Top 10 Best Fantasy Adventure Manga Recommendations

I love to see my friends back here for some more manga recommendations. Fantasy is one such genre that fits in well with other genres. Fantasy shounen manga, fantasy adventure manga, fantasy rom coms, etc., fantasy always adds charm to everything. 

I am sure you can’t wait anymore to get what you are here for. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin with our list of best fantasy adventure Manga!

10. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is famous in both the manga and the anime worlds. The artwork, character design, comedy, and setting are all splendid. The writing of the manga keeps one engaged throughout. Yet, the story is simply above all. My Hero Academia introduces an energetic, strong-willed, pure-hearted boy named Izuku Midoriya. However, he is born powerless, i.e., without a Quirk, in a world where it is like breathing. He lives in a world where someone who lacks the powers named Quirk is believed to have a defect. Izuku had the same fate, but he was the one to challenge the fate. 

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Watching superheroes save the world from evils had already given him a dream to be a superhero. Sadly, because of the defect, he can’t be one. No one can steal one’s dream from them, and the same goes for him. Despite being bullied, he never loses hope, and his passion for saving the world ignites him more than anyone. He never thinks twice about jumping into the danger zone. His idol, All Might, witnessed this quality, and he saw potential in him. 

Due to the deteriorating health of All Might, he decides to transfer his Quirk, One For All, to him. That’s how Izuku’s passion changed his fate. All Might made him go through harsh training to become worthy of this legendary power. Finally, the time comes, and the Quirkless Hero gets a quirk. From there starts a series of events, where we witness our boy mastering his abilities. There are fantasy adventures, action, comedy, and almost everything one looks for in the manga. My Hero Academia anime has a different fanbase, and it’s justified. 

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9. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Isekai manga is taking the internet by storm with its epic fantasy, adventure, comedy, and action. Fans love the manga where MC gets reincarnated in another world, and that too in a different form. Among that manga, TenSura is the name that hit the jackpot. Many others like it are in line as well. This manga is good at drawing and design, so there is no need to worry about the artwork. 

Satoru Mikami is our main character and reincarnated as a slime’s main focus, whose human life is depressing. However, fate is quite generous when we talk about Satoru because he gets another go with life. This time, he is in another universe that is very different from the one he lived in before. His life is an epitome of adventures that would never bore him.

He is now not a human but a magical slime monster. With each passing moment, he learns about his fantastic body and abilities to take different forms and shapes. He meets various characters and learns from them. This manga’s character development is too good, and you will love it. The manga is superb at keeping the readers engaged with its plot and art. You should be glad if you are among the ones who like the overpowered main characters. Make sure you also check out anime like overlord and Slime!

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8. Bleach

Ahhh, Bleach, does it need any introduction? We already know it because the hype is REAL. Bleach’s artwork might not be at the level of today’s fantasy adventure manga, but it’s worthwhile. The fantastical elements, the fights, the OP characters, the suspense, and almost everything are super lit. Its anime is included in the BIG THREE, so you shouldn’t have any doubts about it being magnificent. 

It’s set in a world where Shinigamis (Death Gods) and hollows are not very rare. Ichigo is our protagonist whose ordinary life changes drastically after encountering Rukia, a shinigami. During the fight, she gets injured, which makes things take a sharp turn. In an attempt to save his loved ones from the hollows, Ichigo gets Rukia’s shinigami powers. From there onwards, he works as a substitute shinigami, and his ordinary student life gets completely flipped. It’s not allowed for any soul to prepare to give their powers to anyone. Therefore, the higher-ups from the soul society decide to punish Rukia for her recklessness. 

The adventures begin from there, and Ichigo is trained by a mysterious man Urahara Kisuke to awaken his shinigami powers. Several impressive fight sequences blow away the readers, and we see certain twists unfolding with time. The story gets bland at some points but doesn’t make it any less. Bleach’s last arc will hit the screens after many years on fans’ popular demands. If you are an avid manga reader, read before you get the anime spoilers. So now you know that this is the adventure fantasy manga you were looking for! (XD)

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7. Reincarnated As A Sword

The idea is the essential and foremost thing for almost every story that makes or breaks it. The concept of a human reincarnated as a sword is overwhelming and why many love this manga. Like TenSura, the protagonist gets reincarnated in a different world in the form of a sword. 

