Top 13 Best Anime with Dungeons and Levels

Dungeons are one of the most exciting places an Anime character can visit. Whether they get stuck in it is another story. However, what’s the fun if there’s no thrill?

A good deal of Anime from the fantasy and magic genre revolves around dungeons and levels. Sometimes, the main character goes into the Dungeon to find some hidden treasures, other times, and it is to fight themselves out of the dark place. 

But honestly, the survival tactics that our characters have to use to get out of hell are always entertaining to watch. So, let’s talk about some of the best Anime with dungeons and levels. 

13. Shachibato! President, It’s Time for Battle!

A goddess emerged from Heaven and blessed the wasteland of Gatepia many years ago. As a result, massive gates arose, leading to dungeons rich with “kirakuri,” crystals that contained the energy required for the world’s foundation. As a result, several companies of adventurers were formed to collect kirakuri from the dungeons.

The story gets even more interesting when Minato is finally convinced to take over his father’s company and after re-establishing his father’s business, he starts a journey with his childhood friend to uncover the truth about his father’s mysterious disappearance.

What do you guys think? Why did Minato’s father disappear suddenly? Is this the work of demons residing inside those gates or is it something else?

That is a mystery that you must solve independently. Here’s a clue: You have to watch this anime because the answers you’re looking for are in the anime.

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12. Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town

Moving up to the list of anime with Dungeons and Levels, we have, Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? a marvelous anime that belongs to the genre of adventure and fantasy. The main plot of this anime revolves around Lloyd who visits the capital to become a soldier.

Despite the fact that our MC was raised in his village and has been battling powerful foes since childhood, he still regards himself as a weakling. 

He once saw a nobleman in his childhood and has wanted to be like him ever since, but to do so he requires mastery of magical powers. Is it possible for him to become the one he always wanted to be?

I highly recommend watching this anime as it contains many unique elements that you will surely enjoy.

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11. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is a great anime that tells the story of Noir Starga, a noble family member who is treated like garbage because he is useless. He’s a weakling with no talent, which is why everyone thinks he doesn’t deserve his given role.

But he possesses a unique ability: he can communicate with the Great Sage at any time, and The Great Sage has answers to practically all of Noir’s questions. 

To prove his worth, he finally chose to enroll in the Hero Academy, but The Great Sage encouraged him to explore the dungeon in the mountains rather than a Magic School. He decided to follow his master’s advice and embark on a new adventure. 

As he started his trip he met Olivia Servant, a girl living inside the labyrinth who told Noir that she would teach him incredible skills and abilities. Can our MC learn these skills and give a shut-up call to all those who have mistreated him?

10. KonoSuba

KonoSuba is an Anime that is quite an exciting spectacle for Anime fans. The season of KonoSuba follows the weird adventures of our main characters. Right off the bat, the show starts with Kazuma and his friends in trouble for causing a lot of damage to the city. 

This made everyone furious with our main characters, and now they will have to run away to Keele’s Dungeon to explore the explosive dolls that are causing trouble in their town. Even though the dungeon part of KonoSuba is just for a single episode, it’s still quite a sight to see since Kazuma fights with the strongest commanders of the Devil King. 

KonoSuba is fantastic and funny. So if you’re looking for an Anime that incorporates a dungeon theme once in a while and is funny to infinite ends, KonoSuba has got you covered. Aqua is also a great female protagonist.

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9. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is one of the most exciting dungeon Anime that everyone knows. You might have at least heard about it once in a lifetime. The plot incorporates the story of a gamer named Kirito, who gets himself reincarnated into a virtual fantasy world. One 10,000 people can enter this Dungeon to play the game, and that’s how lucky Kirito is. 

This anime is set in 2122 when the world is rapidly evolving and virtual reality has advanced to the point where anyone can actually join the game by merely logging in. Kirito was one of those who received an unreleased game, but his life altered when he decided to play it.

He logged into the game and found himself in a virtual world with tens of thousands of other players, all of whom must work together in order to log out and return to their actual world.

Or should I say unfortunate? Getting trapped in this fantasy world, Kirito can only go out to his real world by beating this one. However, the Anime does many things better than many other dungeon Anime out there. 

Firstly, the first season of Sword Art Online is almost entirely spent within a dungeon. To beat the game, the players must fight against the boss within the toward by climbing all the levels. Though there are a lot of moments in Sword Art Online outside of the Dungeon, we can still see how dominant the dungeon aspect of Sword Art Online is. 

In the second season, you’ll also see a little bit of Dungeon crawling as Kirito goes with Asuna to explore all the different environments of this deadly virtual world. This anime is a prime example of a show where the MC is stronger than anyone.

