The 12 greatest Anime With Sword Fighting And Magic

Anime with sword fighting and magic are a treat to the eyes. Nothing can beat the fantastical elements and sword styles of anime. Watching anime characters using different sword styles along with magic is pure entertainment. So, get ready to be entertained again, as I am here to recommend some great masterpieces filled with magic and sword fighting!

12. The Ancient Magus Bride

Searching for a romantic anime with sword fighting and magic? There you go; the Ancient Magus’ Bride is a must-watch for you. The story’s main focus is the life of a teenager Chise Hitori living a life of hardships. 

Chise simply wants an escape, and it happens when Elias Ainsworth, the magus, buys her from an auction ceremony; the magus wants to make Chise his bride, so he introduces her to his world filled with magic and fantastical creatures. 

Elias is not ordinary, and his appearance says everything about him. He is a walking mystery. There is a possibility that watching this will give you Beauty And The Beast feels, so have a good watch!

11. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This is one of the darkest magical girl anime with sword fighting and magic. So, make sure to watch it only if you are courageous enough. The story begins when the two friends, Madoka and Sayaka, get the offer to become a magical girl. 

The one who gave them the offer was a mysterious cat named Kyubey. He persuaded the girls by saying he would fulfill their one wish if they answered him with a yes. A magical girl named Homura tries her best to stop the girls from entering the magical world because it is filled with darkness and suffering. 

The anime maintains perfect suspense and mystery in the first few episodes, confusing viewers. The beauty of Puella Magi is because of its suspense, so I am afraid I can’t reveal it further. Though each passing episode shows different revelations, the girls are in trouble!


10. InuYasha

InuYasha is an old masterpiece revolving around the life of Kagome, a 15-year-old girl. Her life changes entirely after she travels back and finds herself trapped with the demons. Kagome had a special jewel capable of giving immense powers to anyone who held it, which is why the demons were after her. 

Luckily, her encounter with a half-demon, InuYasha, proved fruitful, and he decided to help her. The twists begin when Kagome’s jewel ends up broken, and its pieces are scattered all over the land. InuYasha is all about magic, action, romance, and mystery. The bittersweet relationship between Kagome and InuYasha is what makes the anime spellbinding.


9. Sword Art Online

We are introduced to a world where VR technology has taken control of people’s lives, especially gamers’. The NerveGear flipped the lives of gamers upside down. They became prisoners when they put the gears on and entered the virtual world. 

It was all a plan to trap people inside the virtual world where the mastermind forced them to participate in the challenges to survive. The main hero of SAO is Kirito, and we follow his adventures in the Virtual world, where he vows to keep his morale high while befriending multiple people. Sword Art Online promises almost everything from entertainment to thrill, so enjoy it to the fullest!

8. Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado has now become one of the most famous characters in the anime world. Watching his peaceful life flipping upside down after a demon attack where all his family members are killed is one of the most emotional scenes in the anime. 

The incident tears him apart, and to top it off, watching his sister Nezuko turn into a half-demon was nothing but a bone-chilling experience for him. We follow the boy and his journey to take revenge on the demons meanwhile training himself to become the best demon slayer. 

So sword-fighting lovers can expect great battles and some overpowered characters! Don’t you think this would be fun?

7.  Record Of Grancrest War

The story begins, and we are introduced to the land of Atlantan, where a marriage ceremony occurs between the members of two different nations to make peace. Unfortunately, the ceremony is stopped in the middle by the entry of an evil lord of Diabolos. 

The evil lord wreaked havoc and destruction meanwhile taking the lives of innocent people. On the other hand, we see the entry of a mage named Siluca traveling for study purposes. On her way, some soldiers attack her, but luckily, she is saved in time by a warrior named Theo Corno. 

Theo wasn’t an ordinary man but a man with a magical crest holding the power to stop the chaos. The duo decides to accompany each other on a journey to bring peace to the chaotic land. 

best Anime With Sword Fighting And Magic

6. The Fate/ Stay Night 

Shirou is our protagonist, and we follow his tragic and tough life. His life changes completely after becoming an orphan. He is adopted by Kiritsugu, who treats him like his son and teaches him magic. After he returns to God, leaving him alone in the world, Shirou’s life changes for the worse. 

