Pathfinder Best Magic Items for Wizards

So, you have finally built a new character, or you have been scouring the world for some time now. One of the most brilliant things you can do when you are playing Pathfinder, is to make a wish list of useful and must-have items.

This list of best magic items for wizards will hopefully help you along the way and aid you in both battle and role-playing when playing. Here are our criteria to determine the best magic items a wizard can use in Pathfinder:

  • Overall usefulness
  • Ease of getting the item
  • How fun is it to use
  • How easy can you role-play with the item

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Best Magic Items for Wizard in the Pathfinder RPG

1. Headband of Vast Intelligence

This headband is a gold-decorated gemstone that gives its wearer an enchantment bonus for intelligence. This bonus is around +2, +4, and even sometimes +6. The main thing to note is that this bonus isn’t permanent.

It lasts for around 24 hours whenever you wear the headband yourself. As you wear the headband, one skill is associated with the headband of intelligence per +2 bonus granted. 

After 24 hours, the headband gives skill ranks equivalent to the total Hit Dice of the wearer. Keep in mind that there is no stack with these ranks; they are chosen at the time of the creation of the headband of Vast Intelligence. 

Pathfinder Best Magic Items for Wizards

2. Amulet of Natural Armor

Amulet of Natural Armor is said to contain monster hide through magic, or there is also sometimes natural armor from other sources like the beast scales, bones, carapace, or horns. 

This Amulet, when worn by the wearer, provides toughness to the flesh and the body, buffing bonuses to the natural armor ranging from somewhere around +1 to around +5. Most of the time, it depends on the Amulet type you are wearing, which you can check in the Item’s description.

3. Metamagic Rods

These are the Rods said to have the Metamagic Feat Essence and, of course, provide your spells with the Metamagic effects when casting them. Remember that these are spells, not ability-like, but rather individual ones. 

After using the Metamagic Rods, the slots for your spells are not changed, and the caster can utilize only one Metamagic Rod at a time on their favorite spell. So yes, you can still do a combination of the rod with metamagic feats in the hands of the wielder. 

But, at this time, the feats by wielder change the spell slot of the casted spell. So, you can use the standard rods with 6th or lower-level spells while the lower level with 3rd or lesser-level spells. Likewise, the greater rods can be used alongside the 9th or lower level spells.

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4. Wand of Shield

As the name suggests, this Shield isn’t held in the hands. Rather, it comes in front of you and hovers. Therefore, the main benefit of this Wand of Shied is magic missile attack negation. In addition, to AC, this Shield also provides a +4 bonus of Shield and being a force effect, it applies to the incorporeal touch attacks.

Keep in mind that there is no failure chance arcane spell or penalty for armor check with this Wand of Shield. Therefore, the effects mentioned above are the only things you will enjoy.

5. Ring of the Counter Spell

Ring of Counter Spell is, of course, a ring with the fundamental purpose of spell storage. You can cast a spell between levels 1 to 6 in this Ring, but the issue is that you can’t cast the spell out of this Ring after that. 

So, what is the purpose of this Ring? Well, just as the name suggests, once a spell is cast on the ring owner, it is countered, and you don’t have to do any action for that counter. 

Again, that spell cast is gone, and you can’t use it again, but you can put another one into it.

6. Handy Haversack

Handy Haversack is a bag that looks quality made and has enough spacious pockets to store materials. To be precise, this bag can hold around 20 pounds weight and a volume of 2 cubic feet on the side pockets.

In the middle pocket, you can hold 8-pounds of weight and a volume of 8 cubic feet. The best thing about this bag is that after storing all this weight, the weight is only around 5 pounds. You also don’t have to search deep in the bag for your items; they appear on top always. 

7. Ring of Invisibility

There is nothing complex about this Ring; all the details about it are included in the name itself. The Ring of Invisibility is an activation silver ring that is simple for the eyes of the holder. 

But, when it comes to functionality, there is something special, providing invisibility benefits much like the spell. 

8. Cloak of Resistance

A cloak of Resistance is a magical cloak or garment that gives you protection against magic. The benefits of Resistance or protection may reach from level +1 to somewhere around level +5, depending on the Cloak. 

The Cloak of Resistance provides you with saving throws and resistance bonuses like Will, Fortitude, and Reflex.

Pathfinder Magic Items Wizards

9. The Scabbard of Many Blades

You will need an item to hold multiple weapons at once, and that Item is none other than Scabbard of many blades. It is just like the bag for holding weapons, including those that typically don’t fit in the other Scabbards.

With this, you can carry around 4 of those two-handed and two single-handed weapons. You can also go a bit further and fit around two light weapons (melee) in the two-handed weapon slot. So, rounding this off, the total will be around eight one-handed weapons or light ones.

The limitation of Scabbard is that you can only put in smaller weapons or the same size as the owner. You can’t utilize it for shields, wands, and other things except for the rods and magic staves. 

10. Rod of Giant Summoning

Rod of Giant Summoning is a Giant Rod that looks more like a mace with large metal flanges. The purpose of this rod is to provide the wielder with a giant simple template for all the summoned creatures only if used three times per day. 

There is a lesser rod which you can also use with 3rd or lower spells, a greater rod with 9th or lower spells, and normal with 6th or lower spells. 

11. Cord of Stubborn Resolve

The cord of stubborn resolve is a waist item that gives its owner Constitution +2 enchantment bonus and stamina. When you wear this belt, the enhancements long for the first 24 hours are temporarily an enchantment bonus to the constitution. 

When the effects causing fatigue to the owner are added, extra nonlethal damage of 1d6 points is added as well. However, for exhaustion, it is nonlethal damage of 1d5 points instead. 

12. Blessed Book 

Blessed Book is a tome that comes in small sizes around the width of 8 inches and height of 12 inches, while the thickness is around 1 inch. This book is also durable; iron-bound, silver overlaid, waterproof, and locked. 

With this book, you, as a wizard can, don’t have to pay for the material cost and fill 1k pages with spells. There are sometimes random spells already available in this book as well.

13. Ring of Freedom of Movement

Just as the name suggests, this is a simple Ring and, upon wearing, gives the user effects of the Freedom of Movement spell. There is nothing complex about this Item; that is all to it.

14. Periapt of Proof 

Periapt of Proof is a delicate silver chain with black gems worn by the wizard on the neck. The primary purpose of this Item is to make the wearer immune to poison.

Final verdict on best items for wizards in pathfinder

Well, that was all to the Best Magic Items for Pathfinder Wizard. There are surely other items besides them, but in our perspective, these are the must to have for specific purposes. You can check each in this Guide to learn about their appearance, purpose, and usability. Hope you find this Guide helpful for your Wizard journey. 

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