Top 10 Light Novels Like Danmachi – Recommendations

Being an avid reader, you must know about all the latest light novels about adventures and monsters. However, one titular novel among many has been maintaining a constant number of readers with its entertaining plot, attractive characters, and various monsters. Yup, I am talking about Danmachi, or maybe you know it as “Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in the Dungeon!”

DanMachi Plot

The danmachi novel unveils the fictional world of Orario, where adventurers reside. Guilds and members venture through a Dungeon maze, fighting monsters and leveling up, akin to a game. In such a dangerous world lives our hero, Bell Carnel. He is a 14-year-old adventurer affiliated with a weak guild. The not-so-self-confident Bell one day finds himself against a giant monster, namely the Minotaur. Contrary to the typical situation of a heroic boy saving a weak girl, our Bell is saved by the famous and one of the strongest adventurers, Ais Wallenstein. 

This little encounter with Ais made him look up to her and become strong like her. Oh, and yes, he is love-struck at first sight. But, as his one-sided love goes into the air, the girls surrounding him are filled with jealousy and start competing with him, including his guild master Hestia. Bell’s life of moving up the ranks of adventurers surrounded by girls instead of monsters just kicked off. 

It is a reasonably long, light novel and often makes the readers wait for its chapters. So, to save my fellas from the troublesome waiting period, I have brought you a list of similar light novels like Danmachi or your favorite, “Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in the Dungeon!”

recommendations light novels similar to danmachi

10. Lord Marksman and Vanadis 

Bring the action! Yes, the next one on my list does have alluring beauties, action, and adventures, but it has much more than a typical novel. You will have to rack your brains to get all the characters, roles, and the substantial political layout of a ruling empire and other continents. Phew! I hope I narrowed it down to the minimum. The plot is messy, but to highlight the main story, it revolves around a female Knight, Eleonora and Victoria, and a fallen duke Tigervermund Von.

As of straight from a fairy tale, Tiger is a handsome young duke of the dominating Kingdom of Brune. However, when the empire falls thanks to its nobles and aristocrats fighting among themselves, the neighboring empire of Zhcted takes advantage. 

Eleonora captures Tiger, and an unusual love tale begins. Lured by the handsome Tiger and an expert marksman, he is offered much. With many paths in front of him, he chooses one where he can restore the honor of his kingdom while working for peace. Eleonore and Tiger begin their journey filled with hardships, fights, and lover troubles.

9. Okami San and Her Seven Companions

Okay, fellas! The next Light Novel Like Danmachi might not be about gaming and all, but it follows the same concepts and themes. It has adventures, pretty girls, a weak hero at the beginning, some love troubles, and a lot of drama. So, yeah! It is a different one but undoubtedly a worthy read. 

The plot centers on a girl named Ryoko, the leader of her trading club in high school. Like every story begins with a love confession, this one does the same. Our not-so-confident yet handsome protagonist, Ryoshi, is turned down at once by Ryoko because he is weak. However, the plot progresses with the ever-so-determined Ryoshi not holding back.

Through their continuous encounters and adventures, Ryoko begins to feel for Ryoshi. But oh well, we have love rivals and some sad pasts here. So if you think you have grasped the idea of this novel, then sadly, no. It is full of suspense and intriguing stories that make a captivating plot. So, try this one until the next chapter for Danmachi strikes again. 

light novels like danmachi

8. Log Horizon

Log Horizon indeed does not have the pretty and alluring girls like in Danmachi. Still, it follows the adventurous plot into a gaming world. Log Horizon has been one of the most popular reads for quite some time and is a Light Novel very similar to Danmachi.

Action, politics, mind-games, quick-witted MC, and a whole new world, name it and Log Horizon has it all for you on the plate. The story of Log Horizon is set in a fictional world of a game where suddenly thousands of players are transmigrated, and their avatars are much more alive than they ever were. Our MC is a mage and very quick-witted. 

With no rules and no one to govern the unruly, everyone is living a life without worrying about the consequences. However, one player heads up; he is our lead! Shiroe takes charge of things. He teams up with his old pals and begins the quest for survival and peace in this unknown and unruly world.

Grimgar fantasy and ash

7. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 

I found a gem looking for a fantatic light novel. Grimgar is one of the most famous and heartfelt stories of strangers who became friends, friends who lost their dear ones, and a team that rises from ashes.

This one is a brilliant adventurous light novel with monsters, goblins, action, and fantasy similar to Danmachi. The curtains lift over a group of people trying to collaborate under the guidance and leadership of Manato. The story progresses in the unknown world filled with goblins and monsters. It is revealed that the group was among many who woke up in this new world without any memories.

However, when Manato dies, things fall in the hands of our protagonist, Haruhiro. Reluctant at first takes up the responsibility left by his dear friend. However, the team rises much stronger than before and becomes unfathomable. Followed by many deadly monsters, life-threatening trials, and sentimental relations, Haruhiro takes on life in the new world. 

6. Outbreak Company

It is the fantasy of every hardcore manga reader, anime addict, and avid light novel reader to tell the world about the world of their fantasy and lure people in. However, not everyone takes in anime, manga, and such with a positive attitude. Nonetheless, it would be a perfect job for an otaku where they could be a typical fangirl openly without any limits. For some reason, the light novel reminds me a lot of Grimgar and Fantasy and Ash as money struggles are a big part of the beginning story.

Such a golden chance is bestowed on Mr. Protagonist Shinichi, the Otaku. Not so likable because of his likeness and interest in manga, anime, and games, he is often the outcast. But one day, he wakes up in a parallel world with a huge responsibility. 