8. Magi: Adventure of Sinbad

Magi is one of the most popular dungeon Anime of all time. The world throws our main character into a world where many complex dungeons suddenly appear out of nowhere. The unique role of these dungeons is quite unclear. If someone is lucky, he will find a lot of wealth, while on the other hand, they might be killed due to the deepest secrets that lie within this cesspool of confusing places. 

The main motive of everyone in the world of Magi is to reach the center of the Dungeon and find the djinn. Once a character makes contact with the djinn, they can now become the candidate for the next king, ultimately ruling the world of Magi. In the Anime series, we follow Alibaba and Aladdin, who set off into the world of Dungeon.

In Magi, you’ll see some unique dungeons in any Anime. Firstly, there are a lot of traps that can quickly kill even the most robust character in the series. So it’s no joke just moving through these dungeons. Moreover, the first Dungeon has a couple of souls that set the tone of the series, and the way our characters go through these dungeons is conscientious.

Alibaba is a fantastic character who goes through these dungeons quite smartly. Due to his innovative nature, he takes on various dangerous caves and solves these complex problems like the true chad he is. 

This anime is quite unique as it does not take place in medieval Europe, but the near east.This anime is also filled with action and I can guarantee you that you won’t become bored of this anime. So what are you waiting for? Start watching Magi and discover the great adventures of Child of Destiny, Sinbad. 

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7. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

This Anime incorporates the world where gods and goddesses go into actual human streets to build up their team for many reasons. On average days, these teams or factions have something of common interest while keeping in view God’s personality. At the beginning of the Anime, we are introduced to a goddess who has no followers at all. 

On the other hand, you have a human who formed no faction, which is quite weird in a world where factions are as common as eating food. So now, Hestia, the Goddess, meets Bell, the human, and suddenly, they become a pair that can never be broken. 

As we’re talking about Dungeons and Levels, the Anime incorporates exploring a labyrinth named “Dungeon” in the series. This is where a massive chunk of the Anime takes place, and there is a lot of fighting in the series and the romance aspects. 

The Dungeon is the place in this Anime where Bell’s most growth occurs but at the same time, it becomes a massive threat to humans and society. So one wrong move and anyone can die in the world of “Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?”

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6. So I’m a Spider, So What?

As weird as the name looks, this Anime contains a high school girl who was reincarnated as a spider. Wow! Just being a spider in another world might seem like an excellent idea, but as the series continues, she finds herself in a dungeon, yearning for survival since there is a lot of danger everywhere. 

So I’m a Spider, So What? It incorporates a world where the battle between a Demon Lord and Hero occurs repeatedly; however, it causes a considerable space-time spell and hits a high-school class on Earth, killing every person in it. However, consider it a miracle that all students were reincarnated into the other world. 

Even though many students became nobles and royalty, our main girl was not that lucky. Instead, she was reborn as a spider monster, considered the weakest kind. 

And in the world of this Dungeon, where many bloodthirsty beasts are, she is made sure to be tested from every fiber of her muscle. Or should I say every thread of her power? However, even with all the hardships, our spider didn’t give up and decided to use human knowledge to survive this bleak and dark Dungeon while leveling up to be stronger and better. 

5. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Arifureta is probably one of the most popular dungeon Anime out there. Hajime Nagumo along with his classmates was transported into a world where they all have to save it from different enemies.

They all were endowed with great abilities which they can use to fight but our MC, Hajime did not receive anything special. As a result, his classmates bullied him in that world and pushed him into a never ending abyss. This abyss is filled with bloodthirsty monsters who are always on the lookout for someone to fall into their trap.

However, after being summoned, they have to fight against the demon race, which they weren’t quite able to get a grasp of. 

After Hajime is betrayed by his people and left to die in a dungeon, his self-improvement journey begins, and he sets out on a trip to win and go back to his home. The Anime has an excellent storyline and fantastic animation. So if you’re looking for a dungeon Anime with levels that will make you go crazy with all the action, Arifureta is the way to go

The main reason why Hajime is left alone in the Dungeon is that after getting transported to the other world, he only gains the elemental alchemical magic that allows him to transmute solid materials. However, all of his other classmates are gifted with powerful abilities that they can use against the demon clan to win the battles. 

Somehow, Hajime survives the fall that his classmates plan, and he creates weapons to become stronger and better. He also meets Yue, Shia, Tio, and many more in his journey. So, how will he get his revenge against his selfish classmates? Well, to know about it, you have to watch the series. 

4. Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk

This anime is set in a world where demons are destroying the planet’s peace, but thanks to the blessings of Anu, a sky god, the demons lost all of their abilities during a specific season called Summer of Anu. This season only comes around once every few years, and the people of Uruk have been waiting for it for a long time.

They’ve taken up positions inside the tower in the hopes of reaching the upper floors, which is where all the demons reside. I think this is their best chance to take over that tower. If you like Sword Art Online, you’ll enjoy this anime because it has a lot in common with it.

