Making the Best Druid Builds in 5e

A person who has achieved oneness and inner peace with Mother Nature, the humble druid, harnesses nature to their advantage. With such power, comes great responsibility for protecting the land and all its creatures.

General Druid Information

Druids are spellcasting characters who possess a strong natural affinity. As spellcasters, they have a wide range of nature-based spells that can be valuable for supporting and fighting alongside party members. One of the unique abilities of the druid class is Wild Shape, which allows them to transform into animals and gain access to their unique traits, useful for a range of tasks.

As druids, they have a special relationship with the environment and are often protectors of the natural world, although this may be portrayed differently by each player. Overall, druids are a great addition to any adventuring party.

best builds for druids 5e

Advantages and Drawbacks


Access to spells: Druids have access to a wide range of spells that can support your party in both combat and exploration.

Wild Shape: Wild Shape is a powerful feature of the druid class as it allows the character to transform into different animals that can be useful for combat and scouting. This is valuable for the additional hit points it offers as well as the features of the animal that is transformed into.


Limited weapons and armor: The druid class does not have as many proficiencies in armor and weapons as one may like. Therefore, if you are looking for access to certain items, you may need to multiclass or choose a feat.

Investing in Wisdom: Wisdom is the most important ability score for druids as it affects their spellcasting and Wild Shape abilities. However, investing in this score may lead you to sacrifice other stats as it is an essential ability score for the druid class.

My favorite powerful Druid Builds

Pure Builds

The Nature-Focused Druid

When creating a nature-focused druid, it is important to consider spells and abilities that interact with the natural world. Choose spells that allow you to control plants and animals and make use of your Wild Shape ability to take on the form of beasts to move through the wilderness undetected. Consider taking the Circle of the Land subclass for additional spells tied to specific environments.

The Healer Druid

Being the healer and support is an integral part of every Dungeons and Dragons party. By taking spells like Healing Word and Cure Wounds, you can help to achieve this. You can also consider taking the Circle of Dreams subclass as it features abilities that can both heal and support your party members and allies which include Balm of the Summer Court, Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow, and Hidden Paths.

The Shapeshifter Druid

Shapeshifting into different creatures is one of the most powerful and unique abilities of the druid. To enhance the druid’s Wild Shape ability, consider feats that grant additional abilities while in Wild Shape, such as the War Caster feat. You may also take spells that enhance your shapeshifting abilities, such as Polymorph or Conjure Animals.

best druid builds 5e

Best Druid Build Multiclasses


Both the druid and ranger classes have similar themes and abilities, such as tracking and surviving in the wilderness. If you are looking to create a nature-based vanguard or outrider, combining these classes can result in a character with strong scouting and combat abilities. Additionally, both classes can use Wisdom as their primary ability score, making them compatible with each other.


Clerics and druids are a natural fit as they are both wisdom-based. The healing magic and support abilities of a cleric, combined with the nature magic and the Wild Shape of a druid, can create a character with versatile abilities that are useful both in and out of combat. The addition of a level in the cleric class also allows the druid multiclass to access armor and weapon proficiencies that make them more effective in combat.


Type of BuildDescriptionSubclass
Nature-Focused DruidUse spells to control plants and animals, and Wild Shape to move undetected through the wilderness. Consider Circle of the Land subclass for additional spells.Circle of the Land
Healer DruidTake healing spells like Healing Word and Cure Wounds. Consider Circle of Dreams subclass for healing and support abilities.Circle of Dreams
Shapeshifter DruidUse Wild Shape ability to turn into different creatures. Consider feats like War Caster and spells like Polymorph to enhance shapeshifting abilities.N/A
Druid/Ranger MulticlassCombine druid and ranger classes for a nature-based vanguard with strong scouting and combat abilities.N/A
Druid/Cleric MulticlassCombine druid and cleric classes for versatile abilities in and out of combat. Access armor and weapon proficiencies with a level in cleric.N/A

Suggested Races

Wood Elf

Wood elves are a subrace of elves that are native to forests and have a natural affinity for nature, making them great druids. Given their elf weapon training, they have proficiencies in other weapons, including range weapons like longswords, shortswords, shortbows, and longbows, which helps the druid class gain access to weapons they wouldn’t have otherwise. In addition, wood elves have special features that allow them to have increased movement and hide amid natural phenomena, making them great for scouting.


Firbolgs are a humble race dedicated to being guardians of nature, making them a natural fit for the druid class. Given their staggering height of 7 feet or higher, they have a naturally powerful build that enables them to carry loads larger than themselves. The firbolgs are also able to speak with plants and animals as they are in tune with nature. But one of their most useful traits is their ability to blend in with humans and elves by using the disguise self spell or even remaining invisible.

Advice and Final Thoughts

Druids are a versatile and fascinating class in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. Whether you prefer to focus on spellcasting, shapeshifting, or combat, there are plenty of options to explore.

It’s important to make use of your abilities connected with nature. This can provide valuable information and assistance in many situations. One of the most powerful tools is Wild Shape. However, keep in mind that it also has limitations, and you may need your spells and other abilities in certain situations.

Take some time to experiment and figure out what works best for you. Consider the situation and the needs of your party when choosing which spells to prepare. Think about your character’s relationship with nature and the environment. Druids are often protectors of the natural world, but they may also have complex beliefs and values that inform their actions.

Overall, a strong druid build will focus on versatility and adaptability. With a wide range of spells and Wild Shape options, druids can excel in both combat and exploration. By choosing the right race, subclass, and abilities, you can create a druid character that can thrive in any situation.

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