The 12 Best Fantasy Anime For Adults

Fantasy is the best genre, and it fits best with almost every genre. No matter if you are watching shoujo, shounen, comedy or whatever, adding fantasy to them will bring you more fun and entertainment. Today I will recommend some similar entertainment filled and the best fantasy anime for adults.

12. Sword Art Online

The release of NerveGear (a technology) changed the way of living in the world. It introduced an advanced virtual world. Apparently, nothing can make gamers happier than the Nervegear. Unfortunately, this happiness was for a short time. As soon as the player logged in, they became the prisoners of the game world. 

Now no matter how much they try, they will not be able to get back until and unless they win. And this is the bigger PROBLEM! Winning isn’t a piece of the case, as the game involves life-threatening challenges that can cost one’s life and a lot more. 

In SAO, we follow Kazuto, aka Kirito, the main character. The courageous guy begins his journey in the game world and starts by making a team of friends. Sword Art Online offers almost everything from action to fantasy and adventure to romance! I couldn’t resist recommending this best fantasy anime for adults!

Best Fantasy Anime For Adults

11. Naruto

If you are new to the anime world, let me tell you that NARUTO is one of the big three! You can miss another anime but not anyone from the big three. It follows a young, mischievous, naughty kid, Naruto, who is a loner deep down and heartbroken because of society’s poor treatment towards him.

The cute Naruto doesn’t lose hope and eventually meets worthy friends and mentors. As a ninja, he starts weak but becomes OP over time. He makes many friends, rivals, and foes, but the boy makes sure to change everyone’s perspectives. 

Naruto has massive and mind-blowing battles, unbelievably OP characters, and thrilling plot twists! Naruto is indeed the best fantasy anime for adults. 

10. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is a pretty new entry in the anime world, and what an ENTRY! Demon Slayer’s first episode was enough to create a windstorm in the anime and otaku worlds. The animation, the emotions, the characters and the story everything is lit. 

Tanjiro Kamado is a hardworking and passionate boy who loses his family in a demon attack in the very first episode. The incident leaves him heartbroken as no one is alive except his sister Nezuko who was turned into a half-demon. 

The incident initiated the fire of revenge and rage inside Tanjiro, and he soon started training to be a demon slayer. Tanjiro’s training arc and then watching him battling against some crazy demons will give you thrills. Do not miss this masterpiece if you want to watch Shounen Fantasy with incredible action sequences!

Fantasy Anime For Adults

9. Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken was an innocent child who experienced the worst on his date with Rize. The girl turned out to be a flesh-eating ghoul whose attack on Ken changed his life in the worst way possible. 

Ken opened his eyes, learning that the incident snatched his humanity from him, and now he is a half-ghoul. He soon enters the ghoul society and learns about their way of living. Adjusting to the ghoul life was no less than a nightmare. 

Tokyo Ghoul has beautifully worked on the character development of Ken, and watching him go from a kind-hearted guy to a cold-hearted man is worth applause!

8. Hunter X Hunter

The lives of hunters are never easy, as they have to face life-threatening scenarios to hunt monsters and find hidden treasures. Yet, hunting life’s dangers excites some people; among them is our MC Gon Freecs. 

Being the son of a renowned hunter and getting inspired by him, no one can stop him from being a hunter. Therefore, the boy decides to take the hunting exam, despite knowing that not everyone returns alive from the examination center. 

During the examination, he befriends multiple candidates who share the same interest as him and those who decide to accompany him on the journey of danger! Apart from being the best fantasy anime for adults, HXH is the anime with the best characters, plot, and action!

7. Bleach

I hope we are familiar with this masterpiece, as it is one of the best shounen anime of all time. Bleach follows the life of Ichigo Kurosaki, an average student. He lives in a world where humans are usually attacked by cursed spirits, and Soul Reapers are on duty to fight off these spirits. 

When one of the spirits attacked his family and the soul reaper, Rukia was not in the state to fight; she had no choice except to make Ichigo a substitute shinigami. The incident changed Ichigo’s life forever.

We follow Ichigo fighting off the hollows with his loyal friends meanwhile unveiling the mysteries of the Soul world and his hidden powers! The action, fantastical elements, characters, and OP battles will push you toward the edge of your seats!