This makes his life unique, intriguing, and challenging simultaneously. Being a sword, he needs to depend on a sword wielder. So, Fran, a catgirl and our female lead gets her hands on the sword, and her life changes completely. Her life wasn’t easy, and she was tired of struggling and fighting for her life. The sword is, of course, not an ordinary one and has many abilities, including the ability to talk. 

The duo starts their journey full of dangers and adventures, where they develop a very precious bond. The reader sees the beautiful character development of a sword and a weak girl getting stronger. Reincarnated As A Sword is as unique as its name, with a fantastic fantasy element followed by adventure and action. 

The passion and perseverance are prominently visible throughout the fantasy adventure manga. You can swiftly skip this one if you don’t like even a little violence and bloodshed.

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6. Made In Abyss

A perfect adventure fantasy manga where two kids choose to take on daunting tasks to achieve their goals. If you were here looking for adventure with dark fantasies, then my friend, you have this one. Made In Abyss is set in a world where the adventurers who go deep down in the Abyss earn respect and reputation. 

There is a dark pit named Abyss, which has multiple layers, and the more a person goes down, the riskier it gets to get back to earth. Returning to the earth is impossible because the human body can’t handle the effects. The adventurers who dare to explore the Abyss are named whistles. They have been given different names, such as red whistles, blue whistles, and white whistles, depending upon the number of layers they have explored. 

Riko is our young protagonist whose mother is a white whistler and has gone deep down the Abyss. She aims to meet her mother by exploring the depths of the Abyss, no matter what. In some time, she meets a robotic kid and befriends him. Riko sees a friend and companion in him, and they both start their daunting journey towards the depths of the Abyss. 

At each layer, different dangers are lurking here and there; the more you go down, the more you lose hope of returning. They meet different good and bad characters in other layers, but their goals never change. It’s an entertaining adventure manga with many thrills and suspense. The art is eye-catching, and the composition is just perfect. You should not miss this one. 

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5. Demon Slayer

The fantasy adventure manga’s name says it all; it is all about demons and demon slayers. That’s true that the idea makes it sound typical but trust me, it is not. The art, story, and bond it creates with the readers are fantastic. Multiple emotions are felt throughout, and it’s safe to call it a roller coaster ride of emotions. 

Demon Slayer focuses on Tanjiro Kamado, the eldest child of his family and the caretaker. One day, he returned home from work and witnessed his life’s gruesome and heartbreaking moment. He saw every family member dead apart from one sister, Nezuko Kamado. However, she didn’t die but became a half-demon. 

Our strong Tanjiro decides to find the cure for her only family and vows to take revenge on the demons. On his way, he meets a demon slayer who sends him to train to be a demon slayer. Tanjiro struggles and trains day and night to be the demon slayer. His journey, training, and everything about his life is adventurous. 

It’s one of the best adventure fantasy manga with unique art. There are other things to look for in the stories; the bond between brother-sister, the bond of friends, and the bond between master and student are enticing. The pacing is good, and it’s neither too rushed nor too slow!

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4. Mushoku Tensei

Isekai hints at fantasy, and fantasy brings exceptional bewilderment and fun along. Everyone will agree to that one. Mushoku Tensei has managed to showcase all the genres and has become a complete package. Our protagonist starts his life in a new world as a newborn Rudeus Greyrat. His past life was nothing more than a burden, so his death proved to be a blessing for him.

From living a lonely and monotonous life, he was now living an adventurous and cheerful life. He grew as a person with each passing moment, mainly due to his past experiences. At a young age, Rudeus started showing interest in magic. He was surprised because he could perform magic at a pro level, even as a kid. 

