Best 15+ Isekai Light Novels

Light Novels have been gaining popularity worldwide for multiple reasons. The idea of MC getting into a new world fascinates everyone, and they wish to read more of it. Sadly, we can’t start a new life in a different world, but we can read about many such beautiful stories. Here, I recommend a list of the best Isekai Light Novels that will make your time pleasing!

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Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In the Next Life

Many of us dream of being above average in school or practical life. However, it’s not the case for everyone, at least not for our MC, Misato Kurihara. She is a born prodigy and excels in almost everything. This was the only reason why she lacked friends. 

She didn’t live for long and died pretty soon. When she was given a second chance to start her life, she requested God to make her an average person. However, being extraordinary is like the new average in these stories. So, things light up when the biggest shock of her life and reality hits her. She discovers her magical powers, and the story takes a hike. 

Now, what is this? Didn’t she mention making her abilities average? 

God did listen to her request, and she was born with average abilities. Little did Misato know that the meaning of average in this new world differs from hers. The MC’s life wasn’t easy. She couldn’t reveal her powers to live an ordinary life. 

Her resolution to be a normal human, live and die like any other normal human, seemed to go downhill. The novel showcases the journey of a determined girl with the single aim of living as an average person. Plus it also focuses on how she deals with her daily life problems. There is magic, suspense, comedy, a slice of life, and much more. It’s a pretty wacky story with engaging twists and turns! The quality, translation, setting, theme, and pacing are fantastic! Now, what are you waiting for?

Getting tortured in one way or the other. If you are courageous enough to tolerate violence, give it a go!

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15. Arifureta: From Commonplace To World’s End

The Isekai light novel’s main focus is on Hajime, a teenager who is an otaku. His school life was going well, but one day everything changed. He and all his classmates get isekaid. Yes, they get summoned to a different world where they go straight from being ordinary students to heroes. 

Everyone had amusing powers, but that was not the case with Hajime. He just had the power of transmutation as a synergist. After that, things began to get tough for our boy, and to make them worse, students started humiliating him. 

This is the story’s fun; seeing Hajime go from being weak to OP would be admirable! However, will Hajime be successful or not? This is for you to find out; I hope I have instilled enough curiosity in you! The action in Arifureta is great, and one enjoys it during the battle scenes. 

Other than that, the author has tried to add humor to the story, which is just great. As a result, the reader doesn’t feel bored while reading!

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14. Death March To the Parallel World Rhapsody

The parallel world the title is hinting towards is the game world. So game lovers, be glad it is an RPG-themed isekai light novel. It’s the story of a 29-year-old guy who finds himself in the RPG game world. His adventures begin right from the start, and he gets leveled up pretty soon.

I found this one a very easy-going and chilled-out light novel with the plot focused on the MC’s adventures. It blends Sword art Online, Log Horizon, and other game-theme stories. The MC faces ups and downs, and his experience with different people intrigues him. Most of the story focuses on the protagonist exploring different parts of the world. 

If you want action, and adventurous stories, try this one first. While reading, keep your calm because the pacing is pretty slow; however, it’s fun to read. You will find it interesting with the progress of the story. I hope you will find it amusing because of the art, engagement, and all, so just get started!

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13. The Magic In This Other World Is Too Far Behind

After reading dozens of isekai light novels, you might find this one typical. The plot is very similar to many isekai ones, where a group of heroes gets summoned to a different world. The same goes for this one; the heroes are tasked to defeat this world’s evil demon lord

Nonetheless, it won’t be fun without a twist. Hence, our MC, Suimei, takes the lead and decides to change the story a bit. Like many of us, he does not want to have drama in his life, but is that possible? He simply wants to go home! The story has twists, adventures, action, suspense, and magic. 

The magic system is complex, so you might enjoy reading the book. Every fantasy light novel has something special about it, and this one has a lot of things to be praised for. However, when it comes to me, I have read plenty of isekai fantasy stories, and that’s why I found it a bit typical. Otherwise, it’s worthwhile! 

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12. The 8th Son Are You Kidding Me?

Has the thought of waking up in a different world ever crossed your mind? I bet we all have imagined it one way or the other. However, Ichinomiya Shingo never thought of opening his eyes to a different place.

