The 10 best Anime With Magic And Romance

People who love watching romance fantasies generally are in search of anime with magic and romance. The combination of magic and romance feels straight out of a fairytale. All these anime flood the viewers with emotions, entertainment, and much more. So, let’s dive into the magical world of anime!

10. Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero

Akatsuki Ousawa is the male lead whose life starts a new chapter when he returns to his world after defeating the demon lord of a different world. Soon after his arrival, he enrolls in an academy, and the viewers are entertained seeing the students battling against each other. 

The story’s highlight is the relationship between him and the demon lord’s daughter Miu.She also enters the human world and enrolls in the same academy to train in magic and stuff. Watching the Rogue hero in action makes it amusing for the audience. Traveling to different worlds and returning isn’t rare in the Akatsuki world. There is much more to the story, so start watching it now.

best Anime With Magic And Romance

9. Akatsuki No Yona

Yona’s life gets messed up when her lover murders her father and decides to give her a tough time. Her bodyguard and friend Hak come to her help, and they hide themselves in Hak’s village. Soon they learn from a priest that dragon warriors can help them solve their issues. 

Therefore the two of them start their journey in search of the warriors. Each warrior has a specific power. With the story’s progress, we learn about Yona’s importance and link to the dragons. There is the element of magic, but it’s not the anime’s main focus. 

Otherwise, watching Yona getting back to life after the biggest shock of her life and her improving relationship with Hak is simply a treat to the eyes. If you love anime with magic and romance, please don’t miss this one. Another good news is that you can also read manga for entertainment. 

8. Inuyasha

Though the characters don’t use magic, they have superhuman abilities and strengths. So, I hope InuYasha will entertain you through and through. Kagome’s 15th birthday changed everything in her life. 

She was pulled into a different timeline 500 years before in the past. It was the time when demons used to wander from place to place, and the girl had a special jewel that attracted them to her. 

The entry of Inuyasha, a half-demon, proved fruitful for Kagome as he protected her from the demons. Their relationship wasn’t good from the start, as it was a love-hate relationship. Watching them fight demons using their abilities and staying behind each other is amazing! Since superhuman strengths and abilities give the same feeling as magic, it’s safe to call InuYasha the best anime with magic and romance. 

kamisama kiss

7. Kamisama Kiss

This is the perfect romantic comedy, and you’ll enjoy the story of Nanami, a shelterless girl. Her life becomes a mess when her father gets indebted, and life forces her out on the roads. Mourning her luck and life, she sees a man in trouble, and she helps him without a second thought. 

Flooded with emotions, she explains her situation to him, and the man sends her to a specific address to help her. After reaching the given address, Shelterless Nanami realizes that the place is a shrine full of spirits and that the man who helped her was a god. Isn’t it surprising? 

Now Nanami must live there and perform her duties as a substitute god, all thanks to the man! However, performing duties as a god is not easy, and Nanami soon finds herself in trouble again. 

The romance part begins with the entry of her fox familiar, who didn’t like the human serving as a god. Watching their love-hate relationship will pull you towards the edge of your seats! Enjoy!

6. Yamada Kun And The Seven Witches

Ryu Yamada is the center of the story and enjoys the reputation of a delinquent in school. He was living a boring life, but all his monotony ended when he accidentally kissed a girl. Wait, the shocking thing has yet to come! 

Kissing a girl out of nowhere wasn’t a big deal, but kissing enabling the duo to switch their bodies was unbelievable. With time, the plot engages the audience by introducing seven other characters who can relate to their experience. 

Later we see the main characters using their abilities to unravel the mystery and twists, which ultimately makes the story compelling. The magic, romance, comedy, and suspense make this already beautiful anime even more beautiful. It enjoys a good rating on MyAnimeList, so I would suggest you binge-watch this!

5. Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo introduces us to the unique idea of using souls as weapons. Koryo Academy trains people to master their powers. Tor, the main character, joins the academy, where different matches are conducted between students. The academy has a rule that each should form a pair (duo) with the other. 

He partners with Julie, and the story continues by highlighting their bond; the duo practices together and helps each other become the best version of themselves. Not everyone can be the Absolute Duo, and we see the duo of Julie and Tor attaining this title. 

The story is not that simple; both the main leads are training to be powerful enough to avenge their loved ones’ deaths. Besides just action and magic, many things will keep you glued to the last episode.


4. Mushoku Tensei

Though the romance element is not the main focus of Mushoku Tensei. However, at the end of the first season, we see some romantic moments between the main characters. We follow a cute little boy Rudeus Greyrat, the reincarnation of an old man from a different world. Rudeus is apparently a kid but has all the memories of his past life intact. Therefore, he is mature and experienced. 

Rudeus starts making use of his past knowledge to excel in this new life by practicing magic at an early age. He grabbed his parents’ attention, and they arranged a tutor for him. The boy started his journey of learning magical skills, and he was ready at the age of 15. 

At first, the viewers are entertained by the chemistry between Rudeus and multiple characters. Those who like the main character romancing different females should watch Mushoku Tensei. You can also read its manga after watching the released anime seasons.

3. A Certain Magical Index

Toma Kamijou is the main character who is blessed with a unique and different ability to negate other abilities. Though he ranks the lowest in terms of powers, it’s solely because no one realizes how overpowered he is. 

His life takes an unimaginable turn with the entry of a mysterious girl named Index. The girl claimed to have memorized all the forbidden grimoires, which is why many people want to gain control over her. 

Toma decides to help Index, but it isn’t easy, as different OP villains are now after them. You’ll not only enjoy magic and romance but a good amount of action and mystery as well. It beautifully enlightens the greed for power and how far people can go to achieve it. Watching the main characters overcome their everyday challenges spellbinds the audience to the story.

familiar of zero

2. The Familiar Of Zero

We are introduced to Louise, the gorgeous female lead struggling to make her name in the world of magic. Teaching magic skills is common, and those students who can’t perform magic are bullied. 

Unfortunately, Louise was a weak student, and receiving humiliation was normal. However, a summoning ritual changed her life. Where everyone was expecting the ritual to be a complete disaster, she summoned Saito Hiraga from Japan. 

The plot then highlights the problematic life of Saito in the new world and how he manages to adjust to this new life despite all the odds. Afterwards, we get to see the chemistry between the leads; trust me, it’s worth watching! There is not only magic and romance but comedy, action, adventure, and a lot more packed into one!

1. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

This is the best recommendation one could give, keeping in mind the anime with magic and romance. Chise Hitori is the female lead, and we follow her journey to the world of magic. She was living a messed up life filled with suffering and sorrows till the moment she was sold to Elias Ainsworth (Magus). 

He introduces her to his world of magic, and trust me, it gives straight out of a fairytale experience to both Chise and the viewers. Her life in the new world wasn’t easy. In fact, the ups and downs remained a part of her life. 

Watching her bond strengthening with Elias is worth watching. The Ancient Magus’ Bride is for all lovers of romance fantasies who want to experience enchantment and the charm of magic! It enjoys love from otaku around the globe, especially shoujo lovers. 


I sincerely hope that you found the best anime with magic and romance. All of them have romance, some have romance as their major focus, and some don’t. Give them all a watch, and return later to share your views on the anime.