Top 10 Anime With the Best Character Development (Recommendations)

We all love anime with the best character development, whether MC or other prominent characters. However, anime is not much fun if the MC doesn’t make any changes in his personality, attitude, or strength. 

The main reason for popular anime is how the characters develop and how their development process plays a positive role in fans’ lives. We always learn from our favourite characters, be it how to never give up or how to be optimistic. So, gladly I am listing the best anime with the best character development; I am sure you would enjoy it! 

10. Haikyuu

If you love sports and at the same time you are a weeb, then I won’t believe it if you say you don’t know this anime. Haikyuu is a masterpiece and one of the best sports anime. It’s a volleyball-based anime that highlights the life of Hinata Shouyou, a short-statured guy. 

People assume that short guys are not fit in sports, but my friends get ready to prove this assumption wrong. Hinata’s optimism, passion, and faith make this anime worth watching. 

Anime With The Best Character Development

The story begins with Hinata struggling to be the best volleyball player. At the start, his school’s volleyball club didn’t have players, and to participate in the competition, he had to build a team. Finally, he entered the competition with his team, but they were defeated badly by the finest player named Kageyama. 

After a series of events, the story becomes intriguing when both Hinata and Kageyama play for the same school and, of course, in the same team. Why did a top player like Kageyama leave his team? This would be a spoiler, so you better enjoy watching it yourself. 

The character development starts right from the moment when the heroes practice day and night to be their best versions. The way Hinata transformed into the best volleyball player is admirable. Besides, this anime teaches a lot of skills and techniques one can learn to play volleyball!

9. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia and Izuku Midoriya are the names that took the internet by storm. The striking plot facts are a dream to become the best superhero and a human without powers. Our protagonist is born in a world where having extraordinary powers is pretty ordinary. However, Izuku is among the not-so-ordinary peeps. 

Izuku lives in a world where almost everyone is born with unique abilities and powers called Quirks. Those who lack such skills are considered disabled or have some problems within them. The hurdle is that to be a superhero, one must have quirks, which is the only thing Izuku lacks. 

Despite being powerless, he is never afraid to jump into danger to save his peers. At first, everyone humiliated him, but his life changed completely when All Might saw a heroic potential in this daring young kid.

top Anime With The Best Character Development

All Might’s Quirk One For All is the only known Quirk that can be transferred from one person to another. With each migration, the Quirk becomes more powerful. As the hero’s health deteriorates and he finds some guts in Izuku, he gives his Quirk to the Quirkless Izuku, eventually making him a superhero.

Fans loved how Izuku worked harder to achieve the Quirk after completing the challenges given by All Might. His transition from a nobody to the most substantial user of One For All was captivating enough to keep everyone on their toes at all times.

However, things got harder and harder for him as Izuku had to master his new powers. His personality and strengths develop drastically and watching him explore his unique quirk is always fun.

8. Jujutsu Kaisen

If you like watching magic anime with fighting, guys, you better get ready for the best character development of the characters with action. We know there is hardly any MC who remains the same throughout. However, Yuj Itadori’s transformation and result from an ordinary student to a jujutsu user are phenomenal. 

His life changed instantly when he engulfed Sukuna’s cursed fingers and became the best vessel for him. Sukuna is known to be the most potent cursed spirits, with no known way of killing. However, if you take off its vessel, it is gone. So yeah, you know now that it is none other than Yuji. That’s the most considerable curiosity about whether our hero will live or die. 

recommendation Anime With The Best Character Development

The way Gojo teaches him and the way he improves is admirable. In addition, there is a constant development in his personality and powers. Apart from the character development, there is excellent animation, adventure, and some crazy fantastic characters. It is interesting to watch its characters; I bet you will be more curious to see Gojo’s powers and development than Yuji’s!

7. Demon Slayer

Like the name makes one guess, this anime revolves around heroes slaying demons. This one is a unique tale of siblings Tanjiro and Nezuko, the oddballs. Tanjiro was a hardworking and responsible kid whose life became terrible when the demons killed all his family members except Nezuko. They aimed to kill her too, but she turned into a half-demon. 

In such horrible moments, our boy met a demon slayer who sent him to his master. Tanjiro’s character development began right from that moment when he vowed to be a demon slayer and to find a cure for his sister.

He became one of the best demon slayers within a year or two. He has braveness, level-headedness, patience, and much more. If you are the type who enjoys action and overpowered characters, then this will be the perfect match for you.

Additionally, the first season of this anime is pretty short, so you can easily binge-watch it. With each passing moment, the MC becomes stronger than ever, and alongside, you will love watching high-ranked demon slayers showcasing their abilities.

tokyo ghoul

6. Tokyo Ghoul

The character development of Ken Kaneki is drastic; well, betrayal hits hard! Ken Kaneki was betrayed by his date when she revealed herself as a ghoul. Ghouls are the ones who feed on human flesh. The date made him land in a hospital, and he opened his eyes when he was a ghoul.

Ken was an ordinary college student whose life was mundane but peaceful comparatively. However, that encounter with Rize, his date, changed him terribly. Now he must feed on human flesh to survive. With time, Ken learns the norms and survival ways of the ghoul society. 

