Best 15+ Fantasy Light Novels

Hola fellas! Today, the topic is none other than the Best Fantasy Light Novels. Light novels are becoming more popular nowadays, most of which are fantasy. The element of fantasy portrayed in them is incomparable. 

There is a long list of light fantasy novels with different themes and genres. So, don’t worry; you won’t find one type of light novel. Instead, there will be magic fantasy, isekai fantasy, action fantasy, sword and sorcery, mecha, and much more. So let’s begin our list full of fun!

16. Blade Dance of Elementalers

The story is set in a world of elemental spirits where a tournament is held. The winner would be awarded different blessings, and any of his/her wishes could be fulfilled. That’s the reason why different countries are eager to win the tournament. 

The competition is worth taking part in, and they all come up with the same aim to become the best blade dancer. However, not everyone can participate, but specific ones are qualified. The ones who meet the criteria are only elemental spirits. Kamito Kazehaya is our protagonist who vows to become the best blade dancer and has a wish he wants to fulfill. 

He wishes to take back his ex-partner. This light novel comes up with a unique concept and is pretty different from other fantasy light novels. However, it’s harem and ecchi, so if you want a clean fantasy light novel, this might not be for you. In contrast, if you like the MC surrounded by multiple girls, you’ll enjoy it. Don’t expect too much from the story. Otherwise, you’ll end up disappointed. It’s good for those who don’t mind exploring new stories and reading harem fantasies.  Make sure you also check out our article on best completed anime shows!

Goblin slayer ln fantasy

15. Goblin Slayer

As the name suggests, this is about goblin slayer and adventures slaying different goblins. The plot begins with the priestess joining an adventure group. They were new to the adventures and dangers. On their way, some goblins attacked them, and they faced the worst. The novel also has a cool adventure guild and a lot of nicely described fights.

Goblin Slayer came right on time for their help, but sadly only the priestess survived. However, he saved the priestess, and that’s how the duo started their adventures together as a team. There is nothing complex in the story; don’t expect too much from it. It’s a pretty dark-themed light novel, but it’s a good one to pass the time. If you enjoy sword and sorcery, then this has it all. It’s pretty much fun to read dark fantasy light novels. 

It’s a pure adventure focused on the Goblin slayer and how he slays the goblins. There is no typical concept of saving the world and all. That’s also the reason many find it bland. Besides, there is pure violence and bold stuff. So, if you don’t like torture, death, and dark themes, this might not be the right choice.

Knights and magic LN

14. Knights and Magic

This is an isekai story where a man is reincarnated in another world and named Ernesti. He was obsessed with robots and was a mecha nerd in his previous life. In his next life, the world he is born into is full of robots. Ernesti remembers his past, so when he encounters robots here, he gets a chance to operate them.

He aims to build his robot in this new world using his vast knowledge of stuff as expected. 

The light novel focuses solely on mecha only, which gets annoying at times. However, it’s fun for the ones like Ernesti, who are mecha otaku. The MC is a genius in programming, and his life revolves solely around machinery.

If you were looking for pure mecha fantasy, you could try this one without expecting too much from the story.

Underrated fantasy light novel

13. Rakuin No Monshou

Do you remember the fairytales we used to listen to as kids? If yes, then this light novel will surely make you nostalgic. Mephius and Garbera are the two countries that are not on good terms and have been fighting wars for a decade now. Without having any other solution to stop the war, the higher-ups think of a political marriage. 

Orba is our male lead who has an unbelievable resemblance with the crown prince of Mephius. Therefore, he must take the crown prince’s place during the wedding ceremony. He is ordered to act exactly like the prince. So, I hope we can guess the politics played by the higher-ups here! However, there is a solid reason why Orba was chosen as a body double… you have to read to find out!

On the other hand, the princess of Garbera, Vileena, has hidden motives for her kingdom’s interests. For Vileena, her kingdom comes first before anything. Both protagonists are not at all typical and are very headstrong and responsible. The characters make the light novel likable and interesting. There is romance, but don’t expect it to be fast-paced. The relationship between the MCs progresses very slowly.  

There is much more to the story; Orba has his aims and goals. He wants to avenge his family’s death. This novel can be considered a revenge story! Apart from that, there is nothing like magic or superpowers, but it is a fairly good book to spend time on. The writing and the character development is good! Do you want anything else?

