Top 10 Magic School Anime With A Male Lead

School anime are always on the top list for multiple reasons, but magic school anime with a male lead is a blessing to watch. The reasons are simple; it gives unending entertainment. Besides, it’s always fun to see our dreams come to reality. 

I can bet we all must have dreamt once of having magical powers and getting enrolled in a prestigious magical academy just like Harry Potter! Am I right, or Am I right? (XD), so let’s begin our list of magic school anime with a Male lead.

10. Absolute Duo

Okay, buddies, if you are looking for suspense, thrill, unordinary powers, and above all, a handsome MC, then you are at the right place. Absolute Duo is one fantastic anime that spellbinds the viewers right from the beginning. As one can guess from the name, the plot focuses on the story of a duo. Our handsome male lead, and Julie, our powerful female protagonist.

The story begins with Tor joining a magical academy where soon they were asked by the higher-ups to have a battle with the person next to them. I know it sounds fun ­but it’s just the beginning. Next, we see some action where we are introduced to everyone’s blazes. Don’t rack your brains; blaze is a soul weapon. 

Magic School Anime With A Male Lead

Yes, it is a world where people can use their souls as a weapon, which makes this anime different from the rest. Our male lead instantly gets popular after showcasing his blaze; guess why? Because he had a very exceptional weapon, unlike an offensive weapon, his blaze was a shield. So, if you guys think that one can do nothing with a shield as a weapon, then my lord, you are wrong.

Absolute Duo has almost everything one can dream of; the chemistry between Toru and Julie is worth watching. And did I tell you why this anime was named Absolute Duo? The school has a rule of creating pairs who fight, eat, and practice together. So, luckily, our boy gets paired up with Julie. Okay, revealing more about the story might be a spoiler, so, I am sure, you now know that Absolute Duo is the ideal magic school anime with a male lead.

9. Demon King Daimao

Life is no fun without twists and turns. Correct me if I am wrong (XD). This anime highlights the life of Akuto Sai, the attractive MC who vows to change the world. As we know that it is a magic school anime, the entertaining part begins when our MC joins a magic academy. But, contrary to his thoughts, life bombards him with misfortunes and disasters. 

In a prophecy, it’s revealed that Akuto will be the demon king, which means the bringer of chaos and destruction. But oh no! Our boy had a dream to protect the world, which still is the same. After the prophecy, his life started becoming difficult. So, of course, no one wanted to befriend our OP MC. Amidst all this, he struggles to let the people believe his innocence, but it’s not that easy. Apart from his continuous struggles, this anime offers much more.

If you enjoy this anime, you are going to love anime where the MC is a reincarnated Demon Lord! Back to the anime: So you gotta buckle up because you are in for a full-on enjoyment period. Moreover, if you were looking for a magic school anime with an OP MC, this is it, guys!

Magic School Anime With A Male Lead recommendations

8. My Hero Academia

Let’s be honest, the anime does not name the powers as magic, but they call it a quirk. So, one can say that you will have the same fun as you expected to have in a magic anime. However, mainly this anime is considered in the magic category. Besides, it’s one of the best anime, so you won’t bore yourself. If you enjoy All Might, then you are definitely a fan of anime where the MC is stronger than everyone. 

So, the story begins in a world where everyone is born with powers known as quirks. The ones who don’t have any quirks are considered weaklings or disabled. The intriguing part is that our MC Izuku Midriya is unfortunately born quirk less. Adding to his miseries and a little pinch for our poor hearts, our Izuku wants to be like his idol, All Might. But we all know it’s impossible for one who lacks basic powers. As we all know, if a hero gives up easily, he is not a hero. 

Therefore, watching our boys run into disasters to save people’s lives without a second thought is fun. After seeing Izuku risking his life, All Might decides to make this kid his successor. He passes on his quirk named One For All to our beloved Izuku. However, gaining this distinctive quirk wasn’t easy, and our boy struggled for more than six months. 

In school, all the students are taught ways to sharpen their skills. But, after getting his new powers, a new challenge awaits him as it becomes tougher for him to handle this remarkable power. 

failed knight chivalery

7. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

If you already loved Absolute Duo and want more magic school anime like it, then watch Chivalry of a Failed Knights. The story is 90% the same; they also use soul as a weapon and call it blazers. The main difference is the characters and their development through the anime. Ikki Kurogane is the MC who is often humiliated as a failed Knight as he lacks the basic magic skills. 

Things begin to heat up when the school makes it compulsory for students to form pairs. Luckily or not, our weakest student teams up with princess Stella. Unlike our hero, she is extremely talented when it comes to magic. However, they don’t start on a good note because of unintentionally awkward moments between the two. 

So, if you want comedy, drama, magic, action, love, romance, and do you want more? No worries, be glad this short anime offers much more. I am sure you won’t bore yourself watching the students sharpening their magical abilities accompanied by entertaining events. 

6. Mahou Sensei Negima

A cute male lead in a magical academy; wouldn’t that be a perfect combination? Mahou Sensei highlights the life of a 10-year-old kid named Negi, a wizard. Yes, you heard it right. This cute little kid is not so little when it comes to powers. However, he is one step behind in becoming a master wizard. Achieving this title ain’t easy, and to be a wizard master, he has to complete a task. The task requires him to be an English teacher in a girls’ school. 

