Top 15 best comedy Light Novels of all time

Hola friends! I am back with another fun topic to discuss. As per your search, it’s the Best comedy Light Novel!!! Laughter is necessary for life as it keeps one alive and if you want to laugh easily, read light comedy novels. Now, without further addition, let’s start our discussion on the funniest light novels of all time!

15. My Youth romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected

Hachiman is our male protagonist who has a different view of seeing life. He doesn’t believe in the values and norms because, for him, life is nothing but meaningless. His world only revolves around him, and it isn’t straightforward for one to make him believe that youth is joyful. His opinions and beliefs are so potent that he ends up sharing his thoughts in essays about social relationships. 

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Of course, the teacher found it offensive, and he was punished for solving students’ problems in a service club. Just imagine, a person who is unconcerned about others has to help now them solve their issues! This was a daring and daunting task he had to do. 

Now is the time to introduce the female lead, Yukino. She was also helping the students and had to work along with Hachiman. That’s the turning point of Hachiman’s life. 

Their interaction makes the story intriguing. If you are eager to know if Hachi’s perspective would change or not, then my lord, give this one a shot!

There is a comedy, romance, and everything one wishes to find in a novel. There are many lessons for those who seek! It has also highlighted the harsh truths of society. 

Slice of life and comedy go hand in hand, yet only a few stand out from the lot. Tamako Market is a comedy light novel of such caliber that brought in cuteness, laughter, and incidents that highly relate to real life. Plus, you will find a touch of fantasy along with it. The famous funny light novel even got its anime adaptation after its popularity among the readers. 

14. Tamako Market 

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The fun begins with Tamako, a girl whose expertise lies in her love and passion for mochi. If you want a new flavor for this specific Japanese dessert, contact Tamako. Her life revolves around making mochi for her family business and herself because it seems like this is her only way to enjoy life. 

However, she also has a rival in business that is a dear friend to her. The struggles that she goes through to maintain a balanced life is a must-watch because it follows rib-tickling comedy. Additionally, the fact that this comedy light novel brings in a talking bird who also has expertise in speaking Japanese fluently will make the laughter uncontrollable.

Overall the story is excellent, with exciting events and laughing breaks now and then. Still, at times, it loses its pace and becomes boring that you might have to take a minute to collect what is happening. Nonetheless, this one is a must-watch for a comedy, so you are left with no regrets. 

13. Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions

Before starting with the story, let me explain what Chunibyo is! It is when one has delusions, and to be more specific, one would think of oneself as a superhero or a different species from others. Well, without even doubt, I bet everyone, deep down, everyone has been through it(XD).

Yuuta is our male protagonist who had Chunibyo, and he used to think of him as a superhero. Things became awkward and embarrassing when he realized that he had been delusional. 

To be at peace, he joins another school, where his life decides to flip completely. He met a girl named Rika who was delusional like him. The story becomes comedic and entertaining with Rika’s delusions and her interaction with Yuuta. Though the truth is told, the comedy light novel lacks at many points, and it’s not as good compared to its anime version! Still, it is a great story to spend time on.

12. Konosuba: God’s Blessing In This Wonderful World

It’s another comedy-themed story that will make you roll on the floor laughing many times. (You can trust me on that!) Kazuma is our protagonist, who was living his life being a game addict. Do you know how game addicts are, proper? They have only one thing in their life to do, and that is play games sitting on their couch. 

One day, he was on his way when he saw a girl in danger of being hit by a truck; he rushed to save the girl and died in the process. But, there is a twist; though he held the girl, it was not a truck but a slow-moving tractor (XD), LOL! Now how can someone die from a slow-moving tractor? You got that right, and the boy died only because of his shock!!! From that point onwards, comedy starts, and everything becomes intriguing. After his death, he met a goddess who offered him a choice between heaven and a fantasy world. The latter alternative was a tough one to make because, in the world, our boy must defeat a demon king. However, Kazuma is Kazuma; he chose to go to a fantasy world, and guess what? 

He was allowed to take anything he wished, any item or something. So, Kazuma decided what he wanted and took the goddess herself with him; HAHA! 

This is a perfect blend of comedy, adventure, fantasy, isekai, and name it, and you have it all. Well, the story and the concept are great, and you will enjoy reading it, but at the same time, you will find a massive room for improvement, and the story is lacking at many stages. Well, we can compromise if we are offered much more, right?

11. In Another World With My Smartphone

We have seen people making mistakes, but I am sure no one has ever heard of god creating a mistake. However, this funny light novel has a unique concept where we see a god accidentally killing a 15-year-old boy. The boy is our protagonist named, Mochizuki Touya. 

