11 Anime Like Moonlit Fantasy You Should Watch

Moonlit Fantasy is renowned for entertaining its audience with action, comedy, adventure, and isekai genres. The combination of all these genres has made the watching experience commendable. Today, I will list the best anime like Moonlit Fantasy, so you can have the same experience with a different story.

11. Uncle From Another World

Uncle From Another World a great comedy anime, so get ready to shed tears of laughter! In this one, we follow the life of Takaoka’s Uncle from another world. Takaoka’s Uncle opens his eyes after being comatose for 17 long years.

The Uncle surprises everyone with his shocking revelations. Would you believe a person saying that he lived in a magical world instead of staying in a coma? No, right? The same happens with our Uncle. However, when the mister showcases his talents in magic, everyone is forced to believe him.

The hilarious part is that, unlike a cliché story where some villains threaten to destroy the world, this one takes a unique turn when Uncle and Takaoka decide to create a YouTube channel. Well, what’s better than earning some dollars by showcasing your talents?

The Uncle From Another World anime enjoys a good MAL rating and is a must-watch for everyone who seeks entertainment.

Uncle from another world

10. The 8th Son, Are You Kidding Me?

Have you ever dreamt of living the life of a noble? Don’t lie; we always imagine that (XD)! This is the story of Shingo, whose first life was full of suffering. He was tired of working at a firm company, but his second life was a dream come true. He is reincarnated in the body of a 6-year-old noble.

Unfortunately, the noble family he has been reincarnated in is financially weak (what LUCK!). The first thing Shingo decides to do is change his family’s financial condition. The good part is that he is not an ordinary boy but can use magic! The animation and art are appealing, but the pacing is slow.

I recommend that you watch The 8th Son, Are You Kidding Me? patiently and don’t expect fast pacing. This might not be the best anime on this list of anime like Moonlit Fantasy, but it’s not bad either!

Anime Like Moonlit Fantasy

9. Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun

If you have parents who care for you, you are the luckiest person on earth because not everyone is blessed with the best parents, just like our Iruma-kun. The boy works day and night to earn for his parents, who don’t even bother with his efforts and sell him to a demon.

Guess what? The demon proved to be better than humans, and he treated Iruma like family. At the demon’s request, the boy joins a demon school where he struggles to keep his identity hidden.

Iruma’s time in the demon school is worth praising; one can’t do anything but love it. He is forced into troublesome situations every now and then. To top it off, everyone has high expectations since they have zero idea that this cute little boy is a human. Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun is really good, and it will make you laugh effortlessly!

8. Wise Man’s Grandchild

As the name suggests, the anime follows the life of the Wise Man’s grandchild. Wise Man, aka Merlin, enjoyed a hero’s reputation for a long time. Now, he lives in seclusion, focusing only on bringing up Shin, an orphan he adopted. The man trained Shin, and with time, he became very skilled.

The fact that Shin is the reincarnation of an average salaryman from modern-day Japan makes the story even more interesting. After his 15th birthday, the boy’s life starts a new chapter as he enrolls in the elite magic academy. The academy experience proved to be life-changing for him. It’s one of the funniest anime on this list that will make your watching experience unforgettable.

Though if you are looking for a solid plot filled with ups and downs, you might be disappointed because the storyline is simple and predictable. Overall, Wise Man’s Grandchild a good watch to feel refreshed.

7. The Familiar of Zero

Louise has everything, but she lacks the most basic and important thing: magical skills. She is extremely weak in magic; no matter how much she tries, this lady can do nothing about it.

A summoning ritual proved life-changing when she summoned Saito, an ordinary boy from another world. The girl treated the boy very poorly and made him follow her orders, and she made sure to treat him like a slave. Thankfully, the story takes a different turn when we learn that Saito is not an ordinary human but has some relation with the famous familiar “Gandalfr”.

The Familiar of Zero is a complete package as it offers everything one desires, including comedy, isekai, fantasy, action, suspense, harem, and ecchi themes. Don’t you think it’s a perfect recommendation for the ones looking for anime like Moonlit Fantasy?

Best Anime Like Moonlit Fantasy

6. To Your Eternity

Unlike Moonlit Fantasy, this one is not an isekai, but it is very much similar to it in multiple ways. It’s the story of an orb able to take any form. The orb can take the form of living and non-living things and imitate them well after learning their behavior.

