after getting a chance to go on a journey with the lonely goddess Hestia, his dreams take a step further, and he might be able to take it to the next level. 

Teaming up with Hestia, Bell goes on a journey within the city’s catacombs, where he clears our Dungeons that are horrifying and painful enough to kill even the strongest mages in this world. However, Bell becomes stronger and stronger with a series of blunders, wins, losses, friendships, and luck, becoming quite a powerful mage in his world.

Even though Bell is a skilled combat expert, he learned magic by reading the grimoire he borrowed from someone. And without chants, he can use them to inflict damage on his opponent. His skill is called “Firebolt,” and by teaming it up with his other attacks, he can raise the magic’s intensity to a whole other level. 

7. Yuji Sano from ‘My Isekai Life’ 

Yuji Sano is another powerful adventurer and a skillful mage, but it wasn’t always like that. Being an employee of a black company in his real life, he is summoned into another world where he’s a Monster Tamer. It is a job that makes it difficult for anyone to become an adventurer. Still, thanks to his magic knowledge, he gained a lot of magical abilities and started a second profession where he became a sage. In the process, Yuji discovered a powerful magical skill that made him the strongest in the world. 

Being proficient in all types of magic, Yuji knows everything from Fire, Water, Earth, and Lightning, to something like Darkness Magic. This shows his innate ability to become the strongest and work so hard that he pushes everyone hard in terms of competing with him. 

Aside from the small magical skills, he also uses Ultimate Magic and Super-Class Combat Technique that lets him summon swords and all sorts of overpowered attacks. Considering all these aspects of his abilities, Yuji Sano is a prime example of an anime where MC is a mage/wizard. 

Anime where mc is a mage

6. Naofumi Iwatani from ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’

Next up on the anime ranking where the MC is a wizard or mage! A group of ordinary men was summoned to protect the kingdom of Melromarc, and one of the heroes was Naofumi Iwatani. The country is filled with many troubles, and evil lurks everywhere. So that’s where all four heroes would fight the bad guys and save the kingdom a lot of trouble.

Amongst those heroes, Naofumi is the most hated and considered the weakest because he doesn’t possess any attacking abilities and knows no attacking magic. But things changed throughout the series, and his defensive skills that he gains were enough to surpass the enemy’s attacks.

While other heroes were having a blast, Naofumi was reading magic and becoming the strongest hero. Together with Raphtalia and Filo, he turned his reputation upside down and became the strongest hero in the kingdom. Probably the most substantial ability that Naofumi possesses is his ability to learn new magic. His shield has some magical mechanism that lets him choose the magic he’s about to learn. As a result, he can absorb various things and learn more about the magic to dominate his opponents in a battle. 

5. Rudeus Greyrat from ‘Mushoku Tensei’

I’m sure you’re not a stranger to Rudeus Greyrat, the brat with infinite magical abilities and knowledge. The story starts with a 34-year-old NEET who finds himself in a situation of saving a girl. However, as he ends up in a tragic accident, he opens his eyes to see himself being born in another world with two lovely parents taking care of him.

But as he grew a little, Rudeus started showing a keen interest in magic. They turned out to be naturally talented in the magical apartment as opposed to his father being a master swordsman. From there, Rudeus dedicated his life to saving his friends and becoming the most powerful mage in the world of Mushoku Tensei. But the power didn’t come easy for Rudeus as he had to undergo extensive training and various situations that made him the way he became. 

From voiceless incantation to demonic magic, Rudeus quickly became one of the strongest characters from Mushoku Tensei. He’s also a great tactician aside from being a great mage, and that’s what makes Rudeus one of the best mages in anime because he’s not linked to just magic. 

Anime where MC is a Mage  top list

4. Aladdin from ‘Magi.’

Aladdin is one of the strongest Magi in the series. Being the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba, he’s bound to have a twisted fate. A Magi is someone so strong in magic that they can change the world with their abilities.

Aladdin is a young Magi who went on a journey to find himself with his friends and a mentor named Ugo, who was a ghost that he could summon using his flute. During his journey, he met many incredible people and made some friends while destroying his opponents with his magical abilities. But are his magical abilities?

Aladdin has a lot of magical tools that he uses in his battle and also has proficiency in a plethora of magic like Heat, Water, Wind, Gravity, and Lightning Magic. He can also use sneaky techniques like teleportation and is quite a beast in alchemy. Due to these plus points, he’s bound to be on a list with the best of the best. 

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3. Glenn Radars from ‘Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor’

In the Alzano Empire, the Magic Academy is famous for being filled with ambitious young students who go under harsh training to become the most powerful magicians. Two young girls are thrown off after knowing their favorite magic team retired, and Glenn Radars, a very different-looking young teacher, will teach them magic. Of course, everyone forces him to retreat, but Glenn is not a kid as he knows how to prepare and straighten up his students simultaneously. 

Glenn is one of the strongest Mages in the history of magic anime. This man is so strong that he developed his magic called “The Fool’s World,” which nullifies any magic in a certain radius. But he still cannot nullify the attacks that have already been cast.

Nevertheless, being so strong in his magical abilities, he saved his students from getting assaulted and the world from being sucked into the cesspool of evil multiple times. This is what makes him fit to become a strong magic teacher. 

Anime where MC is a sorcerer

2. Ainz Ooal Gown from ‘Overlord’ 

Yggdrasil is a popular game that suddenly ended. And in the game’s final hour, Momonga, a potent wizard (and the sorcerer king) and the master of a dark guide, spends his last few moments in the game before the servers get shut down. However, as it became midnight, Momonga found himself as his character in another world where he found other NPCs who developed their personalities. Being the owner of a dark guild comes with many benefits and trials. Now, Momonga must create a leadership personality to save his guide and be hailed as the strong one made in his world. 

Ainz was so overpowered that he surpassed the number of magical abilities he could learn. In the world of Yggdrasil, players could only learn a total of 300 spells if they were at level 100. However, Ainz used a Dark Wisdom spell and learned a total of 718 spells. He can read his opponent’s strength and quickly bring down the most formidable opponents. Nothing is a challenge for him, making him the strongest mage in the world of Yggdrasil. 

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slime Anime where MC is a Mage 

1. Rimuru Tempest ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’

Imagine getting reincarnated into another world as a slime. The same thing happened to Satoru Mikami, who died after getting stabbed in the middle of a street. Finding himself to be slime, he quickly thinks he’s useless, but after helping the Storm Dragon Veldore, he becomes the most powerful being in his world. 

Now, he must build his kingdom and remove evil from this cursed world, where it’s common to see a lot of violence daily. Being proficient in a wide range of magic, Rimuru knows Storm magic, Scorch magic, Elemental magic, Spiritual magic, and Summon magic.

All these magical abilities made him who he is, the head of a big kingdom. Aside from that, Rimuru also knows how to transform and steal his enemies’ skills, making him a badass fighter. So, if he decides to steal the strongest magician’s skills, he can become the strongest mage of all time. 

Final Verdict on anime where the MC is a Mage or Wizard

Main characters becoming wizards and mages is getting more common these days. The audience’s interest is excellent; many people love watching overpowered mage characters. That’s why we’ve covered an excellent list of characters who are a mage, wizard, or sorcerers and have mastered the art of magic.