The 16 Best Magic Anime With OP MC List

Watching magic anime with OP MC provides another level of entertainment. Viewers love it because the main character’s powers are unlimited, which is always intriguing to watch.

Above all, the element of magic and fantasy simply makes everything extra charming. So, let’s get to the point and begin with our list of magic anime where the main character is overpowered enough to pull you toward the edge of your seat!

16. Magical Girl Site

The Magical Girl Site anime introduces us to a cute girl named Aya Asagiri. She is living a messed up and hopeless life, always thinking of ending her life. His brother has made her life miserable, and she finds no escape except death. 

Things surprisingly change for her when she sees a website offering to give her magical powers. Of course, this was not something to believe, so she completely ignored the website and the offer. However, the very next day, she found a magical gun in her locker and took it with her. 

Best Magic Anime With OP MC

While she was confused about the strange events, some bullies started teasing her, and that’s when she ended up shooting them with the same gun. The gun was actually magical, and it took the bully’s life by transporting them to a different place. In this confusing and troublesome time, she meets Yatsumura, her classmate. 

The girl reveals herself as a magic user trying to unveil the mystery behind the website. The anime has horror and supernatural elements, which makes it interesting. The entry of other magical girls simply makes the anime worth watching. 

15. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka and Sayaka were best friends living a comfortable and happy life. Their peaceful life gets messed up when a talking cat presents them with an offer to be a magical girl. The cat ( Kyubey) was more interested in Madoka because he believed she had more potential. 

Kyubey persuaded them to accept his offer as, in return, he would fulfill their one wish. Before the girls can give him any answer, Homura, the new transfer student, tries her best to stop them. She later reveals her identity as a magical girl and reveals to the girl about its consequences. 

The first few episodes are full of mystery, and one doesn’t get an idea of what is happening; however, the twist begins to unfold after a few episodes. Sayaka falls prey to Kyuubey’s persuasion and agrees to be a magical girl

That’s when the anime starts getting intriguing and mysterious. It’s an anime full of mystery, and I am good to not give you a spoiler. Therefore, I will recommend you to watch this great anime. Don’t mistake this one as a fairy tale or lighthearted anime; it’s very dark and mysterious!

Magic Anime With OP MC

14. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

This is for everyone who enjoys game-themed, especially MMORPG-themed anime. Demon King Diablo, the online game’s character, is played by Takuma Sakamoto. The boy enjoys a good reputation in the online world of gaming, but in reality, he has zero social skills.

One day an unpredictable thing happens; guess what? He finds himself in the game world in the form of Diablo. He learns that his entry into this world is because of a summoning ritual that two girls performed. The girls wanted help from him; therefore, they decided to cast a spell to make the boy their slave. 

Things become interesting when they learn that their spell results in them being his slaves instead. The How Not To Summon A Demon Lord later follows the trio’s journey in the world, unveiling new mysteries and twists. Investing your time in this anime won’t be a regret, trust me!

13. Akashic Record Of Bastard Magic Instructor

Akashic Record Of Bastard Magic Instructor introduces us to Alzano Magic Academy, home to many students learning to hone their magical skills. Sistine and Rumia are best friends who share the dream of becoming skilled magicians. Their lives take an unexpected turn with the entry of Gen Radars in the place of their favorite magic instructor. 

Glen is a teenager whose weird personality and laziness are problematic for the students. The anime highlights the student-teacher relationship while emphasizing Glen’s magical skills and strengths. Not gonna lie, the anime does have cliche and usual tropes, but it’s worth watching. 

Watch a few episodes, and you’ll learn that Akashic Record Of Bastard Magic Instructor has a good plot and likable characters. Watching a student-teacher relationship was a more fun and exciting experience for me, so I expect the same from you.


12. So I Am A Spider, So What?

I am sure you got the idea of the anime from its name, right? Well, YES, the So I Am A Spider, So What? anime is about a girl turned spider in a new world. Where everyone was powerful and blessed with some good abilities, she was shocked at being a spider. 

The fact that she accepted reality and vowed to become stronger is heart-wrenching. Luckily, the world was based on an RPG system; the more you defeat the monsters, the more you’ll increase your level. The spider girl, aka Kumoko, started her journey of leveling up by defeating the monsters, and it’s super fun watching her becoming overpowered. 