To move to the next floor, you must complete multiple tasks and deal with numerous difficult scenarios. This summer season in Uruk will be filled with chaos, adventure, and much more.

The Tower of Druaga incorporates a world where, after several years, the “Summer of Anu” comes, and it takes the power of evil to its weakest. In this Anime, the dungeon aspect is quite similar to what we’ve seen in Sword Art Online.

The Dungeon has a simple working requirement. The main characters must jump through the various areas of a tower to reach the final boss and engage themselves in a fight. 

What I loved about the Tower of Druaga is that the layout of each Tower is quite exciting and posts various environments, making it quite scary yet wholesome at times. If you’re into an extreme dungeon Anime, Tower of Druaga should be your choice. 

3. Overlord

Overlord can never be ignored, no matter what type of Anime we talk about. It is the type of Anime with many aspects, but its unique dungeon theme and adventurers guild is one of the most significant aspects. In addition, Overlord incorporates the story where the most popular game called Yggdrasil ends. 

All of the game servers finally run out of resources and shut down after years of playing.

The game’s shutting down was not an issue until the game’s lord, Momonga, came to life, and we can all assume that the show is incredible, with the MC being overpowered and unbeatable.

This MMORPG was so popular that our main character, a top player, decided to remain in the game until the very end, until the very last server would disappear from the face of the Earth. However, at a specific moment, the world of this game is still there. However, the NPCs look more like humans, and no one can escape them. 

Being a Overlord unique dungeon Anime based on a light novel, our main character’s home is a literal dungeon. Momoonga becomes an undead lich king who can manipulate the dark realm of this RPG world. But, to make sure that this world is safe, Momoonga decides to play along and help his people. 

In other words, Overlord is quite an ideal title when we talk about the best Anime with Dungeons and Levels since everything needs to be explored, and the main character is quite motivated to do so. If you haven’t seen this anime already, check it out right now as the fourth overlord season is coming.

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2. Log Horizon

Log Horizon is an Anime that I think does many things better than Sword Art Online. The game is set in a fantasy world where 30,000 gamers are thrown into another world, but now they cannot log out.

One of the main characters is Shiroe, who knows everything about Log Horizon. Now, he’s pretty excited to challenge himself to move to the next level while protecting himself in this dangerous and bleak world. 

But in this world, his personality is completely different, and the reason for this is his Elder Tale experience. He is one of the game’s oldest players, and the moment he got trapped here, he started a new journey.

Shiroe took advantage of the fact that he was already aware of the game and established his new government system. He later formed a squad and together they battled many frightening opponents. How will he progress in this magical world with having some pals on his side?

Log Horizon is exceptionally underrated when we talk about the dungeon aspect. And if you’re into strategic Anime, you’ll love Shiroe, as he is an absolute mastermind when it comes to surviving in this RPG game. However, the best part about Log Horizon is its dungeon theme and how these characters move from the most significant danger and stay in a world where nothing is certain. 

1. The Dungeon of Black Company

The Dungeon of Black Company is one of the best dungeon Anime you’re ever going to see. The plot incorporates Kinji, who finally made it in his life. He has a big apartment, a substantial real estate empire, and a lot of cash, enough for his bank account to leak with the money. 

However, after a fishy magical accident, he gets reincarnated with an evil corporation into another world. In this world, money is everything, and there’s only one way to make money by working your butt off every single breath and getting the money just enough to meet your living expenses in the fantasy world. 

As most of the Anime occurs in the Dungeon, Kinji tries his best to find ways to earn more money. However, things don’t like Earth in this mysterious world. So he must find a way to swole his bank account while making no one suspicious.

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Anime with Dungeons and Levels is one of the most exciting series. These Anime are pretty typical these days as every other fantasy Anime is dungeon-themed. The one thing that these Anime teach us is that we should never lose hope no matter how dark the situation might be. And that’s about it! 

RankAnimeMAL ScoreSummary
10KonoSuba8.45Exciting and funny anime about adventures in a dungeon
9Sword Art Online7.41Gamers trapped in a virtual reality dungeon game
8Magi: Adventure of Sinbad7.85Characters explore dangerous dungeons in search of power
7Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls…7.53A goddess and a human navigate a labyrinthine dungeon
6So I’m a Spider, So What?7.48Reincarnated as a spider in a world full of dungeons
5Arifureta: From Commonplace to…6.66MC seeks revenge after being betrayed in a dungeon
4Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk7.30Adventurers face challenges in a tower dungeon
3Overlord7.93MC becomes an undead overlord in a dungeon world
2Log Horizon7.71Gamers trapped in a fantasy world, navigating dungeons
1The Dungeon of Black Company7.06MC works in a dungeon to make money in a fantasy world

That is it for our 10 best anime with Dungeons and Levels. Are you looking for some more love or comedy? Check out these two animes!

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