To atone for his mistake, the god gives the boy another chance to live life in a different world. So, from that moment onwards begins the spectacular journey of Touya into a new world along with his smartphone. However, there is a lot in the story that has the potential to entertain the readers but don’t expect too much! It is among the best few with a blend of a slice of life, adventure, and comedy. However, it is bland at times yet intriguing to the point that you won’t want to leave it till the last. So, give it a read if you like OP characters and if you are up for a varied experience.

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10. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

Hasegawa is our handsome protagonist who is often misjudged because of his looks. This makes him unapproachable, and he ultimately finds it hard to make friends. Luckily, his encounter with a lonely girl, Yozora, plays a significant role in changing his life. The friendless duo decided to solve their problems and hatched an idea for the sole purpose.

They decided to create a group for lonely people where they could make friends. Their idea seemed to work when many lonely guys joined the group. To make it more fun, they used to participate in different self-created activities to understand each other better. It’s a school-themed comedy and light romance novel. 

9. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya is not an ordinary girl but a girl with different perspectives. She is so diverse that people consider her eccentric and crazy. She believes in supernatural stuff, and her obsession makes her in a constant search for it. For these reasons, people avoid getting close to her; however, Kyon is her classmate who finds her intriguing. He befriends her but gets amazed by the fact that people are right!

He gets dragged into her life and can’t do anything but see. Haruhi later forms her group, and three other characters join it. The team decides to start their hunt and adventure to find supernatural beings. There is a lot more to the story! The suspense and curiosity go hand in hand. Waves of laughter are sure there! Story aside, there are high chances of you feeling nostalgic reading it. 

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8. The Familiar Of Zero

Fantasy stories full of magic, school and comedy are everyone’s favorite. The world has magical academies where students train to be the best magi. All around the globe, different nobles get together in one place, Tristein Academy. 

Louise is our female protagonist, who is infamous for her poor magic skills. She lacks it badly, and people would sometimes make fun of her. One day, a summoning ritual had to be performed where everyone had to summon their familiars. That’s the turning point of our Miss Protagonist’s life. She ended up summoning Hiraga Saito, our MC from Earth. For Saito, his life went straight from peaceful to disturbance. He had to work nothing less than an enslaved person from the beginning till the twists unfolded and the story progressed.

The story is good, but you might not like how Louise treats Saito. That’s the most annoying and frustrating part of the story. Otherwise, the plot is quite interesting, and there are many moments where one can’t do anything but laugh.

7. DanMachi

Whenever any story introduces dungeons, we are sure there will be adventure and thrill. The same goes for DanMachi. In the world of DanMachi, the dungeon is believed to be a place where one can fulfill their wishes and can explore a lot more. It occurs both as an adventure for many and as an honor for some.

Since it’s a fantasy world, you can expect anything like monsters. 

There is romance, hilarity, mystery, fun, and whatnot. This funny Light Novel will keep you entertained throughout. To add to the comedy light novel’s taste, the anime version of Danmachi, aka Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, will do a superb job.

So once you are done reading all its volumes, don’t forget to try the anime; you’re going to love it. Though the first volume was not up to the mark, the others were great, and the story gradually improved.

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6. Blood Lad

Blood lad introduces an oddly cute vampire mc named Staz as the story’s protagonist. He lives in a world where you’ll find different kinds of monsters. The good part is he has maintained an outstanding reputation as he is OP and everyone fears him. However, deep down, he is just an ordinary guy obsessed with Japanese culture, their books, manga, etc. We call him an otaku!

One day, a girl from Japan enters his demon world, where a monster murders her. Now Staz considers himself responsible for all this and vows to resurrect the girl back to life. The girl is still visible as she is now a spirit. Both the main characters accompany each other in the mission! The series begins with gripping scenes. Still, it is sometimes boring for many because of the expected plot and predictable twists. To conclude, if you only want to read it for humor without focusing on the story, you can give it a go. 

5. High School DXD

For a boy obsessed with girls or a pervert, nothing can make him happier than a girl approaching him. Issei Hyoudou is one such guy who a gorgeous girl once comes for a date. Unfortunately, when he goes out, the girl reveals her true colors as a fallen angel and decides to kill him. Luckily, he was saved by another girl. 

The girl who saved his life was not an ordinary girl but a devil. If you think fallen angels are good and devils are bad, then my friend, you are wrong. The reality is contradictory to what you have heard or believed till now. The incident changes Issei’s life completely, and now he has to live with devils and angels. The devil has made him her servant; therefore, he must do what she says. You will find significant character development in Issei. Plus, there is fanservice, so if you don’t like the stuff, then you can avoid this one.