Still, fate had something surprising for him in store. One day, he opened his eyes to the body of a six-year-old kid. The boy belonged to a poor noble family but was blessed with magical powers. But, unfortunately, he is an overpowered magician. 

The boy was Wendelin, the 8th son of the noble family named Baumeister. The novel showcases Wendelin, his thrilling adventures, and how his life changes as he moves from one phase to another.

Apart from fantastical elements, there are harsh realities that are lesson-giving for not only the characters but for the readers as well. It’s not a typical isekai fantasy light novel, but it has come up with a different idea. The amusement and engagement are guaranteed. This is another great option to read isekai with magic, fantasy and adventure.


11. Konosuba

Kazuma Satou is our main character who never leaves any chance to amaze the audience. His character is a major source of fun and entertainment. There are humorous events where one can’t control their laughter. He dies at an early age while saving someone’s life. But oh wait! It is just the beginning, so rest assured. 

After his death, a goddess offers him to choose between heaven and a chance to restart his life in a different world. The latter option sounds intriguing but is a difficult one. As the second life won’t be too chilled out, and our boy must defeat the demon king there.

Satou wasn’t the character to choose the simplest option; therefore, he chose to restart his life in a new world. Of course, for an ordinary human, it was impossible to defeat the demon king, so our goddess offered him to ask for any item that would be useful to him. Satou took advantage of the situation and asked for the goddess herself to accompany him to the new world. The goddess agreed, but she was contrary to the expectations. She was useless! (XD).

That’s how the ordinary life of Satou flipped into an adventurous one! Unfortunately, the enjoyment element in this light novel doesn’t remain constant; it varies from chapter to chapter. As a result, you might feel left out or bored at some points while reading it. However, the story does a phenomenal job of keeping you hooked and entertained overall. 

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10. The Faraway Paladin

It is again a reincarnated story combined with isekai, of course. William is the main hero around whom the story revolves around. But relax because it’s not a typical story! The plot begins in a city where everyone is dead, and for that very reason, this is termed the city of the dead.

Our boy is the only one surviving here. Three unique characters are undead and are responsible for his brought up. The three are the Skeletal warrior, the priestess, and the sorcerer. William aims to find the purpose of his life and why he is the only one to survive. Doesn’t it sound mysterious, as only William is living in the city of the dead? Besides, as I said, there is reincarnation, so the protagonist was reincarnated as William. Just like you guessed, the MC himself is filled with questions. 

The Faraway Paladin is a series with many realities gathering up. As a reader, you will enhance your knowledge of certain aspects, and the lessons are always interesting. The setting of the story is beautifully dark. The art is good, but it’s being black and white makes it a little complex at points. The pacing is good at some events, but you might find it rushed. This is a masterpiece, trust me! 


9. Farming Life In Another World

This light novel is confirmed to get an anime adaptation and will be released anytime soon. Its light novel received so much love globally that the fans demanded its anime version. So I suggest you guys read it before the anime gets released to avoid spoilers. 

It’s another reincarnation-based light novel where the main character starts his second life in a different world. The MC died due to poor health, so he couldn’t enjoy the blessing of a healthy life. So when the gods ask him about his wishes, he asks for multiple things, but a healthy life is his priority. 

He also wished to be a farmer in his second life, which was granted. So, the story begins with him starting a farming life in a magical world. The way he builds everything from scratch is inspiring and engaging to read. Unlike other popular fantasy isekai light novels that are action-based, it is more like a slice of life. 

For a soothing time, this one will help you a lot. It is refreshing and chilling at the same time. Though it’s without anything extraordinary, it doesn’t make it less amusing! 

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8. The World’s Finest Assassin gets Reincarnated In Another World

Good people are often taken advantage of, which is the bitter truth of this world. The same goes for our MC, the great assassin of his time. Unfortunately, being good for others brought him nothing but death. However, the universe didn’t plan to waste his talents; therefore, he was given a second chance to restart his life in a different world. The world he was reincarnated in was full of magic, fighting, action, sorcery, etc.

Though he has been given a second life, it’s not for chilling and having fun; he has to complete a task. The task is to defeat the world’s hero, prophesied to bring chaos to the land. Expect action, suspense, and fantasy.