Things become interesting and a bit troublesome for our MC, and he ends up being disliked by a girl named Asuna. Apart from her, almost everyone adored their young master. This anime touches almost all genres, from comedy to drama and fantasy. With all the girls carrying secrets all the time, this story isn’t as simple as you think. Some are ghosts, some are swordswomen, and some are vampires. Sounds intriguing, right? 

Additionally, this anime is pretty old, so it might feel nostalgic to watch it. However, it will make you feel the same emotions that you used to experience as a kid watching anime. You might also like light novels like jobless reincarnation if you want a similar but more modern feel. 

best Magic School Anime With A Male Lead

5. A Certain Magical Index

We all love the MCs who risk their lives to save others, don’t we? A certain magical index tells the story of the same hero who never thinks twice about protecting others. Hence, you will often see him getting involved in trouble. Get ready to experience goosebumps because our hero has got some amazing powers. Touma has the power to negate almost all kinds of powers. Ain’t it amazing?

The story becomes much more exciting after our boy meets a girl who has learned 103,000 magic books, aka grimoires. Of course, she is a gem of a person; therefore, many evil ones want to capture her. When Touma meets her, he tries his best to help the girl. This anime has a different vibe. The music adds even more thrill to the story.

Check out light novels like grimgar of fantasy and Ash too if you enjoyed this one, I am sure you will enjoy it! 

4. Akashic Records Of Bastard Magic Instructor

Not to say, but Mr. Protagonist here is the show stealer…he has to because he is the lead, no? He is the reason why many enjoy watching anime. This cool, handsome, and badass MC is none other than the professor in the magic school. I understand that you will find it hard to believe; however, against all odds, try to do so.

Reading tip: our list of Light novels like danmachi is pretty relevant if you enjoy the humor of this anime.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy was doing just fine till the homeroom teacher of class 2 retired. Finally, he is replaced by none other than Glenn Radars, who has his way of teaching. He is pretty odd and lazy and mostly annoys the students. But, there is fun, comedy, drama, and magic at the same time. Missing this anime would give you only regrets. So, my Otaku friends, just grab your popcorn and give this one a shot. I bet you will love this one.

Magic School Anime With A Male Lead best series

3. Jujutsu Kaisen

Ahh, again, a masterpiece! JJK has been winning hearts lately due to its remarkable plotline; above all, its animation is overwhelming. The story revolves around a boy named Yuji Itadori, whose life takes a drastic turn after the death of his grandfather. He looks at it from a different view and vows to help people. 

One day, an incident completely changes his life. This is a world where there are cursed energies and, contrary to them, sorcerers who fight against them to save humanity. After some events and encounters with a cursed object, a jujutsu sorcerer, Yuji, gets hold of the cursed object. During his fight against cursed monsters, he eats Sukuna’s fingers.

Sukuna is the king of cursed spirits. Therefore, only one in a million can be Sukuna’s vessel. Fortunately or unfortunately, Yuji Itadori was the one who proved to be a perfect vessel to hold Sukuna. Well, there is a twist: there is only one way to kill Sukuna: to kill his vessel. Therefore, the sorcerers decide to kill Yuji after he successfully eats all the fingers.

Of course, Sukuna is a powerful spirit, and to keep him in control, one should be good at jujutsu. So Gojo Satoru enters, who takes Yuji in as his student and teaches him jujutsu. Ahhh, pretty long story, but this anime is worth it. Oh yes, don’t worry, I haven’t spoiled anything. So you can give it a try to watch this fantastic anime that is a lot like Dorohedoro from an art and humor perspective. 

2. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Okay, guys, this one has to be on the top because it’s one of the most popular anime for magic school anime with an OP MC. This is the story of an overpowered demon king feared all around. However, for some reason, our demon king Anos Voldigoad wishes to be reborn after some time.

The story begins with his reincarnation after nearly 2000 years. He decides to join a magic academy, where he is considered a misfit. No one knows that he is the legendary Anos Voldigoad, the demon king of magic.

You could thank me if you were looking for magic anime with an overpowered main character. Besides, it has everything: thrill, powers, suspense, and whatnot! I am sure you would love watching the MC scaring the hell out of people! 

Ps: we wrote a whole list about anime like the misfit of the Demon Academy if you already watched it!

anime school wizard male lead

1. The Irregular At Magic High School

This one is another perfect magic school with a male lead. Tatsuya Shiba is our attractive and OP MC who enrolls in magic high school along with his sister Miyuki Shiba. It’s then the school of elites and has its own rules. 

The students who score well in practical exams are placed in the category of Blooms, while the weak students are placed in the category of weeds. Despite scoring the highest marks on the written exams, Tatsuya is placed in the weeds as he apparently lacks practical abilities.

On the other hand, Miyuki is placed in weeds. However, things are different than they appear to be. Our MC hides secrets; only you and I know he has immense powers. He is hiding his identity for a reason and knowing why, my friends, you will have to find it yourself. This anime has got it all, and it’s not that long either. It has only 26 episodes, and you can easily binge-watch it.


Okay, my lovelies, this was all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading the list. I tried to mention the best magic school anime with a male lead. I am not good at guessing, but I still believe that the list has at least one anime that will suit your tastes. So, comment down your favorites and thoughts; I am eager to know what your favorite magic school anime is.