This one has some cliche and usual tropes, but it’s better than average isekai anime. Following the cutest spider in her journey of facing challenges, trying different ways to survive and becoming the best version of herself makes the anime interesting.

11. Demon King Daimao

You wanna laugh watching magic anime with OP MC? Watch Demon King Daimao. Akuto Sai is the story’s main focus; he dreams of seeing the world as peaceful. Unfortunately, after a prophecy revealing that he will be the demon king, things take an unpredictable turn. 

The funny thing is everyone started fearing him, and even his closest friends feared showing their faith in him. No matter how much he tries to prove the prophecy wrong, life is all set to bombard him with misfortunes and challenges. 

The anime is full of comedy, and it’s amusing seeing Akuto exploring his powers and strength while adjusting to the harem of girls dreaming of being with him. This is a complete package, and one finds almost everything in it.

10. A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index introduces us to an advanced city in Japan where people are trained to develop their psychic abilities. Touma Kmaijou has the weakest rank compared to other students learning to hone their skills. Despite having the lowest level, he has a special power of negating all other powers, which makes him unique. 

With time, the anime sheds light on Touma’s powers and strength. After his encounter with a girl who has memorized the forbidden grimoires, his life takes a new turn. Different organizations and evil minds are trying to capture the girl, and our boy decides to protect her at all costs. The plot, action, and science-fiction elements are good, so there are 95% chances that you’ll enjoy it.

Best Magic Anime With OP MC list

9. Little Witch Academia

In Little Witch Academia, Akko, the main character, isn’t OP from the beginning. In fact, the anime is about her journey of becoming stronger. Akko is inspired by her idol and wants to become a witch just like her. Her passion for becoming a witch is so strong that she becomes one, despite lacking a magical background.

The girl soon joins a magical academy to train herself, and in the academy, her tough time begins. She faces ups and downs daily, but one thing remains constant, she doesn’t lose hope. Akko can’t tolerate herself as weaker than others, and that’s why it’s absolutely fun watching her level up. 

Watching this one gave me nostalgia as the character design and idea were similar to the anime movies of the early 2000s. So if you are looking for fantasy, adventure, and comedy that can make you nostalgic, this is the best!

8. Brave 10

The story begins with Isanami, a young priestess who runs to escape fearing being slaughtered by a group of evil people. On her way, she meets Saizou Kirigakure, who helps her. The duo accompany each other to find Yukimura Sanada to seek help. 

Sanada is the feudal lord of Ueda Castle, which is why he could help them. The story continues, and we learn that Isanami isn’t an ordinary priestess but possesses unique abilities. As the name suggests, we follow Isanami and Saizou in search of ten brave warriors to accomplish a mission. 

It’s absolutely fun to watch the duo gathering the warriors. The plus point is that this is the best magic anime with OP MC if you enjoy watching ninja fights and some great action!

7. The Familiar Of Zero 

Louise was living a messed-up life because of her poor magical abilities. Her lack of good skills earned her disrespect from her mates. One incident changed her life: when she performed a summoning ritual. 

Apparently, her ritual was a disaster, but soon everyone gets shocked when Saito Hiraga appears. At first, everyone thinks of the boy as weak and ordinary. Saito lives a tough life adjusting to the new world and coping with Louise. 

However, things turn interesting when a connection between Saito and a powerful familiar Gandalf is found. The comedy, fantasy, magic, and isekai make this one special and more interesting than the others.

demon king academy misfit

6. The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

The main character of The Misfit Of Demon King Academy is one hell of overpowered! Anos Voldigoad is the center of the story, and he is so powerful that his one snap can turn things upside down. The anime introduces us to a scenario where humanity is engaged in a war against demons. 

To bring peace and put an end to the chaos, Anos decided to end his life only to be born again in a different era. Now the time has come, he is reborn in a peaceful world. Opposite to his expectations, he realizes people have misconceptions about his true identity. 

To top it off, he stands in front of people, but they don’t seem to recognize him. Well, it’s super fun watching him make people recognize him. We follow Anos unveiling the mysteries, surprising everyone on and off the screen with his massive power system. If you are someone who likes watching school-themed magic anime with OP MC, then this is the right pick!