Plus, it won’t cost you more than 5 hours as it is pretty short. Everything is good about the story, but one thing that might disturb it is the fan service. If you want a clean experience, then my lord, this might not give it to you. 

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7. Reincarnated As A Sword

The majority of the isekai light novels are reincarnation based, LOL! So expect the same from this one as well. The MC gets a new life in another with the same typical reincarnation idea. However, the story is different and amusing. The MC is reincarnated not as a human but as a sword, and just imagine how hard it would be for a human to be reborn as a sword! 

As we know, swords can’t survive independently and depend on their wielders, right? So the first thing the sword decides to do is to look for a partner who will wield it. It’s not your ordinary sword and can talk with many other abilities.

The story picks the beat with the entry of Fran, the main female lead. Trust me; her entry adds charm and entertainment to the story. The plot was quite mundane before her entry focusing only on the sword and its survival. Her life was already a mess, and she wanted to be powerful enough to overcome all her problems at once. Her encounter with the sword changed her life.

Both were a suitable match for each other. The light novel became popular because of the entertaining relationship between the lady and her sword. Unlike typical stories where the opposite genders fall in love, their relationship is more respectful. The girl names the sword “Teacher,” and now you can imagine the sort of chemistry they have. 

The light novel contains thrills, amazing action, and exciting adventures. The art is remarkably done, and I am sure you’ll notice each drawing while reading. The story progresses at a delightful pace. You will enjoy the thrills, adventures, and twists at a perfect pace. So, it’s worth reading an isekai light novel!

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6. The Rising Of the Shield Hero

This name got so popular in the last few years that even non-readers and non-anime fans came across it once. Naofumi is our handsome main character whose life flips upside down when he is summoned to another world. What makes it more natural is the fact that Naofumi wasn’t summoned alone; instead, others like him joined him in the new world.

The world they have been summoned to is about to be destroyed. Now, these heroes must do their best to save it from chaos. The other three heroes immediately gained a reputation based on their powers. Sadly, Naofumi was the shield hero, and no one paid much attention to him as everyone wanted offensive heroes. 

The protagonist faced the worst one could imagine. He was humiliated, accused of rape, and whatnot. Life was harsh, and he found hope when he was about to give up! He found people who believed in him and made his team. 

Not that he had a group, it was just a demi-human named Raphtalia who became his strength. The Rising of the Shield Hero became one of the best and utterly loved light novels. People loved its manga, and the anime received the same love. The plot is very annoying from the start because all we see is Noafumi.

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5. The ascendance of a Bookworm

It’s the story of a book lover who finds peace and happiness in the library, and books must be around her everywhere. She dreamed of being a librarian and wanted to live a simple life, spending days with books. But, unfortunately, her life wanted something else, and she died under the pile of her lovely books. 

She was given another chance and found herself in the body of a girl named Myne. Myne wanted to continue her love of books in her new life, but unfortunately, it was not that easy. 

Her new family didn’t even know about books and what they were. It was the period when only the elite class could afford books. Besides, even if she decided to buy ink and paper, she couldn’t afford them. Not just that, she is not more than five years old. 

Our brave Myne doesn’t lose hope and still has the same dream to be a librarian surrounded by her love of life. Mayne is very knowledgeable, and the way she uses her knowledge in building books from scratch is awesome. 

If you read ascendance of a bookworm, there would be two scenarios: either you’ll love the idea of MC making books, or you’ll be annoyed. Unfortunately, there is no other way! But, if you want something different from MCs who only work to save the world, then you will enjoy this one…AND if not, then you know the answer! 

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4. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Sometimes the story’s name tells the tale; the same is true with this one. It is a reincarnation story but with a strange twist. Our lead is reborn, however, as slime. Reincarnated as slime are the main idea of the story and the reason why it received so much love. Like Mushoku Tensei, the protagonist’s previous life wasn’t up to the mark, and he was lucky enough to get a new life. However, his new life gave him a completely next-level experience. He was in a world where monsters were real, and he was a slime monster. 

He started his journey by exploring his new body and its unique abilities. After that, he made friends, created his team with time, and welcomed new adventures. Then eventually, the story progresses with certain twists and all. It’s a splendid experience to read the book, the artwork is admirable, and the writing is also okay. 

