Best Ranger Builds in 5e

In the midst of the harsh wilderness, there is one who spends their entirety tracking down the monsters that threaten society. The skilled ranger has both a hand in combat and spellcasting that they may use for their own advantage.

General Information about the ranger build

The ranger class is one of many classes that the world of Dungeons and Dragons has to offer. The ranger is known to be a class of adventurers who have a deep connection with the natural world and use their skills to survive in the wilderness and protect it from threats. 

They are skilled in combat, tracking, and surviving in harsh environments. At 3rd level, rangers choose an archetype that determines their unique abilities and playstyle. In the Player’s Handbook, these include the Hunter and Beast Master archetypes. 

All in all, rangers are versatile characters who can be effective both in combat and in survival situations. They are often best suited for players who enjoy exploring the natural world and tracking down their enemies, and who want a mix of martial and magical abilities.

top 5e ranger builds

Advantages and drawbacks of ranger builds


  • Well-rounded: Being a ranger gives the player the capabilities to have access to both spellcasting and fighting style, making them a great vanguard during battle.
  • Favored Enemy: Rangers choose a type of creature as their favored enemy, gaining bonuses to tracking and combat against that type of creature.
  • Natural Explorer: Rangers are adept at surviving in the wilderness and gain bonuses to traveling, foraging, and navigating in natural environments.
  • Primeval Awareness: Rangers can sense the presence of their favored enemies and other creatures in the area, giving them information about potential threats and targets.


  • Limited Spellcasting: While rangers have access to spells, their spellcasting ability is not as potent as other spellcasting classes like wizards or sorcerers.
  • Limited Weapon Proficiency: The ranger class is limited to a small number of weapons, which can limit their combat options in certain situations.

Ranger Builds

Pure Rangers Builds

The Archery Focused Ranger

With proficiency in thrown weapons, rangers make great archers. With a bow and arrow in hand, they can deal great damage to distant targets. To further make a build that is archery-focused, it is suggested to take feats like Sharpshooter to improve your accuracy and damage output.

By level 3, the Hunter subclass may be put into consideration as it gives additions that can benefit your ranger in combat. Take spells that enhance your archery abilities, such as Hunter’s Mark or Ensnaring Strike.

The Spellcasting Ranger

The spellcaster ranger build focuses on using your access to ranger spells to support your fellow allies and party members and also have control of the battlefield. For additional spellcasting abilities, you may consider taking the Gloom Stalker subclass as it offers the ability to use other spells.

The Outdoorsman Ranger

As an outdoorsman, one must both survive and thrive in the middle of the wilderness. In the theme of this, taking spells like Goodberry and Speak with Animals can be beneficial for survival and navigating through the natural world.

The Beast Master subclass is also something to think of investing in as it offers an animal companion to aid in tracking and hunting. Also, consider taking the Skilled feat by level 4 or so to gain proficiency in additional survival-related skills.

Best ranger builds 5e

Multiclass Ranger Builds

Ranger/ Rogue 

If you’re looking to make a character who specializes in ranged combat and stealth, the ranger/ rogue multiclass would be your best fit. Rogue levels can give you access to expertise in skills like Stealth and Perception, as well as Sneak Attack damage for extra damage on your attacks. Additionally, the Cunning Action ability can allow you to move quickly and hide as a bonus action, making you even more effective in stealthy situations.

Ranger/ Druid

By combining the range and druid class, the medley of traits can be great for characters who want to be masters of nature. The addition, of druid levels can give you access to a variety of spells to control the battlefield and summon creatures to fight alongside you.

Additionally, the Wild Shape ability can be used to transform into a variety of animals, giving you additional combat options and utility outside of combat.

Type of BuildDescriptionSubclass
Archery Focused RangerUse proficiency in thrown weapons and take feats like Sharpshooter for improved accuracy and damage. Consider the Hunter subclass for combat benefits. Use spells like Hunter’s Mark to enhance archery abilities.Hunter
Spellcasting RangerUse ranger spells to support allies and control the battlefield. Consider the Gloom Stalker subclass for additional spellcasting abilities.Gloom Stalker
Outdoorsman RangerTake spells like Goodberry and Speak with Animals for survival and navigation. Consider the Beast Master subclass for an animal companion. Use the Skilled feat to gain proficiency in survival-related skills.Beast Master
Ranger/Rogue MulticlassCombine ranger and rogue classes for ranged combat and stealth. Gain expertise in skills like Stealth and Perception. Use Sneak Attack damage for extra damage and the Cunning Action ability for more effective stealth.N/A
Ranger/Druid MulticlassCombine ranger and druid classes for mastery of nature. Gain access to a variety of spells for battlefield control and the Wild Shape ability to transform into animals for combat and utility.N/A

Suggested Races


Half-Elves make a great choice when making a ranger that is both skilled in combat and social situations. Since they have a +2 bonus in Charisma and an additional one for two other ability scores, as well as proficiency in two skills of your choice.

It makes it very customizable for you to tailor it to your liking. As a half-elf, there are other features to take advantage of such as Darkvision and access to the Elf’s Cantrip racial ability, which can be used for a variety of utility spells.


Even though it may be an unconventional choice for rangers, the gnome can work well if you want to play a ranger who is small but fierce. They get a +2 bonus to Intelligence and a +1 bonus to Dexterity, as well as an advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws against magic. They also get access to the Gnome’s Cunning racial ability, which can be used to reroll failed ability checks.

Here is a pro-con table comparing the Half-Elf and Gnome as races for a ranger build

Half-ElfBonus to Charisma and two other abilities.No unique racial abilities.
Proficiency in two skills of your choice.
Access to Darkvision and Elf’s Cantrip.
GnomeBonus to Intelligence and Dexterity.Unconventional choice.
Advantage on saving throws against magic.No bonuses to Strength.
Access to Gnome’s Cunning racial ability.

Advice and Final Thoughts

Rangers are versatile and exciting characters that offer a lot of opportunities for players to try different play styles and builds. When building your ranger, it’s important to keep in mind your chosen fighting style and favored enemy, as these will determine your strengths and weaknesses in combat. Additionally, choosing the right ranger archetype can help you customize your character to fit your playstyle and make the most of your abilities.

It’s important to remember that you are a versatile character who can excel in a variety of situations. Don’t be afraid to use your spells and abilities to control the battlefield and support your allies, and always be aware of your surroundings and potential threats. Rangers can be a great addition to any adventuring party, offering valuable skills and abilities for combat and exploration. 

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