LN with fantasy

12. Seraph Of the End: Guren Ichinose

Guren is the boy who aspires to become the stronger version of himself. He joins a sorcery academy to train as a sorcerer. The school had students belonging to the elite class. High School is not a relaxing place, and it becomes frustrating at points. 

The focus of the story is on magic fantasy. The MCs are passionate about becoming powerful. The story is set before the vampire rule, and the deadly virus has yet to attack the world. So we can say that this one is a prequel to the story. Gurren is a gem of a character, and those who have read this light novel can’t forget him. The story is emotional at the end, but it’s worth the read. Nothing is complex; it focuses on Gurren’s journey and how his life changes.

Seraph of the End is ardently loved by otaku worldwide for multiple reasons. Its manga, anime, and light novels all have separate fan bases. A deadly combination of fantasy and magic makes this one a worthy read. 

chivalery failed knight

11. Chivalry of a Failed Knight

This light novel has almost all genres: comedy, romance, action, fantasy, and ecchi. It’s overall good but a little too bold and ecchi, so don’t expect it to be clean. The story takes place in a world of Knights, magic, and some academies straight out of fantasy. These academies serve the purpose of training these Knights. Some students are exceptional at magic, and some are the worst. 

Kurogane Ikki is our MC who doesn’t enjoy a good reputation in the academy for his poor grades. Time passed, and he continued to fail till the new head entered the school. Then, he created some new rules that changed his life completely. So it was decided that the compatible students should be teamed up to develop the best version of themselves. 

They would be sharing everything. Hence, Stella Vermillion makes an entertaining entry as the female lead of the series. She is the prodigy who is almost good at everything. Her encounter with our boy didn’t prove to be welcoming but awkward. Ikki saw her naked, and this sparked anger in her.

Both were not on good terms, and fate played its part in making them team up to improve their grades. Unwillingly both had to follow the rules. Their relationship makes the story appealing and comedic. 

Light novel with fantasy

10. A Certain Magical Index

A certain Magical Index is the perfect Fantasy light novel if you want to see magic and action. The story is set in a world advanced to a level where there are technologies and magic to study superhumans. In this world, superpowers and magic aren’t a myth but reality. 

Kamijou Touma is our protagonist, who has a very special ability that can negate any sort of powers and magic. To make the story intriguing, Kamijou encounters a girl as mysterious as her name; Index. This girl isn’t an ordinary one but has learned several magical texts. 

Her memory is precious; therefore, she attracts the attention of many good and bad ones. Touma tries to help the girl, and that’s how his life moves toward challenges and action. Several characters enter the scene, and Touma realizes things aren’t as they seem. 

There is much more to the story, and I am sure you will enjoy reading it. The characters are likable, and the story is easy to read, as the author has done a good job with translations. Though the story becomes a bit bland at certain points because multiple things are happening with the MC, it’s fun to read. 

top fantasy LN

9. The Irregular At Magic High School

This one is marked as one of the most popular series because of the charming adaptation of fantasy in a magical way. It became so popular that it got its anime adaptation, which also received much love. The story focuses on the siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki, who join an elite magic school. 

Miyuki and Tatsuya are not in the same course; the school has a unique system of dividing the students on their practical magic and abilities. Miyuki is talented in practicing magic, while Tatsuya is considered weak comparatively. Things are not as they seem, but it’s exactly opposite to what people initially think of Tatsuya. 

He has unique skills and abilities; he is considered this way because he chose to. He is pretty mysterious and has a secret hidden motive. It’s an overall great experience to read the light novel. You might feel it is a bit complicated to understand for various reasons. I think the translation lacks at certain points but not all. The anime is no way near perfect, though; it’s pretty soothing to watch the anime after reading the complete light novel. So you can do the same.

Fantasy LN

8. Konosuba

Kazuma Satou is the main character who gets a chance to relive and restart his life in a new world. He dies at a young age but opens his eyes in limbo. He finds a goddess in front of her who offers him two choices. Number 1 to go to heaven directly and number 2 to live in another world where he will have to defeat an evil demon king. 

Kazuma wasn’t the one to choose simple and easy options, so he chose the latter option. Now, sending Kazuma alone without any aid would have been a little harsh, so the goddess asks him to bring any item to the world. 