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4. The Devil Is A Part Timer

Even the name of this comedy Light Novel makes one laugh, isn’t it? The kickoff of the story is excellent. It’s the story of a demon king Satan who once wished to rule the world and start a war with humanity. However, he was stopped by the hero of the world, and he somehow entered the human world during the fight.

In the human world, starts the hilarious and entertaining journey of the so-called demon king becoming a part-timer. Landing on Earth made him realize he couldn’t use his demon powers here. Imagine an OP demon lord without his powers! Soon the reality hit him hard, and he understands that to survive, he has to live like a human.

First, he needed money, so he started working for it as a part-timer. Over time, things were falling into place, with him getting used to his new life. Everything was pretty smooth till he met the hero from the demon world. The hero was unexpectedly not a boy but a girl named Emilia who still had only one aim: to defeat the demon lord. 

There are a lot of twists and turns in the story, and funny encounters make it a hell of an experience! There is magic, action, and a lot more waiting for you! So get down to your screen to give it a read. Its anime adaptation is equally popular, and the otaku went crazy with the confirmation of its second season.

3. Toradora

The characters and their personalities are one main reason this funny Light Novel is loved ardently. Takasu Ryuujii is the handsome male lead who is misjudged for his looks, and therefore people fear him. He has a crush on his classmate, but unfortunately, he cannot express his feelings. The story gets on the beat when he encounters the female lead, Aisaka Taiga, who is scarier than him. Fortunately or unfortunately, Aisaka turns out to be his crush’s best friend.

Things were looking impossible for our boy to win his crush, but with a realization, things changed. Kind of a love triangle thing happened when Ryuuji learned of Aisaka’s crush on his best friend. 

On the other hand, Aisaka learns that he has a crush on her best friend. So, they both join hands to impress their crushes. Of course, it will be a cliche, so everyone already knows what will happen; still, let’s skip it not to spoil the fun. This is a perfect comedy with romance! The fans equally love the anime version. Toradora tops the charts as one of the best rom-com you will ever read. The writing was pretty basic, but it can’t steal the charm of the spectacular plot and characters. 

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2. Rascal Doesn’t Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai

This is a school-themed comedy light novel full of comedic events and incidents. Sakuta was just an ordinary boy spending his time in the library when he caught sight of a bunny girl. Imagine someone seeing a girl in a weird bunny outfit in the library! However, the odd thing was that no one paid attention to the bunny girl. But, anyone would get curious, and the same happened with our boy. 

With time, it was revealed that the girl was Mai Sakurajima with a unique adolescence syndrome. This has yet to be discovered by science, so there is no cure for it currently. Only Sakuta could see her, so the plot gets on the beat when he decides to help her.

There is cute banter between them; they were initially quite contentious. However, things eventually become intriguing as them getting closer. This one is more like a rom-com, so the fun is guaranteed to be double. It also has a magical touch, so you better be prepared for a banging experience. This is one of the most anticipated Dubbed anime with a female lead at the moment, as there is no dub yet of the show.

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1. Mushoku Tensei

It’s impossible not to mention this when we think of comedy Light Novels. It is a magnum opus and will undoubtedly give you everything you expect. This funny Light Novel is otherworldly, and you have to trust my words! I enjoyed every bit of it. The story of jobless reincarnation focuses on a 34-year-old man reborn in a fantasy world as Rudeus Greyrat. The fun only adds up with the fact that he remembers his past life and is up for making good use of his previous experience. 

In short, he is just an old soul living in a newborn’s body. Since he was not a kid from the inside, he was very talented. He started reading earlier and was impressive, unlike the other kids his age. His current world was different from his previous one. In this world, magic and swordsmanship aren’t a fairytale but real. 

Over time, he learns magic on his own, eventually surpassing the intermediate level of magicians. The fun begins with the entry of some overpowered villains! There are moments when one can’t resist laughing. The isekai and fantasy are perfectly created in the comedy light novel. The character writing is so good that one feels attached to them, and effortlessly makes readers emotional. Apart from the novel, the anime community immensely loves Mushoku Tensei anime. It got prevalent for its humor, fantasy, and action. Some parts do have a lot in common with more dark light novels!

Final thoughts about Comedy Light Novels

The element of comedy is almost in every story, as without it, the story is incomplete and lacks fun. On the list, I tried to mention the best comedy light novels that surely entertain the readers. I am sure you will love reading the recommended ones this time. 

If you have already read anyone from the list, don’t forget to mention its name. Additionally, if you have any wishes or are curious about something, feel free to use the comment box. Besides, let me know what you want to read next; add some suggestions, fellas. I am all ears. 

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