Top 9 Best High Fantasy Manga Recommendations

Manga has a different fanbase, and when they are High Fantasy Manga, this is heaven itself. Reading about what one wishes to experience in reality gives one a soothing feeling. Almost all genres of manga are equally admired, but Fantasy and Shounen combo is lit. Today, we’ll discuss some great high fantasy manga on your popular demands. Here we begin!

9. Akatsuki No Yona

This is a perfect demonstration of betrayal. Yona is our princess who gets betrayed by her lover and cousin Soo-Won. He murders her father, the king, naturally for the throne. After being done with the king, Soo-Won decides to capture Yona. 

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Thanks to our protagonist and the princess’s childhood buddy, Hak, no one could lay a finger on her. First, they hide in the jungle, and later, Hak makes her stay in his village. The fantasy turns to reality when the fantastic duo of Yona and Hak begin their journey to find the legendary warriors with dragon blood. There is action, adventure, and a cute love story.

This is a story with different spellbinding ups and downs. One can’t leave the story in the middle of the reading, and that’s its beauty. Not going to lie; the art was quite good but not that great. Overall, the duo’s interaction with the four dragons and their funny banter make it a perfect manga.

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8. Radiant

A perfect manga to read if you like stories about monsters and sorcerers: it’s a somewhat typical story with a new concept, but that doesn’t make it boring. In this manga, these monsters are called Nemesis, and those who fight against them are sorcerers. 

Nemesis enters the human world as eggs that later take different forms. Since these are the eggs, it makes it evident that they have a nest somewhere. Seth is our mc who is a mage who vows to find their nest to end it for once and all. 

The problem is people do not admire these sorcerers; instead, they fear them. Yes, because they can fight against Nemesis, people also think of them as monsters. The pacing, humor, and action are pretty good. There is detailing, and the character design makes it more fun. In simpler words, this is a high fantasy manga.

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7. Soul Eater

Soul Eater’s concept is pretty unique, and that’s what makes it the best. After reading this one, your perception of weapons would change. This one makes a scythe look scary. Soul Eater introduces a world where entities like Shinigami exist, and indeed they use “Death Scythes.”

There is a good academy where Death Scythes are raised. As I said, these are not typical weapons but instead soul-eaters. These are created when a human hybrid eats 99 evil souls along with the soul of a witch. Cool enough, right? 

Every story has main characters, and this one also has a few. Evan is our Death Scythe, a soul eater who creates the story fabulously by working with his wielder Maka. The story is all about their adventures and action, along with other weapons and their wielders. 

The fantasy is excellent, and you will find the manga art turning darker over time. The adventures of life and death add more fun to the story. If you want a great adventure fantasy manga, don’t waste a second and start reading! This is not a typical story.

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6. Fairy Tail

Can we miss mentioning Fairy Tail? It’s impossible not to think of Fairy tail when we talk about the best fantasy manga and fantasy movies. It is an entertaining one where wizards go on adventures and fight the bad guys. Their quests are thrilling and unique, unlike any other wizards you have seen till now. So rest assured, you will laugh and scream a lot in this one. 

The story begins with Lucy struggling to be a well-known Fairy tale club member. Then we are introduced to the protagonist, Natsu Dragneel, who is on a mission to find his father, Igneel. Igneel is a dragon, and Natsu is his adoptive son; that makes the story cute and adds charm to the fantasy. Art improves with time. So go with the flow enjoying the story. 

There are adventures, action, suspense, humor, and fun, and it has it all. Seeing the friends standing up for each other makes one want friends like them in real life. As I mentioned earlier, the fantasy goes well with action, so this one is one of the best among the best shounen fantasy manga.

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5. Ragna Crimson

Absolutely a masterpiece, and a great one to entertain oneself through and through. Ragna Crimson is an entirely different story that introduces dragons. The world of this one is ruled by Dragons instead of your ordinary superhuman beings. Yes, my lord, you heard it right. Ragna Crimson focuses on dragon fantasy and their monarchy. 

Ragna and Leo are both partners who hunt dragons together. Unlike Leo, Ragna is not that strong, but the plot picks the beat when he realizes his weakness. He vows to get more potent than ever to change the future he could foresee. Leo is remarkable with powers when it comes to hunting dragons. 

As we know, the company plays a significant role in taming a person, so Leo acted as a booster for Ragna. He trained secretly to at least not be a burden to her. Trust me, Ragna’s journey from the weakest to the strongest is exceptional. After seeing ahead to the future, he fears letting it happen because he sees his weakness as the root cause of his loved one’s death. 

Imagine seeing your loved one dying because of you; won’t you do everything possible to save them? The artwork is good, but sometimes it gets complicated to understand the exact meaning. You will have an adrenaline rush because the action in this one unintentionally energizes you.

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4. Naruto

Naruto doesn’t require an introduction, and it can’t be missed while we talk about the best Fantasy manga. It has set standards for many with its enticing plotline and fantasy elements. The manga improved gradually when it came to artwork. There are scenes where one can’t do anything but admire them because the detailing is on point. 

Naruto focuses on the life of a kid who grew up learning different things amidst getting stronger. The story begins with him being a naughty kid who almost everyone despises. Then, he is a boy who craves a love that he doesn’t have. Finally, the plot introduces him as the character who wants to end the loneliness that continually haunts him. The story begins as people recognize him, eventually filling the gaps in his life. 