6. The Devil Is A Part Timer

Demon Lord Satan is just like an ordinary devil who dreams of ruling the world. A war broke out between the humans and demons, but contrary to Satan’s expectations, he lost the battle and was forced to leave the world through a portal. 

Satan opened his eyes to an unpredictable situation. He was now in a world where there was no concept of magic, and his magic powers were fading away. Without his magic powers, he found himself helpless and had no way except to start working as an average man to earn bread. 

When Satan started adjusting to the new life, he became a good person who could feel the pain of others. Soon when he felt happy with his life, the hero from his world followed him here to kill him. And this was just the beginning of Satan’s troublesome life!

part timer lord

5. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is one of those anime that manga lovers were waiting to watch on screen. To top it off, the anime proved to be record-breaking as well. The story follows Denji, a boy who lives a messed up life under his late father’s debt. 

He works for the Yakuza by hunting devils to pay off the debt. Denji wanted to live a simple ordinary life, but unfortunately, life didn’t want the same for him. He soon experiences the worst form of betrayal from the Yakuza that costs his life.

Lucky for him, he had his devil pet Pochita by his side, who sacrificed his life to bring him back to life. Though Denji came back to life, this time, he was not a HUMAN but a CHAINSAW MAN! Soon, he gets the offer from the devil hunter Makima to join her, which is just the start of his deadly dangerous journey!

4. The Ancient Magus Bride

For lovers of romantic fantasies, The Ancient Magus’ Bride is the best watch. Chise Hitori is a teenager who lives a pitiful life no less than a slave. All she wants is freedom, which is only possible if she is sold to a good buyer.

During the auction, Elias Ainsworth, the magus, buys him and decides to marry her. He introduces her to his world of magic, which is a straight out-of-a-fairytale experience for Chise and the viewers. 

There sure is romance and love story, but more than that is DRAMA! So it might require a lot of patience if you are into romance, but it sure is worth watching!


3. InuYasha

Kagome’s life takes an unpredictable turn after her 15th birthday when she gets teleported hundreds of years back in the past. Soon after opening her eyes, she finds herself as the target of countless demons. 

It is revealed that the demons are not after her but actually after a jewel she has right with her. If one gets hold of the jewel, it can grant one incredible power. Amidst the chaos and confusion, the girl encounters the male protagonist, InuYasha (a half-demon). 

At first, he despises her because she resembles a lady, but later, he agrees to help her. The problem begins when the jewels are shattered into pieces over the land. Now they must do anything to collect all the pieces before anyone else! InuYasha is believed to be the best fantasy anime for adults, especially for those who like watching old masterpieces!

2. Blue Exorcist

We are introduced to the demon and human dimensions. No one can cross the dimensions easily, but demons have found a way. Demons can only enter the human world if they possess a human. 

The Demon Lord Satan wishes to enter the human world but fails to find a suitable human for possession. He sends his son Rin Okamura to the human world to make his plans successful. Rin grows up as a kind man who can do anything to protect his beloved human world. 

After learning that a demon wishes to cause harm to the human world, he trains harder to become an exorcist. To cut a long story short, in Blue Exorcist, we see the rivalry between a father and a son!

1. Kamisama Kiss

Want to watch a romantic fantasy anime filled with comedy? Don’t miss the chance to watch Kamisama Kiss. Nanami is our beautiful female lead in search of shelter to survive. His father’s huge debts have made her life a living hell. 

One incident changed her life, and that was when she saved a man from a dog. The man was impressed with her courage and helped her by giving her a place to live. Nanami was happy that she found a place to live, but the happiness period was short as she soon realized that the place was a shrine filled with spirits. Guess what? The man was a GOD! 

Now Nanami is not an ordinary girl but a substitute God who should work day and night solving people’s problems while adjusting to her new life! The romantic comedy begins with the entry of the fox familiar who would do anything but not accept Nanami as her boss. On the other hand, Nanami knows how to make people follow her orders!

kamisama kiss


This is all about the best fantasy anime for adults. Some of them are filled with violence, bloodshed and gore, so watch them with a brave heart!