Best 10 Adventure Light Novels to satisfy your wanderlust

10. Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei gained popularity within no time for multiple reasons. Make a wish, and boom, this adventure light novel will bring it to you in the blink of an eye. The author has beautifully presented isekai along with action and adventure. An ordinary man’s life is nothing less than a living hell getting his freedom after death. But, his life begins in a world that even his imagination couldn’t reach. 

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In this world, people know him by the name of Rudeus Greyrat, who is recently given birth to. With all his memories intact of the previous life of 34 years, he goes for a new start. Finally, he got a loving family with almost all the necessities of life. For Rudeus, reading books wasn’t a task. He started reading magic books at a young age, making him a magic prodigy. He surpassed intermediate-level magicians with a snap. The fun begins when some evil characters enter the scenes. 

The adventure arc begins from the third volume of the adventure Light Novel. The adventure is worth reading, but I am afraid you have to read the first two volumes first. In this volume, you will see the protagonist doing teleportation and battling against many OP villains. In addition, the hero will be seen indulging himself in higher-level quests. There will be action and a lot of thrill seeing Rudeus moving from one area to another in search of his loved ones. There are different emotions that the reader feels while reading the light novel. 

9. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

The name of the light novel gives the concept it follows, literally. The protagonist finds himself reincarnated as a slime in a different world. The notion of Slime is what makes the light novel worth reading. Unlike typical isekai, the male lead is no longer a human but a slime. His new life is the epitome of countless adventures where encounters with different characters bring out the best in him. Over time, the protagonists learn about his potential and what he is capable of doing. 

He goes right from being the weakest to an overpowered character. You might find the adventure light novel setting a bit common and typical but trust me, and it’s worth it. The hero’s character is beautifully explained, and his narration adds an extra charm to the story. In fact, you can’t stop laughing while he is narrating. The story’s start is quite slow but gets on the beat after a few chapters. It’s pacing just becomes perfect, neither too rushed nor too slow. It gradually becomes intriguing, and one never thought it would end with a bang.

Each volume of reincarnated as a slime gives a spine-chilling experience. The adventure light novel became so popular that its anime version was also released. Its anime version is ardently loved by fans globally. At last, the action, the powers, the idea, and the fantasy are on the spot!

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8. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World

This is another isekai adventure light novel with comedy, lots of laughs and adventures. Kazuma is our MC and the story’s main focus. For him, video games are everything, and there is nothing that he does apart from playing video games. His life changes completely when he dies saving a girl from a truck. However, the reality was completely off track. No truck and no such thing, yet he died because of the shock. 

He opens his eyes, and a goddess gives him two choices. One to go to heaven and live peacefully and 2nd to relive again in a fantasy world where he had to defeat a demon king. The story wouldn’t have progressed if he had chosen the first one. Kazuma decides to relive in a fantasy world. The goddess asked him to name any item he wanted to take with him to the new world for his acquaintance. With a lot of thinking, he plays safely and smartly and names the goddess as his acquaintance. 

Without any choice, the goddess had to accompany him. Kazuma’s love for video games was so pure that his life became no less than a video game itself. The element of adventure is only the tip of the iceberg; there is much more in-depth once you get into the story. The waves of laughter one get while reading is incomparable.

7. Sword Art Online

After reading this adventure light novel, there will be only two outcomes: either you’ll love games or hate them. For me, getting stuck inside a game is no less than hell. The plot of sword art online revolves around this bone-chilling notion of getting stuck inside a VR game. Kirito is the main character who gets imprisoned inside a virtual reality game, along with many others. 

The game’s creator destroys all the means to get back to reality. The gamers who loved to imagine themselves as game characters now want to return to their world. Without a choice, they must complete the game’s challenges, level up through a level up system, and be the best to get out of the game world. The challenges aren’t ordinary; if you die, you DIE. Yes, you die for REAL! There is no going back! Kiriot’s adventures begin with defeating the monsters. 

Over time, he befriends many other characters, and there is romance from the start. The chemistry of the main characters develops throughout. The heroes’ return is something of a mystery that you will have to unravel after reading it. Have a good time reading. 

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6. In Another World With My Smartphone

Smartphones are the drivers in everyone’s life nowadays, and they have unintentionally become a vital element. One cannot think of leaving home without a smartphone; the same goes for Mochizuki Touya. He’s our 15-year-old protagonist who dies an untimely death. It was a god’s mistake, and he never wanted to kill the poor boy. To make peace with the child, the god decides to give him another chance to relive his life. This second chance brings him to a world that is nothing but fantasy and revolves around power.  

Of course, he doesn’t go without his phone, which makes this story intriguing. The story would have been much more intriguing if the author had used the Smartphone creatively in the new world. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here; the author doesn’t highlight and utilize the Smartphone. 