He had a nine-tailed evil fox sealed inside him that made people fear him. However, he changed everyone’s opinions by proving himself as a good friend, a savior, and above all, a HERO! He begins from the lowest and reaches the pinnacle of power, facing many hardships and trials. 

The plot keeps getting intriguing with the entry of different characters and antagonists. Naruto, manga or anime, has everything that one could ever imagine. From mind-blowing action to phenomenal powers, the versatility of genres and fantasy elements are super entertaining. So adding it to the list of best high fantasy manga is justified.

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3. Jujutsu Kaisen

It’s a fantastic manga with almost everything to look for. Yuji Itadori is an average student who is admired for his physical strengths. His life changes after his grandfather’s death, which changes his lens to see things. Things turn supernatural when his friends get their hands on a cursed object. 

They didn’t know what terror it could bring, but Megumi Fushiguro was finding ways to stop them. Unfortunately, the students end up inviting problems and cursed energies. The action begins with Megumi fighting off the evils with his sorcerer abilities. Unfortunately, the fight doesn’t go well, and Megumi gets almost beaten up, and that’s when Yuji joins the battle in the middle. 

Unbeknownst to what the cursed object can do, to save it from being the food of the monsters, Yuji engulfs it himself. They were Sukuna’s fingers! He is the king of curses, and only one in a million can be his vessel. So, here the credit goes to fate because Yuji turns out to be his vessel. 

Well, there is only one way to kill Sukuna, and that is to kill his vessel. The manga gets on the beat with the entry of top sorcerer Satoru Gojo who vows to train Yuji to master his new abilities by teaching him Jujutsu. The art, the magic elements, and the character design are fantastic. The magical world sets up pretty quickly in the manga, and everything else is on point. 

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2. Black Clover

Magic never goes out of trend, and when combined with extraordinary action, it’s a double bonus. Black Clover is all about Asta, the boy without mana, in a world of mana. The plot starts with him and his solid determination and only one rule “never give up.” The tragedy of his life is that he was born in a world where everything is about mana, and sadly our hero doesn’t have an ounce of it.

A hero is not a true hero if he is a born prodigy but the one who overcomes all the odds to be one! On the other hand, Yuno is a born magic prodigy and is excellent in almost everything. Both are friends and rivals and play a significant role in each other’s growth. During a ceremony where everyone was to be awarded their grimoires, Asta finally found one unique five-leaf grimoire. 

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The odd and yet the best thing about it was that a demon existed inside the book. Yup, demons, the very definition of evil itself, but Asta got to know one. Asta’s life had never been easy, but he never chose to be defeated. I can guarantee that you will fall for Asta on his journey of becoming the wizard king (whether he does become one or not is for you to find out). The magical elements are outstanding! Even its anime is loved tremendously. 

Other than fantasy and action, there is good comedy. If you have already read Naruto, you will find it similar to Bleach. 

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1. Seven Deadly Sins

There is magic, and the main character is overpowered. The story is excellent, but sometimes it becomes bland and dragged out. Nevertheless, seven deadly Sins is a must-read if you are into action, demons, tragic love, and fantasy. The story takes an exciting start with a lady named Elizabeth on the run. 

Her mission is to look for the Seven Deadly Sins, the worst and strongest criminals, only to save her people. The seven deadly sins don’t have a good reputation and are considered rebels. Whatever people think about them is wrong, and they have done everything for good. 

Meliodas is the overpowered main character, and only he is enough to make the story spell bounding. His character is so beautifully designed that one can’t do anything but admire it. He is a kid, but he leaves the oldies behind. He has stopped aging for specific reasons, which I can’t spoil here. 

There is high fantasy; the best part is that each character is focused on the story. You will not find the plot only revolving around the main leads. Meldiodas accepts Elizabeth’s request and finds the other six sins to team up and fight the evils off. Then eventually, the author keeps adding twists after one another. 

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Honorable Mention: The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a dark fantasy with a lot going on. However, this one is an absolute treat for those who crave a dark fantasy and some drama. The reader can feel a constant thrill; the same goes for its anime version. It is full of suspense, and it starts with a bang. 

The plot revolves around some orphans that are never allowed to go outside. Isabella is the caretaker of the kids, and everyone calls her mama. The story introduces three geniuses as our leads, Emma, Ray, and Norman. 

Emma is an emotional girl who considers everyone at the orphanage as her only family. But things aren’t as they seem, and the truth unfolds when a little girl gets adopted. On the night of her leaving the orphanage, she forgets her toy. 

Emma and Norman secretly go behind her to hand the toy to her but what they see becomes their nightmare. They saw the girl’s dead body being eaten by a monster, and mama was also involved in this. So the two plan to get out of the orphanage by taking the kids along. Their plan starts right from that moment, and later, Ray joins them. 

It was a crazy journey as the kids planned and decided to abandon everything and run. The dark fantasy is relatively high in this one, but this adds more fun. 

Conclusion on high fantasy manga

The manga mentioned above on the list are all medium to high fantasy manga, and almost all have action. Yes, some can be considered low fantasy manga if you only read the first chapters. All of these High fantasy manga are extremely loved by fans worldwide, and their anime have a particular fandom.

Even if you have watched the anime, consider reading their manga because they have a different world. Some of them are already finished, so it’s a double bonus for you, and you can binge-read them. Fantasy is incomplete without magic; if you think the same, you will like them all. I’ll be back with some more cool recommendations. Until then, have a good time reading them!