He has to spread his knowledge of manga, anime, games, and light novels in this parallel world of Eldant and make the people get along. Shinichi finally found his dream job, but his team is quite a peculiar one. He has to coordinate with a quirky empress, a hot-headed female knight, and a maid…a human-elf maid. It is a deadly combo, no? Find out how much fun this Light Novel Like Danmachi really is! 

light novels like is it wrong to pick up girls dungeons

5. And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online 

If it is about girls…pretty girls with brains and interesting personalities similar to Danmachi, you are at the right place. Heartbreak is always troublesome, be it in real life or be it in games. A player is prone to unexpected events in a multiplayer roleplaying game. Hideki is also a hardcore gamer that had an unfortunate online heartbreak.

After experiencing betrayal once, he decided not to believe in in-game marriages. Because you can never tell the other party is a girl or a boy behind the pretty and alluring girl avatar. Yet, things take Hideki on an exciting and unexpected path when he attends a meetup of his guild. 

To his surprise, he is a member of an all-girls guild and is married in-game to a girl named Ako. One after another, pleasant surprises follow Hideki. Hideki begins to understand Ako, who has a growing interest in her in-game husband. Things turn spicy and exciting with each encounter.

4. Grancrest Senki (Record of Grancrest War)

For a change of pace, let’s go for a slightly more serious one. Grancrest surely is packed with adventure, power-oriented fights, and chaos like Danmachi. Yet, it follows a realistic tale. The novel perfectly showcases the corrupt leadership and the fact that everyone is hungry for power. 

No, one will care for the lot unless they have benefited from it.

Set in a fictional and mysterious world, where monsters and destruction rule. There are rulers with specific seals; they can bring peace if used. However, the rulers are fighting each other for more power. In such chaos, the plot shifts to a knight named Theo and a mage named Shiruuka. 

Fate brings the two together, and with common interests, the duo decides to stand together. They team up against the evils of their world, men and demons included, and fight for the lives of their beloved homeland. 

best light novels like danmachi

3. The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Let’s try a historical light novel similar to Danmachi based on a game set in historical times. This is a unique pick among many others, albeit similar in action, gaming, and a gaming world. In other light novels, usually, the MCs try to survive by becoming overpowered. Yet, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna is different as our hero does not have such a wish this time. 

Sagara is a regular high school teenager who likes roleplaying games. His ordinary, earthen life cases when he opens his eyes to a historical world. Sagara recalls it is the game world of Nobunaga’s Ambition. However, in an instant, Sagara becomes the reason for changing the game’s history when Nobunaga dies saving the former.

As the plot progresses, Sagara grasps the situation. The world here revolves around a lady named Nobuna instead of Nobunaga. He aims to make her the story’s center like Nobunaga and return to his world. But, then again, is it even possible for him to survive the harsh world of politics, killing, and whatnot?

2. In Another World, With My Smartphone

Have you ever heard of a God who owes you a favor? Does it seem illogical or a fantasy? Well, here is rule number one of the otaku world; there is no such thing as preposterous. Thus, a God can owe you a favor for many reasons, one being that he might have killed you accidentally. Funny, no?

In another world with my smartphone is a light novel that begins with such a funny mistake by a god. Touya is a regular boy in his teens, living his life like any other. But sadly, he dies one day because of an unfortunate accident. The next thing we know is that the god apologizes to him for this irreversible mistake. 

Our MC, Touya, is very kindhearted, so he forgives the god after he decides to send Touya to a new world along with his smartphone because Touya asked for it. Yeah, that’s the thing with our generation; they can’t live without their smartphones, even in death.

The kind god agrees; as a bonus, he equips Touya with magic and much more. Did I forget to mention that the smartphone also gets a magical upgrade? Yes, it does. Thus, Touya travels from one place to another, and his adventurous life kicks off. His surroundings are mostly loaded with girls, but sometimes you will see other influential ones from the new world. This one is a hilarious adventure with politics, fights, girls, magic, and much more following it. So wanna try it?

top light novels like danmachi

1. Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World 

On to the number one light novel most like Danmachi, and one of my person favorites! Konosuba is a heavily packed series of adventures, action-oriented fights, trials, and a multiplayer roleplaying game element. Among the most popular light novels these days, Konosuba takes a high position. However, this confirms that even gods can make mistakes, and you might die, so better prepare for the next life. 

Something like that happens to our protagonist Kazuma, a NEET. Instead of a superpower, the quirky Kazuma makes Aqua follow him to the new world with a gaming element. At first, things started as a fun adventure for Aqua, our god MC. However, now that she is stuck in this world until they defeat the Demon King, things are not in her favor. 

Simultaneously, our laid-back protagonist decides to sit back and enjoy a simple life. Yet, things don’t go in his favor, either. The duo teams up with two other peculiar and is constantly faced with strong opponents. Seems like they are on the demon king’s radar! Now, unwillingly they indulge in fights only to become stronger.

Conclusion of light novels like Danmachi (is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon)

Hello, again, my dearest readers. We just said Hi up there, but I had to greet you again since it took time to read through the entries. All the entries up there have something in common with Danmachi and are different simultaneously. Nonetheless, every single novel has its charms that capture your attention. 

So, give them a try and let me know if the stories of these light novels do justice to the hype they create, or perhaps they are not to your taste. 

I am waiting for your responses eagerly, so drop some thoughts you have about the list. I’ll be back with another package soon. 

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