Apparently, a mysterious man sent it to the world for reasons unknown. The orb first transformed into a stone, then into an animal, and finally, it took the form of a boy who came to be known as Fushi. He meets different people and learns something from them. Watching the boy learn even the littlest bit of things is no less than a visual treat. Each experience makes him stronger and grooms him.

The entry of some monsters, aka “Nokkers,” creates havoc in the world. The entry of these monsters will keep you spellbound effortlessly. To Your Eternity is famous for being the most emotional anime, so if you don’t like shedding tears, it’s not for you!

5. So I’m A Spider, So What?

The So I’m A Spider, So What? anime is about a group of students reincarnating in a fantasy world where they all get some worthy admiring supernatural abilities. While everyone was happily exploring their new powers, one girl was mourning over her luck as she was reincarnated as a spider!

Having no choice except to accept the situation, she decides to go with the flow. Thankfully, the world was like a game system where hunting monsters would increase one’s ranks. The cute spider starts hunting monsters, and with time, she starts leveling up and becomes Overpowered.

You can expect great action, thrill, adventure, and suspense that will grab your attention immediately. The anime offers a light-hearted plot and a bit of dark humor. Unlike cliches, this anime doesn’t bore the viewers thanks to the element of unpredictability. After a few episodes, you will find yourself completely immersed. So I’m A Spider, So What?builds mystery by presenting the viewers with some clues that connect to each other.

4. Arifureta: From Commonplace To World’s Strongest

Similar to Makoto from Moonlit Fantasy, the main character in arifureta starts weak in this one but becomes OP. Hajime is a 17-year-old boy whose life takes a fantastical turn after entering a different world. Though he was not alone, people really made him feel lonely.

This was because everyone there found some great skills except him. To top it off, Hajime experiences a betrayal by one of his mates, and he is left alone in the darkness of a mysterious abyss.

The abyss was full of deadly dangerous monsters, but Hajime’s will to survive was so strong that he survived… As they say, all hardships come to make one stronger! You will enjoy the character development of the MC, fantastical elements, adventure, and action. Overall, Arifureta: From Commonplace To World’s Strongest is good, with likable characters and twists!

konosuba watch

3. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing In This Wonderful World

It’s impossible to say that KonoSuba: God’s Blessing In This Wonderful World will fail to bring a smile to your face; it’s that good. The anime introduces us to a NEET, Kazuma Satou, who dies untimely. The goddess offers him two choices in limbo. What can you expect from a NEET? He chooses the toughest option, and there you go, he starts a new life in a world full of challenges.

It was decided that in the new world, he would have to perform the duties of a hero by stopping the demon king from causing any harm. The NEET thought that taking the goddess herself to the world would benefit him most, but unfortunately, he was wrong.

Soon he realizes that he chose the wrong option, as the new life is no less than a challenging test. KonoSuba is very similar to Moonlit Fantasy in character development, comedy, adventure, and isekai!

2. Gintama

If you haven’t heard this name, get a life! Gintama is famous for making people roll on the floor laughing. The anime introduces us to Gintoki Sakata, a chilled-out and eccentric man who wanders from place to place carrying his sword.

Even though the government has forbidden swords, he doesn’t bother with the orders AT ALL. He is the kind of person who will get scolded for not paying the rent but would never spend money responsibly.

The group travels from place to place to solve people’s problems while fighting off the aliens threatening the world’s peace. The anime’s plot is good, but the story is mostly episodic. Apart from that, this anime enjoys a good reputation in the otaku community. If you still haven’t watched it, please don’t waste a second more.

shieldhero anie

1. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Not only is this anime isekai themed, but its action, adventure, and fantasy will provide you with the same fun as Moonlit Fantasy. In this one, we follow Naofumi, a boy whose life changes when he gets transported to a fantasy world.

He learns he has been chosen as the shield hero to protect the world from chaos and destruction. The problem arises when other heroes are given great offensive powers, and people humiliate him for not having them.

After suffering for a long time, he lost all hope, and that’s when he bought a slave, Raphtalia. The duo became close and helped each other through the ups and downs. Eventually, things started getting better in his life, and people started recognizing him as the shield hero. The Rising Of The Shield Hero one of the best anime, like Moonlit Fantasy, that offers the same thrill and excitement.


Moonlit Fantasy is Otaku’s favorite because it’s a complete package. It entertains the fans of every genre. The characters are attractive, OP, and entertaining… The plot is intriguing; the Fantasy, action, and adventure are top-notch. So, there’s hardly any room left for improvement. I tried recommending different anime that can provide you with the same experience. I hope you’ll have a good watch!