At the age of 15, he crossed the intermediate level of magic and can fight with top warriors. The author has done a splendid job keeping the audience glued by throwing twists and introducing some overpowered characters. You can proudly call this manga TOP NOTCH; the writing, the humor, the pacing, and above all, the adventure fantasy is SICK!!! Even its anime adaptation is equally and ardently loved.

your eternity

3. To Your Eternity

The idea of the story is pretty interesting, where an orb is thrown in the world that takes different forms and learns throughout. Fushi is our main Hero whose journey begins as an orb that first takes the form of a rock, then a wolf, and finally a human. To Your Eternity starts with the adventure that is a plus point. 

It will keep you engaged with intriguing events and thrilling experiences. He meets different characters and learns several things from them on his way. However, the story is sorrowful, and it’s impossible for you not to shed tears. Even the beginning of the story was full of sorrow, which reminded me of grimgar of fantasy and ash.

It may seem that the story is complex; however, it isn’t. Yet because of the suspense, you will be curious until the end, which is just amazing. Over time, there enter some villains named Nokkers that aim to destroy the world.

To summarize it in simpler words, it’s the adventures and journey of an orb who gets to experience and learn about the world from scratch. There are some instances where one feels perplexed, and the story becomes a bit bland! Otherwise, it’s good with likable characters, and the story and pacing are also good! This is an underrated fantasy manga! There are no dungeons and levels but the story is absolute S-Tier material.

chainsaw man

2. Chainsaw Man

This is another crazy manga with a lot of bloodshed and action. However, the plot’s primary focus is on our protagonist, Denji. He lived a tough life with many problems, and his father’s death played a significant role.

He was indebted to pay a considerable amount but couldn’t find any way. Finally, his life changed thoroughly when he saved a devil dog named Pochita. After some events, he gets betrayed by his boss and dies. Thanks to our cute Devil dog, who sacrifices himself to return the favor and saves Denji.

However, Denji is no longer an average human; now, everyone calls him a chainsaw man. His killing of devils adds thrill to the story. You will be glued to the twists and turns the author adds to the story. Nevertheless, this is undoubtedly not for kids, as violence and psychological manipulation exist. If you can’t tolerate dark themes, then refrain from trying this out. But, overall, it’s one of the best fantasy manga recommendations!

hells paradise

1. Hell’s Paradise

Whoa! I am sure you guys must have been familiar with this already. The popular manga is soon getting its anime adaptation. It is keeping the majority of the otaku at the edge of their seats. If you have not read it yet, please don’t waste a second more and get down to reading it. It’s a very short manga, comparatively, with only 127 chapters. 

However, Hell’s Paradise is only for the ones who have guts. Because this one is utterly stacked with gore and bloodshed. Violence is like the second name of Hell’s Paradise, so you are welcome for a thrilling and stomach-turning experience. 

Gabimaru is an assassin who works specifically on the order of the village leader. Killing people and violence has made him cold and emotionless. However, things change when he is married to the chief’s daughter and starts feeling lively. His love for his wife changes him, and he decides to leave his profession for good. 

Things hardly go as planned, and he gets betrayed by his leader, and now he is on the verge of death in front of the executioner. Even all execution methods failed when tried on Gabimaru because he had a will stronger and sharper than any weapon out there. The methods were brutal; trust me, it’s not easy reading those chapters. Finally, he meets a savior Sagiri, an executioner who gives him a chance to live his life. However that won’t be easy, he will have to enter an island to get the Elixir of Life, and he won’t be alone there. Several other powerful characters would be there struggling to get their hands on the Elixir. 

There are many moments when one becomes emotional, and it’s a very wholesome and overwhelming manga. You can watch the 80-second-long anime teaser to get an idea about it. Fans who have read this one are eagerly waiting for its anime adaptation. 

Not including this one in my list of the best adventure and fantasy manga would leave me with regrets. However, hell’s Paradise is one worth the praise and deserves to be on this list without questions. 

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Conclusion of Fantasy Adventure Manga recommendations

Okay, my dearest friends, this was it for today. I hope you liked the best adventure and fantasy manga recommendations. I tried to cover different types of manga, from dark themes to isekai. There is versatility when it comes to readers and readings. Hence I have added up a few stories with everything, and then again, something common.

So, I have high hopes that you will love at least one of them (although I know you will love them all; still). I’ll be waiting eagerly to know how your experience was while reading the recommended ones. Till then, enjoy your reading!

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