The authors did a remarkable job by keeping the readers entangled in the words throughout the series. It got so popular that the fans got an anime adaptation for this one; otaku knows of it. All the characters are likable and entertaining. There is a lot of action accompanied by action and superpowers. So, there is no chance one will not like this! You might also like Light Novels like Overlord if you enjoyed Slime!

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3. The Devil Is A Part Timer

Do you want a perfect combo of isekai, fantasy, comedy, and action? Be glad, my friend, you have found it already! Demon Lord Satan was as evil as one could imagine and wanted to rule the world. In other words, he is the villain of any other typical fantasy. However, since this isn’t your typical fantasy, he is utterly different from the likes of such.

As we know, where it is evil, there is good, and where there is a villain, there is a hero. He couldn’t succeed in his evil motives of ruling the world, all thanks to the hero. They had a battle during which the demon lord escaped via a portal. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the human world. It was a world of no magic! 

To his surprise, he has lost all his powers as well. Imagine the fearsome demon lord surviving without magic in a world where people don’t believe in such fairy tales! They soon realized that there was no other way to survive except to live by this world’s rules and regulations. Money is the first and foremost thing they need, and we all know it’s the hardest to earn! 

Luckily, our boy got a job and started working as a part-timer. With the money, they bought a living room and food to eat. Their life started progressing like any other human with difficulties and finding solutions. His heart was changed, and he was becoming a good person. 

The twist begins with the entry of the hero into this world. She followed the demon lord to this world with only one aim. Can you guess? She wanted to defeat him at all costs. (LOL! Poor demon lord!) This is the story’s start; the truly evil characters have yet to enter, so just go with the flow and have some fun! 

This is a perfectly paced isekai light novel with a nice writing style. The plot is entertaining throughout. Besides, if you like anime, you should watch this one. It’s worth it!

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2. Sword Art Online

I know many of you love games and also love game-themed stories. So don’t worry your buddy is here to recommend RPG isekai light novels. Sword Art Online is the best whenever we talk about game-based stories. 

It’s one of the most thrilling and adventurous light novels out there. Kirito is our main character, who is an avid gamer. He loves playing games, and one day his life turned into a game itself with deadly challenges. He was trying a virtual reality game and unexpectedly got imprisoned in it. 

He was forced to complete the game’s challenges without any option to come out. This was the real deal; the players can’t afford to die in the game; otherwise, they are done for good. Kirito’s adventures begin, and he meets a lot of new characters. 

There is a constant thrill in the story, and the author has entangled the readers. The characters are beautifully designed with good writing and great character development. The twists, pacing, action, romance, and everything else are on the spot. Simply put, my friend, you can’t afford to miss this one! 

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1. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei is a must-add to the list of isekai light novels. Unfortunately, the list is incomplete with its name on it. But, yes, it’s that good! It highlights the life of a man in his thirties who was simply passing the days of his life. Nothing was charming in it, and his life was off-beat. 

Thankfully, his life ended in an accident, and he got another life in a different world. Now this man was born as Rudeus to loving parents. Rudeus grew up as a magic prodigy as he started reading quite early. 

His interest in magic kept increasing; almost at 15, he surpassed the intermediate leveled magicians. As the story progresses, several characters enter, and this new life gets harder. He has new problems to deal with, all related to power one or the other. There also is magic and monsters.

Rudeus’s life is full of adventures, magic, action, suspense, and more. Mushoku Tensei is a worth reading isekai light novel with an OP MC like OVerlord. The way the author has added humor is amazing. The writing style and portraying a perfect picture with simply some words is remarkable. It got so popular that it got its anime adaptation, and trust me; it’s getting the same love. Thus, if you ever decide to move to anime, try watching this one because it is a masterpiece. 

Reading tip: if you enjoyed this list, you might enjoy our ranking of anime like Overlord and Slime!

Final thoughts on best Isekai Light Novels

Thanks for staying with me the whole time. I hope you find at least one recommendation up to the mark. I tried to share my experience reading those mentioned above isekai light novels. I would be delighted if you would let me know your thoughts regarding the list above. Laters!