The protagonist does not come slow and wishes to take the goddess herself. LOL, the comedy element is beautifully added in this fantasy light novel. There are many moments, especially the beginning ones, where one can’t control one’s laughter. 

The goddess had no choice, and she accompanied our boy to the new world, but sadly, she was nearly useless. Life in the new world doesn’t come easy, and they face several problems right from the beginning. Now the duo must learn to deal with them by learning some skills. 

The pacing is a bit slow, and the plot becomes bland after some chapters. It’s also become quite predictable; however, reading it’s a good experience. If you feel like the story is lacking at points, then rest assured the authors covered that up in many ways to keep you entertained.

spice and wolf LN

7. Spice And Wolf

Spice and Wolf is a unique medieval fantasy light novel and is not all typical adventure or fantasy. The reader enchantingly learns many beautiful lessons. The knowledge about the market, business, travel, and economics are admirable. Economics is often considered a boring subject and doesn’t appeal to many. Still, Spice and Wolf is a good way to develop interest. 

The story is about a traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence who is passionate and has goals in his life. He aims to run his own business and works for it. As a merchant, he hardly stays in one place and travels most of the time. One day, he finds a wolf deity named Holo, and his encounter with her makes her life less boring. 

Holo was unsatisfied with the way people had treated her, and all she wanted was to return to her town. Kraft decides to help the damsel in distress, and the duo starts their journey together. With time, their relationship improved, and their chemistry became charming. There is so much to learn from this story, and the author has tried their best to make it great.

best fantasy light novels to read

6. Kino’s Journey

Kino’s Journey is an adventure fantasy light novel where the main character travels from one place to another. The unique element is that the counterpart of the female lead is a Hermez Bike. The novel describes Kino’s travels from one country to another. Only to add excitement to the story, Kino will keep on moving every other 3rd day because that is her habit. 

Kino learns a lot in these three days; her encounter with different people gives her exposure. The series gives the readers a lot of motivation and life lessons, and Kino inadvertently becomes the teacher. Multiple emotions have been explored in this novel; Kino learns about sadness, happiness, love, maturity, patience, and a lot more. For a refreshing and calming experience once in a while, Kino’s Journey will make the best fantasy light novel. 

Those who admire freedom and want to live life on their terms should try this one. There are multiple characters and short stories the reader gets to learn about. The setting, the theme, and the lessons are beautifully explained. This light novel is also considered a seinen light novel, so if you are bored of typical shounen stuff, Kino’s journey is good for you.

top 15 fantasy light novels

5. Wandering Witch

The story is exactly as the name suggests “Wandering Witch.” Elaina is a cute and sweet witch who wanders from place to place and meets different people. The story focuses on her adventures and the experiences she gains after meeting different people. 

She is not bound to wander but is free to wander wherever she wants to. At the end of the adventures, a new apprentice joins the witch who will continue the same journey. Wandering Witch published 15 volumes, which are always fun to read. 

The light novel is unique, and the story is genuinely charming. If you start it, then you won’t stop before binge-reading it. There are many short stories, which makes it entangling and entertaining. It’s very similar to Kino’s Journey, so if you have read and liked that, you will love this one. There are also a few fun plot twists!

Elaina travels without any mission; she freely roams across the world. The readers are forced to wish for some superpowers to travel the world. I bet you will wish the same.

High school dxd great fantasy light novel

4. High School DXD

Whenever we talk about the best fantasy light novels, it’s impossible not to mention High School DXD. A perfect one to read if you like reading about angels and devils and, of course, school life. However, this one breaks the stereotypes and portrays the angels and devils in a new light, a kinda opposite one. 

High School DXD has beautifully portrayed devils as good and angels as bad. Issei Hyodo is a student who is a next-level pervert. His mind thinks of girls only. Just imagine if a girl asks him out on a date; wouldn’t that be a dream come true for him?

Issei’s life flips after a girl asks him out. On his date night, it’s revealed that the girl isn’t an ordinary human but a fallen angel. He almost gets killed by her hands, but someone saves him. The one who saved him was Rias Gremory, a devil; she revived him as a devil. Now our boy Issei must serve Rias and do whatever she says. 