Don’t expect too much from the plot of this adventure LN; the story doesn’t focus on smartphones as it should, but there is a decent mix of magic and technology. However, it’s just a typical harem where many female characters surround the MC. Still, many things to look for; enjoy Touya’s Journey throughout! The MC is pretty overpowered!

5. Kino’s Journey

Freedom is all we want in our lives, and the stories that highlight freedom can never be boring. Kino’s Journey is a tale of adventure. It highlights the life of an uncanny girl named Kino that adventures through the world on her bike. Kino’s life is all about learning different things through spectacular experiences. 

She doesn’t prefer to stay more than three days in a country. During these three days, she gets to meet different people. Therefore her mind broadens, seeing the world from distinct perspectives. It’s not only Kino’s Journey but the reader is forced to relate with her in one way or another. 

The adventure light novel is full of beautiful lessons taught wonderfully. Traveling the world isn’t possible for everyone but reading this light novel is! The author has incredibly conveyed that life is imperfect, which is why it’s perfect!

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4. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Suddenly being dragged to another world and being named a hero, such things are only possible in books. Sadly, we can’t make it happen, and neither can one mourn over the fact. It’s better to immerse ourselves in a fictional world while reading such stories. This is the story of Naofumi, who was dragged to a fantasy world where he was termed a hero. 

Other heroes like him were proud of their powers. All the heroes considered themselves supreme, unlike Naofumi. Everyone mortified Naofumi because he was a shield hero. People never considered him a true hero only because he had a shield, not a lethal weapon. The misbehaving and the false accusation shattered our MC deeply. 

Breaking apart and losing hope in everything, our boy finds himself on the verge of darkness. Yet like a blessing, he found the ones who believed in him and saved him from that hell. The adventure light novel brings in a lot of action, magic, mind games, power, and much more with the Rising of the Shield Hero.

From the start, you might feel annoyed as there is so much the MC goes through. The pain and the sadness might frustrate you, and you must keep reading to feel glad. 

3. Spice And Wolf

Spice and Wolf promises a lot of education and knowledge about economics and the market. Yes, that’s the beauty of this adventure light novel. Unlike typical fantasy stories, this gives a lot of awareness that gives it a realistic touch. The story highlights the Merchant’s Journey, which trades from one place to another. He is a passionate guy with aims. 

Lawrence’s life was pretty mundane, where he had nothing new apart from his work. One day, he encountered a wolf god who could transform into a gorgeous girl. He found a companion, and both started their Journey together. 

Many problems knocked on their doors, but it’s always intriguing to see how Lawrence dealt with them. Everything about the story is good, but the translation makes it bland. The ones who are bored of typical stories should read this one.

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2. Classroom Of The Elites

The classroom of the Elites needs no introduction! It’s a perfect light novel for those looking for school-themed adventure light novels. The setting of the school and the unique school system make this story a masterpiece. Unlike typical schools, Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School life is different than one can imagine. 

The best students in Japan get the opportunity to be a part of it. Ayanokouji is our protagonist who joins this school along with the other main characters. On the first day, the students are awarded points that serve instead of money. The amount was huge, and students took it for granted and ended up spending their money in no time. The teachers didn’t give any information about the money and kept teaching despite noticing students’ misbehavior. After exactly a month, when everyone was waiting for points, they didn’t get anything. 

This came to them as a shock, and now Ayanokouji’s class ranks last. To rank up, they need to perform well. The adventure begins when the school gives the students daring and daunting tasks. Everyone plans to be the best by using others as a stepping stone. The Deserted Island Special test was one hell of a test. You will especially like this adventure arc in the story!

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1. DanMachi

DanMachi is the perfect recommendation when it comes to adventure light novels. The adventure revolves around Bell Cranel and his dangerous quests. He aims to be the best adventurer, so he never thinks twice before jumping into danger.

 There are not only adventures, but this light novel is a complete package offering fantasy and much more. Hestia is another entertaining character and a lonely goddess, her encounter with Mr. Protagonist adds charm to the story. The relationship between gods and humans is intriguing.

DanMachi is a series full of mystery that magically entangles you in the story, led by curiosity right from the get-go. Many life-risking moments do nothing but keep the readers in awe. There will surely be action, and the idea of the human and god relationship makes the story worth reading. The world setting of the novel is absolutely good.

Conclusion on best Adventure Light Novels

Okay, my dearest friends! With DanMachi, we will have to end our list of best adventure light novels. Almost all of them will be worth your time; however, some are lacking at certain points. Rest assured, the story matters, and you will be baffled by every story in all of them and many more. 

I am sure you might have read a few of them already, but if you didn’t, give them a try and enlighten us about your experience. I’ll be back with some cool recommendations! Take care!