Eidolons build guide Pathfinder

Eidolons build guide Pathfinder

An Eidolon, in a nutshell, is a familiar or pet that a summoner can have. Their progress is completely reliant on their summoner, but they do have their own stats and abilities that are separate from their summoner to the point where they can almost be treated as their own class. That being said, in … Read more

Warlord Build Guide Pathfinder

pathfinder warlord build guide

Warlords are, as their name probably hints, ultimately a class who excels in combat. They lead others into battle with fierce determination and offer aid where it is needed. From what I’ve seen, this class is a mixture of the Fighter and Paladin class from 5e. When playing a Warlord, although they are good for … Read more

Psychic Warrior build guide Pathfinder 

Psychic Warrior build guide Pathfinder

Known for their versatility and bonus feats, Psychic Warriors are formidable classes that are effective but simple once the player puts the time and effort into which path they choose. They are meant to be the attackers rather than the backline support. Background-wise, they are one with their “inner-power”, enough to make that “inner-power” become … Read more

Harbinger build Guide Pathfinder

Harbringer build pathfinder

Driven by negativity and sheer violence, the Harbinger lives to spread havoc in the battlefield with their supernatural abilities despite the fact that they are not spellcasters. It’s extremely rare to find a Harbinger who doesn’t have some sort of evil or greedy intention when embarking on a new adventure. When pursuing this class, it’s … Read more

Inquisitor build Guide Pathfinder: A top tier character

pathfinder inquisitor build guide

Inquisitors are under no means for people who are inexperienced in Pathfinder. Roleplaying-wise, they are relatively simple as long as the players keep a “vigilante” mindset since they carry out justice in the name of their deity. Combat-wise, though, it is a lot more difficult because there’s almost an excessive amount of things to keep … Read more

Summon Monster Pathfinder: Top uses and is it worth it?

pathfinder summon monster

The creatures within Pathfinder are all unique in their ways. Whether they are volatile or docile, these animals can hold their own either against another monster or a party traveling through their territory. As such, there would be a spell that allows a player to summon some of these creatures, even if they are more … Read more

Create Undead Pathfinder: how it works and best uses

pathfinder create undead

One of the many different schools of magic that exist within any TTRPG is the School of Necromancy, with Pathfinder not exempting from this fact. Many Necromancy spells exist within Pathfinder for a player to choose from, though there is one that can be useful for anyone wanting to become a proper Necromancer within their … Read more

Zombie Pathfinder: a complete guide

zombie pathfinder guide

A ubiquitous creature within Pathfinder is the Undead, beings that have risen from the grave to attack those who still reside amongst the living. As such, one of the very first things that a person will think of when the topic of undead monsters comes to be talked about is that of the Zombie, which … Read more

Goblin Pathfinder: how they work and their best uses

Goblin pathfinder guide

When creating an Orcish Army, the ranks must be filled with what they consider to be the cannon fodder of the army. The Goblin fits that role relatively quickly, as they can be used to form little organized groups similar to the Orcs in Pathfinder. Still, they are also fragile and prefer to attack in … Read more

Skeleton Pathfinder: a guide to this classic encounter

skeleton pathfinder

The Skeleton is one of the most accessible creatures to face down within a regular campaign of Pathfinder. However, due to its incredibly low AC and low Health Pool, along with the meager damage output of the monster, the Skeleton is best used for a low-level party.  The Skeleton variants for Pathfinder have varying difficulty … Read more