His new life is not an easy one. It has become supernatural. Encounters with fallen angels and devils aren’t something out of the blue; they are a part of his life. Issei realizes many things and works to become powerful. The novel is fast-paced, so there is hardly any chance of feeling bored while reading. The author has done a fine job of adding comedy elements at certain points. 

The characters are effortlessly entertaining, and the story only adds to the charm. Issei is not like a typical MC; his character is beautifully designed. He is the reason many people enjoy High School DXD.

fantasy light novels saga tanya evil

3. The saga of Tanya The Evil

Tanya is the show’s female lead; her aura is deadly and imposes fear in almost everyone. She is just nine years old and is already a second lieutenant. There is a backstory to this character. Tanya is a girl, but in reality, she has the soul of a salaryman who is reincarnated as Tanya. 

He is not your typical protagonist with a high sense of justice and all and is quite the exact opposite. The salaryman challenged God and was reincarnated as a girl as a punishment. If you think he regretted his decision and the punishment changed him, then my lord, you are wrong. He still vows to live on his terms without wanting God’s help. 

Tanya’s life isn’t easy; he has to care for himself no matter what and should die a natural death. Or else the consequences will not be to his liking because he will have to pay for past sins. The main character is the reason readers enjoy it the most. Bow to the creators for bringing out the main character that is more negative than any other in the series. There is magic, action, and a lot more to look for. 

It’s not typical at all! Unlike many other light novels, the writing and style of this one are well done. There is a lot to learn from it apart from the story. The author has given plenty of knowledge side by side to the plot. In addition, there are philosophical debates that are quite intriguing and fun to read.

great fantasy light novels

2. Sword Art Online

SAO is equally popular when it comes to light novels or anime. Fans just love how spectacularly the author has written the story. It’s a complete package full of constant thrills, and the readers feel goosebumps on their toes. Sword Art Online is a virtual reality game that sounds much fun, and obsessed gamers can’t say no to such a masterpiece. 

There is a catch: those who tried the game got stuck in virtual reality. Yes, their love turned to hatred when all the log-out options were destroyed, and the game turned into reality for them. The dangers and challenges they thought were fun now were demanding their lives. If they don’t succeed in the given challenges, they will lose their lives, which is the biggest tragedy. 

Every story has a main character, so the same for this one. Kirito is our MC who gets stuck inside this deadly game. Having no other choice, he vows to complete all the challenges. On the journey, he makes many friends, and his adventures become a little less daunting with their help. There are adventures, dangers, and quests that the players have to complete. 

The first volumes are amazing, and the story keeps improving with time. SAO is the best game-themed fantasy light novel one could have ever asked for! So enjoy, my lord!

top fantasy light novels

1. Mushoku Tensei

It’s the perfect isekai-based magic fantasy light novel and a personal favorite. Mushoku Tensei revolves around Rudeus Greyrat. His past life was the epitome of hardships and was good for nothing. Finally, he died in an accident and opened his eyes to a new world. 

Sorcery, swordsmanship, and magic were very common in this world. Rudeus remembered everything about his past life. He was a newborn baby, but from the inside, he was a man in his thirties. Rudeus found whatever he lacked in his previous life; trust me, it’s very much soothing to read about. 

As he was mature, people considered him a prodigy. However, at a very young age, he learned magic on his own and surpassed many great magicians. The beginning of the light novel is focused on the life of Rudeus and how he learns new things. 

The readers learn about his relationship with his family and how he trains in swordsmanship and magic. After that, many new characters entered the story; some were overpowered and evil. Even Rudeus couldn’t stand against them. 

There were a lot of sudden troubles and challenges that the MC had to overcome. But the adventures began, and Rudeus continued to grow as a person. Mushoku Tensei offers much more than one can expect, and that’s why it’s one of the popular isekai fantasy light novels. The writing is amazing, the humor is on the spot, and there is action, magic, and romance. Don’t you think it’s a complete package? 

Final words on the best Fantasy Light novels

Ahhh, what a task it was! I hope you guys found your favorite fantasy light novel to read. I have mentioned romance fantasy, mecha fantasy, action fantasy, and magic fantasy light novels. They are all worth reading. If you have already read the list, don’t forget to write your thoughts about it.

I am always eager to know your thoughts and preferences about the recommendation. So, this was it for today; I will be back again with some more engaging recommendations for you guys! Lots of love, Bye!