There is a clear-cut difference between a human Ken and a half-ghoul Ken. This is one of the thrilling anime with the best character development. Before turning into a half-ghoul, he was a kind-hearted and gentle soul, but his ghoul personality is merciless. Though he is still the goodie at heart, one can’t expect him to always be a goodie.

There are action, thrill, and heart-touching events; I am sure you will enjoy this anime.

black clover

5. Black Clover

The character development in this anime is pretty entertaining. It is an anime in which the main character continues to grow throughout. Asta is an ordinary kid living in an extraordinary world where almost everyone has mana and are magicians except him.

Despite being mana-less, he never gives up and is optimistic enough to become the best wizard king. Well, the universe always ends up helping those who never give up. The same goes for Asta; his faith and will to be the best change him. 

The plot becomes intriguing when the protagonist gets the five-leaf grimoire that has a devil residing in it. This is one of the fascinating things in the series; how Asta develops in magic school and gets a hold of his hostile powers is worth watching.

Black Clover is considered one of the best anime with the best character development. There is almost everything in this anime that a fan could desire. So have a good watch! 

Anime With The Best Character Development bleach

4. Bleach

Bleach comes on the list of legendary anime, and it deserves to be in it. This is the story of hollows, grim reapers, and monsters. Ichigo Kurosaki is our handsome hero whose life flips instantly when a soul reaper, Rukia, transfers her powers to him. Now, this ordinary student remains no more ordinary as he has to perform the duties of a Shinigami in her stead and enters a world of magic and fighting.

The anime contains intriguing characters, fun, adventure, and whatnot! The story develops step by step, with Ichigo learning to master his soul reaper’s powers and facing trials. His training period is most entertaining, and he keeps getting stronger. Finally, his strength reaches a level where one would feel chills to his toes only watching him.

Over time, he meets overpowered characters, and after defeating them, he grows to the next level. There is also much suspense, so there is no chance you will stop in the middle. You might find the starting episodes a bit boring, but once the story picks up the pace, you will love the anime eventually.

seven deadly sins

3. Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins has been one famous anime for a few years now. As the name says, the plot revolves around the life of seven heroes favourite for the “deadly sins.” They are considered evil and rebels; however, otaku like us can only identify MC and his gang by their aura.

The story begins with a girl named Elizabeth who knocks on Meliodas’s door, the sin of wrath, and our MC. She wants her people to be saved from the knights, so she vows to gather all the sins together. Along with Meliodas, they find the other sins, and they all start their journey to end the evil.

During their missions, you will see the character development of almost all the heroes. Like always, MC’s life is worth loving, and so is the case with Meliodas. He is an overpowered character whose powers take time to develop. But, man, you will shiver with excitement once you see him in his powers.

There is a love story as well, so if you are the one who loves watching action love stories, then this is it. Though the love story isn’t typical, it’s also not the plot’s focus, but still, it will give you teary eyes.

attack on titan

2. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan has been on the lips of almost everyone and even those who don’t know about the anime world. The character development of Eren Yeager from a boy to a man is remarkable. The story is set in a world where there are giants named Titans who feed on humans. Eren’s life shook when he saw a titan eating his mother in front of his eyes.

After that, he enrolled in the military, and with each passing moment, he became stronger and stronger. There is pain, regret, sorrow, and thrill throughout the anime. Eren’s character grows remarkably; in the end, we all know he ends up being an antagonist. However, there is still a debate about calling him negative.

Eren aside, there are multiple other characters to look for. Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman top the list as well. Both of them rule many hearts. However, you will hardly find any character whose life is without sorrow and gives. So hold your hearts firmly before giving this one a go. This is a must-watch anime with the best character development. Missing this masterpiece would be a regret for life.

naruto is Anime With The Best Character Development

1. Naruto

Anyone out there who doesn’t know of Naruto? If yes, then buddy, you need a full upgrade. Naruto has to be number one. It is the best anime, and nothing can beat it. Fans have grown to watch this anime and developed along with the characters. You will see the character development of even the minor characters in Naruto; trust me, all are worth watching.

Even the antagonists rule million hearts, and the best part is the antagonists’ ideology was not wrong. They all came with a mission to bring peace, but their ways were unacceptable. In Naruto, you will learn the lessons that no one can teach you. 

Naruto was a lonely boy, and people used to despise him. His father sealed a nine-tailed fox inside him to save people, which is why people would call him a monster. However, Naruto changed everyone with his optimism and will to never give up. He is the character who cares, loves, understands even the bad guys, and believes in changing people. 

Apart from Naruto, all the characters are equally loved and have different fan bases. All the characters have a story and the reasons for what changed them. There are overpowered characters, incredible action, a mind-blowing plot, name it, and it has everything in it. Naruto had to be on the top of lists when it comes to anime with the best character development. 

Final thoughts on Anime With The Best Character Development

In the above-listed anime, you will find the character development of the MCs and the side characters. I hope you will enjoy watching them all. All of them are popular for one reason or the other, and multiple reasons will keep you spellbound throughout. 

There is action, superpowers, deadliest characters, spellbinding plots, and entertainment. Let me know in the comments below if you have watched any from the list. I would love to know your favourite anime and why you consider it the best. As always, I will love to know your opinions.