5. Arifureta: From Common Place To World’s Strongest

Are you in search of adventure, fantasy, action, and thrill? My friend, just watch Arifureta! Hajime Nakumo is our main character who starts weak but becomes OP eventually. So, it’s all about his journey of exploring his true self and becoming stronger than ever. 

Along with his classmates, he was summoned to a world where almost everyone got some skills and abilities. Though he also gets one, it was a transmutation skill that was apparently the weakest of all the abilities. The story continues when there comes a time when our MC faces the worst-case scenario, i.e., one of his classmates betrays him and throws him into the darkness of the abyss. 

This was the turning point of the boy’s life, and the challenges he faced in the abyss made him stronger. He vowed to not give up and try his best to survive, eventually discovering his hidden potential. In the abyss, he meets other characters struggling to find a way out. The anime is great for those who enjoy action fantasy and magic anime with OP MC.

mushoku tensei anime

4. Mushoku Tensei

In this one, we follow Rudeus Greyrat, who is apparently a kid. In reality, he is the reincarnation of a 34-year-old man. In this new life, Rudeus has everything he lacked in his previous life. While exploring the world, he is intrigued to learn magic. 

Earlier in his life, he started surprising his parents with the unbelievable magic skills he learned from a book. His parents were impressed by his talents. Therefore, they hired a tutor, and Rudeus began his magical journey.

It didn’t take long for him to get the title of magic prodigy. The entry of some characters and their bonds with the boy made the show full of entertainment. Well, the story is incomplete and boring without some OP villains, right? Therefore, the entry of some mysterious characters adds charm to the plot, and that’s when one finds oneself glued to the anime!

3. The Devil Is A Part Timer

The anime begins with introducing Demon Lord Satan, vowing to take over the world by initiating a war with humans. Things went out of his expectations when a hero of humanity stopped the demon army, forcing the demon lord out of their world through a portal. 

Satan learns that he is now in an anti-magic world, and no matter how overpowered he is, he can’t use his powers. Imagine the demon lord without any powers in a world where people don’t believe in magic and consider him an imposter! Hilarious it is, isn’t it? 

Having no other way to survive, Satan changes his identity and starts working as a part-timer to earn bread. The anime is comedic, and there will be moments when you’ll burst into laughter. The plot becomes even more engaging when we learn that the hero is following him to teach him a lesson! 

2. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Naofumi, an ordinary student’s life changes when he finds himself in a world similar to an RPG. The Kingdom of Melromarc was in trouble, and it needed some heroes. Therefore, to help save the kingdom, Naofumi and three more people were summoned and asked to perform their duties as a savior. 

He was given the Shield, whereas the rest were given a Spear, Bow and Sword. Everyone lost hope in Naofumi and started humiliating him because they thought the shield hero was useless. Naofumi’s time in the new world was full of challenges. 

He suffered emotional and physical damage. After a lot of drama and frustrating events, the anime finally starts working in favor of our boy, and we see him getting stronger day by day. It’s one of the most popular fantasy, isekai, and magic anime with OP MC. 

anime with op mc and magic

1. Black Clover

Asta is a passionate and ambitious boy who dreams of being a great wizard. Well, the only problem is he doesn’t have “mana”. In a world where magic powers are common, he lacks them, which in turn gives him humiliation from the world. 

Asta, however, doesn’t lose hope and decides to go for his dream. His will was so strong that he eventually acquired a five-leaf grimoire (a magic book). Later, in the anime, we learn that Asta wasn’t an ordinary boy without powers; instead, he possessed anti-magic. Isn’t that great? 

The story continues, and Asta explores his powers and abilities while fighting the strongest opponents. His friend Yuno is a prodigy who also shares the same dream with him, and both friends are a source of motivation for each other. Black Clover’s action magic sequences, characters, story, and power system are worth admiring.


My sweet friends, what are your thoughts on this list of best magic anime with OP MC? I bet we are familiar with popular anime, but this list contains a mix of underrated and famous anime. I had fun watching them, and I believe you’ll like them too. Enlighten me with your good and bad experiences watching them!