A sudden attack from people with supernatural abilities left him in surprise. In a moment of hurry, to protect himself, he ended up summoning his servant, aka the superhuman with powers. The incident proved life-changing for him as soon after, he was forced to participate in a war between the seven servants and their summoners. 

The war was being fought to achieve the Holy Grail. You can expect a lot of fantastical elements and fighting scenes, which makes it one of the most entertaining anime with sword fighting and magic. 

5. Fairy Tail

It’s impossible and unfair to not add Fairy Tail to the list of anime with sword fighting and magic. The story begins, and we see the gorgeous Lucy Heartfillia struggling to achieve her dream of joining Fairy Tail, the best Wizard Guild. 

Her encounter with Natsu, the main lead, proves fruitful, introducing her to her dream place. The story progresses, and we see the duo making strong bonds with the other members of the guild. Not gonna lie; each member is entertaining enough to have their own anime! 

Fairy Tail does have the usual tropes and cliche elements like it’s all about the good fighting the bad, but overall, it’s worth watching. There is sorcery, action, sword fighting and comedy, do you want something else?

4. Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas is one of the most feared deadly sins from the rest of the 6 sins. They are feared but are very kind and only want the good for people. Unfortunately, people consider them rebels and believe that the actual villains, knights, are their saviors. 

After a particular incident, the sins after being labeled as rebels took their own separate paths and never met for years. They are again forced to come together when Elizabeth requests Meliodas to help her save her kingdom. 

Their adventure begins, and they find each sin to join them. Meanwhile, SDS introduces some villains, and great fights occur between the heroes and villains. Meliodas holds demon powers, and his sword has its own mystery. You will be thrilled watching Meliodas lose control of his powers and going OP straight! Enjoy!

Deadly sins

3. Bleach

Bleach is a perfect watch if you are in search of anime with sword fighting and magic. Almost all the characters in Bleach use a sword, and trust me, watching them in action will give you goosebumps. It is labeled as one of the big threes, and that’s not for just random reasons! We follow Ichigo Kurosaki’s life which changes suddenly after the attack of Hollows. 

There are shinigami who have been assigned duties to take care of these monsters to protect the world. That time Rukia was responsible for fighting them off. Unfortunately, she was in a state where she couldn’t fight anymore. 

Therefore, she broke the rules, transferred her powers to Ichigo, and made him a substitute shinigami. We see Ichigo wielding his sword to fight the hollows; meanwhile, with time, we see Ichigo’s shinigami powers developing. 

He was not an ordinary kid from the beginning, and watching him getting overpowered daily is the best part of the anime. His friend Orihime has magic powers, all thanks to him; apart from that, you’ll be amazed to see the power system described in Bleach! Get satisfied because this is the best anime with sword fighting and magic. 

2. Black Clover

Asta’s world is filled with wizards and mages, and our boy wants to become the best wizard. However, have you ever seen someone become a wizard despite lacking magic powers? Don’t worry because you are going to see that in Black Clover. 

Asta’s friend Yuno has remarkable magic abilities, and he is considered a hero already, unlike Asta. Our boy considers Yuno a friend and a rival. The story becomes interesting when Asta gets a magic grimoire, and we learn that he thought he didn’t have magic but had Anti-Magic!!! 

That’s when the story continues to intrigue the viewers as Asta becomes stronger day by day, defeating top-class opponents. Meanwhile, his five-leaf grimoire is a mystery, adding even more charm and suspense to the show! Don’t miss Black Clover if you want to watch a great anime with sword fighting and magic. 


1. Berserk

Berserk is not only a top manga but also a fantastic anime. It has everything a viewer wants to see in the anime: gore to violence, magic to romance, action to fantasy; you will find everything in it. We follow the life of Guts, a strong and fearless warrior who faces the darkness of the world with courage. 

His backstory is thrilling, which is why we see him as a warrior. After getting trained as a mercenary, he joins the group of Griffith, who finds him interesting. At first, they don’t enjoy a good relationship, but they become good friends with time. 

The plot is intricate; one thing leads to the other, and they go from companions to foes. The anime becomes a revenge-focused plot while Guts is seen fighting off his inner demons along with the outer ones! Berserk is one of the most complex stories, and that’s also the reason why we enjoy watching it the most. 


How many anime with sword fighting and magic have you watched so far? Name them below in the comment section, and let’s discuss their characters and the best action sequences. It will be fun!